Custom Made Magick for Saturday

Blessed Are The Witches
Custom Made Magick for Saturday

Protection, removing negativity, justice and balance have been the theme today. As we have just seen you can indeed a perform a binding and not cross the ethical line. Bindings are a more ethical route than cursing someone. But are there other options? Why, of course. I know of some Witches who, when they see a criminal’s face on television or read about them in the paper, mentally pain a white X over a criminal’s face while they say the phrase “I neutralize that person” with intention. This neutralizes the power and harm that the stranger causes.

If there is someone that you personally know who is causing you or your family harm, it is possible to use a photograph of the destructive person. Simply wrap white ribbon around their photo to symbolize you binding them up as you say, “I neutralize any physical or emotional harm that you are causing.”

But if you feel magickal bindings are the way to go, then perhaps your best course of action is to remove all emotion from yourself and the spell when you perform the binding. Just as I stated before, justice—like magick—is a neutral force. For lack of a better term, be businesslike. Wild swings of emotion only make for an uncontrollable magickal energy. Therefore, your best bet is to be neutral. If there was ever a time to be calm and in control, this is it. If you are not sure that you can pull off being neutral, then I suggest that you leave magick alone. It is essential to be in control. How much karma drama are you willing to pull into your life?

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Life As The Witch – Getting that Graveyard Dirt & Dealing With Those Spirits


I have had several people ask me about graveyard dirt recently. How to collect it? What grave do I get it from? I have answered these questions in extent. But when it come to dealing with the Spirit world, I don’t want to take any chances that I might have been misunderstood or didn’t emphasis the importance of a certain area. Due to this fact, I ran across an article in a book by a Pagan Author I greatly admire, Dorothy Morrison. She also discusses this subject very thoroughly. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from her book, “Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions”

Graveyard Dirt and Dealing With Spirits

Taking graveyard dirt without permission is much like breaking into someone’s home and stealing their possessions. And if you did that on the physical plane, the only help you’d get from the injured part would be a one-way trip to jail. The same is true of the spiritual realm. Yeah, I know that spirits don’t necessarily live in the dirt in the cemetery. However, that dirt comprises the final resting place of the body it left behind. That means that its energy is in that dirt. And to take that without permission is to take the only possession it has left. Go that route and one thing’s for sure: Jail time is going to be the least of your worries.

You also need to remember that asking permission is not enough. Some sort of relationship must be formed with the spirit before proceeding. And depending upon the spirit and your individual needs, this could take a few minutes or several days. You also need to be prepared for the possibility that you’re not going to be able to form a relationship at all. The reasons for this are many—personality clash, little or no common ground, or an objection to your desires, just to name a few—but in this case, none of that really matters. What does matter is that you don’t push the issue. Just thank the spirit for its time, and continue your search.

Once you do find a spirit that’s willing to help you (and you will), payment for the dirt is not enough. Mind your manners, be polite, and thank it for its assistance. Bring it an extra token of appreciation. You never know when you might need its help again, and no one—living, dead, or otherwise—is going to be willing to offer support of any kind if you can’t even be bothered with common courtesy.

Of course, if a spirit really likes you—if you’ve been kind and courteous and gone the extra mile—it may decide to hang around you, whether you want it to or not. To avoid this, offer it a piece of black onyx as a parting gift once your goal is achieved. (It’s the stone of separation and will sever your connections peaceably.) And if you need the spirit’s assistance again? Not a problem. Just go back to visit, and be assured that it will remember you.


Excerpt from:

“The Real Dirt on the Quick and the Dead”
Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions
by Dorothy Morrison