March, the Third Month of the Year of our Goddess, 2017


“March bustles in on windy feet
And sweeps my doorstep and my street.
She washes and cleans with pounding rains,
Scrubbing the earth of winter stains.
She shakes the grime from carpet green
Till naught but fresh new blades are seen.
Then, house in order, all neat as a pin,
She ushers gentle springtime in.”

–  Susan Reiner, Spring Cleaning



March is the third month of the Gregorian calendar, and it was the first month of the Roman calendar. The month is name for the Roman god of agriculture and war, Mars. Its astrological sign is Pisces, the fish (February 18 – March 20), a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune. March is a month of transition between winter and spring. Daffodils begin to brighten the early garden. The sap rises and robins return. In the hardware stores, shelves are stocked with garden tools and packages of flower and vegetable seeds. Still, late-season snowstorms are not unusual in March. Ostara, the main holiday of the month, celebrates the lengthening hours of daylight and the awakening of the Goddess. Eggs, whether dyed or intricately decorated are popular as seasonal symbols of life and fertility. *St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, is rich with Pagan symbolism. For example, the shamrock was once used to depict the three aspect of the Goddess. Sunny, breezy days encourage kite-flying, another season activity. Kites are magical because they soar toward the realm of spirit. The ancients used the March wind to carry their wishes to the divine. The winds of March bring the promise of a new season and a fresh start. March’s Full Moon was called the Storm Moon, and it remains a potent time to work magic for change and renewal.

*Due to the historical treatment of St. Patrick toward our brothers, the Druids, we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, on March 17th, we celebrate Irish Heritage Day.


March being named for Mars, the god of war, means protection of self and home also figures large at this time. Ancient calendars focus on March as the start of the new year. More recently, the 15th, or the “Ides of March,” brought ill fortune to Julius Caesar, and is considered by many to be unlucky. The last three day of March, long thought to be “borrowed days” of April, also called for caution. Consider doing just a little more to guard against negative energy of any sort, especially from the 10th to the 31st. A thorough house cleaning may be in order.

Excerpt from 2017 Llewellyn’s  Witches’ Spell-A Day, Emyme, Author


March – Storm Moon

March rolls in like the proverbial lion, and if we’re really lucky, it might go out like a lamb. It’s the time of the Storm Moon, the month when Spring finally arrives, around the time of the Equinox, and we see new life begin to spring forth. As the Wheel of the Year turns once more, heavy rains and gray skies abound — the earth is being showered with the life-giving water it needs to have a fertile and healthy growing season. This is also a time of equal parts light and darkness, and so a time of balance.

Depending on where you live, this moon may be called the Seed Moon, Lenten Moon, or Chaste Moon. Polly Taskey at Pagan by Design says, “Anglo-Saxons called it Hraed-monat (rugged month), or Hlyd-monat (stormy month). A stormy March was an omen of poor crops, while a dry March indicated a rich harvest. Some books refer to February as the “Storm Month,” however, I find this inaccurate. Where I live, March often IS stormy, and as the old wives tale goes, “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”

As always, your March might not see the same weather as other people’s, because your environment depends on a number of factors. If you need to adapt March’s magical correspondences to those of a different month, then feel free to do so.


  • Colors: Green, yellow, light purple
  • Gemstones: Bloodstone, aquamarine
  • Trees: Dogwood, honeysuckle
  • Gods: Isis, the Morrighan, Artemis, Cybele
  • Herbs: High John, pennyroyal, wood betony, apple blossom
  • Element: Water

Storm Moon Magic

Use this month for magical workings related to rebirth and regrowth. New life is blooming during this phase of the moon, as is prosperity and fertility. Here are some things you can do this month – because really, it’s all about planning ahead:

  • Begin planning your magical herb garden for the year. What would you like to grow? Consider whether you want specifically medicinal and healing herbs, or if you’re going for a variety of magical purposes.
  • Are you thinking about making a change in your career? Now is the time to tidy up that dusty resume and get it up to date. Start researching the companies you’d really like to work for, and figure out what you need to do to make it happen. Make phones calls, network, send in applications, and take control of the reinvention of your career.
  • Got a storm rolling in? Place a jar or bucket outside so you can gather rain water for use in ritual. Bonus magical points to you if it’s collected during a lightning storm!
  • Spring seems to be a time of year when many of us start thinking about going back to school in the fall – that’s partly because for many colleges and universities, this is the season when they are finalizing acceptances. If you’re thinking about continuing your education, get those admissions forms competed!
  • If you’ve ever thought about changing your life, especially by making big changes, now is the time to plant the seeds for those efforts.
  • Place your magical tools outside for cleansing during the Storm Moon.

—Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by


The Pagan Book of Days for the Month of March

The month of March is sacred to the Roman god Mars, whose equivalents are the Greek Ares and the old sky god of central and northern Europe, Tiu or Tiwaz. In northern and western Europe, this deity is known as the Celtic god Teutates and as the Norse god Tyr. His original name was Mavors. After Jupiter, Mars was the chief Roman god, often known as Marspater, Father Mars. He was worshiped at Rome as god of war, but he also the protect or of “the most honorable pursuit,” agriculture. Like many goddesses, Mars also appears under three aspects. As the martial god, he was Gradivus; as the rustic god, Silvanus, and as patron of the Roman state, Quirinus. He and his consort Neria, whose name means “strong,” are commemorated on March 25. The wolf and the woodpecker are sacred to Mars. In Ireland, the month of March is Mi an Mharta, also honoring the god Mars. The Anglo-Saxon name of this month was Hrethmonath, “Hertha’s month,” commemorating the Earth Mother goddess Hertha or Nerthus. Containing the vernal equinox, also called Alban Elir and Ostara, March is a month of reewal. This aspect of growth is present in the Frankish name for march, Lentzinmanoth, literally, “renewal month.” Modern Asatru calls March Lenting. The full moon of this month is called the Worm or Sap Moon in the American backwoods tradition.

The first part of March is occupied by the Celtic tree month of Nuin or Ash. On March 18, this gives way to Fearn, the Alder month. This is a tree of protection against conflict. Its sacred color is crimson. In the goddess calendar, the month of Moura ends on March 19th. The next month, Columbina, begins on the 20th. March’s birthstone is the bloodstone.

Who on this world of ours their eyes
In March first o’en shall be wise,
In days of peril, firm and brave,
And wear a bloodstone to their grave.

The weather in March is said to begin and end in opposite ways. If the month comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb, and vice versa. Another adage is enshrined in the couplet:

So many mists in March you see
So many frosts in May will be.

Naturally, as the first notably springlike month, March is seen as a key month for later fertility, for, “A wet March makes a sad harvest,” and “A peck of March dust and a shower in May. Make the corn green and the meadows gay,” and  “A peck of March dust is worth a king’s ransom.” Also “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.” But “March flowers make no summer bowers.” The Jewish holiday of Purim is it movable feast that often occurs in March.

–The Pagan Book of Days, A Guide to the Festivals, Traditions, and Sacred Days of the Year
Nigel Pennick


March’s Correspondences

NATURE SPIRITS: Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are connected with spring rains and storms.

HERBS: broom, High John Root, yellow dock, wood betony, Irish Moss.

FLOWERS: jonquil, daffodil, violet

TREES: alder, dogwood.

COLORS: pale green, red-violet

SCENTS: honeysuckle, apple blossom

STONES: aquamarine, bloodstone

ANIMALS: cougar, hedgehog, boar

BIRDS: sea crow, sea eagle

DEITIES: Black Isis, the Morrigan, Hecate, Cybele, Astarte, Athena, Minerva, Artemis, Luna.

POWER/ADVICE: Energy breaks into open, growing, prospering, exploring. New beginnings, balance of light and dark, breaking illusions. Seeing the truth in your life no matter how it may hurt.



