Turquoise Protection Amulet



The ancients regarded turquoise as a powerful magickal aid to ward off misfortune, illness, and the evil eye. You can use turquoise to make your own amulet for protection.

To begin, during the waxing Moon take a piece of blue turquoise or an item of blue turquoise jewelry and hold it in your hand for a moment. In your mind’s eye, picture a blue light surrounding you. Hold the stone to your heart, and breathe on it to charge it with your power, saying:

“Stone of blue, surround me with protective energy. 
I am protected by your soothing blue light.”

Carry your turquoise with you or wear it as often as you can.

A Spell to Cast When You Feel Threatened

A Spell to Cast When You Feel Threatened

We all go through times when we feel that we are under threat, perhaps at work when schedules are tight and tempers are about to snap. Or maybe in the home when tensions are making themselves felt, creating a chill in the air. This spell, which calls for excellent visualization skills, protects you by forming a crystal shell around you, protecting you from the bad vibrations of ill temper.

You will need:
A clear crystal of quartz or any favourite one that is full of clear light

Place the crystal on a table where it will catch the sunshine. Sit at the table and breathe in deeply through the nose. Hold the breath for a moment or two before exhaling through the mouth. Repeat this several times, absorbing the light cast by the crystal as you inhale and exhaling any negative feelings, doubts and darkness.

After a minute or two, stand and begin visualizing a ring of crystal rising around you, from your feet upwards, getting higher and higher with each breath you take.

When the crystal ring is above head height, see it close over you, forming any shape in which you feel comfortable to be enclosed – a pyramid perhaps, or maybe a dome.

Still breathing deeply, feel the crystal form a floor beneath your feet. Stretch your arms and feel your fingers touch the sides. Look upwards and see the dome or pyramid point. If you can, see yourself from outside the protective crystal in which you have surrounded yourself.

Now say:

Within this crystal,
I am safe from negative thought,
And will be so,
whenever I return to it.
And let it be done,
that it harm no one.

When you feel it is right to do so,return to normal breathing and see the crystal open to allow you to step outside it, safe in the knowledge that you can return to it whenever you need to.
Those who have used this spell find that keeping a crystal in the house, office, or wherever else they think they may need protection from negativity strengthens the spell’s potency.

Make the Most of the Waxing Moon Phase – Spell for Circuit of Protection Blessing

Wiccan Priestess
Make the Most of the Waxing Moon Phase – Spell for Circuit of Protection Blessing

Hold your hand over the computer or peripheral and visualize it working flawlessly. Wait until you :
I build an aura feel the energy begin to flow between your hands and the object, then say something like:
A circuit, cables, drives
And every unit of protection, true
By part that’s capsulized
Within your body g Moon it grows and thrives
Protecting and comprise
The mechanism that you are;
A strong protection that now bars
All mishaps that might come your way
I seal you from this very day
By circuit of my energy
As I will, so mote it be



Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison

The Witches Magick for Tuesday, July 12 – The Robber Bridegroom

fantasy forest fairy

The Robber Bridegroom

Intent: To warn someone of imminent danger that they will not, or cannot, see.

Ideal Timing: Full Moon, but this charm can be made anytime.

Craft feathers
A small cloth bag
A heavy, flat object
Paint or markers
Bells x3
White thread or yarn
Bay Leaf

Acquire some craft feathers. The color and type do not matter so long as they will stand up to being worked with. If you wish to include color magic in your charm, however, I suggest any of the following: Yellow for clarity and persuasion, Orange for courage and victory. Red for strength and swift action, or White for passive protection

Cut two small half-moon shapes out of the cardboard, about 2″ (5cm) across. Glue shaft ends of the feathers to one of the cutouts to create a fan shape. Work in layers with the longest feathers on the bottom and the shortest ones on top until you have a pretty solid-looking fan; it may help to lay the feathers out first, then set them in place on the cardboard.

Next cut a small loop of strong thread or yarn and place the ends in the center of the flat side of the cardboard piece. This will be your hanging loop, so make sure there’s enough to hold the piece up. Glue the other cardboard piece on top to sandwich the feathers and loop in place, then carefully lay a heavy flat object- like a book or paperweight- over the cardboard pieces to press them flat. Do not compress the feathers if you can help it, but leave the piece to dry on a flat surface overnight.

The next day you can paint the cardboard however you wish, with a solid color or some design that matches the feathers in the fan. When you are finished, carefully sew a trio of jingle bells to the feathers just beneath the cardboard. This will be the front of your fan. Afterwards place the rosemary and bay leaf in the cloth bag and stitch this to the back of the fan, on the opposite side from the jingle bells. The bag should be small enough that the feathers cover it when the fan is viewed from the front.

Once the fan is complete, gift it to the person who needs to be warned of danger. The magic will work best if the person willingly accepts the gift. If all else fails, you can bind their name or image to the charm and put it in a safe place in your own home.

The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for your Happily Ever After
NicGarran, Anna Zollinger Bree.

Protection from Harm Ointment



You will need:

• 2 parts Mallow (not Marshmallow Root)

• 2 parts Rosemary

• 1 part Vervain
For the base of ointment with shortening, follow these directions:

Melt 4 parts shortening over low heat until liquefied. Watch that it doesn’t burn. Add one part dried herbal mixture (which would be all of the herbs listed above). Blend with a wooden spoon until thoroughly mixed. Continue heating until the shortening has extracted the scent. You should be able to smell it in the air. Strain through a cheesecloth into a heat-proof jar, a canning jar would be perfect for this. Add 1/2 tsp. tincture of benzoin (can be found at an herb store or drug store) to each pint of ointment as a natural preservative. Store in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator.


Ointments will last for weeks or months. Discard any that turn moldy, and make a fresh batch. Rub onto the body and to drive out negative influences and to keep them far from you.

Protection Oil #2



Protection Oils are used to anoint any manner of objects in order to enhance the purity of spiritual vibrations. This 1 is best made on The Dark of the Moon.

You will need:

• 1 dram-sized bottle

• 1/2 dram Sweet Almond Oil

• 3 drops Amber Oil

• 1 drop Jasmine Oil

• 7 drops Dark Musk Oil (Plain Musk may be substituted)

• 5 drops Rue Oil

• 3 small pieces Dragon’s Blood Resin

• 1 pinch coarse Sea Salt

Add the ingredients and shake, to mix well, after each addition.

Protection Oil #1



Use a base oil like sweet almond oil, jojoba, sesame, etc.

To the oil add any three of the following:
• Rue

• Rosemary

• Angelica

• Bay

• Basil

• Fennel

• Sage

• Mugwort

• Vervain
Use either the whole herb or a pure essential oil. Allow the herbs to mix and steep in the oil for 1 week. Handle the bottle frequently, projecting protective energy into the mixture. Recommend you make this oil during a waning moon but you can also make your own timing judgment.