Life As The Witch – Recognizing Our Goddess, HEKATE (Hecate)

Hekate: A Modern Implications

These days, Hekate is often still seen as the Goddess of Witchcraft and Dark Magick, a Dark Crone, because of her connection to the line between life and death. Her chthonic roots are attributed to her aspects as a Death Goddess, but in truth she is not solely death aspected. Her nature is one of transformation, and though change can be terrifying and damaging, it can also be beatific. To think of Her only as a chthonic, Underworld Goddess is to ignore part of her nature.

These days we too often see things in terms of diametric, opposites (light/dark, masculine, feminine, God/Goddess, as if the vast universe is written in binary, nothing more than ones and zeros. While these dichotomies play a role in the nature of the universe, they are also simplified depictions. Deity cannot be contained in the use of dichotomy, because deity transcends those terms.

Hekate is neither light nor dark; she is the very scale of graduation, present at the exact point at which one type of gray becomes another, between every gradient and at either end of the spectrum. Each change is her territory, and there are billions of transformations every day.

Hekate’s connection to magic is another aspect of her nature. Through magic we take what is only potential and pull it into reality, imprinting the mundane world with what could be. And this is one of the biggest changes of all, the transformation for which Hekate has always been particularly revered. Magick is transformation, and it’s from this that Hekate’s association with it is.

In invoking Heckate we can learn to accept changes in our lives, both positive and negative, and we can also create change in our own worlds. She aids the completion and manifestation of spells and when called for divinatory purposes she can help to reveal the truth more readily. She can part the Veil, to allow clearer vision or communion with the dead. Hekate is a protector of children, especially when they walk hard paths, but also in the journey into adulthood.

Hekate guards the crossroads, both those that line our physical reality and those that mark our passage through life, through our spirituality, and through the journey that is existence.


Excerpt from:”The Transformative Nature of Hekate”

by Marion Sipe

Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Living Companion

Thoughts on Black Magick

Lady of the Abyss is has a way to teach us new things from the Spirit Plane by me reposting a post of hers done on October 2, 2111.

Thoughts on Black Magick by Sylvana SilverWitch


Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them?
Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2

Black magick, the black arts, the left hand path_ the words conjure a reaction, a chill, raise the hair on the nape of your neck. I invariably imagine zombies, the voodoo walking undead or secret virgin sacrifices. I think, too, of dolls with needles stuck in them for malicious revenge spells, of death, injury and illness.

First, let’s examine magick; what is it precisely? There are numerous interpretations, and each person you ask will have their own. My favorite definition of magick is that of S.L. MacGregor Mathers, one of the founding members of the Golden Dawn. He characterizes magick as: “The Science of the Control of the Secret Forces of Nature.” I do like to commune with those secret forces, and to fancy I might have some influence, however small, over them. Ha, ha, ha!

Another explication is from the famous old grimoire, The Lemegeton, or The Lessor Key of Solomon. It states: “Magick is the Highest, most Absolute, and Most Divine Knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things; so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will therefore be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.”

Old Uncle Al (Aleister Crowley, pronounced Cro-lee) had another one of the finest: “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” This leaves a lot of room for doing what you please, but Uncle Al was especially big on free will anyway. I believe he would, even now, approve of black magick.

Another one of my favorites is that of a fellow, described by Doreen Valiente, who said in her book An ABC of Witchcraft: “Black magick can be defined as what the other fellow does!” Isn’t that the truth!? I have listened to this from a lot of people, who really can’t tell you what black magick would be – except a spell to kill someone – and I asked lots of people this question! They can’t describe it themselves, but it’s what “So and so” does! They know it when they see it!

When I sat down to compose this article I speculated, what would people want to apprehend about black magick? I would want to understand – what is it specifically? This is not always simple to define, the edges are blurred in some cases.

So, what actually is black magick? Is it all of these, or any of them? According to the Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft: “Magic is variously described as white, black and gray, but actually it has no color. Magic is neutral and amoral. It can be bent to good, evil or ambiguous purposes, depending on the intent of the practitioner.” “The distinction between white and black magic is fairly modern,” according to occultist A.E. Waite, “and depends upon sharp contrast between good and evil spirits.”

