Deities Associated With Friday – Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love

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Deities Associated With Friday – Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and sexuality. According to legend, she was born fully formed from the white sea form that arose when the god Uranus was castrated. She came ashore on the island of Cyprus, and later was married off by Zeus to Hephaistos, the deformed craftsman of Olympus. Despite being married to Hephaistos, Aphrodite took her job as a goddess of sexuality seriously, and had a multitude of lovers, but one of her favorites was the warrior god Ares.

At one point, Helios, the sun god, caught Ares and Aphrodite romping around, and told Hephaistos what he had seen. Hephaistos caught the two of them in a net, and invited all the other gods and goddesses to laugh at their shame… but they had none whatsoever. In fact, Aphrodite and Ares had a good laugh about the whole thing, and didn’t particularly care what anyone thought. In the end, Ares ended up paying Hephaistos a fine for his inconvenience, and the whole matter was dropped.

At one point, Aphrodite had a fling with Adonis, the young hunter god. He was killed by a wild boar one day, and some tales indicate that the boar might have been a jealous Ares in disguise.

Aphrodite had several sons, including Priapus, Eros, and Hermaphroditus.

In many myths and legends, Aphrodite is portrayed as self-absorbed and cranky. It would seem that like many of the other Greek gods, she spent a lot of time meddling in the affairs of mortals, mostly for her own amusement. She was instrumental in the cause of the Trojan War; Aphrodite offered Helen of Sparta to Paris, the prince of Troy, and then when he saw Helen for the first time, Aphrodite made sure he was inflamed with lust, thus leading to Helen’s abduction and a decade of war.

A festival was held regularly to honor Aphrodite, appropriately called the Aphrodisia. At her temple in Corinth, revelers often paid tribute to Aphrodite by having rambunctious sex with her priestesses. The temple was later destroyed by the Romans, and not rebuilt, but fertility rites appear to have continued in the area.

In addition to her association with the sea and shells, Aphrodite is connected with dolphins and swans, apples and pomegranates, and roses.



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The Pagan Calendar for Thursday, November 12th to 13th

Egyptian Comments & Graphics

November 12 evening to November 13 evening


Maimakterion Noumenia


Old Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses. Flutes were played; prayers were said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, and food were burned in an offering hearth; and libations of water and wine were made.

Prayer Honoring the Goddesses of Spring

Prayer Honoring the Goddesses of Spring

Hail, and welcome!
Green life returns to the earth
blooming and blossoming
once more from the soil.
We welcome you,
goddesses of spring,
Eostre, Persephone, Flora, Cybele,
in the trees,
in the soil,
in the flowers,
in the rains,
and we are grateful
for your presence.

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My own Patron Gods and Matron Goddesses over the years

My own Patron Gods and Matron Goddesses over the years

A study in world deities

, Squidoo


I have worked with several different Gods over the years, mostly Goddesses. Early in my ventures into Witchcraft and Paganism my focus was on the feminine side of things and I tended to ignore the masculine side.

The first I found myself drawn to was Nimue, The Lady of the Lake, in her younger Maiden aspect.

Around this time I changed jobs and began working in the critical care unit at the hospital. In my role as a nurse I was constantly surrounded by death and dying and more and more I found myself working with the Hindu Goddess, Kali, or noticing that she was hanging around in the background of my mind as I worked. I only ever asked for her assistance once, and that was at a particularly harrowing time with a very ill patient.

Lilith and Blodeuwydd both showed up about the same time in my life at a time when I was rediscovering my own femininity and strength.

The two who have stuck around longest have been Herne and Modron.

Currently, I am being “courted” once more by the Gods as I move forward through life. The Norns have been showing up a lot lately in dreams, shamanic journeys, and during energy healing work. I have been looking more closely at them, but have not yet decided if I am willing to dedicate myself to them as they are requesting.

Didn’t I tell you? You are allowed to say no to a God’s request.

Deity of the Day for Aug. 25th – The Fates

Deity of the Day


The Fates


The Fates were three female deities who shaped people’s lives. In particular, they determined how long a man or woman would live. Although a number of cultures held the notion of three goddesses who influenced human destiny, the Fates were most closely identified with Greek mythology.

