Animal Spells (Magickal Partners) c. 2014

Animal Spells (Magickal Partners)

Is it time to measure the cat for a magick wand? Perhaps the parrot needs to learn some chants? Maybe there is a set of dominations spells so that the dog can force you to walk him on the schedule he chooses? No, spells regarding animals are still meant for people to perform, although some benefit from some animal assistance. Many of these spells involve protecting animal from physical and spiritual harm. Others benefit humans, through the power and gifts of animals.

Animals who participate in your spells and rituals, enhancing them with their own powers, tend to fall into one of two categories:

*  Familiars

*  Allies

The concept of an animal as a pet is a modern one. Those who possessed this concept of interspecies friendship ahead of their time often found themselves condemned for witchcraft on grounds of familiarity with demonic creatures like cats, birds, rabbits, black dogs, reptiles, and amphibians. Sound like what’d find for sale in any local pet store? Well, familiar animals are exactly that: Familiar. The classic witch’s cat, rabbit or toad, a familiar is an actual, individual animal with whom one can live and share an intense psychic, personal bond. If this characterizes a relationship you have ever had with an animal, then you have had a familiar, regardless of whether you engaged in magickal practices together. A dog who won’t sleep unless it’s under your bed, the cat who follows you from room to room the bird who spends the day perched on your should: these all qualify as familiars.

A familiar’s presence may be sufficient to spark and enhance your magick, whether there is any conscious active involvement or not. For others, the psychic and magickal bonds possible between animal and human create profound power and satisfaction and working closely with other species–those species that usually do not life amongst people—-may discover psychic and magickal bonds, as well. Wild animals that remain wild can also qualify as familiars, though invariably they choose you rather than the other way round. These include those birds or bees that, taking a liking to someone in the family, stop by daily. Scandinavian witches traditionally favored flies as familiars. Wild dolphins occasionally single out as individual human and initiate a relationship. It is not unknown for people living on the edge of woods or in a wilderness place to develop a special relationship with an individual creature.

A familiar is a specific, individual creature with whom you have established a psychic bond. Of course, the limits the creatures with which you can magickally interact. What if your magick requires a rhinoceros or crocodile? What if it requires a dragon or unicorn?

A familiar may be considered an animal ally but animal allied transcend the boundaries of familiars. Animal allies are a form of spiritual relationship: because the relationship may occur entirely in the realm of spirit, any animal may be approached. The presiding spirit of the animal may also be approached, rather than any individual creature.

A person may have as many familiars and/or allies as needed.

Spell – The Call to the Dragons of the Quarters/Elements



The Call to the Dragons of the Quarters/Elements

This is an all-purpose dragon spell/invocation that can be done a few times a year to enhance your magical practices.

When you summon the Dragons of the Quarters, you are requesting a willing dragon to keep an eye on and direct the elemental forces connected with that quarter/direction.

At twilight create a circle of protection around you.

When you initially cast a circle, you will most likely receive multiple different dragons standing in as Quarter Guards.

You may eventually discover that the same four dragons are answering your call every time (you’ll be able to tell by the “feel” of the energy each provides). When this occurs, you may either wait for the dragon to disclose his or her name, or you can choose a name for each one.

Many Dragons choose to operate in this manner, accepting the moniker as a gift. In any case, at the proper quarter, change those names with the lines “One who is willing” and “Great _ Dragon.”

Face the correct direction and invoke:

East: The wonderful forces of the air have arrived from the regions of the Eastern Dragons! I summon One Who Is Willing to stand watch at the Eastern Gate. Give me supremacy over the powers of the air. Help me increase my intelligence and knowledge. Keep an eye on this circle so that anything that I do is wise! Great Eastern Dragon, hail and welcome!

South: The purifying force of Fire has arrived from the realms of the Dragons of the South! I summon One Who Is Willing to stand watch at the Southern Gate. Give me dominion over the Fire powers. Help me develop our free will and creativity. Keep an eye on this circle so that I can spread joy and beauty! Great Southern Dragon, hail and welcome!