According to certain people, there is apparently no such thing as “black” magick. Other people have differing opinions, like The Modern Witch’s Spellbookby Sarah Lyddon Morrison has a whole section, along with the charms and talismans, love spells and potions, that describes black magick and its applications. It is complete with specific spells: “to torment, but not permanently injure,” or like “punishing a faithless lover,” or “to cause a lot of agony,” and “how to make a marriage unhappy.”

Wait, there’s more: “To maim and kill,” and detailed instructions on “how to dig up a coffin” to get your hands on some coffin nails (presumably for other weird spells). To Sarah’s credit, the chapter on black magick includes a segment about ethics and contains plenty of admonitions about what not to do, and how you should never render black magick in haste. It goes on to caution you about what happens if you’re not positively certain about your victim or whether they actually did what you think they did, or deserve the results your efforts.

So, I guess it’s okay with her, as long as you heed the instructions – this seems to be the theory of quite a few people outside the Northwest. Speaking of the Northwest, I have discovered that people here are inclined to be a bit more conservative (or politically correct), than they are ordinarily.

When I began in the Craft, it was much more permissible to use your art for advantage or protection or even for retribution: the sort of things that are, today, considered by many to be black magick. This whole thing about the politically correct manner in which to do magick, or whether it’s okay to work magick at all – positively annoys me! I say, “What variety of witch doesn’t practice magick?” I have known a number of them here in the Seattle area. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe that’s one of the distinctions between “Wiccans” and “Witches” – I am a Witch, with a capital “W.” I am not, however, a Wiccan, and that’s okay.

I remember when the domain of the witches was just that, the dark side. We were outside the edges of society anyway, and we knew we had power and we weren’t afraid to use it. People came frequently to implore me to work a spell for them: to bring back an errant lover, to get a particular job, to get back at a person who had harmed them. I usually sent them away with instructions on how to resolve the situation themselves, though in certain circumstances it was acceptable to do the spell for them. What happened? Why is it not okay anymore to exercise your power? Why has the Craft become so boringly P.C.?

“The driving force behind black magic is hunger for power.” So says Richard Cavendish in The Black Arts,one of the first books about magick that I bought when I was about sixteen, thinking that “this must be what it is.” Cavendish also says, “The magician sets out to conquer the universe. To succeed he must make himself master of everything in it – evil as well as good, cruelty as well as mercy, pain as well as pleasure.” This makes sense, right? According to almost everyone that I have talked to, those who have been in the Craft for over 10 years, they all started out in search of power. Or at least that’s what they thought at the time. Many began by practicing black magick and proceeded logically, after getting their butts kicked (proverbially or not), to the Craft as we now know it and what they ended up finding is their own power.

When I was younger, and did not know any better – I, too, believed any magick that would work was great. If you could get someone to do what you wanted or to fall in love with you, or whatever, you were a clever witch. It is much easier to do what is now referred to as black magick when you’re young; you frequently have a lot of emotion invested in it, so there’s no wonder a neophyte might be successful with it.

My personal definition of black magick, if there is such a thing, about which I am still ambiguous, is: working magick that is meant to hurt, harm or to cause the loss of free will or to hinder someone else or a situation. Further, it can be just pulling on someone’s energy without his or her permission, and knowledge. Sometimes this is not done maliciously or mean-spiritedly, for instance working love magick to get a specific person, or healing a person who maybe needs the rest that illness provides. So in my opinion, you should be very careful. It works – it works well so you better be very sure! There is so much negativity floating around in the atmosphere that it’s easy to gather that up and direct it without much effort or skill. Should you do it? I can’t tell you that, but I don’t recommend doing anything questionable unless you really know what you’re doing and are absolutely willing to suffer the consequences of the threefold law of return. Because the problem is, it will come back to you, and you should be ready to have your butt kicked by it.

In my class, I teach that there’s no color to magick, that it all just is and it’s a matter of the intent that creates the Karma. I do my best now to avoid situations that might get me into a position where I’d be inclined to have to use my magick in such a way. I also teach my students personal responsibility, and I practice it myself. I would hope that all grown-up witches would do the same. That is the secret, in my opinion. There are not many people willing to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. I have heard many people complain about this and that, and how they wish it would be different to accommodate them. I say stop complaining and do something for yourself! Use magick if you will and remember to be mindful of your intent!

A Witches Spell – Spell To Assist In Readings and Divination

Lady of the Abyss is has a way to teach us new things from the Spirit Plane by me reposting this post of hers done on November 10, 2013

Spell To Assist In Readings and Divination

Items You Will Need:

White candle

Whatever tools you use for divination, such as tarot cards, runes, crystal ball, etc.

