Witchcraft Symbols, Terms and Definitions – Iron

Iron Spell: Spoken Word

The power of iron is so strong that even if you don’t have any, just shouting out the word “iron” allegedly routs evil spirits.

c. 2011

Spell for Today – Protection – Printable

Spell for Today – Easy Home Protection


Easy Home Protection

Seal your home up from any unwelcome or negative influences. I love this magic protection spell, and its also on the easy spells page because of its simplicity. You just need:

  • A small handful of coarse salt
  • A teaspoon or so of garlic powder or minced garlic

Stir the salt and garlic together, and put a few pinches of it on every windowsill and doorway into your house. If you can get every opening, that would be ideal. A bit on the fireplace hearth or the garage door, for example. Both salt and garlic are potent protective magick.

Spell for Today – Full Moon Amulet Protection – Printable

Spell for Today – Vehicle Blessing Before Traveling

Vehicle Blessing Before Traveling


Goal: To bless a new or existing vehicle.

Optional extras: Sage smudge stick; salt and water

Notes: This spell can be used for any vehicle, including trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. Before or during the spell, walk around the vehicle and smudge it with the sage, then sprinkle it with the salt and water. Visualize a shining shield being placed around the vehicle. (You can substitute the word car, truck, or whatever.)

With fire and air, I bless this vehicle
With earth and water, I bless this vehicle
May it run smoothly
May it carry me safely
Wherever I travel
And return me safely to my home
In the name of the goddess
I bless this vehicle
In the name of the god
I protect this vehicle

And all who travel in it
So Mote It Be



Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook: Wonderfully Witchy Blessings, Charms & Spells .
Deborah Blake

Spell for Today – Under the Protection of the Goddess – Printable

Spell for Today – Empath Sheilding

What you need:

4 oz Amber glass spray bottle
2 oz Moonwater
2 oz Witch hazel
15 drops Sage
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Rosemary
8 drops Lemon
6 drops Cedarwood

Combine, shake, spray as needed.

Avoid eyes and mouth.

As always, please use caution when playing with essential oils. Especially around pregnant and nursing mothers, children and pets.

:warning:NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE SAFE and CAN NOT go directly on the skin! In fact some can be very toxic and even deadly to your pets.

From Spells8.com

Spell for Today – A House Blessing

I do not recommend this to be done by novice Witches or anyone new to casting spells and/or The Craft. This is just one way of many you can use to bless your home.


What you will need:

24 Ounce glass container with lid of rain or tap water
Add to it whatever amount feels right to you (nothing in potions is as simple as add 1 teaspoon of this or 1 Tablespoon of that it is all done by what feels right to each person doing it.) You do want MORE Salt the garlic in the mixture
Table Salt-No Iodine if possible
Powered Garlic
Roughly Ground or Broken into small pieces Rosemary
Use your Atheme, Ceremonial Knife, Wand or even a spoon you will use for only for mixing potions and/or herbs to mix the ingredients while reciting this spell:

“I bless this water and all it contains to keep my home and property protected from negative energy and entities, anything that may wish to harm those who dwell here,
Anyone living or dead who may try to do or say something against those that live here.
Keep us safe in all types of storms be it Elemental or man-made, physical, mental or emotional.
Make and keep our home a dry place,
A warm and safe place.
Let all who enter our home be filled with love and light
I ask Archangel Michael to surround our home and property with his protective white light.
These are my words THIS IS MY WILL So mote it be”

Strain the water into a bowl you can easily dip your fingers into.


Using your power hand (the one you write with) dip your fingers into the Protection Water and using the sign of the Pentagram or an even sided cross you sprinkle the Water saying, “EVIL LEAVE DO NOT ENTER.” This is said with convection and in a firm voice. Re-dip fingers as soon as they feel even a little dry.