West: Water’s cleaning power has arrived from the regions of the Dragons of the West! I summon One Willing to Guard the Western Gate! Give me dominion over Water’s abilities. Assist me in strengthening my intuition and emotional control. Keep an eye on this circle so that I can have the guts to listen to my inner voice and act accordingly! Great Western Dragon, greet and welcome!

North: The sustaining power of Earth has arrived from the kingdoms of the Dragons of the North! I summon One Who Is Willing to stand watch at the Northern Gate. Give me supremacy over Earth’s forces. Assist me in building physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Keep an eye on this circle so that I can have the courage to dive into the wonders of the cosmos! Great Northern Dragon, greet and welcome!

Spell – Casting a Dragon’s Eye Circle



Casting a Dragon’s Eye Circle

You will need the following items for this spell:

appropriate tools to measure and draw a circle and sigil

a pre-planned and focused intent of the desired use of the circle

iron or silver filings (optional)

an athame or other personal tool to represent an act of will (optional)

Casting Instructions

The spell has several uses much like any traditional circle you would draw, and can include; protection, healing, cleansing of a sacred space, and of course as preparation for working a spell or rite/ritual. As such the circle will follow the intent you hold while making it so feel free to incorporate the process into other magics you wish to perform. Typically I draw this circle as a stand-alone when I want to create a small place of power by tapping into elemental energy and the earth’s ley-lines/dragon-lines. The shape of the dragon’s eye sigil is a natural draw of energy to a single point and the circle acts to hold that energy and lets it collect within the circle. To make a temporary or one-time use circle, simply draw it wherever is most convenient for what you intend to do. As long as it is a place where you are not likely to be disturbed for the duration of what you intend to do with it. Ideally in a natural setting where you can make the circle a part of the ground such as in earth among trees, in sand at a beach, or in chalk on the stone of a cave or cliff/rock. For a more permanent circle, you can draw it into a circle of cloth or heavy fabric to carry with you and place where needed, or of course you can incorporate the circle into your altar room. —————- Drawing the circle; 1) Draw your circle using your personal height as the measurement of radius. This is the representation of your connection to and ownership of the circle. Any medium works, so pick based on where the circle is. A branch or knife for earthen places, chalk, wax, etc for a harder surface or one you don’t want damaged/carved. *tip* place a tent stake or weight into/onto the ground and tie a string to it that is measured to your height. Then just go around the circle with it stretched out to draw a smooth one every time. 2) imagine a clock face on the circle, with 12:00 being at north. estimate as close as you can three points on the circle, and mark them just inside the boundary. One at about the 2:00 hour, one at 6:00 hour, and one at 10:00. now connect the 10:00 to the 2:00, 2:00 to the 6:00 and of course the 6:00 to the 10:00 with straight lines, forming a triangle. 3) find a point as close to the middle of the triangle as you can. if there is a mark from the tent peg you used earlier, use that. Draw straight lines connecting each corner of the triangle to that central point. It should now look like a triangle made up of triangles, or like a pyramid if you were looking straight down at it from above. If you want to deepen the protective nature of the circle, you can also lay twelve stones in sun-wise (clockwise) order to represent the light of the twelve star houses, placing each stone with a spoken personal affirmation of protection. My Go-to statement is “I place this stone as I build this wall. The light of the twelve star-houses protects me.” 4) When the drawing of the circle is completed (and the stones are laid), return to the east side of the circle. reach down and smooth out/un-mark an area of the circle that is only wide enough for you to step through. If you placed stones, lift the one from the 3:00 position and place it in your pocket. This will be the key to your ‘door’. 