Symbols for the Month of March

March’s Sign of the Zodiac
Pisces (February 21 – March 20)
Aries (March 21 – April 20)

March’s Celtic Tree Astrology
Nuin – Ash (February 18 – March 17)
Fearn – Alder (March 18 – April 14)

March’s Runic Half Months
Tyr (February 27 – March 13)
Beorc (March 14 – March 29)
Ehwaz (March 30 – April 13)

March’s Birthstones
Aquamarine and bloodstone

March’s Birth Flower



March’s Folklore

“When March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.”

“A dry March and a wet May bring barns and bays with corn and hay.”

“As it rains in March, so it rains in June.”

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.”


Folklore Courtesy – Hedgewitch Book of Days: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for the Magical Year
Mandy Mitchell


Pagan Calendar of Events for March

  • 1: Matronalia, the Festival of Women
  • 6: Birthday of “official witch of Salem” Laurie Cabot in 1933
  • 17: St. Patrick’s Day
  • 17: Celtic Tree Month of Ash ends
  • 18: Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins
  • 20: Ostara
  • 20: Mabon (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 23: Full moon — Storm Moon at 8:01 am
  • 26: Birthday of author and folklorist Joseph Campbell
  • 28: Death of author Scott Cunningham in 1993

—Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Calendar published on & owned by


Ostara – The Spring Equinox


Many Holidays, Many Names

The word Ostara is just one of the names applied to the celebration of the spring equinox on March 21. The Venerable Bede said the origin of the word is actually from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring. Of course, it’s also the same time as the Christian Easter celebration, and in the Jewish faith, Passover takes place as well. For early Pagans in the Germanic countries, this was a time to celebrate planting and the new crop season. Typically, the Celtic peoples did not celebrate Ostara as a holiday, although they were in tune with the changing of the seasons.

A New Day Begins

A dynasty of Persian kings known as the Achaemenians celebrated the spring equinox with the festival of No Ruz — which means “new day.” It is a celebration of hope and renewal still observed today in many Persian countries, and has its roots in Zoroastrianism. In Iran, a festival called Chahar-Shanbeh Suri takes place right before No Ruz begins, and people purify their homes and leap over fires to welcome the 13-day celebration of No Ruz.

Mad as a March Hare

Spring equinox is a time for fertility and sowing seeds, and so nature’s fertility goes a little crazy. In medieval societies in Europe, the March hare was viewed as a major fertility symbol — this is a species of rabbit that is nocturnal most of the year, but in March when mating season begins, there are bunnies everywhere all day long. The female of the species is superfecund and can conceive a second litter while still pregnant with a first. As if that wasn’t enough, the males tend to get frustrated when rebuffed by their mates, and bounce around erratically when discouraged.

The Legends of Mithras

The story of the Roman god, Mithras, is similar to the tale of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Born at the winter solstice and resurrected in the spring, Mithras helped his followers ascend to the realm of light after death. In one legend, Mithras, who was popular amongst members of the Roman military, was ordered by the Sun to sacrifice a white bull. He reluctantly obeyed, but at the moment when his knife entered the creature’s body, a miracle took place. The bull turned into the moon, and Mithras’ cloak became the night sky. Where the bull’s blood fell flowers grew, and stalks of grain sprouted from its tail.

Spring Celebrations Around the World

In ancient Rome, the followers of Cybele believed that their goddess had a consort who was born via a virgin birth. His name was Attis, and he died and was resurrected each year during the time of the vernal equinox on the Julian Calendar (between March 22 and March 25). Around the same time, the Germanic tribes honored a lunar goddess known as Ostara, who mated with a fertility god around this time of year, and then gave birth nine months later – at Yule.

The indigenous Mayan people in Central American have celebrated a spring equinox festival for ten centuries. As the sun sets on the day of the equinox on the great ceremonial pyramid, El Castillo, Mexico, its “western face…is bathed in the late afternoon sunlight. The lengthening shadows appear to run from the top of the pyramid’s northern staircase to the bottom, giving the illusion of a diamond-backed snake in descent.” This has been called “The Return of the Sun Serpent” since ancient times.

According to the Venerable Bede, Eostre was the Saxon version of the Germanic goddess Ostara. Her feast day was held on the full moon following the vernal equinox — almost the identical calculation as for the Christian Easter in the west. There is very little documented evidence to prove this, but one popular legend is that Eostre found a bird, wounded, on the ground late in winter. To save its life, she transformed it into a hare. But “the transformation was not a complete one. The bird took the appearance of a hare but retained the ability to lay eggs…the hare would decorate these eggs and leave them as gifts to Eostre.”

Modern Celebrations

This is a good time of year to start your seedlings. If you grow an herb garden, start getting the soil ready for late spring plantings. Celebrate the balance of light and dark as the sun begins to tip the scales, and the return of new growth is near.

Many modern Pagans celebrate Ostara as a time of renewal and rebirth. Take some time to celebrate the new life that surrounds you in nature — walk in park, lay in the grass, hike through a forest. As you do so, observe all the new things beginning around you — plants, flowers, insects, birds. Meditate upon the ever-moving Wheel of the Year, and celebrate the change of seasons.

—Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by


Spring Equinox Celebrations Around the World


Spring Traditions Around the World

While Pagans are celebrating Ostara, and Christians are observing Easter, it’s important to remember that the dawning of spring has been observed for a long time in many other cultures as well. Traditions vary widely from one country to the next. Here are some ways that residents of different parts of the world observe the season.


The Festival of Isis was held in ancient Egypt as a celebration of spring and rebirth. Isis features prominently in the story of the resurrection of her lover, Osiris. Although Isis’ major festival was held in the fall, folklorist Sir James Frazer says in The Golden Bough that “We are told that the Egyptians held a festival of Isis at the time when the Nile began to rise… the goddess was then mourning for the lost Osiris, and the tears which dropped from her eyes swelled the impetuous tide of the river.”


In Iran, the festival of No Ruz begins shortly before the vernal equinox.

The phrase “No Ruz” actually means “new day,” and this is a time of hope and rebirth. Typically, a lot of cleaning is done, old broken items are repaired, homes are repainted, and fresh flowers are gathered and displayed indoors. The Iranian new year begins on the day of the equinox, and typically people celebrate by getting outside for a picnic or other activity with their loved ones. No Ruz is deeply rooted in the beliefs of Zoroastrianism, which was the predominant religion in ancient Persia before Islam came along.


In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17. St. Patrick is known as a symbol of Ireland, particularly around every March. One of the reasons he’s so famous is because he drove the snakes out of Ireland, and was even credited with a miracle for this. What many people don’t realize is that the serpent was actually a metaphor for the early Pagan faiths of Ireland. St. Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle, and did such a good job of it that he practically eliminated Paganism from the country.


For the ancient Romans, the Feast of Cybele was a big deal every spring. Cybele was a mother goddess who was at the center of a Phrygian fertility cult, and eunuch priests performed mysterious rites in her honor. Her lover was Attis (who also happened to be her grandson), and her jealousy caused him to castrate and kill himself. His blood was the source of the first violets, and divine intervention allowed Attis to be resurrected by Cybele, with some help from Zeus. In some areas, there is still an annual celebration of Attis’ rebirth and Cybele’s power, called the Hilaria, observed from March 15 to March 28.


One of Judaism’s biggest festivals is Passover, which takes place in the middle of the Hebrew month of Nisan. It was a pilgrimage festival, and commemorates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt after centuries of slavery. A special meal is held, called the Seder, and it is concluded with the story of the Jews leaving Egypt, and readings from a special book of prayers. Part of the eight-day Passover traditions include a thorough spring cleaning, going through the house from top to bottom.


In Russia, the celebration of Maslenitsa is observed as a time of the return of light and warmth. This folk festival is celebrated about seven weeks before Easter. During the Lent season, meat and fish and dairy products are prohibited. Maslentisa is the last chance anyone will get to enjoy those items for a while, so it’s typically a big festival held before the somber, introspective time of Lent. A straw effigy of the Lady of Maslenitsa, is burned in a bonfire. Leftover pancakes and blintzes are tossed in as well, and when the fire has burned away, the ashes are spread in the fields to fertilize the year’s crops.