Starting from the doorway you enter through make the sign of a Pentagram or Cross at each of the four corners of the door frame (I do mine inside as well as outside). You then begin walking clockwise through the house stopping at EVERY corner, window, doorway (whether it is a door or and archway between two rooms or a closet or even a cabinet door), mirror, TV, cable box, DVD/Blu Ray/VHS player, computer (desk, laptop, tablet, etc), land line, cell phones, faucets, drains, radios, washer and it hoses, dryer and dryer vent, and everything else you may have that is a connection with the outside world and your home.

Next go to the second level of your home (if you have one); starting at the main entrance follow the same procedure to bless that level as you did on the main floor.

After that if you have a basement in your home bless everything that needs to be on that level.

Last place indoors is the attic (if you can get into it) bless everything that needs to be up there. If you can not get to your attic using a spray bottle, spray a little of the blessed water onto the ceiling in each room and the inside top of doorways.

Now go to the outside of the home. Bless the outside of all doors that the house can be entered through by either anyone living or dead or any type of entities; just as you did indoors. Also do a Pentagram or Cross on any door itself by dipping your fingers in the water draw the sign directly onto the door.

Last but not least you do the perimeter of your property. Strain the water into a spray bottle have the water coming out in a straight line rather than a mist, then just keep squeezing the trigger as you walk the out perimeter of your property. Start at the corner of your property closest to the main entrance of your home than walk clockwise and just keep repeating. “Evil leave do not enter”, in a firm, commanding voice until you reach the place you started at. Walk about two more feet back across where you started so the protection circle/square/rectangle is completely closed. If you have a lot of property you will want to walk a perimeter of the land you mow and/or use most often including a house vegetable garden if you grow one away from your normal yard.

Repeat the house blessing yearly both inside and out as many different negative things try to get at us. By doing it this way you can make sure the protection wards for your family are strong and nothing, has found a weak spot to cross into your property and/or home.

I have also used this as a body spray if I am going to some place where I may not know people. I mix a batch of protection water with less garlic and salt but the same amount of Rosemary. I mix the water and let it stand for two days then strain it. Do not make a lot of the body spray at once because it only smells nice for about two weeks and then the garlic is too strong.

I also spray this on a stone that I carry in my pocket whenever I go out to keep negativity away from myself. If you use this to empower a stone rinse it with running water every time you come home and say, “Water wash all negativity from this stone.” Place it outside or on a windowsill in the Sun to dry. After it is dry re-spray it with the Protection water.

The protection water can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. Or you can freeze it for up to a year. Make sure to strain the herbs out before placing in either fridge or freezer. When I freeze mine I use an ice-cube tray that way I can take out as many cubes to melt as I need the water for.

2013 Lady Beltane

Spell for Today – Protection Spell for Your Loved Ones – Printable

Spell for Today – Protection from Someone – Printable

A Few Simple Hoodoo Spells for Protection


To Keep Someone From Using Foot Track Spells Against You

– Red Pepper
– Your Right Shoe
Place the red pepper inside your right shoe to prevent foot track spells from being able to latch on to you.


Silver Dime to Prevent Hoodoo

– Silver Dime
– Drill
– Leather Throng
Drill a hole into the silver dime and string it with the leather throng. Wearing this amulet will protect you from others attempting to Hoodoo you.


Rattle Snake Skin For Protection Against Bewitchment

Ingredients: – Shed Rattle Snake Skin
Carry the shed rattlesnake skin on your person to prevent others from bewitching you. (If you kill the snake it will not work the reason being that any bewitchment cast on you will rebound to the snake.)


To Protect Against Evil Forces

Ingredients: – Horseshoe
Place the horseshoe over top your front door to keep evil forces from entering the home.


Cinnamon Bath for Protection Against Evil Forces

– Cinnamon
– Bath
Tub Run a bath sprinkling in ground cinnamon. Make sure to fully submerge yourself to wash away any negative influences that may have attached themselves to you.


Gray’s Pocket Book Of Hoodoo Protection Spells: (Gray’s Pocket Books Series Book 3)
Deran Gray

Spell for Today – Guard Spell

Guard Spell


A powerful Eath-based magic spell that guards the psychic boundaries of its worker and provides safe haven from evil magic spells cast by others.

