Full Moon Ritual For Kids By Beth Griffin

Moon Cycle Rituals and intention setting with your kids!? YES!

The moon is probably one of my favorite life/homeschool topics. I started practicing moon cycle rituals years ago and this has grown to be something the kids look forward to now too. The Full Moon brings lots of energy- it’s great having a practice to help to process and feel less overwhelmed.

EVERYTHING is cyclical, awareness of and connection to the moon cycle will welcome more ease into daily life.

Take some time and pay attention to the cycle of the moon for a few months, note your feelings/mood/behaviors, and do the same for your kids.

You’ll likely see a spike in high energy around the time of the Full Moon, ask any ER doctor, the old saying that “things are always more wild around a Full Moon”, has real, statistical legs.

So what to do with all of that super charged energy?

Full Moon Ritual For Kids:

Some items to gather that touch all 5 senses:

  • Paper and something to write, draw, or paint with- get as creative as you want! Pouring Full Moon energy into art is a great outlet!

  • If you set goals/intentions on the New Moon, bring those- we usually each set one together and then use this time to reflect and appreciate the journey.

  • A guided meditation- the Calm app or Headspace app are both AWESOME for this! We love the meditations for kids on the Calm app and use them all the time. I tried being the one to guide and apparently that makes the kids giggle and want to ask questions and chat- which is fine, but I also like seeing them just BE and breathe. Another option is calming music. If you have a favorite candle or cleansing fragrance like burning some cedar chips or a smoke cleansing bundle- go for it!

  • Crystals- if you have a crystal collection, this is a great time to enjoy it. Both of my kiddos love rocks, crystals and minerals and have solid collections going at this point, so we like to incorporate our found treasures in this ritual.

  • Epsom salt & herb bath- this has become something we try to do more often, but life is so busy with middle grade kiddos and all the activities- so it’s nice to incorporate a special bath in our Moon Ritual so each kiddo still has at least a couple baths each month.

  • FIRE- The Full Moon is time to let go of what no longer serves us, appreciate the lessons we’ve learned and celebrate what brought us joy and fulfillment. I know that may sound a little sketchy with young kids, but it’s actually a great way to teach fire safety and have some fun.

  • Music- the Full Moon is all about big, bright energy, so it’s a wonderful time to move and shake to your favorite tunes.

  • Food- sharing a meal with family and friends to celebrate the Full Moon is always fun and a great way to connect and share your favorite foods. Since there is usually one Full Moon per month you can totally theme it to the season or to which full moon it is. This can also help you create a habit of doing at least one community or family meal each month, even in the busiest of times.

How to practice:

Set aside 30 minutes the day of the Full Moon – or if that’s not possible any time with in about 48 hours prior or post- I have kids too, I get it.


  • Weather permitting, Incorporate some time outside, if possible, in the moonlight. This can be a little more of a challenge in Summer months. If the moon comes up past bedtime, work the outdoor time in before that, any time outside is good! You can do the entire ritual outdoors, in the yard, at the beach or on a camping trip.


  • Start with a grounding mindfulness/meditation practice- depending on what your kids are up for, this could be 3 deep breaths together, a 5-7 minute guided meditation or something more. Kids love chanting, humming, singing a song together- get creative to help them engage while they feel calm and present.


  • When you’re finished with mindfulness, take 5-20 minutes for “journaling practice”- this obviously varies a bit with various age/ability levels- my 5 year old likes to draw and write a tiny bit, my 8 year old will write the entire time. Alternatively (or as an additional part of the ritual) you can do some lunar art! I have a few ideas saved on Pinterest if you’d like to check em out!

  • Here are some questions you can use as prompts for writing, journaling, discussion or even art inspiration.

    • What is something you have worked on or accomplished in the past few weeks, how does the progress or achievement make you feel?

    • What is one thing you appreciate?

    • What is something that makes you feel FULL & BRIGHT like the moon?


