A Little Magick for the Waning Moon Phase – A Spell To Seal or Ward Portals in the Home


To Seal or Ward Portals in the Home

1⁄2 lemon for each drain and toilet in the home

Cut the lemons in half, crosswise. Squeeze the juice of each piece down a drain or toilet while saying something like:

By the juice of fruit ruled by the Sun
Return at once from whence you’ve come
I banish you and seal this place
From your invasion to my space
Your spirit’s blocked eternally
As I will, so mote it be

When you’re finished, wet your fingers with the pulp and use them to draw a tiny banishing pentagram on the tops and bottoms of each window frame while saying the same words.


Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison

The Witches Magick for Saturday, August 20th – The Owl Spell(Shielding Spell)

wiccan beauty
The Owl Spell

(Shielding Spell)

Intent: To protect oneself from harm with magical armor.

Ideal Timing: This spell can be performed anytime.

There are many methods of putting magical protections in place. The most basic and most portable method is the personal shield, also called a personal ward. This is a protective magical barrier which moves and travels along with you and can generally be raised or lowered at will- or simply set “on” at all times- in order to protect yourself from magical or metaphysical harm.

If you wish to link an additional set of personal shields to a particular item of clothing or jewelry, that can be done as well. Some witches even link personal wards to tattoos or permanent piercings. Ultimately, however, this is a very easy and very effective way of keeping yourself safe requires no tools, incantations, or physical talismans to be effective.

While standing in a power stance (good, confident posture; straight backed, shoulders back, head forward, legs shoulder width apart, etc), begin by taking a moment to center yourself if you feel it necessary. Once you have, remain in the power stance and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind as much as you can.

Picture your energy as best as you can, but make sure that when you do that you picture it as something malleable and flexible; some people use water for this visualization, others fire, some light or shadow, and so on. Once you have that image set in your mind, cup your hands together in front of your stomach and picture that energy pouring into your hands and pooling there.

Breathe deeply and bring your hands out as if you were to take a weapon and shield from another person, focusing on the flow of the energy as you do so. Picture that energy expanding and forming into the weapon and shield that you seek to take. Once the visualization is set, bring your hands back to your chest with another deep breath. Now picture that energy expanding further to cover your body entirely and settling to form a coat of armor over yourself. Imagine the details of your weapon, shield, and armor. Make it as small or large, as detailed or as simple as you wish.

Imagine that this moves with you, bends with you, expands and contracts as needed, though; it is armor but it should never be confining to you. Now pour your will into it and imagine that nothing gets past this armor unless you want it to.

Be aware that energy work like this takes a great amount of energy and concentration. It doesn’t always work out the way you want it to the first few tried; sometimes it is best to start small, especially if this is your first shield. We recommend regularly practicing creating, raising, and lowering your shields- perhaps as part of a meditation exercise. The hope, though, is to eventually make it as vivid as you can; to be able to focus on that image until you can picture it vividly and clearly in your head at a moment’s notice and can almost feel it on the palms of your hands when you hold them out. Once you have the method down for getting the shield into place, you can raise it anytime and anywhere you need to at a moment’s notice.


The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for your Happily Ever After
NicGarran, Anna Zollinger Bree

Home or Business Protection Spell


Home or Business Protection Spell

To bless your home or business, place a bowl of candy, herbs or stones by your front entrance. Bless then bowl’s contents by speaking aloud the following verse:

“As all who enter here are Children of the Great Mother,
May those who pass always walk safely in her steps.
May they feel the guidance of her hand,
And know she is always with us,
From the time we meet till we meet again.”

Invite visitors to take an offering as they enter the premises.

The Witches Magick for August 12 – Sweetheart Roland Spell

The Witching Hour
The Witches Magick for August 12 – Sweetheart Roland Spell

Intent: To protect yourself or someone you love from someone who means to do you harm.

Ideal Timing: Waning Moon

Jar with a tight lid
Cloth poppet
Pins, needles, and tacks
Palmful of Salt

Take your poppet and- if you are able to obtain a material focus for the poppet- stuff it into the chest cavity. If a focus is not available, you can use a name slip or name the poppet thus:

Poppet, I name you [Name].
Your limbs are their limbs,
your flesh is their flesh. As you suffer,
so shall they suffer,
according to my will.

If the target is an unknown person, the poppet can be named Danger or Threat.

In the jar, combine half of the pins with the salt. Put the poppet inside on top of the pins, then pour the rest of the pins on top to form a loose cage. Whisper into the jar:

On your feet, it’s time to dance;
With the music, jump and prance.
Cap the jar and seal the lid tightly.

Select a song with a good dancing beat and shake the jar to the beat for as long as you can. If you can make it through the whole song, do so; if not, shake for as long as you can. The idea is that as the poppet “dances,” it is pierced by the pins in the jar.

Set the jar aside somewhere that it won’t be disturbed. Whenever the target gives you trouble, take the jar out, turn on the music, and shake the poppet full of pins. If at any point you feel the target has learned their lesson, retrieve the poppet from the jar, take out any pins stuck into it, and remove the focus or dunk the poppet in salt overnight to neutralize the spell.


