July 2019 – Pagan Calendar of Observances

I thought since I did not see this website in the long list that was passed on to me to get June’s dates up, I would get July’s up early to give you a chance to print the list or mark the dates on your calendar if you wanted to.

JULY. 1: Crone Day – Kronia —honoring Kronos -Father Time and Rhea – Old Mother Nature.

JUL. 2: Roman Feast of Expectant Mothers.

JUL. 8 Celtic Month of Holly – Honoring the Holly tree.

JUL. 12-14: Feast of the Moon – Honoring Goddess as Selene (Old Greek), Ixchel (Maya), and Manat (Old Arabic-Sufi).

JUL. 13: Birth of Osiris – Egyptian God of Divine Youth, annually resurrected by Isis.

JUL. 17: Celtic Feast of Tailtiu – Mother Nature Goddess who fostered Lugh.

JUL. 21: Witch’s Day—Celebrating the Craft as life, practice and religion.

JUL. 19: Egyptian Opet Festival – Celebrating the marriage of Isis and Osiris.

JUL. 23: Roman Neptunalia: honoring Neptune, God of the Sea

JUL. 27: Belgium Procession of the Witches: Festival of Witches

JUL. 28: Archangel Auriel (Uriel) Day. His/Her name means “Fire or Light of God,” and titles include, Regent of the Sun, Angel of Music, Patron of Prophecy, Archangel of Salvation, Angel of the Presence. See Uriel.org for more about him/her, the crystal egg association, and paintings.

JUL. 29: Festival of Thor – Celebration of Norse God Thor

JUL. 31: thru Aug 2 – Lughnasadh – Old Celtic / Irish Feast of Goddess Tailtiu and God Lugh (Deities of Life and Light), celebrating the grain harvest. Aug. Eve; Sun God, Harvest God, Horned God willing to become the grain of life.
– Lammas, harvest festival coming 40 days after Summer Solstice, offer 1st fruits to the Divine (See Aug. 1)
– Festival of Loki – Day to honor Norse trickster god Loki and his consort Sigyn
– Feast of the Grain Harvest – Honoring Goddess Demeter & Kore (Old Greek), and God as Osiris (Egyptian).

From Pagan Calendar


What Holiday is Today? What Historical Events Happened? On June 22

If you were wondering if today is a holiday somewhere, yes, it is! It always is. Here are today’s holidays:

Holiday name Holiday location Holiday type
Aymara New Year Day holiday Bolivia National Holiday
Architecture Day Germany Observance
Teachers’ Day El salvador Observance
Midsummer Finland National Holiday
Day of Antifascist Struggle Croatia National Holiday
Remembrance Day of Victims of the Great Patriotic War Belarus Observance
Midsummer Day Sweden Public Holiday
National Chocolate Eclair Day Weird
National HVAC Tech Day Weird
National Onion Rings Day Weird

Historical Events on June 22

  • 1774: The Quebec Act is passed by Great Britain. This act establishes the governing rules for the Quebec colony in British North America.
  • 1783: A poisonous cloud arrives in Le Havre, France. This cloud was produced by the eruption of Laki Volcano in Iceland and had been carried by wind currents.
  • 1807: During the Chesapeake Leopard Affair, the American frigate the USS Chesapeake is attacked and boarded by the British warship the HMS Leopard.
  • 1813: During the War of 1812, Laura Secord embarks on a 18.6 mile journey -all on foot – to warn Lieutenant Jame FitzGibbon when she learns of the plans for an American attack on Beaver Dams in Ontario.
  • 1825: Feudalism and seigneurialism is abolished by the British Parliament in British controlled North America.
  • 1870: The United States Congress creates the U.S Department of Justice on this date.
  • 1898: During the Spanish American War, the 5thS Army Corps lands in Cuba.
  • 1918: A train carrying the Hammond Circus crashed near Hammond, Indiana on this date. Almost 130 people are injured and over 85 people are killed.
  • 1942: After capturing Tobruk, Erwin Rommel is promoted to the rank of Field Marshal.
  • 1942: The United States Congress officially adopts the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • 1944: The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act – now known as the G.I. Bill – is signed into law by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • 1945: The Battle of Okinawa concludes.
  • 1978: James W. Christy discovers Charon, Pluto’s satellite, at the U.S Naval Observatory.

Famous Birthdays on June 22

  • American actress Marguerite De La Motte is born in 1902.
  • American criminal John Dillinger is born in 1903.
  • American pilot and author, Anne Morrow Lindbergh is born in 1906.
  • American singer and producer, Alan Osmond is born in 1949.
  • American actress and singer, Meryl Streep is born in 1949.
  • American actress Lindsay Wagner is born in 1949.
  • American politician Elizabeth Warren is born in 1949.
  • American actress Amy Brenneman is born in 1964.
  • American author Dan Brown is born in 1964.
  • French actress Emmanuelle Seigner is born in 1966.

N. H. The Return of the Sun King (A Litha Fairy Story) Plus a Coloring Page

Once upon a time, there was great sorrow among the fairy folk. Something had happened to the Fairy Queen, Titania. She had fallen asleep and would not wake up.

The winter had come, terribly cold and full of ice and snow. In the fairy wood, no fires were burning. The seed babies were safely tucked in their beds, deep under Mother Earth’s coverlet of leaves and moss. The gnomes and dwarves were working deep underground. The water sprites waited under their ice roof, which covered the crystal lake and bubbling brook.

Most of the fairy folk, those who tend the flower children in meadows and forests, were left to wander through the winter, seeking warmth and shelter. They sought these in the homes of mortals, hoping to rest beside the fires both in castle and in hovels. Where ever fairy stories were being told at night or where ever Christmas candles were burning, there they were allowed to rest awhile.

This winter, the Fairy Queen and her troupe had been wandering and wandering. The snow blew in great swirling clouds and Old King Winter laughed and crackled. Jack Frost had a jolly time pinching their noses and toes. Worst of all and sad to say, there were not enough resting places for the fairy troupe. Most of the stone castles were dark and deserted and had been so a long time. The houses, great or small, where real fairy stories were still being told were few and far between. And the Christmas Candles burned in but a few windows.

One very dark night, after Yuletide, but long before Spring was due, the Fairy Queen began to grow very sleepy, as mortals do
when they begin to freeze. Not being a mortal, she could not die but she could not wake up either. All of the fairies tried to wake her up. They danced and fluttered around her and sang songs as loudly as they dared. At last, with the help of two white snow-hares they managed to bring the Queen back to the stone circle, which is their palace and dancing place. Without their Queen, the fairies were entirely without direction and purpose. Many also fell asleep and the ones who stayed awake were mournful and very miserable.

Lady Spring finally came back from her palace in the South. She chased old King Winter back to his ice palace in the frozen north. The ice melted and gentle rains fell. Seed babies began to awaken and the first flower children appeared. The fairies grew hopeful and hurried to bring Lady Spring to the bed of her sleeping sister. Lady Spring took Titania’s hands and breathed the promise of Spring over her. She sang her magic song of roses and butterflies, of newborn lambs and nightingales. Titania’s cheeks grew rosier and she seemed to breathe more fully than before. But alas! Her eyes would not open, nor would she speak!

Lady Spring grew sorrowful and this brought a tremendous Spring storm. She had to dry her eyes quickly so as not to bring on a flood. She took leave of Titania’s attendants, saying, “I must continue on to waken all of the seed babies. Guard your Queen well and wait for Summer.”

The fairies promised to do their best, but in truth, the seed babies and flower children were not taken care of as well as they should have been.

Day by day, the fairies could see the ascent of the Sun King on his fiery steed. He was still far away, just over the horizon. Little by little he came closer and the day began to grow longer than the night. Finally, it was Midsummer’s Eve and the Sun King reached the pinnacle of the sky. He was riding very high over the palace of the Fairy Queen. The fairies shouted and clamored, pranced and danced, trying to catch the Sun King’s attention. He was too high up to hear them, but he soon noticed that the Fairy Queen had not come to greet him on this, their meeting day.

