Spell – 1 Way to Bless and Indoor Container or Outdoor Garden

I wrote and used this spell for my growing house plants Aloe, Apotheose, and 7 different herbal seeds I put into a mini greenhouse to germinate on April 6th and already started seeing tiny seedlings on April 9th. Today I saw my house plants starting to take root in their bigger containers.

(YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE ANY SPELLS POSTED TO A DOCUMENT TO PRINT AND/OR SAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Please feel free to tweak this spell so it will work best for you and whatever you are growing.)

Any Type of Garden Blessing Chant

What You Need:

Your voice

Possibly your wand or staff if the garden covers a lot of ground.

Chanting Spell

Chat in multiples of 3 as many as you feel the need to repeat it.

Flora, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Fauna, I dedicate these seeds or plants to you,

Help me bring them to life

To use them in ways that will not cause anyone strife,

I will give them Air to breathe,

I will give them Water to grow,

I will give them Earth to take root in,

I will ask Ra to use his Fire to give them warmth and light,

As my plants grow,

I will tend them well,

In return I will ask them for pieces to help my health and magick grow,

I promise you I will always tend them well.

Moon Water – Part 2

From spells8.com

Tips for Collecting Moon Water

To make a very powerful Moon Water, start the first night of the lunar phase you chose (for example, the first night of the Full Moon), and charge the water outside for 3 consecutive nights. This can be done not just during the Full Moon phase, but during any lunar phase. Each has its own Magical properties as we will see below.

How to Use Moon Water in your Rituals

1. Enhance your Meditations

The first step towards strengthening your intuition is to recognize its existence. Being aware of your powers is key in realizing full potential while meditating.

  1. Light a blue or purple candle on your altar.
  2. Apply a drop of Moon Water to your Third Eye chakra (between the eyebrows) to open yourself to divine wisdom and revelation.
  3. Follow a guided meditation to awaken your inner knowledge and listen to your intuition.
  4. Find a place of peace within you, allowing the visions to come to you with ease. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any visions at first, practice makes perfect.
  5. Keep a bottle or jar of Moon Water near your altar to keep working on your abilities.

2. Add Moon Water to your Baths

  1. Fill your bathtub as you normally do, and pour some Moon water that you’ve previously prepared. Get in the tub and pour the rest of the water on yourself.
  2. Follow a Spiritual Bath Recipe for more ideas. If you need to cleanse any specific part of your body, focus on that area. Visualize everything that no longer serves you being released from your body and aura.
  3. If you’ve charged your Moon Water with a specific intention, focus on absorbing the light of that intent, while promoting intense peace and relaxation. Wash your hair with Moon water to encourage growth with a divine glow.

3. Bless your finances with Moon Water

To make your money flow easily, Water is the perfect Element. Have confidence that nothing can stop the flow of money in your life.

  1. Bless your money by sprinkling just a few drops of Moon Water on your purse or wallet.
  2. Visualize the possibilities and the outcome you expect.
  3. On the Full Moon, you can cast this Silver Moon Spell for Money manifestations.

4. Purify and cleanse your home with Moon Water

Cleansing your sacred space is very important. No spiritual work can be done in an environment full of stagnant energy.

Make sure to clean your house physically with a mop/sponge as you normally would and add some Moon Water to your bucket.

You can also just sprinkle the water with your fingers or a spray bottle wherever you want to clean and bless the space.

Optionally, combine this water with herbs or essential oils to spread more positive energies.

Full Moon Water

The energy of the full moon can help you reinforce any kind of Witchcraft spells:

Divinations and any ritual practice in which you need to strengthen your spiritual powers will see benefits. Just place a cup of Moon Water on your altar as you cast it.

Full Moon Spell – A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic

From spells8.com

A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic


  1. Light some incense on your altar. Tonight’s moon calls for Violet, Mint, Rose, or Galbanum aromas.
  2. Invite harmony into your ritual with a chant for the Moon in Libra:“Like the Scales of Justice, I am in complete harmony.
    I’m ready to make the right decisions for me and for the benefit of all”.
  3. Light a white candle and pour some wine into your chalice. If you don’t drink wine, use herbal tea or plain water instead.
  4. Find the Full Moon in the sky. Raise your chalice as you look up and say:“Full Moon over me, fill me with wonder.
    You light my path and shine like a thunder.
    I thank you for your smile, the one that makes me younger.
    May I never thirst, and may I never hunger”.

    Drink the contents of your chalice.

  5. If you have any of the following crystals, Tuesday is the perfect day to charge them with the assertive influence and drive of Mars. Place a BloodstoneCarnelian, Coral, Ruby, Garnet, or Pink Tourmaline on your altar next to your candle.