The Greek image of the Fates developed over time. The poet Homer * , credited with composing the Iliad and the Odyssey, spoke of Fate as a single force, perhaps simply the will of the gods. Another poet, Hesiod * , portrayed the Fates as three old women. They were called the Keres, which means “those who cut off,” or the Moirai, “those who allot.” They may have originated as goddesses who were present at the birth of each child to determine the course of the child’s future life.

deity god or goddess destiny future or fate of an individual or thing

allot to assign a portion or share

The parentage of the Fates is something of a mystery. Hesiod described them as daughters of Nyx, or night, but he also said that they were the children of Zeus, the chief of the gods, and Themis, the goddess of justice. The Fates had power over Zeus and the gods, and many ancient authors, including the Roman poet Virgil * , stressed that even the king of the gods had to accept the decisions of the Fates. Occasionally, however, fate could be manipulated. One myth says that Apollo * tricked the Fates into letting his friend Admetus live beyond his assigned lifetime. Apollo got the Fates drunk, and they agreed to accept the death of a substitute in place of Admetus.

Hesiod called the Fates Clotho (“the spinner”), Lachesis (“the allotter”), and Atropos (“the unavoidable”). In time, the name Clotho, with its reference to spinning thread, became the basis for images of the three Fates as controlling the thread of each person’s life. Clotho spun the thread, Lachesis measured it out, and Átropos cut it with a pair of shears to end the life span. Literary and artistic works often portray the Fates performing these tasks.

manipulate to influence or control in a clever or underhanded way

The Romans called the Fates Parcae, “those who bring forth the child.” Their names were Nona, Decuma, and Morta. Nona and Decuma were originally goddesses of childbirth, but the Romans adopted the Greek concept of the three weavers of Fate and in Greek mythology, the Fates were three goddesses who shaped people’s lives. They determined how long a man or woman would live.

added a third goddess to complete the triad. In addition, they sometimes referred to fate or destiny as a single goddess known as Fortuna.

triad group of three

A triad of goddesses linked with human destiny appears in various forms in mythology In addition to the Moirai, the Greeks recognized a triad of goddesses called the Horae, who were associated with the goddess Aphrodite


* . Their names were Eunomia (Order), Dike (Destiny), and Irene (Peace.) The Norse * called their three Fates the Norns: Urth, the past; Verthandi, the present; and Skuld, the future. Sometimes the Norns were referred to as the Weird Sisters, from the Norse word wyrd, meaning “fate.” The Celts * had a triad of war goddesses, collectively known as the Morrigan, who determined the fate of soldiers in battle. The image of a triple goddess may be linked to very ancient worship of a moon goddess in three forms: a maiden (the new moon), a mature woman (the full moon), and a crone (the old moon).

Myths Encyclopedia


WOTC Extra – Stones of the Gods & Goddesses

Witchy Comments & Graphics
Stones of the Gods & Goddesses


Stones of the Goddesses:

In general, all pink, green and blue stones; those related to the Moon or Venus; Water and Earth-ruled stones, such as Peridot, emerald, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, blue quartz, aquamarine, beryl, kunzite and turquoise.

Stones which are related to specific deities follow.


CERES: emerald



DIANA: amethyst, moonstone, pearl

FREYA: pearl

GREAT MOTHER, THE. amber, coral, geodes, holed stones

HATHOR: turquoise

ISIS: coral, emerald, lapis lazuli, moonstone, pearl

KWAN YIN: jade

LAKSHMI: pearl

MAAT: jade

MARA: beryl, aquamarine

NUIT: lapis lazuli

PELF: lava, obsidian, Peridot, olivine, pumice

SELENE: moonstone, selenite

TIAMAT: beryl

VENUS: emerald,


Stones of the Gods:

Generally, all orange and red stones; stones related to the Sun and Mars: Fire and Air-ruled stones, such as carnelian, ruby, garnet, orange calcite, diamond, tiger’s eye, topaz, sunstone, bloodstone, red tourmaline.

Stones which are related to specific deities follow.


APOLLO: sapphire

BACCHUS. amethyst

CUPID: opal

DIONYSUS: amethyst

MARS: onyx, sardonyx

NEPTUNE: beryl

ODIN: holed stone

POSEIDON: beryl, pearl,* aquamarine

RA: tiger’s eye




Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
Scott Cunningham.

Ahhh, What A Beautiful Thursday! Goddess Bless You, My Precious Friends!