5) Extras; if you have some fine iron or silver filings, you can sprinkle them about within the circle to act as a symbolic conductor of the energies you wish to draw up from below. You can also light incense, or use a singing bowl or chimes to represent the energy you wish to draw from above. Also, if this circle is being drawn as a part of a larger spell or ritual, this is when you would bring within any tools and offerings you plan to use to call your corners and otherwise do your working. ——————- Closing/empowering the circle; 1) When it is time to use the circle and you have done all other preparations for your chosen intent, step to the ‘door’ to your circle and center yourself. A simple breathing exercise suffices. If you have a statement or affirmation you typically use to mark the beginning your magic rituals, you can do that now. If you laid stones, make sure you have the one you took with you when the circle was drawn. If you have a personal symbol of will that is not being included with the rest of your ritual like an athame, spear, sword, staff, or even just a sturdy stick, have that with you as well. 2) Step into the circle with confidence and full intent to use it for the task that it was built. Turn and draw closed the line of the circle so that it is once again complete. If you used stones, place the stone. With the theme of laying them before, I state “The stone is Laid, the wall is built, the lock is sealed.” as I set it down. 3) Stand at the center of the circle, over the focal point of the dragon’s eye sigil. Raise your arms to shoulder height, palms upwards or outwards, your symbol of will (if you are using one) in your dominant hand. Breathe in, visualize yourself in a place of strength, authority, and focused will. Breathe that energy out into your circle. 4)As you breathe in again draw your hands together in front of you at chest height, elbows comfortably bent, repeating your visualization. When your hands come together, breathe out again and release the second wave of energy to empower the first. 5)Finally keep your hands together and raise them up slightly, to the height of your brow while breathing in. While breathing in, repeat the visualization of building energy within for a third time. 4) Once the breath in is completed, without hesitation blow it out firmly in a huff and thrust your hands downward. If you have a symbol of will, press it into the ground at the top of the circle between the border and the sigil. Imagine the built energy following the gesture to fill the ground/floor of your circle and empower the drawn lines within, connecting them into a single continuous, unbroken line of light that glows upward and downward. Imagine that energy connecting to the flowing energy of the earthen dragon-lines and the nebulous strands of the aurora in the sky. You may now use the circle. This is where I usually sit at the center and meditate to raise my vibration to the highest state I can reach, letting the energies all collect and feed each-other to resonate within the circle. After a short time I imagine myself a bridge, allowing the healing and supportive energy of the earth to flow up my body from the soles of my feet through to upwards from the top of my head, and simultaneously imagine the highest vibration I can reach of spirit energy running through me from the top of my head through downwards to flowing out of my feet into the ground. Basically I allow myself to become a pipe to let earth and spirit energy connect into and feed/balance and heal each-other. For me it is a very powerful experience and can make a sacred space absolutely humm. Done even semi-regularly it can change the atmosphere of the whole place for an enduring time. ——————– Opening/releasing the circle; When you are finished with your task, and any summoned spirits/guides/guardians/etc are dismissed and the magic working is fully concluded, simply touch your palm to the place you earlier thrust your hand (or take a hold of your symbol of will) and lift it gently from the spot. While lifting, mentally let go of the pent up energy and imagine it flowing away and fading like a morning mist. If you are keeping the circle in place for future use or to continue the working the next day/night, simply smooth out the eastern side of your circle and/or lift the stone at the 3:00 position and step out. Otherwise if you are finished with the space, clean up the site as you would any other circle by rubbing or washing out the circle and sigil and continue on your way.