Scotland (Lanark)

In the area of Lanark, Scotland, the spring season is welcomed with Whuppity Scoorie, held on March 1. Children assemble in front of a local church at sunrise, and when the sun comes up, they race around the church waving paper balls around their heads. At the end of the third and final lap, the children gather up coins thrown by local assemblymen. According to the Capital Scot, there’s a story that this event began ages ago when troublemakers were “scoored” in the Clyde River as punishment for bad behavior. It appears to be unique to Lanark, and does not seem to be observed anywhere else in Scotland.

—Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by



The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit

Sure, Ostara is a time to celebrate spirituality and the turning of the earth, but there’s no reason we can’t have a good time with it as well. If you’ve got kids — or even if you don’t — this simple rite is a great way to welcome the season using some things that are readily available in the discount stores at this time of year!

Bear in mind, this is meant to be fun and a little bit silly. If you think the Universe has no sense of humor, click the Back button on your browser immediately to exit this page.

Arrange your ritual supplies on your altar so they look pretty. Kids can do this — typically the chocolate rabbits end up in the center, surrounded by an army of Peeps and several rings of jellybeans. A quick note — you might want to perform this ritual well in advance of mealtime, or all the kids will be too full of candy to eat a real dinner.

  • A bag of jellybeans
  • Marshmallow Peeps — chicks, bunnies, etc.
  • A chocolate rabbit for each participant
  • A glass of milk for each participant

First, give everyone present a handful of jellybeans. Point out the different colors in the jellybeans, and what they can represent. As you call out each one, eat the jellybeans in that color. Feel free to be a bit goofy. Say something like:

Behold, little jelly eggs, small symbols of the season,
How we adore you!
Green is for the grass that springs from the land! (eat all the green jellybeans)
Yellow is for the sun shining above our heads! (eat all your yellow jellybeans)
Red is for the tulips that grow in our garden! (eat your red jellybeans)
Pink is for Aunt Martha’s new Easter hat! (eat your pink jellybeans)
Purple is for the crocuses that sprout along our driveway! (eat the purple ones)

Continue this until all the colors are gone — if you really want to have some fun, make the kids take turns naming off the colors and what they mean to them. When they’re all gone, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty jelly bean of Spring!

Next, hand out the marshmallow Peeps. As you do, say:

Behold the Peep! The Peep is life, brought back in the spring!
Little Peep chickens, we honor you! (bite the Peep chicks)
Little Peep bunnies, we honor you! (bite the Peep bunnies)…

Continue this until the Peeps are all gone — it’s probably a good idea to limit each kid to just two or three Peeps at the most. When the Peeps have all vanished, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty Peeps of Spring!

Finally, distribute the chocolate rabbits. Say:

Behold the great chocolate rabbit!
As he hops through the land, he spreads joy and happiness!
O, how we adore the chocolate rabbit and his great big chocolate ears! (eat the rabbit’s ears)
Praise the chocolate rabbit, and his delicious chocolate tail! (eat the rabbit’s tail)
Honor this chocolate rabbit, and his chocolate hoppity legs! (eat the rabbit’s legs)
He is a wonderful rabbit, and he is special indeed! (eat the rest of the rabbit)

When the rabbits are all gone, say:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty chocolate rabbit of Spring!

Give everyone a glass of milk, and raise your drinks in a toast to these three symbols of the season.

To the jelly beans!
To the Peeps!
To the chocolate rabbit!
We drink in your honor!

Drink your milk, and sit back to enjoy the sensation of being stuffed with ritual candy.

—Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by


Ostara Spring Blessing

Lord and Lady of the Spring I welcome
you into my heart.
I thank you for bringing the light and
warmth back to our world.


We are Witches
We walk the path of the Old Gods
From this moment forth
We will not walk alone
Together, we will worship
Together, we will practice our Craft
Together, we will learn and grow
We vow to work, from this day forward
In perfect love and perfect trust
According to the free will of all
And for the good of all
Creating only beauty
Singing in harmony
Our song upon the Earth
Love is the law and love is the bond
In the name of the Goddess and the God
So do we vow, and so mote it be.
–Circle, Coven, & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Deborah Blake

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“What a waste of life, what a waste of time and on and on.” The growth in her hip has him worried because he is scared she is going to die. He hasn’t talked to her about it but he has me. His intentions were good, he just wanted her to have a wonderful birthday. He is pitiful when he talks about it, he keeps saying, “this might be her last birthday, sis.” He can’t bear the thought of losing her neither can I. But I told him to keep a positive attitude. But I know in the back of his head, he honestly believes he is going to lose her.
Since he threw his fit and walked out, we are going to stop the daily posts. I still have tons of things I have to do in regards to the fire at my home. But I will be here tomorrow come hell or high water. Thank you for your generous donations when my son and I lost everything we owned. It has been hard but we are starting to get back to normal. We are now looking at house to buy, I never knew the housing market around here was that high. We are still staying with Lady A. She told us we could stay as long as we liked, she is a sweetheart. I would also like to see her have a wonderful birthday because of the kindness she has extended to my son and myself. But if we can’t make it happen, then we just can’t make it happen.
I apologize for my brother’s tantrum. I will be here tomorrow and we will resume normal operations then. If you would like to contribute to Lady A’s birthday fund, please feel free to do so. We appreciate any amount that you can donate and all who have donate, we will put your name on the card.


Again, thank you to those who have already donated. Your donations show your love and caring for our Lady and we appreciate that. I will see you tomorrow and please forgive my brother.


Birthday Fund





Your Tarot Card for Monday, March 27th is The Hanged Man

Tarot Card of the Day


The Hanged Man

March 27th, 2017

The Hanged Man usually indicates a lack of ability to help oneself through independent action. The energy is arrested and awaiting judgment. With this card, there is no avenue for the will to regain control until the situation has passed.

This represents a good time to be philosophical, to study and meditate upon the position you find yourself in, and to form resolutions for the moment you become free again. Only those who possess wisdom, patience, and optimism will be able to see through limitations, including possible humiliation, to grasp the inspiring lesson one can gain from such an experience.



Help make Lady A’s birthday the best yet.


Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 28th

Get A Jump on Tomorrow,

Your Horoscopes for Tuesday, March 28th


Aries Horoscope

Last night’s New Moon occurred in your sign, dear Aries, and is bringing a sense of a personal new beginning to your life. As exciting as this fresh energy feels, don’t burn yourself out by pushing too hard or expecting instant results. Make plans that take the future into account. Otherwise, you might find yourself running out of steam. It’s time to recreate your personality as you’d truly like it to be, and you have all of the power to do so. The month is not without its challenges, though. In fact, you’re likely to stir up some opposition and encounter some hindrances and delays. You can be at your most impulsive now, and while you possess tremendous energy, you need to weigh all sides of a situation before pushing forward. Pace yourself and avoid recklessness to prevent mishaps. Venus is still retrograde making it necessary to review before pushing new plans forward. Use this time to envision what you’d like to do or be in the year ahead.


Taurus Horoscope

Last night’s New Moon begins a cycle of relative solitude, dear Taurus. Even so, it brings you a charge of energy for dealing with your private life. This is a period of physical and emotional replenishment, review of the past, and tying up loose ends in your life. It’s quite natural for you to retreat a little from the pressures of competition and even social life now to do some soul-searching. You might consider how to bring more quiet time for reflection or increased privacy into your life. You need it! The cycle before you brings the need to review and reflect upon events since your last birthday and to decide what attitudes or situations may need to be left behind so that you can improve, grow, and thrive.



Last night’s New Moon brings new energy to channel into your friendships and involvements with groups or teams, as well as inspiration for new ideas and goals, dear Gemini. Your sense of community is strong, and emotional satisfaction can come through your interactions with, or support of, friends and associates. Getting in touch with your innermost hopes and wishes is in the picture during this phase of your life, particularly because with Venus retrograde in this same sector, outside support is not as apparent. Your sense of a place in your community or belonging can drive a lot of what you do in the cycle ahead of you.