The Sun King turned his steed toward the Earth and came as close as he could without harm. Of course, everything grew tremendously hot and the flower children took refuge under the broad leaved trees and bushes.

Still, Titania did not wake up. Here hands and feet were still icy, although her hair shone golden in the brilliant light. Then the Sun King took off his mantle of fire and climbed down from his sky horse. Without the fire mantle, he would not scorch anything or anyone. Still, he was almost too bright to look at! He came to the Fairy Queen’s couch and he bent down and kissed her. He took her hands in his and felt them grow warmer and warmer. She opened her eyes and drew a long breath. She arose with all of her sleeping companions.

What rejoicing there was! Such a shouting and singing! Each fairy nurse ran to find her poor neglected flower child.

Titania thanked the Sun King for bringing her back to life. She told him how dark and cold the winter had been. She wondered what to do the next time King Winter’s might was stronger than human love and light.

“Do not fear,” said the Sun King, “For the darkest winter has passed and Winter’s power will someday be totally overcome. Human beings will remember to light their fires again. The Christmas candles will burn brightly in many homes and around the hearths, real fairy stories will be told again. I myself will proclaim this from the skies. For the light of the world has come to birth in human hearts and this can never again be extinguished.”

Then the Sun King mounted his winged charger, put on his fire mantle and rode back to the summit of the sky. The fairy folk waved him on his journey with love and gratitude.

That Midsummer night, they held the most joyful festive there ever was in all of fairy land. And if the lights have not gone out, they are dancing still.


Christine Natale© 2003 All Rights Reserved found at The Return of the Sun King

To you and yours from the WOTC and Covel Life staff may you have a wonderful summer.

S. H. A Yule Story for Children ~ The Tiniest Fairy ~ Plus a Coloring Page of the Tiniest Fairy

r CTT4 Coloring Babay Fairy.jpg

Alicia was a small and tiny earthen spirit with sparkling blue eyes and a pinched up nose; even in the fairy world, where all things are small, she was the smallest of them all.

Her home was deep inside the strong and twisting roots of a big Oak. It was safe and none of the winter cold snows could find their way in.

She loved playing around her cozy and warm home with her mom and dad. They would play hide and seek and she could easily hide in the corners or under the furniture. They would read books by the firelight and sing songs that only the fairies knew.

Alicia was frightened of the other earthen creatures, as well as of what might be outside her cozy home under the big Oak. She had never been out before and saw no reason to go into the “outside.”

When company came over Alicia would not come out of her tiny seedpod bed. When the Bunny family who lived next door came to visit, she was frightened that being so small, one of the many bunny babies might accidentally hop on her. She would only peek over the beds edge with her tiny pinched nose when the Gloends, a family of glowworms came to visit, because she wanted to see where the warm yellow glow was coming from.

At dinner one evening, Alicia’s mom and dad told her that soon winter’s hold would be ending. That frightened Alicia since she only knew the winter and could not imagine what might happen if it was to end.

They explained to her that in the entire magickal world, it was her magick that would call in the changing of seasons and the turning of the great wheel. On the eve of the next night Alicia, her mom and her dad would go on a journey into the forest. Here, there would be a great gathering and all the mystical creatures of Earth would see her gift of magick.

But Alicia shivered with fear — what was this wheel and how can she stop this magick and changing? She liked things just as they were and didn’t want anything to change at all. She didn’t want to go to a gathering where so many would be. She didn’t know what this gift was that she was to give. What if she got lost and no one could find her? Or maybe the others would see her. Maybe they would not like her or make fun of her or laugh at her being so small.

Her greatest fear was that maybe she had no magick. She had not seen it. She couldn’t fly like her mom and dad; she kept falling on her elbows. She couldn’t make things like flowers or snowflakes like her mom and dad; all she ended up with some ice that melted. She couldn’t even make light with her wand. How would her parents feel when they found out, what would she do?