Spell for Today – The Secret of Life Unicorn Spell



The Secret of Life Unicorn Spell

Did you ever meet someone, an elder perhaps, someone wise and calm, joyful and seemingly ageless, who seems to possess a deep inner peace? Someone who seems to have lived forever, seen everything and has the answers and advice to help us with all our problems?

If we don’t know someone like this, we wish we did, or we long for these qualities in ourselves—the patience and understanding to overcome any obstacle and the ability to learn from our challenges, while keeping a youthful glow and enjoying each day, and finding beauty in everything and everyone around us. Sounds impossible, right? We often attribute these characteristics to fantasy figures. But there truly are people who live this way, yet if we don’t personally know any of them, it seems like fantasy.

So, let’s use fantasy as a bridge to reality, through the magic of the unicorn. Legends of the unicorn speak of them as wise and immortal creatures. This spell is for the unicorn to help us age gracefully with a youthful carefree spirit. This is for people of any age, to ensure the lively and energetic qualities of vitality and joy and, in addition, to help us learn patience and gain wisdom.

You will need:

  • A unicorn statue of any size or color
  • A piece of white ribbon
  • Essential oil or other fragrance blend of your choice

Use your intuition when selecting the oil or blend of oils. Choose a scent that uplifts you and makes you feel cheerful or one you associate with happy memories. Sprinkle a few drops of the oil on the ribbon.

Visualize the unicorn, a wise and experienced sage. She has lived forever and endured many challenges with grace, and now she is bestowing her magic upon you. Make this visualization as detailed as you desire.

If this proves difficult, suspend your disbelief; pretend you are a child again. You meet a unicorn in the wild. Because you carry the white ribbon, the unicorn knows you are a kindred spirit. This ribbon is your link to the unicorn. You drape it around the unicorn’s neck and the two of you walk as companions through the forest. The unicorn confers wisdom upon you. This special wisdom contains the secrets for a happy life, whatever that may be for you.

Tie the ribbon around the statue. This is symbolic of your meeting with the unicorn and your initiation into her mysteries. The secrets will unfold throughout your life as you need them. One of the ways your higher spirit can help you discover what you need is through the use of symbols; the symbol of the unicorn can be a gentle and inspiring teacher and guide.

Speak this chant as you tie the ribbon:

Unicorn of legend, Unicorn of myth,
May your youthfulness and spirit stay with me.
Unicorn of mystery, Unicorn of magic,
May your endurance always offer possibility.
Unicorn of purity, Unicorn of power,
May your strength be at my side in every way.
Unicorn of inspiration, Unicorn of peace,
May your gentleness and grace bless all my days.


Spell for Today – Spell To Create A Unicorn



Spell To Create A Unicorn

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Coloring items

Casting Instructions:

Draw what your unicorn will look like. Color in your unicorn, according to the element of your choice (fire, earth, air, or water). Draw yourself next to your unicorn. Draw your height next to the drawing of yourself and color yourself in (optional).

Fold the paper hamburger style. Write it’s info in either side ( name, element, breed, coat color, accessories, behavior, wingspan if have any, tail, what it eats, speed, etc). Fold paper hamburger style again.

Write and say this aloud: ” _____ (element) unicorn of mine, come to me, by egg of _____ (element). I summon the newborn mythical creature. So mote it be.” Then fold paper again. Draw a pentagram know either side. Now fold it once more.

Now every night, for three nights, chant, “God/ Goddess, grant my dream unicorn in the real world from egg to end.* then chant, ” _____ (element) unicorn of mine, come to me, by egg of _____ (element). I summon the newborn mythical creature. So mote it be.”

Spell for Today – A Pet Blessing Spell

A Pet Blessing Spell

Spoken – As needed, perhaps even on a regular basis to bless and protect your fur-babies. No materials are required however you may want to anoint your pets forehead with some protection oil, this is optional.

Dog Blessing

Hecate, Dark Mother
In protecting this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
In defending this house
And all creatures within
Your sacred beast
A true loyal friend.
Keep him from harm
As he guards all he loves
And watch over him
So below, as above.


Blessing For Dogs

Diana, Goddess of the Wind
Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild
Hold (name of pet) safely in your arms
And protect this creature from all harm
And should the day come that he/she roams
Guide him/her to the path back home
Bless (name of pet) with a joyful life
Free of hardship, stress and strife

Blessing For Cats

Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm
Watch over (name of pet) from day to day
And guide him/her home, if he/she should stray
And grant him/her much happiness
and a good life free of strife and stress.


Cat Blessing

O great Goddess Bast, I ask
That you keep (name) at home
Safe from all mischief
And wanting to roam
Grant the contentment
Known to his/her race.
See that he’s/she’s happy
In this his/her rightful place

Spell for Today – Dragon Prosperity


The dragon is a fantastic beast that appears in almost every mythological tradition throughout the world. Often depicted as a mix of several differen creatures, it represents the four elements of life: air, fire, water, and earth. The dragon has the wings of a bird and is covered with the scales of a fish or snake. It is capable of breathing fire, and usually guards a horde of treasure deep within the earth. In pre-Christian Europe and the Far East, the dragon was seen a symbol of power, virility, and superhuman strength, and was considered to be a friend of mankind.