Not every form of divination works for every Witch. Sometimes it take trial and error to discover which one work the best for you. If you are having a hard time seeing clearly, try doing this before attempting a reading. It is also a good one to do if the issue at hand is very important.

If you still have a hard time seeing the answers you seek, you can try having your familiar help by giving them a choice of tarot cards or runes stones, and seeing which one they pick.

You can call on any God or Goddess for this spell. Apollo is used here because he was the patron God of the Oracle at Delphi, probably the most famous center of divination in the ancient world.

Great Apollo
Farseeing and wise
Help me see clearly
As if through your eyes
Bless now these tools
And the one who will see
And send me your vision
Of what is to be
Help me set aside feelings
That get in the way
So I might see true
In my reading today.

So Mote It Be

Daily Tarot Card for May 12 is Three of Coins

Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Coins











This suit, most often named “Coins” or “Pentacles”, is a symbol for a magical talisman that represented wealth or potential. This suit represents something supportive that is available to you — whether it be health, some kind of talent, a material or financial resource.

The Three is traditionally the card of genius. Here we usually see a master craftsman conferring with his masons on the installation of a beautiful stained-glass window in the cathedral. This designer is often likened to Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, a multi-talented visionary who has no peers in talent or productivity.

The masterwork is being proudly showcased for future generations, as an object of personal and collective pride. On some cards, the genius is portrayed at his studio, alone and burning the midnight oil, in a creative ferment — driven to draw, paint, invent, or whatever work genius wants to bring into creation. As a subtext to the rewards of genius are the days and weeks of intense concentration it takes to solve the problems that great works entail. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019

Daily Witches Runes for Wednesday, October 17th is The Rings

Daily Witches Rune

October 17th, 2018

The Rings

Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.


Good Early Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

I hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying their Monday so far. I know several of you have asked about my health and since it is no longer a secret, I decided I might as well be the one to tell you. As most of you know I went back to work, HA! funny, funny! I started out liking the job, then after a few weeks, I grew to absolutely hate it. I prayed and prayed for a graceful way out of leaving the job. Well, all I can say is be careful, very careful what you wish for, I was bitten by a water moccasin(in case you don’t know, they are a very deadly snake) while goofing off on a riding lawn mower. I really wasn’t goofing off, I was trying to mow the marsh. We have had so much rain the grass was up to my knees in parts, seriously. I went through a patch of it and the next thing I knew, I saw a brown flash up on the lawnmower deck and this sudden pain in my ankle. It dawned on me what had happened and by the time I got back to the cabin, I could hardly move that leg. Lord M picked me up and took me to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, I couldn’t feel both legs and I could feel my stomach going numb as well. Funny, the first thing they do when you go in the hospital for a snake bite is to take a magic marker and draw around the bite. They say they want to know what shape it is (preferably what state it is in the shape of).  It doesn’t matter that you can’t breathe and gasping for air, oh no, let’s get that shape drawn. Anyway, after spending a few days in the hospital I was released and sent home. I was given snake venom, antibiotics and a saline drip and that was it.

After I returned home, I was to see my regular doctor. We went and Lord M got pissed. My ankle was black as the ace of spades and gushing greenish pus from it. Lord M demanded the doctor do something and she said just to stay on the antibiotics and it would get better. Well, I guess I have Lord M for saving my life and my foot. Since I am a diabetic, I could have lost my foot over the bite. He called someone in Nashville and got me in to a doctor down there. We went down there and the doctor threw a fit. He immediately admitted me into the hospital and they scraped all the dead and poisonous tissue from the area. I got to stay a day down there. I now have a hole in my ankle as big as your fist and I kid you not. You can see the bone, tendons and the whole nine yards. They are going to give it a chance to heal on its own but there is a good chance I will have to have skin graphs done on my ankle.

In all this chaos, I believe good news did come out of it (or else the morphine was talking, lol!), I am now engaged to Lord Myst. Yes after all these years of him asking me to marry him, I finally broke down and said yes. We were to be married tomorrow but I told him I thought we ought to have an engagement period. So we have now set the date for Samhain. I am going to ask Lady Beltane to handfast us, if she has the time. He is throwing a hissy fit wanting to know why we have to wait till Samhain. I told him I wanted to be sure our ancestors could attend, really I want time for head to clear to make sure I am making the right decision but anyway…..if Lady B agrees I hopes she likes the hills of Kentucky, lol!

My dear thoughtful son, Jacob had to pop me with a surprise also. He decided since I was going to be laid up for six months, I might get bored, Bored, yeah right! But anyway, he is a thoughtful child and was thinking of me and didn’t want me to go stir crazy. So he started me another website. I hope you caught that he started it, guess who finished it, me. I guess I am a sucker but I believe all things happen for a reason, the snake bite, the marriage proposal and now the new site. We are having our grand opening today. Grand right, I haven’t even unpacked all the files yet. But anyway, it is set to open today so it will open. If any of you would like to hop over and say hello or just look around, I would be glad to see you. The name of the new site is “The Witchcraft Chronicles.” The name just popped in my head and I took that as a sight as well. Ain’t it great to be a superstitious witch, lol!

Since I had received so many emails wanting to know how I was doing I thought I would give you a quick up-date. Got snake bite, been in the hospital, got engaged, and now a new site. I think that is about it. I believe really that is enough. You will find our new banner below if you would like to visit. And, oh yeah, Lady B, how about that handfasting?

Got to run for now. Hope to see you soon. Till then…

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Witches Of The Craft and Its Domain are now for Sale

After 18 years spent on the internet and due to expensive lawyer fees coming soon, I have decided it is time to move on to the next stage of our lives. Therefore, the WOTC is now up for sale. It has not been an easy decision to make but I believe it is time for us to move on, hopefully to bigger and better things for each of us.

The site is currently valued at $45,000. But that is not the asking price for it. The price I have set for the sale of the WOTC is $5,000. If you are a member or Pagan group that would be interested in purchasing the site, the price is negotiable. It is my hope that someone will purchase the site and love it and care for it as we have over the many years.

Witches of the Craft is one of the oldest and most respected Pagan websites on the internet today. You will be purchasing a site that is well known and also has name recognization. The domain will come due later on this year at which time it can be transferred over to you. We also have a Blogger site (Witches Rec Room) and a Pinterest site which I will include in this purchase, if you want them also. If you are not interested in the other two sites, they will be deleted immediately after the sale is complete. Included in the purchase of the site, I will stay on for three months as a consultant and help you learn WordPress if you need for me too. As far as the store goes, when this site is sold, the store will disappear. The store is not included because of the various wholesalers we deal with.

The site does produce some revenue from the ads that are placed on the site by WordPress. It is nothing that is going to make you rich but it does help pay the internet bill. You can also decide whether you wish to keep the ads or remove them, that will totally be up to you.

So what are you getting:

Basically three sites for the price of one, if you want the other two, I will gladly hand the keys over to you. You are also getting a well established site, one which you do not have to start out and build it up. Between the Pinterest site, the Blogger site, the Facebook pages(which by the way, the minute this site is sold will be deleted) and this site, there are more than 45 million followers. I will stay on for three months to help you, if you need for me too but I will not be in the public eye nor make any posts.

I have not put this site for sale on any of the websites that sells sites yet. The reason being is as I stated earlier, I hope some one or some group purchases it and loves it and cares for it as we have all these years. This site has huge potential and it is my hopes that the new owners can soar higher and further than we have ever done. I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in purchasing the site. As I mentioned, I wanted to offer it to you first before I did a total stranger.

If you are interested in purchasing the WOTC and the other sites I mentioned, you can contact me at:


Thank you,

Lady of the Abyss





Grins and Groans from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Sometimes, it’s mothers who say the darnedest things. Try not to roll your eyes too hard at this edition of Humor Me!


Dear Stanley,

I write to let you know that I am still alive. I am writing as slowly as I can, as I know you don’t read fast.

You won’t know the house when you come home—we moved. We had trouble moving, especially the bed—the man wouldn’t let us take it in the taxi, and we were afraid that we might wake your father.

Your father has a nice new job, and very responsible. He has about 500 people under him—he cuts the grass at the cemetery.

Our neighbors, the Browns, started keeping pigs. We got wind of it yesterday.

I got my appendix out and a dishwasher put in. There is a washing machine in the new house here, but it don’t work too good. Last week, I put 14 shirts in it and pulled that chain. They whirled around real good, but then disappeared.

Your uncle Pat drowned last week in a whiskey vat at the distillery. Four of his workmates dived in to save him, but he fought them off bravely. We cremated the body the next day and just got the fire out this morning.

I went to the doctor with your father last week. The doctor put a small glass tube with a red line in it in my mouth and told me not to open it for 10 minutes. Your father wanted to buy it from him.

It rained only twice last week—once for 3 days and once for 4 days. Monday was so windy that our chicken laid the same egg four times.

Your loving mother,



Sunday school teacher: Tell me, Johnny. Do you say prayers before eating?
Johnny: No, ma’am, I don’t have to. My mom’s a good cook.

Dan: What did the mother bullet say to the daddy bullet?
Ryan: What?
Dan: We’re gonna have a BB!”

Jack: Why did the monster’s mother knit him three socks?
Bill:  I have no idea. Why?
Jack: She heard he grew another foot!

Elephant: Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?
Hippo: I give up.
Elephant: Because their kids have to play inside!

Robbie: Larry’s mother had four children. Three were named North, South and West. What was her other child’s name?
Bobbie: East?
Robbie: No. Larry.

Mother to son: I’m warning you. If you fall out of that tree and break both your legs, don’t come running to me!


“Uncle John,” said little Emily, “did you hear that a baby that was fed on elephant’s milk gained 200 pounds in one week?”

“Nonsense! Impossible! Whose baby was it?”

“The elephant’s.”



The Old Farmer’s Almanac






Whether it’s a simple phone call or family time, spend Mother’s Day thinking about mom. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve thought about 10 ways to celebrate moms and motherhood—from sharing a meal to giving flowers with symbolic meaning to making a card with special quotes and memories.


Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It’s not a federal holiday, but Mother’s Day is widely celebrated as a special day to honor all mothers and motherhood. Together, let’s honor the women who raised us—and all the mothers who sacrificed for their children.

Year Mother’s Day
2019 Sunday, May 12
2020 Sunday, May 10
2021 Sunday, May 9


The greatest love is a mother’s; Then comes a dog’s, then comes a sweetheart’s. 
–Polish proverb

Although the custom of setting aside a day to honor mothers has ancient roots, our observance of Mother’s Day mainly came about through the efforts of a devoted daughter, Anna M. Jarvis.

After the death of her own mother in 1905, Jarvis wanted to recognize the sacrifices mothers made for their children. She organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration in May 1908 at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia.

On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating the second Sunday in May Mother’s Day, and within a few years, the idea gained worldwide prominence.


Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law. 
–Hubert Humphrey, American politician

1. Bring mom flowers! How about a bouquet with flowers that symbolize your relationship?

  • Mother’s Day founder, Anna Jarvis, envisioned all mothers wearing a white carnation on Mother’s Day.
  • Purple irises are also a special choice for mothers, symbolizing faith and hope.
  • Or, simply pick flowers that have meaning to your own mother!

2. Give your mother a live plant. If your mom is a green thumb, consider giving her a new plant for her collection.

  • Perhaps a new rose bush or a geranium?
  • Orchids symbolize “many children.”
  • Or, perhaps a dogwood or flowering shrub?

3. Design and plant a garden.

Give her the gift of a small garden. You can buy the plants and also plant them in the ground.

  • Perhaps your mother wished she had flowers in a shady border?
  • Or, maybe she’s admiring the spring blooms and would like some spring-blooming bulbs (plant in the fall) or summer-blooming bulbs (plant in the spring)?
  • Or, if your mother enjoys cooking, perhaps she’d love an herb garden outside her kitchen window.

4. Bring mom breakfast in bed! How about a chocolate croissant from your local bakery?

5. Cook mom a special dinner! Think about her favorite food. Here are some yummy recipes passed down through the generations—made by moms and grandmothers!

6. Bake a cake! Traditionally, children in England always baked a cake for their Mother’s Day—called Mothering Sunday.

7. Make a homemade gift. Mothers love gifts from the heart!

8. Give your mother a locket with your photos. Forget about a digital photo gift. Imagine your mother’s delight to have a beautiful locket with photos of her children. She’ll treasure it forever!

9. Give your mother jewelry with your birthstone. For example, if your birthday is in August, give your mother peridot stud earrings. She’ll always think of her dear child when she wears them.

10. Make your own card. In our home, it’s a tradition to make a homemade card every year.

Wondering what to write in the card? How about sharing a funny story or happy memory of you and your mom? It will make her smile.


