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The Witches’ Craft

Many people believe that witchcraft began concurrently with our human civilization. Witches and their craft were said to be the outcomes of the people’s fear of the unknown as well as its effect in making daily living either easy or difficult. Both men and women practiced witchcraft although old and seasoned women were the ones who primarily performed it.


Long ago, witches served as mediators between the people and the inexplicable super powers including angels and spirits. Each time that a witch resolved a mysterious problem, her performance was considered as magic. Magic was then discerned as a process, which cannot be explained easily through logical analysis. In order to resolve a mysterious problem, a witch prayed to the spirits or higher powers for guidance and help by carrying out rituals. The entire process was referred to as witchcraft.

Based on the research of many scholars, the existence of witchcraft and witches is said to date back to the Paleolithic period. Most cultures and societies around the world were said to practice witchcraft, which was then considered an earth-based religion. Since then, the practice of witchcraft evolved.

Today, the present form of witchcraft is rather different from its original form five thousand years earlier. Even the terms used for witchcraft have changed. Wicca is probably the oldest term used for witchcraft while other words came out including sorcery, witchery, occultism, wizardry, black magic, voodoo, bewitchment, and magick among others.

Witches in Ancient Times

During the ancient times, the central source of living was agriculture. Even before that, agricultural activities and outcomes depended on the seasons. Successively, the seasons were linked with the movements of the sun, moon, and Earth as ancient people believed in gods, goddesses, and spirits, which they also associated with the sun, moon, and Earth.