  • The moon in this phase is FULL & BRIGHT so this is a good time to embrace that big energy and celebrate the things that make us feel full of light. We love incorporating fire in this part of the ritual- and usually do so with our back yard fire pit. You can use a candle or even make a pretend fire with tissue paper. Always be safe and mindful when using fire for part of your practice. The Full Moon is time to let go of what is no longer serving us, appreciate the lessons we’ve learned and celebrate what is going well. We like to write down what we are letting go of and burn it in the fire.


  • If you have a crystal collection it’s fun to set them up on a tray and take them out for a little charge-up at night in the light of the Full Moon.

  • You can also make “moon water” by filling a glass jar (or any container with a lid really) with water and letting it bathe all night in the moonlight.

  • Take a bath- this is a great way to wrangle some of that wild Full Moon energy after your ritual. We like adding 1/4 cup Epsom salt and some calming herbs/oils like lavender.

From homeschoolnaturally.com

(Some of the) New Moon Rituals, Intentions, Spiritual Meaning, and Correspondences

New Moon Spiritual Meaning And Intentions

From thepeculiarbrunette.com

The New Moon is the start of a new lunar cycle and appears as a very thin and delicate crescent in the sky.

A common question about the New Moon is, how do I make New Moon water or set intentions when the New Moon isn’t visible?

Sometimes the New Moon is below the horizon or such a faint sliver that it’s hard to see. However, it’s still there! The New Moon still affects the tides, and its energy will always be prevalent even if you can’t see it.

The New Moon’s spiritual meaning symbolizes a very peaceful and tranquil moment in the lunar cycle. It’s a time of new beginnings and renewal.

The New Moon is a reset and a chance to start again, giving you a clean slate. This is why the New Moon is associated with manifestation work and intention setting.

Table of Contents

New Moon Spiritual Meaning And Intentions

New Moon Correspondences

New Moon Spiritual Meaning and Intentions

New Moon Journal Prompts For Spiritual Meaning

New Moon Rituals and How To Celebrate

Spells – Dice in the Moon Divination c. 2012


Dice in the Moon Divination

You will need a large white piece of paper, a writing pen, and three dice.

On the piece of paper draw a circle, representing the moon. Lay the paper down on a flat surface, and before rolling the dice, determine what question you want to ask. Ask your favorite moon goddess such as Akupera (Hindu) or Diana (Roman) to bless the dice., then cast the dice into the circle and count up the total. Any dice falling outside the circle of moon must be recast. The following list gives each number’s divination meaning:

3     Good luck and good fortune

4     Disillusionment and disappointment

5     Someone will bring you happiness

6     Family and home issues

7     Beware of scandal and lies

8     Money matters and finances

9     Love is coming to you

10    Spiritual gains

11    Illness or injury

12    Secrecy and possible betrayal

13    Success will be yours

14    Helpful friends

15    Be cautious

16    Time for taking a journey

17    You will meet strangers with good advice

18    You will attain your goals

Full Moon Rituals & Spells: 8 Easy Ways to Harness the Magic & Use it to Your Benefit

The full moon is always an incredibly potent time for magic, divination and spiritual practices of all kinds. Take advantage of Luna’s culminating energy by performing any of these easy full moon spells and rituals. You don’t need expensive tools or accessories in order to make your ritual a powerful one. In fact, it’s often the simplest rituals that invite the most love and abundance into your life.

Every month, we are influenced by all eight phases of the moon. While new moons are a time to set anintention and embrace a new beginning, full moons mark a time of endings, release and renewal. Taking place around every 28–30 days, a full moon always arrives in the sign sitting opposite from the sun sign (ex: during Pisces season we have a Virgo full moon). When a full moon arrives, we can expect to feel the sensation  of spiritual “shedding” or rather, the clearing-out process that allows you to release old friends, thought patterns, habits, responsibilities, clutter and more. Because full moons are the most illuminated phase of the moon, its celestial glow literally “sheds light” on whatever (or whoever) is no longer aligned with your future, giving you the opportunity to see things more clearly.