In magick, the dragon is wholly beneficent and is seen as the manifestation of life-giving celestial power, and has the attributes of both the sun and moon, masculine and feminine, good and evil sides of nature.

The dragon and serpent are usually interchangeable as representations of the unmanifest and the creation of form and matter. The dragon represents the highest spiritual power, the supernatural, and the spirit of change. When you align your forces with those of the dragon, you gain strength and power. Its magick can help you overcome negative thoughts and it can teach you how to live abundantly.


Dragon Prosperity Spell


This spell is designed to create prosperity. It works best if you have a job and are looking for a pay raise or bonus.

Items needed:
One large green pillar candle, dragon’s blood incense, incense burner and charcoal, dragon prosperity oil, a green silk pouch, five new coins (a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half-dollar), and an altar or small table.


Dragon’s Blood Incense Recipe

To make dragon’s blood incense, mix 1/2 tsp. dragon’s blood resin with 1/2 tsp. allspice, 1/2 tsp myrrh resin, 1/2 tsp. dried orange peel, 1/2 tsp. sandalwood powder.
To the mixture add 3-drops cinnamon oil, and 3 drops orange spice oil.


Dragon’s Prosperity Oil

To make dragon prosperity oil, in a small bottle mix 5 drops cinnamon oil with 3 drops orange spice oil, and 2 drops sandalwood oil.


The first thing you will need to do is engrave the figure of a dragon on the candle. This can be easily done using awaters (the serpent), and the breath of life (the bird). Generally it is considered to be a ball point pen or small sculpting tool. The engraving does not have to be an elaborate work of art, just a simple outline will do.


Begin on the night of the new moon. Place the dragon candle on your altar with the incense burner in front of it. Place the coins on the left side of the candle and the silk pouch on the right side.


Light the green candle and charcoal. When the coal is glowing red, sprinkle some incense on it. Pick up the penny, hold it tightly, close your eyes and visualize the dragon in his cave. See his treasure and all the wealth he guards. In your mind’s eye, slowly approach the dragon. Show the dragon your coin. Then, with great respect, ask the dragon to expand your wealth as you say:


O great dragon of wealth and power,
I greet thee in this sacred hour.
Great good fortune on me now shower.
That my prosperity shall blossom and flower.


Stay with the dragon for a short time. Listen to what he says, and take heed of his advice. When the dragon begins to fade, leave his cave and return to the present. Place the penny in the green silk pouch. Thank the dragon by saying:


I thank thee great dragon of power and might
For granting my wishes on this night.


Leave the candle to burn for four hours and then snuff it out. Repeat this spell every night until all of the coins have been placed in the green pouch. When the last coin has been placed in the pouch, allow the candle to completely burn out. The rite is then complete.

Familiar visualization spell

Visualizations are a great way of manifesting the reality you desire. Visualizations, like all magic, are based on the law of attraction principle. You can manifest almost anything you desire: a new job, new girlfriend/boyfriend, new magical pet? It’s up to you.

The key to making this work is pouring as much energy into your visualization as possible. This is where ceremonial magic and ritual items can be very helpful. For summoning a familiar I recommend this visualization spell:

  • Light a candle in a dark and quiet room
  • Use a magical wand or a dagger to draw an inverted pentagram in the air above the candle
  • Next, use the same ritual item to draw the shape of the animal spirit you wish to summon
  • Now, close your eyes and point the ritual item at the candle flame. Visualize the familiar manifesting in reality the candle flame as you pour your energy through the wand/dagger into the flame.


5 Unicorn Spells to Try Right Now

Purify your energy, grant a wish, protect yourself, activate your intuition, or create a healing charm with one of these fun and simple unicorn spells.

Unicorns remind us to believe in magic and miracles.

Also a symbol of purity, protection, healing, intuition, and granted wishes, the unicorn can be an excellent ally to invoke in your magical work.