Even as frightened as Alicia was of going into the “outside, ” she was more frightened of what others might think of her. She didn’t want to disappoint her mom and dad, so she decided it would be best if she hid. She would go into the “outside;” no one would look for her there. She would not go very far. Just far enough away where she could hide until the gathering was over, and then the change would not happen.

Alicia’s mom was roasting acorns for the great gathering’s feast and her dad was busy polishing up his ice wand. Alicia knew no one would see her leave, or think she would go into the “outside” alone, since she never had before.

With her wand in a small bag tied to her waist, Alicia carefully opened the door of her house and stepped into the “outside.” She closed the door quickly and quietly so her mom and dad would not hear it creak. Then, she turned to see what was here in this “outdoors.” It was white everywhere. She walked along for a little while when all of a sudden “crunch” she sunk into the snow up to her wing tips. It took a bit of work but she wriggled her way up and out of the snow. Now she was really cold and she could see it was getting darker. The bright bluish color of the sky was now turning a purple hue with streaks of red and yellow.

She wasn’t sure, but if night was coming she had to hide quickly. If she could fly just to the edge of the forest she would find a place to stay until the gathering was over and then she could go home again. Then it would be safe because nothing would change. That is what she wanted.

Alicia was frighten and getting colder, but she had made up her mind. She had to do this, or everything she knew was going to change forever. She shook herself off and looked toward the forest edge. With all her will and might she jumped up and began flying forward. Then back a little, then up, then down, then around in some circles and then slower and then faster and then it happened. Bang! She flew right into a tree branch hanging low weighted heavy by the snow.

Alicia did not know what exactly had happened as she rubbed her head, but when she rose up again out of the snow it had gotten very dark. She could see tiny lights twinkling above her now. She looked around trying to figure out what direction to go. By now the gathering must be over and she could go home. Everything would stay the same. But which way was home?

Alicia couldn’t see where to go, so she didn’t want to try to fly. What if she hit another tree, it was dark now and she couldn’t make anything out, plus her head still hurt from before. She had to be very careful deciding what way to go now.

All of a sudden, she heard someone calling her. “Alicia, Alicia.” She felt her body begin to shake so hard that the tiny ice cycles that had formed on the tips of her wings, tinkled like little bells. As she turned around to look behind her, she saw a woman lying on a big pile of fur blankets. She was not a fairy, but she was beautiful, dressed in a green, red and white gown. Hundreds of earthen creatures stood all around her, many Alicia had never seen before, but none were scared or frightened at all. Although Alicia didn’t understand it, she wasn’t frightened either.

There seemed to peace about this woman, it was something calming. “Alicia, I have been waiting for you. I need your help.” the Lady said.
“Waiting for me?” Alicia asked.
“Yes, Alicia, ” she said. “Its dark now and we need your light to light the way, so that we can see what lies before us.”
“My light?” Alicia asked, remembering she had not been able to make her wand light before.
“It’s your magick Alicia, your magick that will call the light from within me.” the Lady said.
Alicia slowly began to walk toward the woman. That’s when she saw that this quiet lady was going to have a baby, and she was going to have it any moment.

All the fears and worries Alicia carried with her were beginning to melt away, just like the ice on her wing tips. As she looked into the meadow green eyes of this lady she wanted more than anything else in her small life to make a light for her.

Alicia, still trembling, took her wand from its little bag, and raised it up. With every magickal hope she had ever had, she put her energy into lighting her wand.

The lady smiled gently at her and in that instance there was a great flash of light, which came from the tip of that tiny wand. It was a brilliant luminous light, which filled every corner of the night.

As Alicia held her wand high she looked over to see that now the lady was holding in her arms a baby; a wonderful little baby boy. Suddenly, she understood it all, everything her mom and dad had been telling her.

This was the magick; this was her special gift. Alicia, the tiniest of all fairies, she was the one who carried the spark, the spark which released the light of the world and the turning of the wheel of life.