The New Moon that occurred last night launched a month-long cycle that places a strong focus on career, public, and reputation matters in your life, dear Cancer. It brings heightened awareness of your standing in society or concerning your goals and responsibilities. A sense of renewal and reinvigoration is with you now – you feel more capable of taking care of business than usual. New beginnings can emerge after ridding yourself of outdated attitudes and possibly even projects that have been holding you back from moving forward. Old plans or projects may fall out of focus as you make room for new ones. This is a time of getting noticed. There may be some hurdles to contend with, but nothing you can’t handle. Avoid impulsive moves, but pay attention to sudden urges and hunches.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

The New Moon occurring last night has served as a prompt to expand your mind, feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch your imagination over the coming weeks, dear Leo. Activities that break you out of your routine are in focus. With retrograde Venus in the same sign as the New Moon, you are also reevaluating your goals and attachments. In fact, there is a strong emphasis now on putting dysfunctional or negative attitudes, ideas, and beliefs behind you, and powerful energy for doing so. You may feel renewed by a different perspective on your life. Projects may take a while to get off the ground, but this gives you the chance to make changes and edits.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

Last night’s New Moon brings intense energy into your life for putting negative situations and self-limiting attitudes behind you, dear Virgo. Its alignment with retrograde Venus in your solar eighth house suggests you’d do well with reworking your approach to pursuing your desires and living your life feeling more empowered and in charge as a result. You may have a different view of what you want from yourself and others now, and this insight can bring about substantial changes in the weeks ahead. There may be a situation revolving around finances, debts, shared resources, and support that requires adjustments. There’s a general feeling of starting fresh in the air today, but also of increased responsibilities. Try not to push so hard that you run out of steam – pace yourself.



This week is excellent for putting a difficult situation, attitude, or project behind you, dear Libra. Last night’s New Moon occurred in your partnership zone and aligned with retrograde Venus. While it may seem from time to time these days that the power is in others’ hands, this is an excellent time for discovering your relationship needs. This week, a symbolic fresh start or wiping of the slate clean occurs, and dysfunctional relating patterns can be put behind you now. You see what you value in a new light. What you feel and see now are important, but do avoid impulsive moves. Relationship needs are awakened and can feel urgent, but try to wait things out before making significant changes. You have more review to do regarding love and finances.


Scorpio Horoscope

This week is big for putting things behind you and feeling refreshed as you begin new cycles, dear Scorpio. This relates more specifically to your work, health, routines, and habits. These matters have been in the foreground in your life recently, but with last night’s New Moon, you now feel equipped to take charge of things and begin anew in a significant way. You are looking at what and who you value in a new light, and this can prompt major changes. Your working environment, daily life and schedules, health, wellness, and connection with the work you do are all part of this. If you need to let go of projects or habits that have consumed too much of your time or that are holding you back from thriving, then this is the time to do so. Watch for impulsive or impatient moves now, but listen to hunches and instincts.


Sagittarius Horoscope

Last night’s New Moon occurred in your solar fifth house, dear Sagittarius, and this brings out your more creative, romantic, and celebratory inclinations. It’s an important week for wiping the slate clean, as is the case with all New Moons but with retrograde Venus involved as well, this is of particular significance. Whatever you need to let go of or put behind you so that you can thrive in these areas of life, now is the time to begin anew. Reviving an old hobby or returning to a previous love may be in focus for some, but if this happens, it’s important to approach these things in new ways. Changes are likely, and delays may be involved, but this shouldn’t stop you from exploring your needs and clearing the way for new beginnings down the road.


Capricorn HoroscopeLast night’s New Moon has brought fresh energy to your solar fourth house, dear Capricorn. You’re now in a stronger position to improve your personal life, including family connections, living conditions, and home life. There can be a big focus on downsizing or letting go of negative energy this week, and excellent support for decluttering. You become more aware of your need for a support system now, and this stimulates you to improve, change, and enhance your domestic world. With Venus retrograde in the same sector right now, it can be more useful to finish up and refine projects that are already in progress than it would be for brand new endeavors. Tastes and interests can take a sharp turn in a few weeks. Feelings or ties to the past that are holding you back from thriving may need to be put behind you. Fortunately, you are unlikely to resist letting go.



The New Moon that occurred last night stimulates a sense of beginning new, dear Aquarius, mainly related to learning and connecting, as it influences your sector of communications and transportation. Even though this area of your solar chart has been busy recently, and these themes have been in the foreground, now you’re in a position to take charge and make meaningful improvements. You may be reassessing current projects and plans and rediscovering old ones, bringing fresh energy to past studies and ventures. You can feel strongly about reorganizing and decluttering your daily life now. This is a good cycle for those returning to school. For some, this can point to the urge to start fresh in a relationship with a sibling, classmate, or neighbor. Getting errands done, catching up with emails, and clearing up paperwork will be in focus and will lead to feeling very good about yourself and your contributions.



The New Moon that occurred last night brings a spirit of starting fresh to your life, dear Pisces, mainly related to your relationship with money or business. This influence can also stimulate the need to reorganize your life on an emotional level if you’ve been feeling that people have been undervaluing you. You should be getting to a stronger sense of how you are managing your resources with Venus retrograde in the same sector as the New Moon. You may be rethinking some of the things you value, and you could be looking at your talents and resources in a different way. It’s a good time for finding the motivation to put something behind you and to start fresh or to renew and complete a project that you put on a shelf. With new insight into past and current patterns, you’re in a fabulous position to improve your life.



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If You Were Born Today, March 27


hbIf You Were Born Today, March 27

You are self-willed and sometimes forceful or blunt in your expression. In some ways, you are a go-getter and certainly ahead of your time. Your manner tends to command respect, but also hides a sensitive and reflective nature. For the most part, you need to work under your own direction. As determined and independent as you are, you very often put loved ones’ needs first. Famous people born today: Mariah Carey, Gloria Swanson, Nathan Fillion, Stacey Ferguson, Quentin Tarantino.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

Busy, busy, busy! The Sun conjunct Mercury in your Solar Return chart suggests that you have a lot to do this year. At times, you may feel like the pace of your life is running ahead of you. You can be especially productive, however, in all types of communications–writing, speaking, learning, teaching, and so forth.

Something big is in the works regarding your love life. You’ll have a chance to heal old wounds with regards to love this year. You’re also bound to find new ways of making money.

Good energy is with you for debate or energetic mental work this year. You mind may be especially active and clear. This can be a good year to eliminate wasteful activities. You may be involved in frequent lectures, debates, and discussions during the year. You can convey your ideas more powerfully. You are quick to take the initiative and to put your thoughts into action. Adventuresome travel may be part of the picture. You may be more actively involved with young people.

This can be a year in which you are bolder, more assertive, and energetic. You are especially interested in setting goals and challenges for yourself this year, and taking the necessary action to meet them. You may meet or interact with others who encourage or inspire you in some way to have more confidence in yourself. Your energy levels are generally strong this year, and your sense of timing better than usual. Independent work is favored and competitive activities may also thrive this year, although you may need to tone things down at times, and learn more patience. Your passions and enthusiasm run high, and the trick is to channel this extra energy constructively.

Relationships are mutually beneficial and naturally equal, fair, and balanced during this period of your life. There can be a stronger inclination towards togetherness and sharing.

In romantic and financial areas, you may often find that you have to make a choice in which both alternatives are desirable, but you must choose one at the expense of the other. The urge to expand and socialize is great, but circumstances may be such that you are unable to “play” as often as you’d like. Or, you may find that extravagances in your spending have a way of catching up with you, and buckling down is necessary this year.

