Goddess Knowledge – Flora

Flora, “Flourishing one,” was the Roman goddess of flowers, gardens, and spring. She is the embodiment of all nature; her name has come to represent all plant life. She is especially a goddess of flowers, including the flower of youth. Her festival of unrestrained pleasure, the Floralia, was celebrated at the end of April and beginning of May; this festival was probably the orgin of the maypole dance and the gathering of bouquets of flowers, symbolizing the bring of spring and new life into the world. She gives charm to youth, aroma to wine, sweetness to honey, and fragrance to blossoms.

Flora teaches us to honor growing things, both inside and outside us, She is a reminder to pay attention to pleasure, to the beauty of spring, and to new life, where it is found.

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Smokeless Way to Smudging with White Sage and Sweet Grass

I know there are people for one reason or another that can not burn the White Sage and Sweetgrass to cleanse their self or home because of the smoke. So I tried this alternate way yesterday and got the same results as burning them. White Sage takes away the negative energy in your home and Sweet Grass brings in the positive energy.

Crush the White Sage into a powder and tear the Sweetgrass into very tiny pieces and combine them in a bowl or on a plate used only for this purpose. Than walk each room in your home counter-clockwise starting at the door people use the most to enter and exit your home. As you are walking ask the Mother Goddess and the Father God or whatever deity you have as your patrons to take away all negativity, anger, resentment, etc from your home and replace it with love, positive energy, and harmony while you asking for this energy exchange sprinkle the White Sage and Sweet Grass mixture on the floor in the center of the room in the shape of a pentagram and put some in each corner of the room. The pentagram does not have to be perfect or even completely solid. Leave the pentagram in place until you feel it is time to sweep it up, do not vacuum it up.  Leave the mixture you put in the corner of each room there this helps to keep your home environment a more positive space. Take the mixture you have swept up and dump it in your yard to be reclaimed by Mother Earth.

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Now for using White Sage to cleanse yourself Magical Necessities carries a soap made with White Sage. Use it when taking a shower again asking for all negativity to be removed from you and for positive, loving energy to replace it. All your negativity will just disappear down the drain. This soap can also be used before you do a ritual to cleanse yourself for it.

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White Sage Soap


Let’s Talk Witch – Feeling the Power

Mysterious witch in orange

Feeling the Power


What power? Not the energy piped through your home, but the powers of magic— the forces of the elements and winds, the energy that keeps our planet spinning within our spinning galaxy within a spinning universe. This is the real energy of magic.

One of the best ways to gain a familiarity with this power is through memory. We have the power at all times; it is what keeps our body running and working properly. We take it in through the food we eat and release it in physical exertion, mental workings, and simple bodily functions like breathing and blinking our eyes.

Since this power is with us at all times, it sometimes makes its presence known.

Most people have experienced a thunderstorm. Jagged lightning glances across the sky, rain and wind slam down, and the sky shakes with tremendous thunder. Such a storm will often cause unexpected reactions.

A chill might shake you, both in anxiety and also in exhilaration of such a spectacular example of nature’s unlimited power.

If you can recall an especially powerful storm that sent a chill down your spine, attempt to recapture that feeling. Recall the time; remember your reactions to the storm.

You may begin to feel charged with energy. Your pulse and breathing may increase in rate, the muscles of your body may tense, and you may begin to perspire.

These physical changes are manifestations of the increased amount of energy surging through your body.

This is the same energy used in magic. As mentioned previously, much of the energy is generated by the emotion. Emotional reactions to situations can have amazing results (the weak woman who pushed a car off her child’s leg, for example) that seem to defy normal laws.

This isn’t the case. These power surges are manifestations of other laws of nature not yet discovered by science.

Since emotion is an excellent way in which to feel the power, a strong emotional reaction— such as that to a storm— is often beneficial to help the power begin flowing.

Obviously it would be ridiculous to stand and reexperience a thunderstorm before every spell. Simply use the thunderstorm exercise in order to feel the energy— the energy that manifests itself in tense muscles, increased respiration and heart rates, and perhaps perspiration.

Once you have felt it and can do so at will, you can generate power and send it off during your spells to work your need.

Any spell performed in such a state will be much more effective than one that was walked through.

Again, use the emotion of the need of the particular spell to attain this state. If you desperately need five hundred dollars for an unexpected, neglected, or forgotten bill, pour all of your concern into the spell. But back it up with your unshakeable knowledge that you can and will draw it to you.

All right, so it isn’t easy at first. As my piano teacher used to tell me, “Practice!”



-Scott Cunningham, Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic




WOTC Extra – A Few Image Spells Just for You

A Few Image Spells Just for You


To Be Free of Something Negative

Draw an outline of yourself in the soil. Next, over it draw a symbol representing that which you wish to be free of.