In her tiny being she had carried that magick, the magick to unlock the power of love and understanding for the world to share. Standing in that brilliant light, Alicia understood who the Lady was and the importance of this baby. She was a part of the rebirth of the Light. This baby was the Light again reborn of the Goddess. The beautiful Lady was the Goddess of life, and Alicia was that spark of magick which survives all time and through which we find boundless possibilities.

Soon the edge of the forest was filled with earthen creatures and spirits from all over the mystical world. Alicia’s mom and dad watched their fairy child as she beamed with joy. The Lady holding her baby boy blessed all those who shared in this time of magick as the feast was served and great happiness was shared by all.

Alicia didn’t even notice that she was floating on the air. She was no longer weighted down by all her silly worries or fears. She knew that even though she was tiny she had the power to light the world. Now she understood, magick is all around you if you only believe, and trust in yourself.

So each year as you light a candle to call the light, remember the tiniest fairy, for it only takes one tiny spark to give light unto the whole world.

Blessed be our Lady the Mother of Light.

Lady Abigail
High Priestess Ravensgrove Coven
Copyright: Copyright © 11012005

To you and your family from Witches of the Craft and Coven Life’s families we bid you a joyous and blessed Yule.

I apologize to our Sisters and Brothers that live in the Southern Hemisphere for not posting this early yesterday. My wish for you and yours is you make it through your clod months with plenty to eat, a home to shelter you, and the clothing you need to keep you warm especially when you are outdoors. With love and bountiful blessings

                                                                                                                                                    — Lady Beltane

Merry Meet Sisters and Brothers

I hope everyone is doing well and it is a beautiful day. Here it is raining and chilly again. I also found out I have Epstein-Barr virus which is the adult version of mononucleosis. Come to find out with a little help from Google that 90 – 95 % of all adults are carriers but in most people, it stays dormant all their lives but if it manifests once (I was 34) you are more at risk for it doing it again lucky me. As usual with a virus, the doctor tells you to rest as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids, this one is no different. My question to the doctors is, “If I am supposed to be resting a lot and drinking a lot doesn’t one kind of cancel the other one out with trips to the bathroom?” So if you think of it when saying your “prayers” could you ask for a fast recovery for me, please?

Posting for the day might start out later and there might be days that I miss because I am just too tired to do the looking up information, copy, paste it, and all the other steps that go with every single post that WOTC does now and did in the past. Something you may not realize is that common everyday posts each take a minimum of about 20 minutes to do and the extra posts usually even longer than that. In other words to bring you the things you enjoy daily and an extra or two took the old WOTC Staff and by myself upwards to 3 hours to get done.

OK so anyway I will try to get up the common posts like Moon Phase, Planetary Positions, and Horoscopes. But the Horoscopes will be done with the Northern and Southern Hemispheres together and will cover 3 days at a time for the Today’s Your Birthday which I will separate from the Love and Daily Horoscopes. Dear Readers of the Nothern Hemisphere horoscopes if I do not get the new days horoscopes up early you can go read the Southern Hemisphere’s horoscope post that went up the day before because, ok stick with me here a teeny bit complicated, their tomorrow is our today. So the horoscope for their yesterday June 20th is our horoscope today for June 20th. It would just be so much easier to have a TARDIS to take us to the date we want to read….Right? lol

May those of you in the North have a beautiful day with the Sun shining, nice temperatures, and a gentle breeze. If you are in the Midwest in what I would swear is a monsoon season, LOL, this year I hope you can curl up with a good book and a cup or 2 of your favorite tea or coffee. If you have young ones home from school on Summer break I will post a few seasonal appropriate printable pictures they could have fun coloring.

May those of you in the South also have a beautiful day, with it not being too chilly or gloomy. As Winter is coming your way I hope you have a good supply of books or yarn or paints or whatever you need for the hobby or hobbies you enjoy. I will post some seasonal appropriate printable coloring sheets for you young one too.

Since I fell asleep on my keyboard I am going back to bed. Sorry no new Moon, Planet, or Horoscope posts until tomorrow.

Until we merry meet again Blessed be.