The opportunity to grow through your love and social connections this year is especially strong. You are seeking intensity in love, and are especially aware of the importance of healthy relating and intimacy. You could renew and deepen love commitments or social connections. Strong and stimulating–even motivating–attractions to others are likely. Meeting someone who transforms your life, and more specifically your values and attitude towards love, is possible. Strong existing relationships are likely to grow and transform in rewarding ways.

This can be a strong year for promoting, teaching, and guiding and a good time for setting goals and challenging yourself. The connections you make this year are growth-oriented and encouraging, although relationships can be up and down at times. You are especially creative and inspired, and especially interested in putting plans and ideas into motion.


2016 is a Number Three year for you. Ruled by Jupiter. This is a year of sociability. It is a friendly time, when it is easy to enjoy life and other people. Focus is on personal freedom, reaching out to others, making new friends, and exploration. You are more enthusiastic and ready for adventure. It is likely to be a rather lighthearted year, when opportunities for “play” time are greater than usual. It’s also a good year for expressing your creativity. Advice – reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.

2017 will be a Number Four year for you. Ruled by Uranus. This is a year of work and development. It’s “nose to the grindstone” time. It’s a time to deal with practical matters, and it’s not a time to be lazy or especially gregarious. Sometimes, it can be a year that feels hard, monotonous and routine, and/or lonely. Positive new relationships are generally not formed in a Four personal year. Advice – get yourself organized, work to build your resources, keep busy.



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Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, March 27th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, March 27th


Aries Horoscope

Your more creative instincts are in the foreground today, dear Aries, as your ruler, physical and assertive Mars, harmonizes with spiritual Neptune. You learn more through doing and experiencing today than overthinking, and you are drawn to activities that improve your bottom line or help you express your need for more security in your life. Non-routine matters fare best as you tend to lead with your intuition. You may need to slow your usual quick pace so that you can allow inspiration into your life. Feeling inspired fuels you to reach towards your goals. Insight into finances can come now. Support may come from behind the scenes, or you may enjoy spending time with yourself and your own muse. A New Moon occurs in your sign tonight, making today important for letting go and allowing some form of surrender to the unknown. The Moon enters your sign before this (late morning), reinforcing a strong sense of self.


Taurus Horoscope

With Mars in your sign these days, dear Taurus, you may have been pushing harder than usual to make things happen. This influence has its strong moments, but with your ruler, Venus, retrograde concurrently, you can sometimes feel that reaching your goals or filling your desires is overly complicated. Today, Mars harmonizes with Neptune, adding an extra touch of magic and intuition to the mix. It’s a strong day to turn on the charm, to take the lead gently, and to inspire trust in the people around you, as this may have been lacking recently. Consciously let go of the pressure you’ve been feeling to guide or control your day or to reach your goals quickly. A smooth, even approach is best now. Work with this energy that can help you attract who and what you want into your life by going with the flow. The Moon enters your privacy sector this morning and then reaches New tonight, prompting a redo or rebirth of energy directed towards your private life. Until then, take things easy.



You are very much tuned into your dreams and desires today, dear Gemini, and some of these can surprise you now. With Mars in your privacy sector in harmony with Neptune, winding down physically or taking part in healing, calming activities can benefit you greatly today. This way, you get in touch with your intuition (which is very much on-point). Creative hunches tend to be correct, and they may very well influence career and practical choices now. The Moon is Balsamic until tonight when the New Moon occurs in your social sector, and this is a time for letting go and slowing down in preparation for new beginnings. While it’s not quite the time to push forward with new ventures, tonight’s New Moon certainly motivates you to find your inspiration.



This can be an excellent time for learning new and interesting things about friends and the world around you, dear Cancer. You’re absorbing a lot right now, and you’re in a great position to find inspiration through your interactions today. However, it’s just as likely that you can inspire people now with your words and actions. Activities that benefit from creative or imaginative flourishes can thrive now. Take a break from the usual routine if you can, as doing different things tends to open you to your intuition. A Mars-Neptune influence today helps you to feel that your dreams are possible. With a New Moon occurring at the top of your solar chart tonight, today is excellent for reflection that can ultimately lead you to redirect yourself in personal and professional areas.


Leo Glyph Symbol Horoscope

Sometimes slowing down for a little while gets you to your destination in better shape, dear Leo. While it may seem counter-productive, it’s time to engage your imagination and allow your intuition to work its magic, and while meditating in motion is possible, you may need a short break before you get back on track. Work that’s creative, freeform, or imaginative fares well today. Creative ideas and hunches may very well lead to important discoveries. Research can be rewarding, particularly if you’re doing work based on a hunch or sudden inspiration. You’ll find others supportive and generous now, and your own generosity can help you make strides towards your goals.


Virgo Symbol Horoscope

A New Moon occurs tonight, dear Virgo, making it important to wind down rather than rev up today. Helping you with this is a Mars-Neptune influence that encourages creative and imaginative activities. Relationships thrive as you come to a better understanding of one another’s perspective. Do what you can to disengage from stressful or tense thoughts and feelings as much as possible. Regroup emotionally but involve others or make it physical. Creative pursuits or physical activities that help you to release tension or express your emotions are all favored now. Sharing personal philosophies or a mini-adventure of sorts with someone can be refreshing and, ultimately, mind-clearing.



It’s important to pace yourself today, dear Libra. For one, a New Moon occurs tonight, making the day a time for winding down before a new cycle begins. For another, energetic Mars harmonizes with spiritual Neptune, and this influence encourages paying attention to your needs for physical healing and imaginative or creative activities. Setting your own pace, if this is possible, can do you a world of good today. Straying somewhat from your routine can open the door to new thinking and opportunities that you may not have imagined otherwise. Trust your inner guide today which can lead to inspired research, investigation, or the pursuit of healthy solutions. You can benefit from reading between the lines now, as seeing more layers to a situation can be valuable.


Scorpio Horoscope

The ability to bend and accommodate is a helpful thing today, dear Scorpio, as it allows more room for creativity and magic in your relationships. Combining your resources or merging in some manner with someone close to you can figure strongly now, or there can be a heightened sense of understanding of a person or relationship. It’s useful to ease back from direct action and allow your faith or inner guide take the lead, particularly if you’ve been stepping on the gas pedal for some time now. Alternatively, you can feel quite motivated by a creative idea. With a Mars-Neptune influence active today, it’s better to take an indirect or flowing approach to pursuing your goals, and the fact that a New Moon occurs tonight reinforces this – we are symbolically in the dark until the Moon begins to separate from the Sun in the coming days.


Sagittarius Horoscope

There are at least two good reasons for you to slow down just a little today, dear Sagittarius, rather than doggedly pursue your goals. For one, the Moon is Balsamic for most of the day with a New Moon occurring tonight, and reflection is preferred over action. For another, a Mars-Neptune influence encourages a creative approach – direct and straightforward may not go over well under these conditions. In the process, you may play a supportive role to someone, or you could enjoy providing a service. It can help restore the give-and-take balance in a relationship or reduce stress in your daily life. Relationships with family or co-workers can benefit from a little extra compassion now. You might get to a useful line of thinking or method that helps improve your health rather organically now.


Capricorn HoroscopeThis is a great time to ease back on pursuing your goals and desires, dear Capricorn. This can be a strategic move, but it can also happen quite naturally today with Mars and Neptune in harmony, encouraging a flowing, patient, and creative approach rather than a direct and rushed one. Your intuition becomes easier to access, and while it may seem counter-productive to slow down, you may end up reaching your goals more successfully if you do. As well today, the Moon is Balsamic until the New Moon tonight, and letting go or winding down makes more sense that revving up. Creative thinking or activities, ideally, point you in a new and more fulfilling direction. Take the time to share your happiness and perspective with others now.



This is a good day for easing up on personal pursuits, dear Aquarius. The Moon is Balsamic until tonight’s New Moon, making it better to reflect and review than begin something brand new. Some form of retreat or relaxing escape can be appropriate now, and with a Mars-Neptune influence in play, there can be opportunities for these things emerging now. Savoring moments and physically slowing yourself down can help realign or center yourself. This is a good day for relaxing family activities, shopping if this is a comforting thing for you, and organizing your belongings. Think earthy, natural, and organic. Tonight’s New Moon brings a spirit of newness to you communications, learning, and personal interests.



