Magic Spell for Conjuring the Spirits of the Night

Magic Spell for Conjuring the Spirits of the Night


A powerful magic spell incantation that is cast to call forth the night spirits and lingering haunts.

Near to the midnight, find a dark and lonesome place for the most solitude. The room should have a window which can be opened, if not fully, at least partially.

Open the window.

One should prepare by sitting cross-legged on the floor, facing the north.

Clear your mind of all thoughts.

At the stroke of midnight, repeat the following invocation:

Spirits of the night, I beseech thee,
Find favor with mine call and summons,
On the seven winds I beg thee travel,
And greet me in mine presence,
For a speaking of things that need bespoke,
From this moment hence,
Thy powers do I wish invoke,
For things that need be done.

Once this invocation has been spoken, close your eyes, clear your mind and welcome the spirits as they enter. There is no way that one may know how many may come, but remember that they should be greeted, one and each, as they enter. They may appear as apparitions, or one may only feel their presence.

When they have finished their arrivals, you may communicate with them using only the voice of your mind.

The Witches Magick for April 21st – Summoning A Spirit to Help You

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Summoning A Spirit to Help You

Items You Will Need:

Night time
White candle (Optional)

The Spell

Right before you go to bed light the candle and cup your hand around the flame. In your other hand have the wand (If you don’t have a candle do the samething but there will be no flame) Close you eyes and while chanting this slowly raise your hands upwards (Chant 3-10 times):

Spirt I summon you to my dream and my life,
show me my path and my outcome
I welcome you in hopes for help,
I cry out to you.
Tell me my future and help me through it.
sprit of good I summon you to follow and lead me
night and day be by me, and show me the way
So mote it be!

After that blow out the candle and go to bed it may not work right awat but do this everynight until she/he comes.

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Author: PerfectDeath

Sudden Need Summoning


This summoning is short and to the point. Usually used to protect the caster or another in a
sudden crisis. Here are several incantations for just such moments:

“By Dragon wing and Dragon claw,
My (his/her) Defense is without flaw.
Shrouded by Dragon might
Remove me (him/her) from their (his/her) sight.
Fly before me (him/her)
Dragon bright, And blind my (his/her) foe with
Thy light
Full of rage and terrible ire,
Burn them (him/her) with
Thy Dragon Fire!
Dark and terrible be
Thy wrath, Dragon, protect me (him/her)
on my (his/her) path!

Make the Sign of the Guardian (either in the air or on your brow) In the Air; Pull thumb and pinkie fingers into the palm and with middle, index and ring fingers draw three lines at once. Then bending the ring and middle into the palm, draw one line down the right side of the other three. On a surface simply draw it as you would in the air.

Sign Of The Guardian

Once the task is completed say:
Guardian Dragon thanks be to you, my friend both steadfast and true!”

If there is confusion on how to make the Sign of the Guardian, you can use the Dragon’s Eye of Protection (image below). It is just as effective and easier to make. It is called the Dragon’s Eye of Protection Talisman Symbol.

Dragon Eye Talisman of Protection

Honor Your Household Spirits

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When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
“Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand.”

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A Spell To See Spirits

A Spell to See Spirits

To see spirits, old European grimoires recommend mixing together aloe, pepper,
musk, vervain and saffron, and burning this in a cemetery.
We can adapt this for other locations (like those in which the spirit lived) by
adding a bit of sweetgrass or tobacco to a specially prepared incense.
Create the incense on the anniversary of the death of the individual you wish to
This is then burned at 11 am, in the safety of a majick circle that also holds
symbolic items to connect you to the entity.
An incantation to encourage the spirit’s presence is:

“Guardians of the Spirit realm,
hear and guide my plea.
When the witching hour rings true,
bring my relationship, name of person to me.
Other souls who hear my call,
are not welcome in this place.
Only the one known as name of person may enter sacred space.”

Repeat the request three times, twenty minutes apart, then wait quietly for
indications of a presence.
Signs include the scent of flowers, or favored cologne, a cool wind, movement of
curtains, and candles going out or twitching erratically.
Once you feel sure the spirit is with you, do not make it tarry overly long.
Take care of your business, say farewell, and thank the guardians for their
assistance before closing the circle.

A Word of Caution:
Spiritual entities should not be banished or called for amusement.
It is best to contact a knowledgeable, experienced psychic for advice or
assistance before undertaking any spells of this type.
It is used for communication, and understanding the purpose of spirits.
The best times are in-between times, such as noon, midnight, dusk and dawn.
Halloween. Seasons of late fall and winter.
When the Moon is in Libra. Eclipses. Wednesday.