Here at the Almanac, we shared some of the happiest or funniest memories of our own mothers. We welcome your happy memories and stories, too! (Please share in the comments below.)

My mom sang a lot around the house and I thought she made up all of the songs. When I got older, I started to hear those same songs on the radio and was like “Hey …”
–Sarah P., Almanac editor

When I was a teenager my mother went back to college to get her Master of Library Science—studies that required she learn how to program computers. This put me in the unique position of being able to help my mother with her homework.
–Peter R., Almanac programmer

When I was young and all of my older siblings were in school, my Mom and I would have breakfast by the kitchen window and watch the hummingbirds. We loved watching the hummingbirds!
–Colleen Q., Almanac art director

We went to Ocean City, Maryland, every summer for a week on the beach. My mom went out on the beach every sunny day and sat there, under a big umbrella. She never got a tan (she had very fair skin and burned easily). No one can remember her ever going into the water. Not once.
–Tim C., Almanac editor

Some of my happiest memories are singing songs with Mom as she played the piano. She also encouraged me to play. Even though it was a struggle at times, I am glad to have had lessons, not only because I discovered how to play an instrument but also because I learned how to read music and how the notes worked together to make a melody.
–Heidi S., Almanac editor

My Mom and I have what we’ve always kind of called “our psychic connection” because it always seems like she will call me when I’ve been thinking of her a lot that day, or I’ll call her and she’ll say she’d been thinking of me. It seems like my daughter and I also have the “psychic connection”!
—Stacey K., Almanac staff

Before I started school, Mom took me to the library every week to take out 5 books, and return the 5 books from the prior week. We’d read together almost every day. 
–Colleen Q., Almanac art director

Of course, if YOU are a mother, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!






By Lucille J. Goodyear

While the Mother’s Day that we celebrate on the second Sunday in May is a fairly recent development, the basic idea goes back to ancient mythology—to the long ago civilizations of the Greeks and Romans.

The Greeks paid annual homage to Cybele, the mother figure of their gods, and the Romans dedicated an annual spring festival to the mother of their gods.


In 16th century England a celebration called “Mothering Sunday” was inaugurated—a Sunday set aside for visiting one’s mother. The eldest son or daughter would bring a “mothering cake,” which would be cut and shared by the entire family. Family reunions were the order of the day, with sons and daughters assuming all household duties and preparing a special dinner in honor of their mother. Sometime during the day the mother would attend special church services with her family.


Here in America, in 1872, Julia Ward Howe, a famous poet and pacifist who fought for abolition and women’s rights, suggested that June 2 be set aside to honor mothers in the name of world peace. This happened not long after the bloody Franco-Prussian War after which Howe began to think of a global appeal to women.

The idea died a quick death. Nothing new happened in this department until 1907, when a Miss Anna M. Jarvis, of Philadelphia, took up the banner.


After her mother died in 1905, Miss Anna Jarvis wished to memorialize her life and started campaigning for a national day to honor all mothers.

Her mother, known as “Mother Jarvis,” was a young Appalachian homemaker and lifelong activist who had organized “Mother’s Work Days” to save the lives of those dying from polluted water. During the Civil War, Mother Jarvis had also organized women’s brigades, encouraging women to help without regard for which side their men had chosen.  At the time, there were many special days for men, but none for women.

On May 10, 1908, a Mother’s Day service was held at a church in Grafton, West Virginia, where Anna’s mother had taught. Thus was born the idea that the second Sunday in May be set aside to honor all mothers, dead or alive.

Anna Jarvis, bombarded public figures and various civic organizations with telegrams, letters, and in-person discussions. She addressed groups large and small. At her own expense, she wrote, printed, and distributed booklets extolling her idea.

Her efforts came to the attention of the mayor of Philadelphia, who proclaimed a local Mother’s Day. From the local level she went on to Washington, D.C. The politicians there knew a good thing when they saw it and were quick to lend verbal support.

West Virginia was the first state to officially adopt the holiday, and others followed suit. Proclamation of the day by the various states led Representative J. Thomas Heflin of Alabama and Senator Morris Sheppard of Texas to present a joint resolution to Congress that Mother’s Day be observed nation-wide. The resolution was passed by both houses.



In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill designating the second Sunday in May as a legal holiday to be called “Mother’s Day”—dedicated “to the best mother in the world, your mother.”