Draw this symbol over the image. Gaze at it, see the symbol as part of yourself, as you are now.

Then, with careful strokes, completely erase the symbol with your fingertips. Make sure you don’t damage your original outline, however, if this happens, redraw immediately. Now gaze at the new you, free of the negative aspect and ready to start again with a cleaner slate.

Repeat every day for seven days.



Apple images

Image magic often employs apples. With a sharp knife, carve in the peel of a red apple a picture of your need. Expose the yellowish-white flesh behind the peel with your carving so that the symbol is clearly visible. This may take some practice.

Now, after gazing at the symbol for a few minutes, eat the apple down to the core. Save the seeds and plant them, if you wish. As the symbol has become part of you physically, so too shall what it represents.

This can be used to bring anything to you.



An image love charm

This and similar image spells are most popular today, as they have been for ages.

Carve, sew, or otherwise construct an image of yourself at your finest, physically speaking. Pour into it all your good points, as well as your bad. Embody the image with your spirit, your life-force, your total being. When you look at its face (however crude or unfinished it may seem to be) see your own face.

When finished, put in a safe place. Next, of the same material, fashion an image of your ideal love. This shouldn’t be a specific person, of course, but a composite of everything you are looking for in a man or woman. Though you are only fashioning its outline or rough features, implant in it physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and other qualities; habits and goals in life; any particulars that appeal or are important to you.

When both images are finished, take a pink or red thread or cord and tie them loosely together. Place them in a spot where they will not be disturbed for several weeks, but not in a box or other constricting place. Someone will come to you, and after that, it will be up to the two of you.

Spells of this nature draw many people to you, and one or two of these might become good friends. A more personal relationship might develop out of one of these, which may eventually lead to love.

If it does but the relationship ends, unbind the images, carefully dismantle the one of the perfect love, and begin anew.

The same is true if you find no lover, but for this wait at least three months.

A spell of this type doesn’t force the person you meet to fall in love with you; it simply expands your circle of friends. Any person you meet will be under no magickal pressure or force to love you; that you will have to do on your own.



Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

Let’s Talk Witch – Image Magick

Image Magick


Image magic usually conjures up visions of sneering voodoo dolls bristling with black-headed pins. We have the media and a century of fundamentalist propaganda to thank for that. The so-called voodoo doll, which is neither solely connected with that much-misunderstood religion, nor is necessarily a doll, has as its roots image magic, which has been known in every magical system since the dawn of recorded history. Everywhere, images have been made of various types of wood, clay, lead, gold and silver. They have been marked on large leaves, bark, animal skins, and fashioned from lemons, onions, apples, eggs, turnips, nuts, coconuts, limes, potatoes, and the infamous mandrake root.

Sometimes the image is carved to the minutest detail, right down to the strands of hair. At other times it is a crude outline engraved onto flat surfaces such as peels of fruits, bark, or even in the earth herself, scratched with fingernails or sticks into the dust.

Whatever the substances, whatever the spell, the image stands as one of the most-used objects in the history of magic.

Today, after nearly five thousand years of continuous use as a technique, it has a wholly unfounded evil reputation.

True, image magic has been used for negative purposes, but so has nearly every other form of magic. Its most useful contribution to the magical arts is that it enables us to have a plan or diagram for ourselves or those we’re working magic for.

Not that the image actually becomes the person represented; no images are baptized or breathed into life, as in some of the darker workings. The outlines or images simply serve as blueprints with which we plan and make our future selves, always in improved conditions.

Books of magic that crowd the shelves of occult stores today are full of image magic, usually designed to cause torture or death, and the dolls themselves can usually be purchased, through the mail, complete with pins!

But none of this will be discussed here. Instead, the more humane aspects will be explored, and the spells— all of which are easy— are those that vibrate love and healing, protection and blessing.

While it is commonly supposed that image magic is performed with dolls, figure candles, or paper cutouts, the first three spells given here are best performed with a flat dish of moist earth that you have freshly gathered. Before using the earth, remove any rocks, twigs, and other impurities.

Spread the moist earth or sand an inch deep in a round dish or plate— preferably at least ten inches in diameter to give you plenty of room.

This will be your “canvas” upon which you will mark your image.

Your writing instrument will be a sturdy twig, or perhaps a sharpened pencil. Thousands of years ago they used stylus and clay.

If the earth is too dry, you may wish to add a little water. If you cannot obtain clean soil, then collect some sand (or buy some) and wet it until it “sets,” that is, until it will retain a figure sketched onto the sand.

These preparations are to be repeated for each piece of image magic you do. Return the used dirt after a spell to the earth.

Of course, if you can actually perform these spells on the ground, results will be better, since this is the way they were originally done. The spells will have to be modified slightly, but again, it will be well worth the effort.



Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic

Scott Cunningham

Moon Water Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Water
  • Container for water
  • Full moon
This is how you can bless water via full moon
Casting Instructions for ‘Moon Water Spell’
After sunset tonight, when the Moon is up, take a bottle or other container you can close, and fill it full of water, preferably from a well or other natural source. You can use bottled spring water if there is no safe natural source of water nearby.

Put the open container of water outside, and set it where the light of the Moon will shine on it. Ask the Goddess to bless the water with her light. Leave the container there as long as the Moon is up, then close the container carefully. Keep it to use in all rituals and spells that require water. You can do this every month at the Full Moon to have a supply of blessed water on hand.

FROM: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/enchantment_spells/5944/page.html

One Definition of a Muse


Wiccan Wonderings:

What, exactly, is a creative muse, and how can you get in touch with it?

The creative muse is nearly always spoken of as “she.” But a muse can also be a “he” or have no gender at all. It can simply be energy that you name, as you might a beloved pet. To get in touch with your muse, simply put out the request: Write it in your journal; tell yourself as you’re falling asleep that you’re going to communicate with your muse in a dream; meditate on it; or even write your muse a note.

Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2004-08-06). The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, and Prosperity (p. 160). F+W Media, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Let’s Talk Witch – Granny Magick

Let’s Talk Witch – Granny Magick

Most people who have seen the old television comedy “The Beverly Hillbillies” have no idea about some of the little grains of truth in the show. The show’s creator, Paul Henning, was a native Missourian who was clearly very familiar with the area and the people of the Ozark Mountain region. On the show, the Clampetts make visits to such locations as Silver Dollar City, Springfield and Joplin, Missouri.

What most people who have watched the show never guess is that Granny was more than just Elly May’s grandmother. Granny, who once says she comes from Taney County, which is the southwestern Missouri county where Branson is located, is a “granny woman” which is an old Ozark term for conjure woman. The word “medicine” is another word for potion among old-timers.

The term “hillbilly” is perceived by some a pejorative term and probably to others it seems like a joke. The rest of the world probably can’t imagine what the area is still like – even today. It’s probably especially hard for city-folk to imagine that there are such people as those who live in the hills outside of beautiful, modern Branson, Missouri. They’ve have always been secretive and distrusting of outsiders and for years nobody knew much at all about them until a folk researcher named Vance Randolph married an Ozarker and spent decades trying to ingratiate himself into their culture (impossible for anyone who wasn’t born among them).

In the 1940s he published several books, but arguably the best one is “Ozark Mountain Magic and Folklore.” The ancestors of the original Ozark Mountain settlers came from England and Scotland by way of Appalachia. And, as is alluded to in a two-part episode where the hillbillies go back to England to find their noble ancestors, their ancestors were probably among the earliest American arrivals and were made of a rough, tough stock of people who could survive even the worst adversity.

The Ozark Mountains is still very rough terrain, but 100 years ago, it was only a special breed of people with strong survival skills who were able to live there. The winters are hard and the people live in relative isolation from each other in the hills and “hollers.” Before recent modernization of the highways and literally cutting through the rocks of mountains made travel easier, they were isolated from the outside world and often from each other. They had to rely on what they knew about the environment, animals, insects, plants and herbs and the practice of witchcraft, which grew and thrived among them.

They had magic for all the important aspects of life, but love and courtships was very important, especially for young women. Although, young men, also, practiced love magic. Girls conducted a variety of spells to see their future husbands or to know his name. They used charms and potions to induce love and lust and to dominate their boyfriends and husband.

The following are just a few love spells collected by Randolph in the Missouri Ozarks.

Beltane, the 1st day of May, is a very important day for those who want to know the identity of their future husbands.

If you would like to see your future husband, you must go to a well at noon on May Day and hold a mirror in such a way that it reflects the daylight into the darkness. Then, look into the water and you should see the face of your future mate. But, if you happen to see yourself lying in a coffin, you will die before the next May Day. If you see nothing, you’ll probably be an old maid.

A variation on this procedure requires you to have a glass of water, a gold ring and a mirror. Place the glass in front of the mirror and gaze fixedly at the reflection of the ring in the water.

If you want to see the face of your future husband, rise very early on May 1st and go to the well carrying a guinea egg and a glass. Once at the well, break the egg into the cup and gaze into the water. There you should see the initials of your husband to be reflected in the water of the well.

Similarly, if you wake early on May 1st and look into the reflection of a mirror, you should see the reflection of your future husband’s face or his initials

If you would like to dream about your future mate, look at the over your right shoulder at night and repeat the following incantation:

“New moon, new moon, do tell me

Who my own true lover will be,

The color of his hair, the clothes that he will wear

And the happy day he will wed me.”


Witchcraft and Love Magic in the Ozark Mountains

Old-fashioned Love Spells

A. Giovanni, Yahoo Contributor Network