Spell for Today – 1st Quarter Moon Affirmation – Printable

The Lunar Witch’s Guide To Moon Spells: Rituals, Manifestation, and More

In witchcraft, moon magic is really popular for a reason. Using the power of the moon to cast all types of spells, including moon spells, is extremely effective!

After all, one of the reasons we live cyclically is because of the moon. Even if you aren’t into moon phases or don’t actually notice when there’s a new moon versus a full moon, your body and your emotions definitely know.

I typically work as an eclectic witch, pulling from both folk magic and traditional magic, but I do consider myself a lunar witch or moon witch too, because I work so closely with the energy of the moon. I find that the moon is incredibly powerful and comforting at the same time, making it the perfect energetic force for both beginner and advanced witches!

Today, I’m sharing everything I know about moon spells and being a moon witch. This post will be about more than just manifestation. Specifically, I’ll go into the various spells, rituals, and manifestation techniques that I use during each moon phase, as well as how to work with the moon and …

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Spell for Today – Healing Moon Chant – Printable

Spell for Today – Full Moon Goddess Blessing Salts c. 2017

Full Moon Goddess Blessing Salts

What You’ll Need: 1/2 cup of salt Desired herbal blend (See conjuring instructions for amount)

Protection Blend Dill Cedar Clove Sage Lavender

Healing Blend Cinnamon Lavender Pine Rosemary Sandalwood

Self-Love Blend Chamomile Lavender Rose Jasmine

How to Conjure: In a glass jar or bowl, mix 1/2 cup salt with desired herbs. While mixing, focus your mind on your intentions (i.e. protection, health, self-love). Picture your intentions manifesting. Feel the safety and peace rippling through you if your salt is for protection. Imagine your body (or your loved one’s) healing if you’re manifesting health. Picture that person up and about, running and jumping and feeling amazing! If your blend is for self-love, imagine yourself standing before a mirror, liking what you see. Smile at yourself. Tell yourself you are loved, that you are human and you are doing your best, that your best is enough. That you are worthy of love, especially your own.

Once you can visualize the outcome in your mind’s eye, place the jar outside or on a windowsill where it will be exposed to the moonlight all night. In Goddess pose (arms above head like the “Y” in the YMCA dance), thank the Goddess Moon for lending her energies to your spell and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is a full moon.

Leave the jar on the windowsill until the following morning. Cover it, put it on your magic shelf, and you’re done! Now you have a blessing salt you can use to protect your home or vehicle, to circle a table for a healing spell, or to bless a special piece of jewelry or crystal to keep with you to remind yourself that you are worthy of love!

These herbs can be added in any amount. Generally I listen to instinct and see what the herb is saying to me (so to speak. I don’t hear herbal voices, but how cool would that be?!) If you find yourself drawn to one more than another, either by scent or smell or pure instinct, follow your gut! Magick is all about instinct. The best spells you will ever cast are the ones where you followed your intuition.


You Download a PDF file on this material at The Penniless Pagan

Some of the Names and Correspondences for a February Full Moon – Printable


An Invaluable Herbal Grimoire Reference Guide

By Graphia, The Wordsmith Witch

No matter what your spiritual path looks like, every Witch can benefit from possessing a thorough, comprehensive Herbal Grimoire. Many practitioners include such contents as a guide for the magical correspondences of different herbs, a list of various herbal substitutions for spellcrafting, and last, but not least – a reference section that lists commonly found baneful herbs and their toxicity levels.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

This herb correspondence chart is the culmination of years of research. We hope this reference guide will help you to understand the magical properties of herbs, roots, flowers, barks and resins. It is our goal to provide others with accurate sources of information to enrich their lives and their Craft. What are some ways you can implement the information in the following guide into your own practice?  Click on the link below to view the chart.

Herbal Grimoire

Full Moon Wish Spell Printable

Drawing Down the Moon Ritual

The goddess become incarnate in the high priestess.

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Drawing Down the Moon Ritual’