The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for your Happily Ever After
NicGarran, Anna Zollinger Bree

The Witches Magick for August 11th – Shield To Keep You & Yours from Harm


Shield To Keep You & Yours from Harm

For this spell, you need the following materials:
red cloth and ribbon
jasper and obsidian
a pinch of dried thyme
rose thorns
patchouli oil
red or white candle.

Carve the protection symbol of your choice into the candle, and anoint it with oil. Combine the stones, herbs, and thorns, and wrap them in the cloth. Visualize being enclosed in a protective shield of white light as you prepare the amulet. Light the candle, and place the amulet nearby. Focus on the energy of the burning candle, and infuse the amulet with power. Allow the candle to burn completely, and carry the amulet with you for protection. Speak this charm when you need extra protection:

Mars, breathe your fire
into these stones and herbs.
Wrap me in the warmth of your protection.
Shield me from harm.


Blessing the Boundaries of Your Home Ritual


Blessing the Boundaries of Your Home Ritual


Everyone has land boundaries, whether a house with lands or an apartment. These boundaries need to be respected and protected. By blessing them, you can strengthen your protection against intruders of all kinds; unwanted and unwelcome visitors, stalkers, burglars, noisy neighbors, intruding religious peddlers, and sales people!

If you can, or feel brave enough to walk the boundaries of your property great, if you live in an apartment and you feel your ritual may be noticed, walk through every room of your house.


If you can walk the boundaries outside, take a bowl of white cornmeal. Hold it up to the Sun or Moon and ask the Gods/Goddess to bless it for you. Beginning to the left of your entrance move clockwise, lightly sprinkling the cornmeal as you go. Chant:

Blessings and honor to all who guard my boundaries
Blessings and thanks for your help and protection.
May my property and dwelling be safe under your care.
I offer you friendship and blessings.

When you come to the starting point, sprinkle some across the entrance path to your home, that will act as a double barrier.

It is helpful to build a shrine or home for your guardians by the door. It can be anything from a potted plant, a shrub, a collection of stones ­ it encourages the guardians to stay in full view of your home. Just make sure you attend to their home, never let it get cluttered with leaves and such, for you could offend them by your forgetfulness.


Bless the cornmeal just the same, and then from the doorway of your apartment, begin with each room to the left if possible, if not, trace each room beginning from the left of each door. Some just do the outer perimeters of the apartment (if yours is that big), Go to each room repeating the chant as above and when you come back to the main entrance, sprinkle some of the cornmeal on the threshold of the door. Inside the door, keep a potted plant or a gathering of rocks on a table or ledge so they will have a place to reside.

Household Protectors Ritual


Household Protectors Ritual

Everyone has a protector, individual and family collective. If you think you don’t get help from yours, perhaps you need to give them a little more attention and praise. Use statues, bowls of stones, or other focal objects as a habitation for the family protectors.

This ritual is best during the waxing moon. Gather the following objects on your altar. Choose incense that reminds you of herbs, forests, and green growing things. Put a green candle in a holder and lay your wand beside it.

Decorate the immediate area around your symbol with pine cones, small statues of deer or other forest animals, ivy, holly, or something similar. Clean the guardian symbol so it hasn’t any dust or dirt on it. If the symbol is small enough set it on the altar or next to it.

Light the incense and candle. Stand before your altar and say:

Guardian spirits, I invite you to join me here at this altar.
You are my friends, ,and I wish to thank you.

Take the incense and circle the guardian symbol three times, moving clockwise.

I thank you for the atmosphere you help to keep clean and pleasant in this home.

Move the candle clockwise around the symbol three times.

I thank you for the light you send to purify and dispel the darkness.

With the wand in your power hand, encircle the symbol three times clockwise.

I ask for your continued help and protection for me, my family, my pets, and my property. I ask that you drive away trouble-makers, thieves, and other, physical and non-physical, who are bent on evil disruptive purposes. I thank you for your friendship and love.

Stand with your arms raised and say:

Lovely Goddess, Lord of the Greenwood, I present to you the guardian of this house, the special spirit I have invited into my home. I honor this guardian in this symbol of its being. Bless this guardian. And to your blessings, I add my thanks for its protection and friendship.

If you have more than one guardian, change all the its to their and so on. Spend a few moments lovingly caressing the symbol, mentally expressing that the guardian is important to you. If you have provided food and drink, invite your guardian friends to party with you. Talk with them, being sensitive to feathery caresses and mental whispers. When you are finished, thank them for their presence at your ritual.

The Witches Magick for Thursday, July 28th – Chant to Shield Oneself from an Enemy

The summoning

Chant to Shield Oneself from an Enemy

For best results, say this chant three times each day for two weeks.

Space there is and space there be
Between (name of enemy) and me
By Waning Moon this space shall grow
Until she (he) no longer causes woe
For anyone, for mine, for me
As I will, so mote it be




Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison