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Let’s Discuss One of the Most Common Concerns in Spellcasting

My Spell Didn’t Work, Why?

The basic questions you should ask yourself if a spell you casted and didn’t work are:

  1.  Did I have a clearly defined, simple, goal?
  2.  Did I empower my components with energy associated with my goal?
  3.   Did I visualize my goal as I performed the spell?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you’ve put your finger on the most obvious error you made. If you answered yes to all  three questions, then it’s time to sit down with your spell journal and start analyzing the spell itself.

Just as your notes can provide key information to help you figure out your power time, they can provide vital clues to the times when your abilities are at low ebb. Only by keeping detailed records was I able to discover that I can’t cast a spell with any amount of solid energy when it’s been hot and humid for more than three days. Living in the South, where a good part of the summers consists of heavy, energy-sucking humidity, this was a remarkably important revelation for me. When we finally have a thunderstorm something hits my reset button and I can raise and direct power with accuracy, control and zest. That dynamism slowly fades, however, the longer the humidity builds up.

The weather affect me and others deeply. For you, it might be a certain time of day or a particular sign the moon travels through. Perhaps every time you use orange candles your spells veer off your intended course. These are crucial pieces of information that you will not be able to puzzle out and successfully work around unless you keep clear, detailed records, and review them when things go wrong.

Location, Location, Location

When you choose to perform your spell can have great impact upon the spell itself. Explore the space thoroughly. What sounds are there? What does the energy of the area feel like? What kind of human and animal traffic does it see? Spend a bit of time three first to determine if the space will reflect the spell.

You can choose where to perform a spell in order to reflect what kind of change you are seeking to create. For example, if you are doing a spell to remove obstacles, you might chose to perform your spell by a river If you are doing a spell for fertility, you might choose a field. If you are doing a spell for stability, you might choose to do it in a rocky area or in the foothills of a mountain or hill.


Early on in their practice, may spellcasters fret about not having a place where they can cast spells. The common misconception is that you need a lot of space, billowing incense, and loud chanting. By now you’ve realize that this isn’t true. Depending o the spellcasting method and the technique of raising energy that you decide upon, your casting could be very still and very quiet.

However, this doesn’t necessarily ease the anxiety spellcasters experience regarding the proximity of other people. No matter how comfortable you might be with the act of spellcasting, there often remains a small nibble of doubt concerning what other people might think. What others think isn’t an issue, however; the important point of view is of course, yours. Valuable time and energy can be wasted fretting about what others might think if they discovered your practice, particularly if you are casting in a location where you do not feel secure.

There are ways of dealing with this. If you have a family, it might be a good idea to set some ground rules regarding privacy. If you will be casting your spells while other family members are present you can tell them you need to be alone for a while, and agree on a time by which you’ll emerge to rejoin them in regular activities. Perhaps you can agree that when a “Do Not Disturb” sign is hung on the door nothing but fire, flood or blood is to interrupt you. Many practitioners time their spellwork to the schedule of the family.

Just remember spellcasting around others, family, co-workers always does entertain the possibility of interruption, however. Working within a circle can reduce the possibility of interruption. A circle contains the energy you are working with and act as a shield, which reduces the possibility of people drifting in your area, subconsciously drawn by the energy you are raising. The circle will also helps screen out distractions, helping you focus. It also contains the energy and keeps it concentrated, which means your spell will take less time, which in turn reduces the chance that someone will wander up to you.

I Can’t Stay Focused

Does your mind wander when you spell cast? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing? are you getting caught up in the tools and the steps and the words you’re supposed to say?

The first thing to do is to simplify your spells. You are likely attempting to cram in as much symbolism and visualization as possible Reading a variety of authors and spellbooks can create a jumble of “ought tos” in your brain. In addition, sometimes practitioners get excited about a variety of techniques, ideas and concepts, and try to use them all at once. Relax. Lighting a candle while visualizing an object or goal already in your possession is as equally valid as list of invocations, drawing symbols and lighting sequences of candles. If you must use a tool, use only one or two. Save some of those wonderful ideas for future spells. Record them in your spell journal.

I’m Always Tired

Spellcasting can take a lot out of you. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve just exercised afterwards, even though you might not necessarily have the aching muscles and the blisters on your feet to show for it. You’ve been exercising a different sort of muscle.

Many spellcasters make the error of drawing energy from themselves to power their spells. While everyone does this to a certain extent (your will and intention is a form of energy which binds the disparate energies together), some pour their life energy into their spells and then wonder why they can hardly stand afterwards, or why it takes a day or two to recover. If this happens to you, the most obvious explanation is that you’re not grounding properly. Either that, or you’re ignoring the energies in your components that you’ve assembled to lend their power to your spell and using your own energy instead. Think of channeling the energies instead of pushing them and you might find it easier.

Nothing’s Happening

Are you so sure? Just because you don’t see an immediate or drastic change doesn’t mean that your spell isn’t having some sort of effect. Take a careful look at what you ask for, and think about what you visualized during your spell. Remember that spell energy travels through the path of least resistance, which sometimes means a circuitous route. Spell s won’t temporarily stop the earth from rotating to give you more time to finish a project for a looming deadline: they’re much more like to find another way around the problem.

Think about your request, and think how long it will reasonably take to achieve it. Patience is a necessary virtue when it comes to spellcasting. It can take a while for effects to become evident.

If you’re positive that nothing has changed, pull out the record sheet and double-check your correspondences Did you inadvertently choose two herbs whose other associations canceled out the ones you were using? If you choose to do a fertility spell on a Monday during a waxing moon, did you verify that the moon wasn’t void of course when you performed it?

I Was Wrong

Every now and then you acquire a new piece of information changing your understanding of a situation. If you’ve already cast a spell, it’s a little difficult to say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t meant it” and expect the universe to give you a gentle, understanding pat on the head and undo your work. In one respect, casting the spell was the lesson you needed to lean in this particular situation because it brought the situation into sharp focus, enabling your new perception. Choosing to cast a spell means accepting the associated consequences. If you’ve chosen to exert your will on your environment, then you can’t just take it back. The cosmos won’t obligingly back track to where it was at the point of your spell. Too much water has passed under the bridge. It would take too much energy to tear down the new reality and reconstruct the old. It’s much better to craft another spell to learn from your error, or to help you understand how this new situation is better than the old, or to help you accept the new adjustment to your environment.

Final Words on Troubleshooting When A Spell Goes Wrong

You will make mistakes: everyone does. Consummate professionals still make mistakes. The mistakes can range from timing errors to errors in judgment. Some will be minor mishaps, and some will be major. From every spell that doesn’t play out as you had intended, however, there is valuable information to be gained. Write all your thoughts and observations in your spell journal.

And remember the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try try again!”

Excerpt from
Power Spellcraft for Life
The Art of Crafting and Casting for Positive Change
Arin Murphy- Hiscock

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