After the circle is cast, The High Priestess stands in front of the altar with her back to it. She holds the wand in her right hand and the scrounge in her left. She crosses her wrists and crosses the wand and scrounge above them while holding them close to her breast.
The High Priest stands in front of her and says:
Diana, queen of night In all your beauty bright,
Shine on us here, And with your silver beam
Unlock the gates of dream;
Rise bright and clear.
On Earth and sky and sea,
Your magic mystery Its spell shall cast,
Wherever leaf may grow,
Wherever tide may flow,
Till all be past.
O secret queen of power,
At this hour
We ask your blessing.
May fortunes favor fall Upon true witches all,
O Lady Moon!
The High Priest kneels before the High Priestess and gives her the Five Fold Kiss; that is, he kisses her starting with the right of each pair. As he does this, he says:
Blessed be.
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.
Blessed be thy womb.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty.
Blessed be.
For the kiss on the lips, they embrace, length to length, with their feet touching each others. When he reaches the womb, she spreads her arms wide, and the same after the kiss on the lips. The High Priest kneels again and invokes:
I invoke thee and call upon thee,
Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness;
By seed and root,
By bud and stem,
By leaf and flower and fruit,
By love and life
Do I invoke thee to descend upon the body of this,
thy servant and priestess.
During this invocation he touches her with his right forefinger on her right breast, left breast, and womb, repeats the set and finally the right breast. Still kneeling, he spreads his arms down and out, with the palms forward and says:
Hail Aradia!
From the Amalthean Horn
Pour forth thy store of love;
I lowly bend Before thee,
I adore thee to the end,
With loving sacrifice thy shrine adore.
Thy foot is to my lip (he kisses her right foot)
my prayer up borne
Upon the rising incense smoke;
then spend Thine ancient love,
O Mighty One, descend To aid me,
who without thee am forlorn.
The High Priest stands up and steps backwards. The High Priestess draws the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with the wand and says:
Of the Mother
Mine the scrounge, and mine the kiss;
The five point star of bliss and love
Here I charge you in this sign.
The High Priestess should be in a trance. This is a good time to perform the Charge or the Witches Creed. The Goddess has to be dismissed when the Charge or Creed is completed. It’s magical practice to not do so. The High Priest states and faces the Priestess:
We invite you Our Lady for attending our rites.
We bid you farewell till we call you.
Blessed Be.

From learningwitchcraft.com

Spell for Today – Printable

The Mirror and Moon Spell

Moon Phases – Full Moon

Moon Phases – Full Moon

The Moon’s energy is most intense when She reaches abundant fullness. Any magickal effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magickal intent and to give spellworkings additional power.

To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one or your own choosing:

Abundant Mother, Moon so bright

Hear my pleas upon this night.

Your fertile power lend this spell;

Make if potent, strong and well.

Moon Phases – Waning Moon

Moon Phases – Waning Moon

The shrinkage of the Moon from full to dark is called the waning phase, and it offers an energy suitable for recession, peaceful separation, or elimination. Use the waning Moon to end undesirable eating patterns, break bad habits, or to remove yourself from dysfunctional partnerships or stressful situations. Its energies favor any magickal effort requiring decrease or removal.

To seal spells performed during the waning Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

Oh Aging One of grace, now hear:

With your guidance, this spell steer.

Remove all blocks and hesitation,

And take it to its destination.

Moon Phases – Dark Moon

Moon Phases – Dark Moon

Some practitioners use this phase as a period of rest. They find it useful for regeneration, relaxation, and gathering for the creative phase of the waxing Moon.

Others prefer to use it for meditation, psychic power enhancement, or for delving into past life memories to help them better understand current difficulties. Dark Moon energy also lends itself to divination and matters where truth is an issue.

To seal spells performed during the dark Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:

I call on You, Oh Crone so wise—-

One Who rules the darkest skies.

Come and be my treasured Guest,

And aid me on this magickal quest. 

Printable Full Moon Affirmation

Thank you for everything.

All my needs are met in all areas of my life.

I have all that I need while walking towards what I desire to have in my life.

I release thoughts, worries, fears, attachments, relationships, situations, and all that doesn’t serve my Higher Purpose or Higher Self.

And so it is.


Printable Simple Full Moon Ritual

A Gorgeous Ritual for Tonight’s Magic

  1. Light any of the following scents/incenses: Clove, Eucalyptus, Lilac, Musk seed, Nutmeg, Sage, Sandalwood. These herbs and oils help activate the psychic nature of tonight’s Moon in Pisces.
  2. Invoke the open-minded energy of the Fish with this chant:
    “Like the stars above, I’m in a constant and fluid movement.
    I explore and develop my spirituality like a smart and diligent student”.
  3. Take a piece of paper. Write in clear letters your deepest wish. Don’t overthink. Instead, just start writing. Visualize your idea of a perfect future and write it down in the present tense. The First Quarter Moon is a time of abundance and growth, so think BIG! Be clear and precise, whether it’s a love request, a money target, or just a dream to work towards.
  4. Light a white candle on your altar. Place it next to your petition and leave it there.
  5. Next to your candle, place a Black Tourmaline, Sapphire, or Amethyst. These crystals are great for Saturdays, they will absorb the energy of tonight’s moon and release it gently during the next few days.
  6. Meditate for a while. Then take the paper and paste it in your diary, Book of Mirrors, or (optionally) hide it in a secret place.

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