Goddess Comments & Graphics


Charge Of the Goddess

this is another version, it is unknown who the author is

Listen to the words of the Great Goddess, who in ancient times was named Artemis, Diana, Astarte, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Cerridwen, the Morrigu, Freyja, the White Lady, and many other names.

Whenever you have need of My aid, assemble in a secret place at least once a month, especially at the Full Moon. Know that My laws and love shall make you free, for no man can prevent your worship of Me in your mind and heart. Listen well when you come into My presence, and I shall teach you of deep mysteries, ancient and powerful. I require no sacrifices or pain of your bodies, for I am Mother of all things, the Creatress who made you out of My love, and the One who endures through time.

I am the One who is the beauty of the Earth, the green of growing things. I am the white Moon whose light is full among the stars, soft upon the Earth. From Me all things are born, to Me all things, in their season return. Let My joyous worship be in your hearts, for all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. You see Me in the love of man and woman, the love of parent and child, the love of humans to all My creations. When you create with your hands, I am there. I blow the breath of life into the seeds you plant, whether of plant or child. Always I stand beside you, whispering soft words of wisdom and guidance.

All seekers of the Mysteries must come to Me, for I am the True Source, the Keeper of the Cauldron. All who seek to know Me, know this. All your seeking and yearning will avail you nothing unless you know the Mystery: for if what you seek you find not within, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I will gather you to My breast at the end of your earthy existence.

Goddess Comments & Graphics

I will make this as short as possible. I had a comment in the back that made my rump start working buttholes. The comment was something like this, “Wonderful, Beautiful, Goddess…..It is ashame your mothers have to die before they can watch over their children.” There was also mention of our Gods and Goddesses all being dead. Yeah, I bet that’s the part that pissed me off.


It hit me, the very gall of this person to imply my Gods and Goddesses are dead. I am still shaking my head over this comment. You don’t know whether to pity a person like this or to hate them. Of course, I would like to think I am the better person and pity them. Pity them for they do not realize NOTHING about our RELIGION. NOT ONE THING!


My Goddess and God is alive. I feel them every morning when I wake up. They are beside me throughout my day. They protect me, they comfort me and they love me. I know this for sure. I can feel Their warmth of love and comfort encompassing my body everyday.  When I have a problem, I turn to the Goddess. She always provides for my needs. There is nothing I cannot ask that my Great Mother has not done. I pity you because you have not come to know Her. The Goddess will accept anyone who seeks Her out. All you have to do is call out Her name and She will appear to you. If not in physical form, She will give you  sign She is near.


Once you experience my Goddess’ love, never, ever tell me She or any other of my Gods or Goddesses are dead. They  all walk amongst us.  Never attack my Religion again. I am very tolerant of other Religions. I believe each person should worship as they choose. You leave my beliefs and myself alone and I will do the same.

I do pity you though, you poor soul!

Calendar of the Sun for February 18th

Calendar of the Sun

18 Solmonath

Ishtar’s Day

Color: Pottery red, terra cotta
Element: Earth
Altar: Set with a cloth of earthy red, and on it place a pitcher of milk and another of wine, bowls of wood and clay filled with grains, olives, figs, and dates, a star, and the figure of a lioness.
Offerings: Grains. Stars. Give food to those who need it.
Daily Meal: Wholegrain bread. Cooked grains. Milk and dairy products.

Ishtar Invocation

I beseech thee, Lady of Ladies,
Goddess of Goddesses,
Ishtar, queen of all cities,
Leader of all men.
Thou art the light of the world,
Thou art the light of heaven.
At thy name the earth and the heavens shake,
And the gods they tremble;
The spirits of heaven tremble at thy name
And the men hold it in awe.
Where thou glancest the dead come to life,
And the sick rise and walk;
And the mind that is distressed is healed
When it looks upon thy face.

Call and response:
For lo, I am the  of the Storehouse
And I am generous to all men!
From my breasts nourishment spills
From my hands nourishment flows
From my heart nourishment streams
I am the Morning Star
I am the Evening Star
I am the Star of Heaven
And I give unto all humanity.

(After this, all should being the work of inventorying all the resources of the house, in Ishtar’s name, so that they may be used more efficiently and that it can be known what can be given to others out of generosity.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]