Because full moons represent a time of endings, your rituals are best suited to amplify this energy and encourage a sense of surrender, release and letting go with grace. It can sometimes be uncomfortable to sit with the pause that happens on a full moon; as humans we naturally want to fill empty spaces, so it’s best that you use a full moon to get comfortable in the void space by reflecting on all that you have accomplished and moved through over the last lunar cycle. Harness the magic that full moons bring by engaging in the following full moon rituals:

8 Easy Full Moon Rituals

Take a full moon bath

Under the full moon, you’ll want to first prepare by cleansing the mind. It’s also believed that epsom salt soaks in the tub can clear your energy field or aura, so this is a great ritual to add into your day. While you are soaking in the tub, put on binaural beats, frequency sounds, a guided meditation or any audio that helps you to relax. You can also add to your experience by lighting candles or incense and adding some of your favorite essential oils or dried flower petals into the tub!

Clean & organize your home

Full moons ask us to cleanse our internal and external environments of any clutter. When cleaning your home, try to remember certain energy centers like clearing out the space around your front door to allow abundance to travel more effortlessly into your home or deep cleaning the oven to amplify prosperity for the lunar cycle ahead. Washing the bathroom, the floors and windows, cleaning out your closets and junk drawers, reorganizing and everything in between are great ways to use the full moon energy. If you have an altar, this is a beautiful time to clean it up and adorn it with fresh offerings for your spirit guides, deities and/or ancestors.

Perform a releasing ceremony

Under the full moon, spend time alone with your journal to write down all that you are ready to release. Once this list is complete, fold it several times and then find a fire-safe bowl (glass, iron and ceramic) to place your list in. Safely light the edge of your list on fire and watch as all of the things that have been weighing you down start to burn away. After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside or flush them down the toilet and (again) say “I release what no longer serves me with love” and allow yourself to leave it behind you.

Place your crystals in the moonlight

Putting out some of your favorite crystals or objects of importance on a window sill or balcony is a great way to savor the full moon’s shedding energy. However, you will want to make sure that the full moon is not happening during eclipse season. In my professional opinion, eclipse energy is much too chaotic and powerful to keep around! Additionally, you can leave a glass jar or spray bottle full of water in the moonlight as well to have moon water that you can use throughout the lunar cycle ahead any time you need an extra dose of shedding, clearing or releasing.

Place your crystals in the moonlight

Putting out some of your favorite crystals or objects of importance on a window sill or balcony is a great way to savor the full moon’s shedding energy. However, you will want to make sure that the full moon is not happening during eclipse season. In my professional opinion, eclipse energy is much too chaotic and powerful to keep around! Additionally, you can leave a glass jar or spray bottle full of water in the moonlight as well to have moon water that you can use throughout the lunar cycle ahead any time you need an extra dose of shedding, clearing or releasing.

Cleanse your home & bring in new energy

Cleansing your energy space and living space with sacred smoke is a great way to celebrate the full moon. Using sustainably harvested sage or palo santo is a great way to do this, but you can also use herbs like cedar, mugwort, lavender, sweetgrass, and more. You can also use resins and incenses. While cleansing, make sure you start from the back of your home or room and then go to each corner of your space with an energy that you would like to bring into your newly cleansed home. Calling forth the energy of love, abundance, health, prosperity, joy, peace or anything else that feels aligned for you is best.

Tie up loose ends & relax

Because full moons are a time of endings, make sure that anything on your to-do list gets done and closed out today. This may look like sending emails, submitting projects, running errands or even making phone calls you’ve been meaning to. Full moons are not a time to start new projects or make reactionary decisions so try to let yourself rest if you have nothing on your agenda for the day.

Sing, dance & play

After your mind, body and home space have all been cleared, it’s time to bring joy forward! Putting on your favorite music and dancing it all out is another great way to shake off old, stagnant energy and feel liberated in the here and now. Make this present moment one worth living by allowing yourself to sing, dance and play during a full moon day!