With Mars in a flowing aspect to your ruler, Neptune, you can feel very much in tune with the energies of the day, dear Pisces. The Moon is also Balsamic, making it appropriate to wind down and tie up loose ends rather than pushing yourself to do more. You might enjoy an intuitive connection with friends or acquaintances, or a stronger sense of purpose regarding your goals, dreams, and ventures. There can be a pleasant social detour or a conversation that soothes. It’s less about what is communicated and more about understanding one another now. You are both sensitive and enthusiastic, and this rare combination boosts your personal magnetism.



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New Moon in Aries Horoscopes

New Moon in Aries Horoscopes

This is only the beginning

For those of us who skipped making New Year’s resolutions, the enterprising Aries New Moon on March 27, 2017, offers another opportunity to set new intentions in motion. Resistance falls away now, leaving us without any excuses. We can visualize a final destination, and there’s no reason to delay getting started. However, we might swing into action too quickly since Aries has only one setting: yes. Thankfully, a small dose of caution plays well now.

Action-planet Mars is energized during this New Moon, but making real progress might be more complicated than we prefer. A surreal Mars-Neptune sextile distracts us from reality while inspiring us to greater heights. We could even misread the signs and jump to the conclusion that reaching our goals will be a piece of cake.

However, Mars also runs into an unscheduled review by taskmaster Saturn, making sure we are prepared before moving ahead. Balancing our innocent desire to achieve immediate success with a more mature understanding of gradual progress enables us to work hard, practice patience, and accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

Keep reading to see how this powerful New Moon can impact YOUR sign!

Aries Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)

You’re pleased to find that your vigor has returned just in time to start the week, and you’re eager to up your game. It’s your job to direct your strength in the most productive way possible when the ardent Aries New Moon activates your 1st House of Self. You’re likely to be so zealous that you throw yourself into the first thing that strikes you as relevant. While you’re anxious to make the most of the day, you must also think in terms of the long haul instead of rushing toward instant gratification. Do something that your future self will thank you for.

Taurus Horoscope (April 20 – May 20)

Your imagination is wide awake and you can’t wait to put it to good use. You’re convinced that your efforts will result in something marvelous when magical Neptune casts a spell on macho Mars in your sign. Applying your energy will have effects that outlast the creations you produce while the pioneering Aries New Moon highlights your 12th House of Destiny. You’re planting seeds, whether or not you’re aware of it, so make sure your projects are birthed from positive intentions. Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers.

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – June 20)

There are some considerations that you prefer to leave in the back of your mind for a time when you feel more ready to tackle them. But frittering away cosmic gifts to escape into a private fantasy isn’t in your best interest, even if doing anything else sounds like too much trouble. You won’t regret pulling it together when the passionate Aries New Moon blesses your 11th House of Hopes and Wishes, inviting you to sketch your dreams and create a bold plan to achieve them. You can rest easy once you know you’re investing wisely in your future.

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)

You’re beginning to realize that yearning isn’t enough and you need to give your dreams substance to make them real. Fortunately, the courageous Aries New Moon lands in your 10th House of Ambitions, reigniting your sense of purpose and motivating you to get down to business. Hold your head high and face the future with greater certainty. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with an iron will and a golden vision.

Leo Horoscope (July 23 – Aug. 22)

There is always more you could learn in this ever-expanding world, but it’s time to consolidate your knowledge and transform it into a plan for action. The enterprising Aries New Moon broadens your 9th House of Vision, where conceptual understanding becomes a fuel source for realistic progress. Aldous Huxley wrote, “Dream in a pragmatic way.” Shoot high enough to push yourself, but low enough to guarantee victory.

Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

It’s all too easy to listen selectively when there are matters that seem too complicated to unravel on a normal day. But you have a chance to set things right by choosing a healthier way to cope when the Aries New Moon falls in your 8th House of Intimacy. Although discomfort may be unavoidable when broaching sensitive subjects, everyone will feel better once they understand the complexities of the situation. Nat Turner said, “Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.”

Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

You’re willing to go to considerable lengths to keep others happy, but your ability to compromise can be utilized in a more productive manner. Your own needs must factor into the equation when the Aries New Moon galvanizes your 7th House of Others, even if it seems like altruism is the solution. You may find yourself putting your foot down, fortifying your boundaries or simply reinstating a policy of honesty with someone close to you. A promise of perfection isn’t worth as much as a promise you can keep, no matter how small.

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

It’s tempting to let someone persuade you to indulge in some worldly pleasures. But you have an obligation as custodian of your own body to take better care of yourself. There’s no more time for excuses when the dauntless Aries New Moon energizes your 6th House of Health. Strengthen your resolve, kick bad habits, and immediately replace them with good ones. However, your plan must be sustainable for you to benefit from it; start slow and finish strong.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

You’re secretly wondering if anyone would care if you flaked on your responsibilities. You might figure if everyone else pitches in, no one will notice you’re missing from the action. Although you could feel invincible when the daring Aries New Moon fires up your 5th House of Play, you’re likely to get caught if you skip out on your boss or coworkers. If you just stick to your work until it is finished, your free time will be all that much better. Dorothy Parker wrote, “Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

It seems as if things are coming full circle on the home front. There may be remaining static in the air, but happily it can be channeled into a new plan to move forward when the Aries New Moon catalyzes your 4th House of Home and Family. A shift in dynamics could be as simple as giving someone a chance to vent their frustrations or finding creative ways to have more fun with the ones you love. Regardless, it feels good to finally address the issue directly instead of tiptoeing around it. Amma says, “We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love.”

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

You’re often so self-sufficient that you honestly forget that there are valuable assets other people can offer you. You may already have a project in mind when the Aries New Moon pulsates in your 3rd House of Information, but the cosmos encourages you to ask a friend to assist you in your new endeavor. You can pull it off if you step out of your research lab every once in a while to get an outside opinion. Expanding your horizons ensures the success of anything you touch.

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 19 – March 20)

You’re living by the motto, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” and you’re passionate about letting people know how you feel. The Aries New Moon in your 2nd House of Values reinvigorates your desire to recommit to your highest priorities, and naturally you want to share your excitement with others. But make sure to verify your sources before you spread the word. Although attitude is important, so are the facts. If you don’t do your research, you may lose credibility; integrity is the name of the game.

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Your Weekly Love Horoscopes for March 27th



    • General Horoscope

      A New Moon in Aries on Monday offers the potential for you to begin whatever it is you want to succeed most — including efforts to improve your relationship. With Venus still retrograde in Aries, this lunation has special connections to ending old, outworn patterns in love in order to make room for new. Venus retrogrades into Pisces on Sunday, where she’ll remain until turning direct on April 15. Now it’s time to retreat into your fantasy world concerning matters of the heart. Decide if you’re being optimistic, or delusional.

    • Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

      You’re determined to succeed at life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. But you still have a few kinks to work through in order to fully define what all of this means to you and which path you want to take in order to get there. Fortunately, a New Moon in your sign on Monday will help you fine tune your personal directive. After Sunday, you’ll begin to banish all of the unrealistic notions you have about your love life once and for all.

    • Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

      You’ll have a much easier time communicating to your partner after Friday. Mercury will move into your sign, and at this time you’ll also notice a stronger need to mentally engage with your love. Now is the time to talk about your needs — especially the physical and material ones. You might also use your partner as a sounding board while you’re thinking out loud. Flesh out plans and know that your partner will be a stronger support as you do so. Nice!

    • Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

      There’s great news if you have been experiencing trouble in your social life recently. A New Moon in your friendship sector on Monday will help you initiate changes in the way you relate to others. You’ll gain the courage to explore new friendships or social settings — especially if you feel as if you’ve outgrown other relationships. In terms of love, if you have been going through a roller coaster situation with a friend you share chemistry with, this week that drama should begin to resolve itself.

    • Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

      After Friday your social life will receive a boost. At this time Mercury will move into your friendship sector, allowing you to enjoy a stronger level of intellectual stimulation between you and pals. You’ll also receive more invitations to go out and enjoy parties, meetings, or other events. This will surely help you meet new dating prospects if you’re single. If turns do meet anyone, try not to begin an actual relationship until after April 15 when Venus stations direct. Until then, take it slow.

    • Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

      You might feel a new zest for learning this week. Unfortunately, you may also feel as if your sweetheart doesn’t fully understand why you are so excited about expanding your horizons and embarking on a new spiritual or educational journey. Perhaps he or she is afraid that the more you grow as a person, the more likely you are to outgrow the relationship. This may or may not be true, but it’s certainly not a reason to stifle your individuality. If possible, help your love understand this.

    • Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

      You and your partner may finally resolve an intimacy barrier that has prevented you from enjoying the most mutually satisfying sex life together. It all has to do with emotional vulnerability and trust. Somehow, it appears that the two of you may have become blocked. Over time it has led to a certain disconnect that has become the elephant in the room during lovemaking. Fortunately, you’ll be able to attack it head on together after Monday. Open up to each other. You won’t regret it.

    • Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

      You and your partner have been doing a great deal of work to improve your relationship lately. With Venus moving retrograde in your relationship sector since March 4, it hasn’t always been easy. The two of you have had to confront any demons within your partnership. Thankfully, your commitment to this process will likely pay off. This Monday a glorious New Moon will help you clear the decks and start fresh as a couple.

    • Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

      The ability your mate has to talk to you will likely improve this week, leading to much more enjoyable conversations. Not only will you feel a mental spark, but you may also find that this shift affects your physical relationship. You’ll notice that your partner finds it easier to communicate his or her sensual needs which will undoubtedly have you more engaged during your intimate moments. Another perk? You’ll be able to make solid decisions about finances and other practical matters.

    • Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

      Since March 4 Venus has been traveling retrograde through your true love sector. This phenomenon has revealed a host of dust mites connected to your love life that you’ve been trying to ignore. Clearly, it was time for a major clean up. This week, although Venus will still be retrograde, you’ll have an opportunity to notice how far you’ve come in this journey. A promising New Moon in the same part of your chart will occur on Monday, and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

      If you’re single, this week you may offer the opportunity to talk to more interesting dating prospects. Mercury will enter your true love sector on Friday. As a result, you might strike up conversations with just about anyone you find appealing. This will be a perfect weekend to schedule a first date with someone so that you can really get to know him or her. You might end up talking into the wee hours of the morning.

    • Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

      You and your sweetheart might begin to have a lot more discussions centered on home and family matters. If you recently started to date, it’s possible that you’ll ask your love to attend a family event with you and finally meet your clan. Another possibility is that you will begin discussing where your relationship is heading. Can you envision moving in together at some point … or even starting a family? Don’t be surprised when these topics begin to come up during conversation. It’s a good sign.

      Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

      Venus has been retrograde since March 4. As a result, you have become more aware of how much you may rely on your lover to validate you as a person. If your self-esteem is closely tied to your relationship, after Sunday you may have quite an uncomfortable awakening. Venus will backtrack in your sign to finish her retrograde. Until April 15 you’ll have an opportunity to ponder why you may feel so unworthy unless you’re half of a couple. Expect enlightenment. Then, expect change

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What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records

What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records

Our world may seem turned upside down right now but your life doesn’t need to be. In fact, some of your greatest breakthroughs and progress can occur during these uncertain times. In this article I’ll describe the key resource that exists within your very DNA – connected to your soul’s akashic records – that can help you break free from very old stuff and live more of your life purpose.

What’s in Your DNA Akashic Records

Here’s some background on the vast treasure housed inside your DNA akashic records. There is a field around the DNA that can be read like a map, revealing the akashic records of your soul’s journey over time. Key events are there, as are your responses to those events. Key qualities like gifts for writing or healing are also recorded there. Key imprints of your soul’s lessons over time are there too. Key tendencies and experiences – whether yours personally, your ancestors, or even those of humanity – are also there. Key encodements assisting you with your enlightenment, including your mastery of spiritual teachings, are also found there.

When I speak of your soul’s journey over time I’m referring to this life, past lives, and even times in between lifetimes when you may have made soul agreements or vows. Your soul’s journey is interconnected with the journey of your family or ancestors, humanity in general, and key people from other lifetimes who are showing up again now.

Here are a few specific examples of the types of things I intuitively see when I do 1-on-1 DNA intuitive healing sessions.

FIRST is relationships, a key issue for everyone alive now seeking to create a more loving world. That’s often the best place to start and there’s plenty there. Example: a woman came to me to heal an old relationship that she had difficulty letting go of to move on. As I worked with her, I could see a pattern that began long before this life and which needed to be cleared at its root in the past before she had closure. To clear patterns at their root in the DNA is what makes the difference.

SECOND is money, another key issue around in many forms over the centuries. Even wealthy people can carry vows of poverty or other limiting beliefs about money, the past patterns often arising when the economy tanks or when other key catalysts occur. The world’s instability today is catalyzing money themes for many people. What happens is that an issue lying dormant within the person’s DNA comes to the surface as a result of some sort of crisis – personal or outer world. To learn what is in the person’s akashic DNA record, then, provides the starting point for healing across time. As with the first example, the goal is knowing the root cause and clearing things from there.

THIRD is trust, a huge issue front-and-center in 2017 as themes of distrust and division have escalated to crisis proportions. The trust themes could be personal – as in self-doubt and distrust of personal decisions or life direction. The themes are also between people in all kinds of relationships – whether they are 1-on-1, in groups, or the individual vis-a-vis government and other authority figures. At a DNA level, many people have a conditioned distrust of certain people or groups of people. In fact, the roots of racism are typically at the genetic level of DNA, passed down over the generations.

FOURTH is life purpose, many people these days feeling either lack of clarity about their path or blocked from fully expressing the gifts of their soul. As with the examples above, keys to self-understanding and healing are found within the DNA itself. Example: when a person gains the quantum perspective of their soul path including key gifts and talents from past lives, a current interest or career direction can begin to come into relevant focus. Simultaneously, as the person becomes aware of and clears DNA-level blocks to manifesting purpose, brand-new pathways forward are created. One example of a DNA-level block could be a past life experience of rejection or persecution involving the use of talents. Abilities needed this life to express life purpose frequently were honed over a series of lifetimes. Some experiences inspired confidence, others could have left problematical imprints in the DNA.

Keep in mind the big picture of this lifetime. This is no ordinary life and certainly no ordinary time frame. Whatever successes or challenges you experience, know that they are a part of your soul’s path to find wholeness. There really are no random jobs, love affairs, or life circumstances. Each of these arises from seeds planted before, and you can grow spiritually from any of them.

You are a divine changemaker, after all, alive now to bring your love and light into this world. As you do this, you will naturally attract what you need and you will be a significant force for good. The ripples of this goodness have no end.



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Inspiration for the Week – Being Led by the Angels of Light

Inspiration for the Week – Being Led by the Angels of Light

The Gabriel Message Card for this week:

Now is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.

To me, this message represents the epitome of Faith and the essence of Archangel Gabriel’s teachings. It provides a coaching for the correct attitude to hold as we take our first steps into the unknown promise of our lives.

I clearly remember receiving the meditation that is part of the practice Archangel Gabriel gave that is available in the expanded message below. It is very unusual for me to have this memory, but the receiving of this message was a profoundly visceral experience. I had a perception of vastness beneath my feet, felt the cool wind of the high mountaintop in my face, and could see the eagles flying below me. The Angels were there in the void space inviting me to move beyond my fear and into their waiting arms.

Have you heard the spiritual adage that when we take one step toward God, the Divine takes 10 steps toward us? This was that moment. The Angels were looking at me with so much love in their eyes that my heart began to trust at a very deep level and I KNEW I would be supported if I could just take a Leap of Faith.