For the first few years, the day was observed as a legal holiday, but in absolute simplicity and reverence—church services were held in honor of all mothers, living and dead.

In many ways family observance much resembled that of the British version of “Mothering Sunday.”




Now In Honor Of Our Mothers: How the Zodiac Signs Are as Mothers

How the Zodiac Signs Are as Mothers

Discover each mom’s unique parenting style

Content authored by Nancy Frederickson

Moms are people, too. To many, mothers are simply there, ready and more than willing to take care of the needs of other. But Astrology reveals that each zodiac sign has its own special traits, needs, and foibles.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

The cuddly, sweet, apron-clad mom probably doesn’t belong to this Astrology sign! She’s busy and active and may spend an equal amount of time changing the oil in her motorcycle as snuggling the kiddies. That’s a good thing for children who seek independence rather than a hands-on level of involvement. Eventually an Aries mom seems cool, once her tots are adults who can look at all the adventures their mom has enjoyed and think, “Wow!”

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Taurus moms’ kids look back on a childhood filled with shopping trips and yummy food. No other mom is as involved in gustatory pleasures as this little lady. Whether she cooks or not — and usually she will — Taurus mom knows where to get the good treats, and every life crises can usually be solved with a nibble. A Taurus mother is also the one who offers her children a sense of security and stability by showing up to every sporting event, play, or school concert.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Although a Gemini mom may seem too busy talking on the phone, reading a book, or watching television to pay a ton of attention to her kids, she is a super fun mother when it comes to play time. Board games bore this witty woman as it does most moms. She’ll happily play for hours. Need a Pictionary partner or someone to challenge at Scrabble? She’s your gal. And even as she gets on in years, a Gemini mother is willing to go on a bike ride with her adventurous adult children.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Cancer signs all want to be mothers — even the men. No other zodiac sign is as cuddly and nurturing and as willing to focus on their kids (almost to the point of worship). Nothing is more important to this mom than the security and comfort of her offspring. She’s the sort of steel magnolia who will work three jobs, get up at dawn to make waffles, and immediately vanquish any minor dark cloud crossing the horizon of a beloved child.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

Children of Leo moms are always proud to have the snazziest mother in the room — until their friends want to date her. This glamour queen has such an imperative to always look wonderful. She may spend just as much time using her gold card at the most upscale stores as she does tending to a case of the sniffles. She does know how to make life fun, and kids of a Leo mom always remember the amazing birthday parties she threw for them.

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)

A Virgo mom always wants her kids to strive for perfection — even more perfect than she is, and that’s really shooting for the Moon. Organized, efficient, and precise, she should be running a country instead of a mere household. Her kids grow up not even knowing what a microwave dinner is because everything is done to perfection by this driven dynamo. Any problem is soon solved, every science project is done early, and life looks easy in her capable hands.

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22)

Social, outgoing, charming, and lovable to the max, Libra moms are like Mary Poppins, spreading cheer wherever they go. They live in velvet and silks and are happiest when planning a party or reading a romance novel. Children of these ladies adore them, even when Libras are occasionally too busy with their own social life to pay a ton of attention to the kiddos. Eventually those kids grow up and enjoy sharing a cocktail with their Libra mother.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)

Most mysterious of all moms, this lady may be quite inscrutable. What you know of her is what she wishes you to see. Few people are privy to the secrets below the surface. Yet Scorpio moms are very passionately loving, and if anyone crosses one of this mom’s kids … forget it. She will fight to the death to protect her loved ones. This is not the woman to try to deceive. She knows everyone’s secrets, so it’s better to share your intimacies than aim for privacy.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

Everyone yearns for the mom who doesn’t care if the house is a mess, who will automatically say, “Yes!” when yet another stray animal comes looking for a home, and who is willing to pack up kids to trek across foreign lands. They should have had a Sag mom. Her values are as true as her sense of justice, and she raises her kids to have open minds and warm hearts.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

Traditional, stern, and only occasionally quirky, this mom has a clear sense of what’s important and spends ample time imparting to her offspring the need for discipline and success. This is the mom who will tirelessly coach a child until that Olympic gold medal is achieved. She doesn’t feel that childhood is solely for fun, because to her, you must start working immediately to get ahead in life.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18)

Nobody expects a mom to be a forward-thinking, techno-savvy iconoclast, but that’s what you get with Aquarius. She’s not shy, not dainty, and she can take apart a computer and put it back together. The Aquarius mother is all about her friendships and her causes, and a child can learn a lot from being dragged straight from a community meeting to a volunteer group. She’s not centered around emotions or personal attention, but she will help her kids face life from an interesting perspective.