Remember, full moons are beautiful reminders of how cyclical life is. When we align with the natural rhythms of life, we allow ourselves to feel the eternal “oneness”, ground ourselves in the present moment and truly enjoy life’s magic! Happy full moon, celestial babe!

Source – stylecaster.com

Full Flower Moon Coloring Page for Your BOS/Grimoire/Witchcraft Book of KNowledge


This page has correspondences for the May Flower Moon and pretty flowers along the edge. I am adding it to my grimoire after I color it.


Spell – 1 Way to Bless and Indoor Container or Outdoor Garden

I wrote and used this spell for my growing house plants Aloe, Apotheose, and 7 different herbal seeds I put into a mini greenhouse to germinate on April 6th and already started seeing tiny seedlings on April 9th. Today I saw my house plants starting to take root in their bigger containers.

(YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE ANY SPELLS POSTED TO A DOCUMENT TO PRINT AND/OR SAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Please feel free to tweak this spell so it will work best for you and whatever you are growing.)

Any Type of Garden Blessing Chant

What You Need:

Your voice

Possibly your wand or staff if the garden covers a lot of ground.

Chanting Spell

Chat in multiples of 3 as many as you feel the need to repeat it.

Flora, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Fauna, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Help me bring them to life

To use them in ways that will not cause anyone strife,

I will give them Air to breathe,

I will give them Water to grow,

I will give them Earth to take root in,

I will ask Ra to use his Fire to give them warmth and light,

As my plants grow,

I will tend them well,

In return I will ask them for pieces to help my health and magick grow,

I promise you I will always tend them well.

Moon Water – Part 2

From spells8.com

Tips for Collecting Moon Water

To make a very powerful Moon Water, start the first night of the lunar phase you chose (for example, the first night of the Full Moon), and charge the water outside for 3 consecutive nights. This can be done not just during the Full Moon phase, but during any lunar phase. Each has its own Magical properties as we will see below.

How to Use Moon Water in your Rituals

1. Enhance your Meditations

The first step towards strengthening your intuition is to recognize its existence. Being aware of your powers is key in realizing full potential while meditating.

  1. Light a blue or purple candle on your altar.
  2. Apply a drop of Moon Water to your Third Eye chakra (between the eyebrows) to open yourself to divine wisdom and revelation.
  3. Follow a guided meditation to awaken your inner knowledge and listen to your intuition.
  4. Find a place of peace within you, allowing the visions to come to you with ease. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any visions at first, practice makes perfect.
  5. Keep a bottle or jar of Moon Water near your altar to keep working on your abilities.

2. Add Moon Water to your Baths

  1. Fill your bathtub as you normally do, and pour some Moon water that you’ve previously prepared. Get in the tub and pour the rest of the water on yourself.
  2. Follow a Spiritual Bath Recipe for more ideas. If you need to cleanse any specific part of your body, focus on that area. Visualize everything that no longer serves you being released from your body and aura.
  3. If you’ve charged your Moon Water with a specific intention, focus on absorbing the light of that intent, while promoting intense peace and relaxation. Wash your hair with Moon water to encourage growth with a divine glow.

3. Bless your finances with Moon Water

To make your money flow easily, Water is the perfect Element. Have confidence that nothing can stop the flow of money in your life.

  1. Bless your money by sprinkling just a few drops of Moon Water on your purse or wallet.
  2. Visualize the possibilities and the outcome you expect.
  3. On the Full Moon, you can cast this Silver Moon Spell for Money manifestations.

4. Purify and cleanse your home with Moon Water

Cleansing your sacred space is very important. No spiritual work can be done in an environment full of stagnant energy.

Make sure to clean your house physically with a mop/sponge as you normally would and add some Moon Water to your bucket.

You can also just sprinkle the water with your fingers or a spray bottle wherever you want to clean and bless the space.

Optionally, combine this water with herbs or essential oils to spread more positive energies.

Full Moon Water

The energy of the full moon can help you reinforce any kind of Witchcraft spells:

Divinations and any ritual practice in which you need to strengthen your spiritual powers will see benefits. Just place a cup of Moon Water on your altar as you cast it.

