Familiar visualization spell

Visualizations are a great way of manifesting the reality you desire. Visualizations, like all magic, are based on the law of attraction principle. You can manifest almost anything you desire: a new job, new girlfriend/boyfriend, new magical pet? It’s up to you.

The key to making this work is pouring as much energy into your visualization as possible. This is where ceremonial magic and ritual items can be very helpful. For summoning a familiar I recommend this visualization spell:

  • Light a candle in a dark and quiet room
  • Use a magical wand or a dagger to draw an inverted pentagram in the air above the candle
  • Next, use the same ritual item to draw the shape of the animal spirit you wish to summon
  • Now, close your eyes and point the ritual item at the candle flame. Visualize the familiar manifesting in reality the candle flame as you pour your energy through the wand/dagger into the flame.

From occultist.net