You will need:

A smooth, black stone
A beeswax candle
A small plastic bag
Approximately 1/2 cup of soil
A piece of twine


In your home, on the setting of the sun, on the morning of a Thursday, light your beeswax candle and place it on a flat surface, preferably a tabletop.

Form a small pile of soil and lay your stone on top of it on the tabletop, not too near the candle. Next, speak aloud the following words:

Earth of birth,
Breath of death,
Guard the holder,
Of this stone.

Next, place the stone and the soil in the plastic bag and tie it closed with the twine. Then extinguish the candle.

Hide the bag of soil with the stone in it in a safe place for three days, Then remove the stone from the bag and dump the soil onto the ground outdoors. Carry the stone with you as a guard stone.

Benefits of Casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell, Tips for Making the Most of Your New Year’s Eve Protection Spell, and Common Mistakes to Avoid When Casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

From eclecticwitchcraft.com

Benefits of Casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

Casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell can provide many benefits. It can help to create a safe and secure environment for the coming year, allowing you to focus on your goals and dreams without fear or worry.

The spell also helps to purify and cleanse any negative energies that may be lingering from the past year, allowing you to start fresh in the new year.

Additionally, this spell can help to open up your intuition and raise your vibration, allowing you to better connect with the Universe and manifest your desires. Finally, this spell can help to protect you from any negative influences or energies that may be present in the coming year.

Tips for Making the Most of Your New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

Once you have cast your New Year’s Eve Protection Spell, there are a few tips to help you make the most of it:

  1. Take a few moments each day to visualize the protective shield of light surrounding you and your space.
  2. Speak aloud your intention for the spell each day, reinforcing its power.
  3. Carry a small piece of salt with you as a reminder of the protection that the spell provides.
  4. Spend time in nature to connect with the elements and draw on their energy for protection and renewal.
  5. Make sure to take time for self-care and relaxation, as this will help to keep your energy balanced and protected.
  6. Call upon planetary energies for additional protection and guidance. Planets that can offer energy and protection in the new year are Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.
  7. Finally, remember to thank the Universe or the gods for their protection and guidance.

By following these tips, you can make sure that your New Year’s Eve Protection Spell is working to its fullest potential.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

When casting a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell, it is important to be mindful of the common mistakes that can occur. One of the most common mistakes is not setting a clear intention for the spell. Without an intention, the spell will lack focus and power.

There are times when it can be tempting to rush through the spell, but it is important to take your time and focus on each step. This will ensure that the spell is done correctly and with the right amount of energy.

Protection spells are very powerful, but if you do things that put you into a spiritually weak position, your protections can become fragile. Be sure to stay aligned with your highest self in what you do magically. If your highest self wouldn’t curse someone for stealing your parking spot, you probably shouldn’t either.

Finally, it is important to remember that protection spells are not a substitute for taking practical steps to protect yourself physically. While the spell can help to create a safe and secure environment, it is still important to take precautions such as locking your doors at night or avoiding dangerous situations.

By following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure that your New Year’s Eve Protection Spell is effective and powerful.


How to Cast a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

From eclecticwitchcraft.com

New Year’s Eve is a liminal time where the energies around us are more susceptible to change. As we look upon a new year full of possibilities and opportunities, it is important to start off the right way. Protecting ourselves, our family, and our space is something essential to do before we commence into the new year.

A New Year’s Eve Protection Spell can be a powerful tool to keep us safe and supported as we let go of the old year and prepare for the future.

Protection spells are powerful rituals that aim to safeguard oneself or one’s home from danger and harm. It is a fairly universal magical rite, often using symbols such as mirrors or images of guardian angels, to channel protective energies and ward off malicious intentions.

This type of spell often involves the use of charms, talismans and incantations; sacred objects like crystals, herbs and special tools may also be used to assist in the spell’s power.

Spell for Today – Protection from Someone – Printable