Spell – Full Moon Release – Printable

Full Moon Spell – A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic

From spells8.com

A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic


  1. Light some incense on your altar. Tonight’s moon calls for Violet, Mint, Rose, or Galbanum aromas.
  2. Invite harmony into your ritual with a chant for the Moon in Libra:“Like the Scales of Justice, I am in complete harmony.
    I’m ready to make the right decisions for me and for the benefit of all”.
  3. Light a white candle and pour some wine into your chalice. If you don’t drink wine, use herbal tea or plain water instead.
  4. Find the Full Moon in the sky. Raise your chalice as you look up and say:“Full Moon over me, fill me with wonder.
    You light my path and shine like a thunder.
    I thank you for your smile, the one that makes me younger.
    May I never thirst, and may I never hunger”.

    Drink the contents of your chalice.

  5. If you have any of the following crystals, Tuesday is the perfect day to charge them with the assertive influence and drive of Mars. Place a BloodstoneCarnelian, Coral, Ruby, Garnet, or Pink Tourmaline on your altar next to your candle.

Spell for Today – 1st Quarter Moon Affirmation – Printable

How to Celebrate the Worm Moon: Ideas and Rituals

From spells8.com

As we enter March, the month of the Spring Equinox, we experience massive energy shifts, and the world around us is changing. We are adjusting to the seasonal tides, just as the worms are transforming the soil.

March is a time to be mindful and stay alert, yet also to let our guards down and embrace the unpredictable energy of the season with optimism and courage. We must reaffirm our foundations and adjust our footing until we feel centered, balanced, and grounded.

Worm Moon Protection Spell

March is an excellent time to work magic and strengthen our protections, fortifying our courage as we open ourselves to the positive and fortunate unexpected possibilities that the quickening and invigorating energies of spring can bring.

Full Worm Moon Protection Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Cast a spell on the Full Worm Moon of March. All you need is a white candle, a small bowl of salt, a piece of paper and pen, and a handful of soil. May the powerful energy of the full worm moon bring you the protection and peace you seek.



Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Light the white candle and place it in front of you.

Sprinkle some salt around the candle, forming a circle of protection.

Take the piece of paper and write down any fears or worries you have. Then cross them out as if cancelling these thoughts.

Break the paper inside the bowl of soil, and mix it around with your fingers.

Hold the bowl in your hands, visualizing a white light surrounding you and protecting you from harm.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, feeling the energy of the spell surrounding you and protecting you.

When you’re ready, blow out the candle and bury the soil outside. Alternatively, you can burn the paper and bury the ashes instead. Be careful if working with fire.

Print this Spell for the Worm Moon

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages and more Moon Journaling Ideas.

Spell for Today – Full Moon Amulet Protection – Printable

The Lunar Witch’s Guide To Moon Spells: Rituals, Manifestation, and More

In witchcraft, moon magic is really popular for a reason. Using the power of the moon to cast all types of spells, including moon spells, is extremely effective!

After all, one of the reasons we live cyclically is because of the moon. Even if you aren’t into moon phases or don’t actually notice when there’s a new moon versus a full moon, your body and your emotions definitely know.

I typically work as an eclectic witch, pulling from both folk magic and traditional magic, but I do consider myself a lunar witch or moon witch too, because I work so closely with the energy of the moon. I find that the moon is incredibly powerful and comforting at the same time, making it the perfect energetic force for both beginner and advanced witches!

Today, I’m sharing everything I know about moon spells and being a moon witch. This post will be about more than just manifestation. Specifically, I’ll go into the various spells, rituals, and manifestation techniques that I use during each moon phase, as well as how to work with the moon and …

click here to read the rest of this article from teaandrosemary.com

Spell for Today – Healing Moon Chant – Printable

Spell for Today – 6 New Moon Spells

New moon spells are always done during the new moon and are used to drawn in a desired outcome.  New moon love spells will bring in a new love or solidify an existing relationship.  New moon money spells are used to draw in money versus decrease bills.  Focus on bringing in your desires versus pushing away something you don’t want during the new moon phase.  New moon magick can be as simple as a bath ritual to draw in good fortune and new blessings. We wish you many blessings using these spells for tonight’s new moon. We hope you get everything you desire!