Author unknown

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Eyes of the Wolf Spell

Eyes of the Wolf Spell

(Wolf Moon)
As the first full moon after the winter solstice or Yule, the Wolf Moon is one of the most important of the high moons. A  full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are aligned on opposite sides of the earth. This alignment of the two celestial bodies has a strong effect on the  earth. This alignment of the two celestial bodies has a strong effect on the earth, producing a time when energy is high. This is why full moon rituals can  be incredibly powerful times for doing magick.
When looking through the eyes of the wolf, the idea is to perceive the true nature of people, events and experiences.  Expand your perception and awareness using the instincts of the wolf. The wolf is part of a pack that use their knowledge and wits to survive a time when the  earth is cold and barren.
This is also when new patterns are conceived, setting the stage for what is to come. This is also the ideal time for  foretelling the future, clairvoyance, and divination practices.
At midnight, begin by drawing a circle of light. This is done by standing at your altar and pounding the stick end of  your wand on the altar nine times. Pick up you athame and point it toward the north point of your circle. Starting and ending in the north, draw a magickal  circle of light clockwise around the circle. Next, call in the elements of earth, air, fire and water.
Standing in the middle of the circle, call in the powers of the wolf:
“On this full moon night at this hour
I call now upon the ancient animal powers
To guide me in the ways of the wolf
Where instinct and wit prevail
Through darkness, wind, rain and hail
I am the wolf, the wolf is me
So be it! Blessed be!
As you enjoy your evening, imagine seeing through the eyes of the wolf. Imagine dreaming with the eyes of the wolf. In  the morning pull up the circle and thank the elements. Also than the wolf for its guidance and power.
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The Witches Spell for Nov. 8th: Spell to Protect Children from Bullies


Spell to Protect Children from Bullies

If your child is being bullied at school, you should make plans to get your child out of that school immediately. Don’t wait for teachers or administrators to take responsibility. Chances are they won’t. Meanwhile, your child is suffering and maybe in terrible danger.

Until you sort out your practical plan of action, protect your child with this spell:

Make or purchase a poppet. These are featureless rag dolls usually made of muslin. They can sometimes be found at hobby or craft stores.

Fill it with any combination of the following protective herbs:



Rose Petals






Add a few of your child’s hairs or nail clippings.

Place the poppet on your altar and arrange 9 pink candles in a circle around it. In between each candle place a clear quartz crystal.

Light each candle and say, “Goddess (God, protective angels or other powerful spirit), protect my child with light and love.”

Imagine a pink cloud enveloping the poppet and radiating a protective glow.

When the candles have burned down. Wrap the poppet in a pink cloth and place it in a drawer where it will be safe.

The Witches Magick for October 29th – Conjuring Spirits Spell


To Conjure Spirits

Waxing Moon or Full Moon: Waning or New Moon

Two tall purple candles

Two tall green candles

A purple Amethyst Green Jade or Agate – in center of altar

Sandalwood & Lavender Incense or Sandalwood & Willow Bark Incense

Spirit Candle

Cast a triple circle. Conjuring of Spirits is always done in hours of darkness, not necessary to be midnight, but preferred. After you have performed your primary ritual, cast the incense into your burner, Place the Spirit Candle into the center of the altar and say:

“Spirit of good will, I bid thee enter
The Outer Circle.
The Second Circle.
The Inner Circle.
I am protected by this Pentacle upon my breast.
Which bears the name of (your Spirit Guide)
I bid thee, Spirit, Reveal thy Earthly name!

(turn slowly deosil as you speak)

Repeat this conjuration three times.

Perform a nine card Tarot Divination for the Spirit’s name, unless the Spirit replies in some other manner.


Have you a message for me?

Perform A Tarot Divination or use the Witches’ Bowl to ask questions.

Spirit, is it true that….?

Deal gently with the friendly Spirits and they will lead you to the Greater Mysteries.

During your questioning, observe the Spirit Candle. If it wavers or rises and falls, or flickers unevenly, use the Tarot to see if the Spirit has a message.

You may ask 3 questions, after that you must ask:

May I seek further guidance?

Ask only 3 more questions.

Bid the Spirit depart, saying:

(Name), Good Spirit,
Thou hast diligently answered my questions and I do thank thee. I
hereby give thee license to depart. Depart, thrice – blessed Spirit, and be
thou willing to return when next I conjure thee. By the sound of this bell

(Use your Witches’ Bell),

I bid thee leave. Depart, Depart. Depart!

*Witches’ Bowl

Three casting stones, a bowl or tray 13″ or more in diameter, marked for divination.

A Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy or Spirit

A Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy or Spirit

Items You need:

Sage, the herb (basil can be use as an substitute)

When To Cast:

During the Waning Moon

To cleanse a room, simply pass the smoke of the burning sage over the walls, into the corners, in the closets, and in any nooks and crannies where shadows–and energy–gather. Pass the smoke along the frames of the doors and windows. Let it eddy across the floor. This simple process is vital whenever something tragic, negative or emotionally wrenching has happened. It’s also beneficial if someone in your home is physically ill or feeling out of sorts. You don’t have to say anything or engage in any ritual. Simply hold the intent in your mind that you are cleaning the area of negative energy.

A sage wand is ideal for smudging. It doesn’t have to be relit, it’s easy to carry, and when you’re finished, you simply stub out the burning end so that it can be reused.

Spell to Rid Yourself of a Nuisance Spirit

Spell to Rid Yourself of a Nuisance Spirit

Say “What is dark be filled with light, remove this spirit from my sight.”
Before starting place your hand before you, and start the flow of power out of your hand and then say the words, letting the envisioned blue-white light from your power hand fill the room or house or any other place that you might be.