This metaphoric leap empty-handed into the abyss sounds hugely frightening, but that is what is being asked of us during these unprecedented times of awakening consciousness. In that Holy Moment, I was told that if I had enough faith, I could fly with the Angels.

We are all being offered this powerful invitation now. When we can walk into the unknown promise of our new lives with more Trust and Faith, even though we are afraid, we will be protected and feel supported enough to fly with the Angels.

This message seems so perfect for the transition we are making into this energetically quickened time in which we live. Every year since 2012 seems to be a year of transition, especially for the consciousness of all humanity. We are learning to face the unknown in a new way. It is one that requires radical Faith in our ability to follow our intuition, knowing we are not alone and trusting that we are being guided and led on our path of New Life Awakening.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for supporting me as I take these tentative steps in the Unknown. Help me to strengthen my faith and really know deep within me that I am not alone.

I am asking to have a strong sense of belonging, truth and belief in my heart so I can have the courage to bring my soul’s gifts into the world. Give me the confidence to share from my heart in every situation that invites me to openly express myself. May all beings feel greater Faith in their hearts and know they are not alone.

Thank you for holding me in your Wings of Pure Love in every moment. And so it is.

The Gabriel Messages #6

Now is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.

Dear One,

When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion. It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured. When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are walking off a cliff. However, it is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life. When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light. Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace.

The saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” is true. Fear can play in your imagination until you are immobilized. From this place you can easily sink into the pits of despair. It will feel as though you are not moving toward your destiny, and that is the most fear-filled place of all. This fear will play upon your issues of worthiness, because in your heart you want most of all to add value to the world.

Know truly that you were created to be happy. Feeling joy is one of the greatest tasks you have in your life. You are here to do great things, and this can be as simple as loving others and bringing more peace and joy to the world. When you have joy as your intention, you will be shown what you need to do in order to manifest it.


Take some time to sit quietly and breathe in a balanced way. Imagine that you are standing on a mountaintop. It is the highest peak around you. It is so high that eagles are flying below where you are standing. There is a magnificent sunrise lighting up the sky and surrounding your body with golden light.

From this pinnacle of light, you offer yourself to serve God in the world and you ask for courage to do whatever it takes. You call on the Angels for assistance to be all you can be. At this moment you hear the sound of wings and you notice the light becoming even brighter. You are surrounded by Angels and you feel your fear melting with their love. They are holding out their hands to you. Because it is such a reach to touch them, it is difficult to keep your footing. In order to touch the hands of the Angels, you know you are going to have to take a step off the cliff. You feel all the old fears beginning to surface again. This time, you will not give in to fear. Your conviction to have love and joy in your life and to serve in the world is greater than the fear.

You take a deep breath, and look into the eyes of the Angels surrounding you. You see a hand of light reaching toward you and a beaming presence of love smiling at you. The Angels are saying they believe in you, they love you, and they know you can have whatever you want to experience. In this moment, you know that the safety of that which is familiar cannot bring you the joy and the power of love you are feeling from the Angels. Looking at the hands being offered, you let the love you are feeling in your heart uplift you, and you reach your own hands toward the Angels of Light. You take the first step.

In this moment of free fall, your heart begins to pound. But it is only an instant before arms hold you and you feel yourself being transported into the light. The Angels are taking you with them. Let yourself imagine what it would be like to fly with the Angels. Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair and let yourself be held and led where they will take you. Know in your heart it is to your greatest good. Allow yourself to fly with the Angels. Feel the freedom that is there for you and let Divine love fill your heart.

Take a look at where you are held back by fear, and see the darkness there. Are you willing to have it be different now? There is help for you. Angelic assistance is available. This simple visualization exercise can have miraculous results. It is your choice to take the first step by being willing to have a miracle change your life.

It is time for you to decide. Do you want to serve God and let the Angels help you fly? Are you willing to have miracles and joy fill your life? Do you believe miracles are possible and Angels exist? If your answer is yes — know that…

This is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.



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Your Weekly Karmic Forecast for March 26 thru April 1

Weekly Forecast: March 26 – April 1, 2017

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity. Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto). And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path. It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE* There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.  

Weekly Forecast: March 26 – April 1, 2017

3/26 ~ Mercury (your thinking) ~conjunct~ Uranus (the Awakener):

It is said that this energy depends on your “normal mental speed” which is not the same as intelligence. If you are naturally quick mentally, then you will be downloading more than usual during this initiation. Uranus acts as a Lightning Rod that strikes and briefly illuminates an area of your life, in this case, Aries, a new, clean slate for one and all. Ah-ha moments will lead to more freedom and independence, but only to the degree that you can maintain them yourself. If you are in like-hearted circles, the conversations could be really stimulating, unlocking perceptions across the board. If you are not naturally quick mentally, then this will be helpful for you as you are more likely to experience awakenings and connections to your own intuition that help strengthen it within. The Shadow side to this energy is being over-sensitive and jumping to conclusions. Test & Ground your insights before hardwiring them into your Being in any way. Over-taxed nervous system is widely available for all, so try to connect with Mother Earth often. Whatever gets zapped (loosened) can thus be moved to the compost pile. Whatever gets illuminated (becomes conscious) is to be further investigated for merit, but valuable nonetheless. Keep records of ah-ha moments as you won’t be able to immediately act on all of them at the same time and, those you cannot (at this time) often turn into nuggets of gold in your future.

3/27 ~ Mars (action) ~sextile~ Neptune (dreams):

This energy puts action behind your dreams! This is the perfect time to reflect on what you really want and if the path you’ve chosen thus far still serves your ultimate goals. Your intuition is heightened and you’re more alert and ready to act on the information you receive. This information is trying to point you toward a more enlightened plan (than you have right now) for manifesting your Truth and Purpose. It’s also a good time to help others realize their dreams in a more tangible way. This energy is that of the volunteer, idealistic and committed to change!

3/29 ~ Mercury (your thinking) ~trine~ Saturn (structure & organization):

This energy is good for deep thinking. You are sharp and your standards are high because you are in ‘strategy mode’. This is a more solitary energy though, so communications with others may be hampered a bit because it is time for you to hold your own, at some new level. It’s time to focus on the details that hold the big dream together, all the little things that make the grand vision work. Some respect that attention to detail while others may consider it nit-picky but it is what the energy supports at this time so don’t worry if others don’t understand at this time. By the same token, you may also feel a little overwhelmed by the many “little things” that cannot be denied or delayed and thus a sense of urgency to get it all done. Beware of a tendency toward pessimism, depression or overwhelm. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that you do have and all that you have accomplished instead of what’s still on the list of things to do (in life). This energy is not intended to make you feel bad about all the things left yet to do, but encourage you to begin the necessary steps for manifesting your dreams. This energy just makes you focus on the practical side of manifesting. Clear the debris, and begin to lay a new, clean, solid foundation beneath your goals. Saturn gets you present to the necessary steps and Mercury helps you think clearly.

3/30 ~ Jupiter (your story) ~square~ Pluto (transformation): (2 of 3: 11/24 ~ 3/30 ~ 8.4.2017)

These two energies are potent by themselves, but when challenging each other like this, permanent change is underway. Squares push you “out of comfort zone – in to – new territory”, that, essentially, you could not get to on your own as you need the friction or the push. Keep your own motivations pure to avoid getting hurt by the karmic debris swirling nearby, know your own Truth & Story and allow what’s no longer true to fade, while embracing a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to something larger than you. Pluto is the Purifier and Jupiter represents justice and laws and is a social planet, so look for changes in government and revelations of the movements and machinations that are covert or hidden from the public view. There is a cleansing happening as we speak. It is time to question everything ~ especially your own belief systems. Reflect to see if what you hold as Truth is still adequate or even accurate.  This energy is best for working toward positive change and restoring clean power structures within and out in the world, and helping the individual transform their personal story considerably.


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