Good Spellbind Saturday Everyone

Welcome to a day of the birds sing under slightly clouday skies or Ihope where you live the day is blessed with blue skies and Ra shinning down upon you.. Or welcome to a beautiful evening that hopefully you have a clear sky to see Luna and the staars in all their wonderst beauty.

I apologize for not getting the regular daily posts up yesterday but we are already having a horrible allergy season in Illinois and the allergins are kicking butt but not taking names…lol.

Than when I went to post this morning thhis site somehow got switch to the “Private” setting instead of “Public.” I have a good idea who is messing around with this website because this isn’t the first abnormality I have found this week. I just have to figure out how, the unfriendly witch is doing it. I guess it’s time to put on my thinking cap.

As anyone with allergies and/or sinus problems can understand it feels like my head weights about 50 pounds, and not from ego, and hurts more when we sit up. So I am going to try to do your Moon phaase, current planetary positions, and hopefully the birthday and general horoscopes up fo both hemispheres for today and tomorrow.

Ok, on with my experiment. Sorry it took so long to start getting the daily posts up something came up I had to deal with.

May your blessings be plentiful and your troublems be minimal.

I Reach Out to Each of You with an Olive Branch



I have been discouraged and second-guessing myself on taking over WOTC. The reason I went into debt and did it was for you our faithful readers and followers. I told Lady Abyss when she offered me this website that yes I would take it so the site stayed “in the family” instead of going to a stranger who would more than likely make big changes to the content of the information we send to your inboxes daily. Then after talking with her last week and some of the emails, I have received I am wondering if I did the right thing not only for you but for myself too. So Lady A and I talked and talked again and she convinced me of what I already knew in my heart but did not want to listen to… if I was not meant to have this website it would not have been offered to me to pay for making payments rather then one lump sum, if I was not supposed to have this website there is no way Lady Abyss would offer her years of sweat and tears and laughs to me. So with all of this in mind it got me to thinking of a Christian poem that I had changed to be a Pagan poem years ago and I would like to share it with you and remind all of us the Great Mother and Great Father plus our Spirit Guides do listen when we speak to them or ask them about something. We might not get the answer we want or in the time frame we want it in but an answer will come one way or another when we are supposed to know the answer or have whatever happen in our lives. When I woke up at 3:30 this morning it was to my mom’s voice telling me to read this poem and it would just take a little while for you all to get used to my posting style and for me to get used to what you want to see every day and what you would like once in a while and everything in between. So I know I have asked before but I Will ask again please have some patience with me I will get up the Moon phase, Current Planetary Positions, and different horoscopes daily. As for the Tarot readings, Ogham readings, spells, recipes, jokes, daily spirit animal, etc, I will be adding them slowly as I get the hang of doing this. I will never be and have no desire to be Lady of the Abyss and because of this, I do not put up posts like she did. I am Lady Beltane and do things my way. So I hope we can reach a compromise so when I come on in the mornings to post I am not shaking (it is not from caffeine as I do everything herbal or decaf) as I literally have been every single day since I took over WOTC because I am so afraid of doing something or saying something wrong and you all leaving to read other sites and leave me knowing I killed Lady A’s website she works so hard on for so many years. Will you please stick around, give me a chance and help me know when I am doing something really wrong, please?

The poem I changed is named “Footprints in the Sand” this poem is very personal to me as it was mother’s favorite in any version and so I share this treasure of my heart with you as my sisters and brothers in spirit. Namaste

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed a dream.

As I was walking the beach with our Goddess.

Across the sky flashed scenes from my life.

For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand.

One belonging to me and one belonging to our Goddess.

After the last scene of my life flashed before me.

I looked back at the footprints in the sand ‘

I noticed that at many times along the path of my life, especially at the very lowest and saddest times, there was only one set of footprints.

This really troubled me. so I asked our Goddess about it.

“Goddess you said you would all be with me, you would walk my lifetimes with me if I asked. But I noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life there was only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why when I needed your counsel the most you would not be here”

She whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you,  never, ever, during each of your lifetimes will I leave your side, unless you push me away. When you saw only one set of footprints in the sand is when I carried you through your dark, rough times.”


