Let’s Talk Witch – Spirit Summoning Spells

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Let’s Talk Witch – Spirit Summoning Spells

Straightforward methods exist as well as more complex ones there are a lot of ways. Ancient theurgists used to call spirits with spinning tops. Some spirits respond if their name is called while others only respond to elaborate spells and rituals. It’s possible to summon generic “benevolent” spirits or summon a specific one by name. It is usually wisest to know exactly whom you’re summoning.
Some traditions consider that it’s safest or necessary to contact a gatekeeper spirit who will then summon the actual spirit for you. Essentially you are summoning a spirit to summon spirits for you. Although whether you choose to do this depends largely upon the tradition you follow, it is a wise practice if you are in the habit of summoning “generic” spirits. Summoning spirits without being very familiar with their identity and personality is a little like living in a very busy metropolis, throwing your front door open and inviting just anyone to enter. Always remember that, as with any guest, it’s easier to invite them in than to ask them to leave.




Maria Padilha Pomba Gira
These spirits guard the crossroads, permitting and denying access as they deem fit.


Enhanced Lampblack Ink

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Enhanced Lampblack Ink

This formula, which incorporates sacred resins, is specifically designed for Spirit Summoning Spells, especially for creating angel sigils but may also be used for Protection Spells.

1. Blend benzoin, frankincense and myrrh resin and burn.

2. Hold a spoon over the burning resin until lampblack soot forms. (Be patient.)

3. Gently tap the soot into a bowl.

4. Add rose hydrosol or water drop by drop until lampblack is dissolved.

5. Add gum arabica so that the ink is thick enough to use.

*Transferred from old WOTC group on YUKU*