New Moon Wicca Protection Spell

Before beginning create a calm environment. Do this by meditating, listening to calm music, taking a bath or something else that helps you to create a safe and calm environment.

Take three deep breaths, imagine a silver light that flows into your body. This is the energy of the Moon Goddess.

Take three deep breaths and imagine a golden light flowing into your body, this is the energy of the Sun God.

Take three deep breaths and imagine a white light flowing into your body, this is the joint energy of the Universal Life Force. Then say the below three times.

“Blessed be my feet that walk the path of mystery. Blessed are my knees bending before the sacred altar.  Blessed be my heart, molded in beauty and love. Blessed be my lips, who pronounce sacred names. Open your arms to welcome protection and love. 

Head over to our Protection Spells page more.

New Moon Wish Spell

Items needed:

  • Piece of paper
  • Candle – chose the color based on your wish
  • Write your wish on a piece of paper.  Then light your candle.
  • While looking at the new moon chant the below three times.

New moon so dark in the night sky.  That cannot be seen with a naked eye.  Grant me your dark energy to see.  The new and good coming to me.  Grant me the power of dreams so true so I can start my life anew.  Grant me strength day by day.  Mistress of darkness, show me the way.  Grant me love in my life.  Take away trouble and strife.  Grant me peace I ask of you.  On bad times help me through.  O’ Goddess of Night so divine.  If you have heard me show me a sign.”

Burn the paper in the flame, imagine your wish and look into the night sky.

New Moon Money Spell

Items Needed:

  • 3 Shiny Silver Coins
  • Piece of Paper or Tissue

Wrap the three coins in the paper.  Make sure they can’t fall out.  Hold the package in your hand, close your eyes and focus on the coins multiplying.  Ask that no harm comes to anyone.  Bury the coins in the earth.  If you cannot bury the coins, you can use a pot filled with soil.  When the money arrives, you can remove the coins if you wish. 

For more money magical spells, check out our Wiccan Spells

New Moon Bath Ritual for Restoration and Replenishment

Items needed:

  • Bath
  • Salt
  • Candles
  • Herbs: mugwart, rosemary, cardamom, ginger, basil, bay leaf, yarrow
  • Oil: rose, cedarwood, sandalwood
  • Flower petals: lavender, marigold, rose
  • Crystals: rose quartz, black tourmaline, clear quartz, florite

Fill your bath, add salt, surround the tub with candles and crystals. Add the herbs, oils and flower petals of your choice and relax.  Say the below while you melt into relaxation.

“I am renewed with this new moon. I am replenished  I am open to new beginnings.”

“I am restored by sacred cosmic vibration. I am divinely protected. I relinquish the weight of that which no longer serves me. My spirit is awake, My path is revealed, I am open to receive.”

“I welcome transformation, I welcome growth, I welcome abundance, I know what I need.  I am ready.”

Let Go: New Moon Ritual

Items needed:

  • Bath
  • Candle
  • Crystals
  • Incense
  • Sage

Set intensions: Plan, Visualize, Find Focus, Dream, Make a Vision Board

During bath:  LET GO, relax, take deep breaths

Visualize what doesn’t serve you, write it down and destroy it.

Imagine it flies away or burns.

FORGIVE yourself and others

This is a great spell to cast in combination with our Healing Spells

New Moon Love Spell

Items Needed:

  • Pink Cord or Yarn around 12”
  • Pink Candle
  • Salt and Pepper Shaker
  • Jasmine Incense
  • Atraction Oil
  • Dragons Blood Incense

New moon rituals for love are focuses on drawing in the love you desire. New moon love spells free yourself and drawn in what you desire.

Begin by casting a circle at your altar with the help of some salt and mark an outline of the circle. Take the pink candle and rub it with your attraction oil.  Place the candle in the center of the circle.