Merry Monday

Sorry, I have to use my tablet because my laptop is down. As much as I would like to put up horoscopes today I can’t get my tablet and me sync with copying long pages. I’ll work on figuring out what to do and have them IP tomorrow (fingers crossed). Before any asks…I did try select all but so much useless stuff came plus I couldn’t delete some of the ads from other websites.

My day started out good talking with Lady A. Then (yucky) paperwork I couldn’t put off any longer but that was fine because then my fur girls and I went outback. We spent sometime enjoying a beautiful, sunny sky at just the right temperature. Did my dishes and about 9:30 CT turned on my computer.

Well after turning it on it was no longer that good of a morning. I turned on my laptop to start the daily posts. It was taking it a long time to boot up. I thought I had to many programs attached to the start up menu but that wasn’t the problem. After about 3 minutes I started seeing little boxes pop up for a total, I think, of 6 telling different programs had crashed. So it isnot now sitting on my desk shut off until I can have my youngest look at it for me. The funny, and not the laughing kind, was when I was talking to Lady A. I joked I was having problems with it (I really have been having trouble with it) and should ship it to her to fix for me. Guess the last laugh is on me for today. Luckily I printed out the suggestions she gave me for posting on this great website, so posts may go up slower because I am using my tablet and can only use 1 finger or stylus to type with but I will still get as many up as I can each day. I don’t want you missing your daily horoscopes, Moon phase, planetary positions and hopefully divination stuff, etc just because I’m a 1 finger typed for now. If you see anyof major typos I apologize in advance. My tablet for whatever reason will sometimes attach extra letters or another word on to the end of the word I typed in. I do proof read but don’t always catch the typos.

The fantastic thing about using my tablet instead of laptop is it is easier to post while sitting outside on this beautiful day.

If saged myself and centered so now it’s time to get on with posting for today.

Good Early Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying their Monday so far. I know several of you have asked about my health and since it is no longer a secret, I decided I might as well be the one to tell you. As most of you know I went back to work, HA! funny, funny! I started out liking the job, then after a few weeks, I grew to absolutely hate it. I prayed and prayed for a graceful way out of leaving the job. Well, all I can say is be careful, very careful what you wish for, I was bitten by a water moccasin(in case you don’t know, they are a very deadly snake) while goofing off on a riding lawn mower. I really wasn’t goofing off, I was trying to mow the marsh. We have had so much rain the grass was up to my knees in parts, seriously. I went through a patch of it and the next thing I knew, I saw a brown flash up on the lawnmower deck and this sudden pain in my ankle. It dawned on me what had happened and by the time I got back to the cabin, I could hardly move that leg. Lord M picked me up and took me to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, I couldn’t feel both legs and I could feel my stomach going numb as well. Funny, the first thing they do when you go in the hospital for a snake bite is to take a magic marker and draw around the bite. They say they want to know what shape it is (preferably what state it is in the shape of).  It doesn’t matter that you can’t breathe and gasping for air, oh no, let’s get that shape drawn. Anyway, after spending a few days in the hospital I was released and sent home. I was given snake venom, antibiotics and a saline drip and that was it.

After I returned home, I was to see my regular doctor. We went and Lord M got pissed. My ankle was black as the ace of spades and gushing greenish pus from it. Lord M demanded the doctor do something and she said just to stay on the antibiotics and it would get better. Well, I guess I have Lord M for saving my life and my foot. Since I am a diabetic, I could have lost my foot over the bite. He called someone in Nashville and got me in to a doctor down there. We went down there and the doctor threw a fit. He immediately admitted me into the hospital and they scraped all the dead and poisonous tissue from the area. I got to stay a day down there. I now have a hole in my ankle as big as your fist and I kid you not. You can see the bone, tendons and the whole nine yards. They are going to give it a chance to heal on its own but there is a good chance I will have to have skin graphs done on my ankle.

