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We welcome you our new friend to our online home. Our site is a place of peace and refuge from the outside world filled with the Love and Presence of Our Goddess. You will not be judged for you are amongst friends. We offer friendship, fellowship and most of all knowledge. With knowledge the truth and beauty about our Religion can be spread. Witchcraft can then take its rightful place back into today’s mainstream Religions. This is our dream, this is our home, this is what we offer to you. We hope you find everything you seek amongst our walls. Safe journey on your Path, my dear brother or sister!


Magick is serious. Magick is subtle. Magick is sacred. Magick is spiritual. Magick is science. Magick is love. Magick flows from the Goddess. Magick is the manipulation of energy. Magick is all around us, if we know how to perceive it.

Magick teaches us that everything in the Universe is connected. Correspondences are magickal associations. They link herbs, animals, crystals, colors, lunar phases, and so on with specific energies, and thus with intended magickal results. Correspondences are powerful keys that help to open specific doors, and thereby direct magickal energy is desired ways.

If you have prior knowledge of magick, you will understand why certain herbs, candle colors, and so are used in the spell and why it is recommended that some spells be cast on particular days or during specified phases of the Moon. If you have no understanding of these things, you can nonetheless make use of magickal correspondences by simply following the direction given on this site.

Name of deities are ancient Words of Power, so we invoke gods and goddesses to boost the magickal power of our spells. Different deities have dominion over different things, so we invoke them in accord with the intent of our spells. If you have studied mythology, you will understand why this god or that goddess is called upon in a spell. If you know nothing about mythology, you can also access the power of invocation by following the direction found here on this site.

pentIntent and Intensity

These are cornerstones of magick, because no spell can be cast without them. A spell’s purpose, or intent, is what that spell is meant to accomplish. A spell will not work properly unless you are very clear, in your mind and in your words, about what you mean the spell to do. Focused intent is crucial in spell-work, so many of this book’s spells use writing as a technique to help with that.

Intensity is the power, passion, and energy that you pour into casting a spell. If you are ambivalent or uncertain about a spell, it is not likely to be fulfilled. The more intensity you put into it, the more successful that spell is likely to be. Keep this in mind when you raise power.


Belief, Respect, Ethics, and Responsibility

Magick cannot be practiced successfully without belief, respect, ethics, and responsibility. If you do not believe in magick, you will not be able to make magick. If you do not believe in yourself, and in your ability to work magick, you will not be able to make magick work for you. If you do not believe that you deserve the blessings that magick can bring, you will not be able to accept blessings—even when they make themselves available to you. It is possible to faithfully follow the instructions for these or other spells and still not have them work. You have to believe in magick, believe in yourself, and believe in your ability in order to work magick successfully.

It is dangerous to attempt to use magick unless you have respect for it. Failure to respect magick can result in having your spells go horribly wrong. To prevent this from happening, you must respect yourself, respect others, and respect the elements and the Universe, as well as respecting magick.

Magick does not work well for people who doubt themselves or have low self-esteem. If that sounds like you, work on those issues before you try to cast spells. Do whatever inner work is needed to get to really know yourself, to like and appreciate yourself, before you try to cast spells. Self-respect gives you the confidence you need to have in order to get spells to work.

To meddle magickally in someone’s life is to disrespect that person. No matter how good or honorable our intentions may be, we should not cast spells for people unless they ask us for magickal help. To do otherwise is to invite interference in our own lives and affairs.


Successful Magick

Successful magick requires a healthy respect for the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). This is especially true of Fire. If you leave candles, incense, or anything else burning unattended, you will learn this lesson the hard way.

pentRespect the Universe by living an honest, ethical, useful life.

pentBe a good citizen of the Universe.

pentTry to be of service to others, instead of focusing solely on yourself and your needs.

pentProtect children, animals, and all who cannot protect themselves.

pentUse magick judiciously.

pentDon’t cast spells for every little problem or issue.

pentTry ordinary solutions first.

pentDon’t disturb the gods unless it’s important. Be responsible for yourself, instead of expecting them to solve your problems for you.

pentTry to serve magick instead of asking it to serve you.

pentIf you respect magick, it will respect you.

pentWhat goes around, comes around. This means that when we work magick that is kind, positive, and beneficial, blessings will be returned to us. It also means that if we work magick that is negative, mean-spirited, or harmful, it will rebound upon us in unpleasant ways sooner or later.


Spells and Magick

Spells are powerful. They can do great good, but they can also do great harm. Spells cast in anger, envy, hatred, or any other negative frame of mind are more likely to backfire than they are to work as intended. Ethics provide a framework in which to safely practice magick. Keep that in mind, and your spells will not hurt you.

To work magick successfully, you must be responsible for yourself and your actions. This includes accepting responsibility for the results of your spells. Approaching magick with this in mind helps to keep us on the right path. It prevents us from casting spells that we later regret.

To rely on magick alone would be unrealistic and irresponsible. If you cast a spell to find a job, for example, you must also list yourself with employment agencies, send out resumes, go on interviews, and take other appropriate non-magickal actions. If you do not take those steps, even the best job spell has very little chance of working. We help our spells succeed by taking concrete real-world action to support them.


Excerpts for this article were taken from the wonderful book entitled, “Spells for the Solitary Witch
By Eileen Holland
Ms. Holland’s book is currently available for sale on Amazon.com

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