Place one of the incenses on the left and the other on the right of the circle.  Now light the incense and candle.  Hold the pink cord and bind it to the salt shaker and say the below:

“Goddess be with me, the salt shaker is me.”

Take the pepper shaker and tie it on the other end of the cord and say the below:

“The pepper shaker is the love I seek.”

Tie the shakers together and keep them in front of the candle.  Meditate, wish and pray for pure love to come to you.  Imagine a good life with your partner, imagine doing all the things you want to do with them.  Meditate well and once you feel you have meditated enough, blow out the candle.  The next morning, untie the shakers and light the candle.  Then retie them again.  Do this again for seven days.  By the end of the seventh day your lover will enter your life in some way.

This spell can be done in combination with our Obsession SpellsCharmed Spells and Free Love Spells for a Specific Person.

From ezspells.com

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for The New Moon


Correspondences for The New Moon


Time: From Dark Moon to Waxing Moon (depends)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Callieach, Banshee, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan

Magickal Attributes: BANISHING releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, wisdom, psychic abilities, scrying, reversing circumstances.

NEW BEGINNINGS weight loss, goal setting, planning, cleaning, personal cleansing, general beginnings and considerations.

Spell for Today – Full Moon Goddess Blessing Salts c. 2017

Full Moon Goddess Blessing Salts

What You’ll Need: 1/2 cup of salt Desired herbal blend (See conjuring instructions for amount)

Protection Blend Dill Cedar Clove Sage Lavender

Healing Blend Cinnamon Lavender Pine Rosemary Sandalwood

Self-Love Blend Chamomile Lavender Rose Jasmine

How to Conjure: In a glass jar or bowl, mix 1/2 cup salt with desired herbs. While mixing, focus your mind on your intentions (i.e. protection, health, self-love). Picture your intentions manifesting. Feel the safety and peace rippling through you if your salt is for protection. Imagine your body (or your loved one’s) healing if you’re manifesting health. Picture that person up and about, running and jumping and feeling amazing! If your blend is for self-love, imagine yourself standing before a mirror, liking what you see. Smile at yourself. Tell yourself you are loved, that you are human and you are doing your best, that your best is enough. That you are worthy of love, especially your own.

Once you can visualize the outcome in your mind’s eye, place the jar outside or on a windowsill where it will be exposed to the moonlight all night. In Goddess pose (arms above head like the “Y” in the YMCA dance), thank the Goddess Moon for lending her energies to your spell and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is a full moon.

Leave the jar on the windowsill until the following morning. Cover it, put it on your magic shelf, and you’re done! Now you have a blessing salt you can use to protect your home or vehicle, to circle a table for a healing spell, or to bless a special piece of jewelry or crystal to keep with you to remind yourself that you are worthy of love!

These herbs can be added in any amount. Generally I listen to instinct and see what the herb is saying to me (so to speak. I don’t hear herbal voices, but how cool would that be?!) If you find yourself drawn to one more than another, either by scent or smell or pure instinct, follow your gut! Magick is all about instinct. The best spells you will ever cast are the ones where you followed your intuition.


You Download a PDF file on this material at The Penniless Pagan

Some of the Names and Correspondences for a February Full Moon – Printable


An Invaluable Herbal Grimoire Reference Guide

By Graphia, The Wordsmith Witch

No matter what your spiritual path looks like, every Witch can benefit from possessing a thorough, comprehensive Herbal Grimoire. Many practitioners include such contents as a guide for the magical correspondences of different herbs, a list of various herbal substitutions for spellcrafting, and last, but not least – a reference section that lists commonly found baneful herbs and their toxicity levels.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

This herb correspondence chart is the culmination of years of research. We hope this reference guide will help you to understand the magical properties of herbs, roots, flowers, barks and resins. It is our goal to provide others with accurate sources of information to enrich their lives and their Craft. What are some ways you can implement the information in the following guide into your own practice?  Click on the link below to view the chart.

Herbal Grimoire