In all this chaos, I believe good news did come out of it (or else the morphine was talking, lol!), I am now engaged to Lord Myst. Yes after all these years of him asking me to marry him, I finally broke down and said yes. We were to be married tomorrow but I told him I thought we ought to have an engagement period. So we have now set the date for Samhain. I am going to ask Lady Beltane to handfast us, if she has the time. He is throwing a hissy fit wanting to know why we have to wait till Samhain. I told him I wanted to be sure our ancestors could attend, really I want time for head to clear to make sure I am making the right decision but anyway…..if Lady B agrees I hopes she likes the hills of Kentucky, lol!

My dear thoughtful son, Jacob had to pop me with a surprise also. He decided since I was going to be laid up for six months, I might get bored, Bored, yeah right! But anyway, he is a thoughtful child and was thinking of me and didn’t want me to go stir crazy. So he started me another website. I hope you caught that he started it, guess who finished it, me. I guess I am a sucker but I believe all things happen for a reason, the snake bite, the marriage proposal and now the new site. We are having our grand opening today. Grand right, I haven’t even unpacked all the files yet. But anyway, it is set to open today so it will open. If any of you would like to hop over and say hello or just look around, I would be glad to see you. The name of the new site is “The Witchcraft Chronicles.” The name just popped in my head and I took that as a sight as well. Ain’t it great to be a superstitious witch, lol!

Since I had received so many emails wanting to know how I was doing I thought I would give you a quick up-date. Got snake bite, been in the hospital, got engaged, and now a new site. I think that is about it. I believe really that is enough. You will find our new banner below if you would like to visit. And, oh yeah, Lady B, how about that handfasting?

Got to run for now. Hope to see you soon. Till then…

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A


A Good Saturday or Sunday to One and All

I have gotten the hang of posting the horoscopes, current Moon phase, and planetary positions I think. So starting Monday I will be starting on the Tarot and Ogham readings along with the daily correspondences.

I thank you, sisters and brothers, for your patience and understanding while I am getting into the groove of posting on WOTC. After talking with Lady Abyss yesterday, I realized two things one I have not been as open to receiving negative communication from any of you, that through us emailing to each other we can turn your negative into a positive be me “listening” to what you think I am doing wrong with WOTC. The other things was I have been solely a teacher and High Priestess of the online coven more or less attached to the school for almost 5 years and brought that mentality with me to WOTC. I realized I have to have a different mindset for posting on here as most of you are solitary witches and more advanced than many of my students. So please write to me instead of Lady Abyss with complaints and/or suggestions that will help me to bring you the information you like to read besides the usual daily posts. The reason I Ask you to email me directly is so I can respond to your email personally and not have Lady Abyss playing middlewoman for us direct communication with another person is always best so each of us know what the other one is saying and felling. This is your website as much as it is mine so write to tell me what you want and/or where I am lacking in giving you the information you want. My email is ladybeltane@aol.com



6:00 – 8:00 PM CT

Coven Life’s Chatroom

I would really look forward to chatting with you “live” to hear your ideas and input on what I still need to do to have WOTC be one of the best witchcraft websites on the world wide web. I know I have a way to go and can never fill our beloved Lady Abyss’ shoes I just ask for you to bear with and help me as I undertake to do the best job I can with this awesome website.

My goals for WOTC and CL (Coven Life) are two-fold. I want to keep WOTC as a site for daily divination, moon phases, planetary positions, and intermediate to advance witchcraft knowledge. While CL stays as a website for an online witchcraft novice, adept, priest/priestess students, online open to anyone pagan or witch that would like to attend coven gatherings for Esbats and Sabbats plus 2 open chats every month. Also, the content on it will be more general and basic witchcraft information. The reason for this is I have always wanted 2 websites to cover all levels of knowledge of The Craft and with a huge, heartfelt thanks to Lady Aybss, I can make this happen. If anyone would like to check out Coven Life’s website just click on Coven Life in the menu.

I wish each and every one of you a pleasant and blessed weekend.