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

Sensitive, sweet, tender-hearted, and artistic, Pisces moms seem to be asked for more mothering than they can give some days. There’s always such a long line of people waiting to talk to her and be snuggled that a child might get lost in the shuffle. The way to reach this dreamy doll of a mom is to crawl into her lap and connect subliminally. Those hours of doing creative projects together aren’t just silly — it’s how Pisces moms bond with their kids. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019

Planet Tracker for May 12: Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo: Practical, Organized, Patient

May 12, 2019 – May 14, 2019

Virgo is an Earth sign so it’s practical, but it’s also related to Mercury which means it has an active mind. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, you are known for your intellect, curious mind, and intuition. Virgo likes to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff — constantly sorting out thoughts, feelings, and everything around them. Leave it to Virgo to figure out what’s useful or useless, what’s true or not true, what’s right or wrong. It’s not surprising that this sign’s motto is “I analyze.”

Before we talk specifically about the Moon in Virgo, let’s talk about the Moon for a moment. In astrology, the Moon in considered a planet — it’s the fastest moving of them all. Because it moves so quickly, the Moon passes through each of the 12 zodiac signs every month.

When the Moon is in Virgo

No matter which Sun sign you were born under, for a few days each month, we all feel like a Virgo. Because Virgo loves order and cleanliness, you’ll feel a stronger urge to organize your living spaces during the Virgo Moon transit. This is also an excellent time to work on any projects as this diligent sign has an uncanny ability to analyze the critical details most of us would miss!

Virgos loves to lend a helping hand, so don’t be surprised if you are the first person to volunteer when a friend asks for a favor. Don’t be mistaken — you won’t feel obligated in the least bit. Because Virgos love to pitch in, you’ll not only want to come to someone’s aid, but you’ll also get extreme satisfaction from it. What can we say? This sign truly enjoys being of service to others.

When the Moon is in Virgo, you may feel more motivated to take your health more seriously. You might find yourself re-evaluating your diet and nutrition, or possibly taking up a new fitness regimen. Don’t be afraid to get out and flex those muscles!

New Moon in Virgo

In the late summer, when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo, we have what is called a Virgo New Moon. This is always a time of new beginnings, and a time of a new emotional cycle. This New Moon is different in that we don’t plant new seeds; instead, we try to figure out what to do with what we’ve harvested. You’ll find yourself asking, “Where do I go from here?” The key is figuring out how to use what you’ve been working on to create a different kind of new beginning. Now that you’ve plucked that wheat the Virgo is known for holding, how are you going to use it?

Full Moon in Virgo

Six months later, at the end of winter, we have what is known as a Virgo Full Moon. Because the Sun is in the sign of Pisces, this is a time when you’ll get lost in your thoughts, and find yourself dreaming about the future. The energy of this Full Moon helps us balance this out by bringing us back to reality, and showing us how we can make these fantasies a reality.

If you were born with the Moon in Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign so it’s practical, but it’s also related to Mercury which means it has an active mind. If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, you are known for your intellect, curious mind, and intuition. Virgo likes to cut through the noise and get to the good stuff — constantly sorting out thoughts, feelings, and everything around them. Leave it to Virgo to figure out what’s useful or useless, what’s true or not true, what’s right or wrong. It’s not surprising that this sign’s motto is “I analyze.”

Anyone who knows a Virgo knows that they need to feel useful, and somehow contributing to a project, a relationship, or whatever it is that needs their assistance. This is why someone with a Virgo Moon is seen as a hardworking team member in the workplace, or a loyal friend who rushes to their friends’ sides in difficult times. Virgo has been accused of being critical, but they don’t do it because they dislike something — Virgo is just trying to help!

Those born with the Moon in Virgo are some of the most loyal people you’ll meet. Yes, Virgo has high standards and loves to examine every aspect of a relationship before jumping. This doesn’t mean Virgo is cold — they can be just as passionate and loving as other signs — it’s simply that they want to know what they’re getting into. Rest assured, once a Virgo is on your side, they are in it for the long haul. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019