Here are five unicorn spells you can try today.

1. Unicorn Purification Spell

2. Unicorn Wish Granting Spell

3. Unicorn Protection Charm

4. Unicorn Intuition Activating Meditation

5. Unicorn Healing Sachet

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We are breaking from our normal routine, we have several friends having problems with their neighbors…

So we are going to try to help with a few spells…..


This one might not seem like a spell that helps with neighbors but we have a friend who has neighbors that are horrible to cats.

I know most Witches cannot stand or tolerate animals being hurt or mistreated by others. This spell is particular effect in cases such as that.

You will need:

An electric torch with a beam that can be to flash on and off continuously; the animal’s water bowl(filled with water): some dried mint or rosemary. I should add if you don’t have a electric torch, a strobe light will work well or any light that you can make flash on and off.

This spell is best done on a moonless night.

*Working by torch ligh in the open air, set the bowl of water on the ground, if possible soil or grass, so that the protective earth energies can rise into the water.

*Scatter a single widdershins (anti-clockwise) circle of mint or rosemary around the bowl, as you do so saying:

Spite and anger come not here

Cruel humans cause not fear.

Fierce predators turn away

You claws and jaws and do no stay.

*Set the torch to continuous flash and move around the herb circle in nine widdershins circles, waving the light also in widdershins circles as you move. Say as you work:

Spark of light, beams of fire,

Drive from here all wrong desire.

Golden rays and radiant flame,

Repel all who come in evil’s name.

*After the final circling, call out:

Be gone! Do not come again.

If you shake your fingertips, you may see the sparks emanating from them.

*Leave the bowl of water inn the open air or near a window and give it to the pet first thing in the morning so that he or she can drink the protection. The effects are long lasting.

* When the animal is especially vulnerable, visualize light sparks or beams and shake your fingers over your pet for protection.

A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies

A Spell to Cast When a Pet Dies

Non-pet owners often find it hard to understand the huge sense of loss that is experienced on the death of a much-loved pet, especially a dog. They simply don’t understand that the unconditional love a pet often displays towards its owner creates a bond that, when it is broken, can never be replaced. If you have been affected by such a loss, don’t try to contain your grief: bottled-up grief grows and grows until it can become quite unbearable. This spell should help ease your sense of loss.

You will need:

Three small brown taper candles
Rosemary essential oil
Something that reminds you of your pet – a lead perhaps, or a collar

Anoint the candles with the oil before lighting them and focusing on the three flickering flames, conjuring up in your mind’s eye some of the happy memories that you have of your dead pet. Now, holding the memento in both hands, say aloud some words of thanks for the companionship and friendship it brought into your life before saying that now is the time to say a final farewell. See the candle flames grow as you say ‘Goodbye!’ Don’t snuff out the candles (that’s why they should be small).Rather, focus on the flames getting smaller and smaller, seeing your grief diminish with them.

And when they die, know that your grief has died with them.

Finish the ritual by saying:

Be at peace,
And blessed be.
And let it be done,
that it harm no one.

And remember that it is your grief that has gone, not your happy memories of your much-loved pet.

Personal Request #1 – Protection Spell for Dogs

Summer Fantasy

Personal Request #1 – Protection Spell for Dogs

Diana, Goddess of the Wild,
Keep of dogs both fierce and mild,
Hold (name of pet, in this case, use these feral dogs) safely in your arms.
And protect these creatures from all harm.
All should the day come that he/she roams
Guide him/her to the path back home.
Bless (these feral dogs) with a joyful life
Free of hardship, stress and strife.
In Your Divine Name,
So Mote It Be.

The Witches Magick for January 12, Two Spells for the Price Of One, LOL! – A Protection Spell for your Cat and A Protection Spell for Your Dog


A Protection Spell For Your Cat

Pour a circle of salt and take you cat inside of it. Take some olive oil and draw a circle on the cat’s head then speak these words:

“All powers that be, I ask
That you keep (say the name
of your cat) at home
And safe from his/ her
And all desire to roam
Give him/ her complete
Known to his breed
And see that he/ she is happy
where they will be.


Dog Protection Spell

Draw a circle of salt on the ground and bring your dog into it.

Speak these words in a chant:

Guardians of mine
protect this home
In your place as is right
Stands one of your own
Please defend this house
And all creatures within
Mine and your sacred beast
Is our true loyal friend.
Keep him/ her from harm
As he/ she guards all
And watch over him/her
From below and above.



—Douglas Hensley, (A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes)

A Spell for Cat Lovers

A Spell for Cat Lovers

Those who see a black cat crossing their path as a sign of good luck coming their way, should find that this spell works well for them.

You will need:
Two teaspoons of carrier oil
Three drops of sandalwood essential oil
A mixing bottle
A picture or an ornament of a black cat
Citrine or amber crystals
One white altar candle
One blue taper candle
A boline

Put the carrier oil in the mixing bottle and add the sandalwood oil. With your hands in prayer position, roll the bottle between the palms, visualizing good luck mixing into the blend. When you think the oil is fully charged with good fortune, put the bottle on your altar and spend a minute or two breathing deeply in and out.

As you inhale, see white light enter your body and enshroud all negative energy. When you exhale, see this energy leave your body. When you feel fully relaxed, light the white candle and, focusing on its flame, see yourself as you will be when good luck comes to you.

Now,inscribe your birth number at the top of the blue candle before putting the candle back in its holder and rubbing some of the charged oil on the palms of your hands. See the energy you charged it with warming them, then take the blue candle, holding it horizontally in front of you, anoint it with the oil, drawing the oil from the centre towards you then turning it round and continuing in the same way.

Focusing on making your wishes come true, hold the candle in the air above the image of the black cat, rolling the candle backwards and forwards between the palms of your hands. As you do so, repeat:

Candle’s power and lucky cat,
Please change my luck, so that
I achieve my heart’s desire,
Powered by this magic fire.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Allow the candle to burn down or, if you have to, extinguish it with a candle snuffer or between finger and thumb. Clean your hands with the tissue and close your ritual in the way you usually do.

Animal Ally Invitation Spell

Animal Ally Invitation Spell

1. Choose a focal image for your altar, something that represents your ally for you. Use a toy, a photograph or an image. It is more crucial that it resonates strongly for you than that it be a literal depiction.

2. Surround it with objects or images that would normally be used to lure this creature. A dish of honey, for instance, summons a bear. Make the invitation as strong as possible.

3. If you can find candles in the shape of your desired ally or its food, add them to the altar.

4. Grind cinnamon and frankincense together and burn them as a spirit-summoning incense.

5. In addition to Step 2, offer literal food (a dish of milk for a snake, for instance). Alternatively, burn images of appropriate food.

6. Relax. Let your eyes go slightly out of focus and await visitations.

7. Try this for up to thirty minutes a day, until you receive results.

Although this spell request a waking vision, realistically your response may still occur during your dreams: have paper and pen by your bedside to record any significant dreams.

The WItches Magick for the 3rd Day of the Mead Moon – Over the Moon Spell

Witchy Comments

 Over the Moon Spell

Most everyone is familiar with the nursery rhyme: “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon; the little dog laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.” Cast this spell to empower your bond with your pet.

For this spell, you will need your cat or dog, lavender essential oil, and a few drops of lemon juice.

After dark, sit with your pet so you can see the night sky. Say the nursery rhyme to your cat or dog. Sit quietly together for a few minutes. Rub behind his or her ears. Tell your pet how much she or he means to you, how much your pet is appreciated. Say three times:

Blessed be [say your pet’s name]
Thank you for your loving company.

Now, pour a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of lemon juice into your hand, and rub it onto your cat’s or dog’s fur. Don’t get this mixture near your pet’s head, mouth, nose, or eyes. As you rub, say quickly (because your pet will take off like a rocket once she or he gets scent of the lavender oil:

May the God and Goddess protect and bless you always!

Wiccan Spell A Night: Spells, Charms, And Potions For The Whole Year
SIrona Knight