Thirteen Books Every Wiccan Should Read

Thirteen Books Every Wiccan Should Read

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Now that you’ve decided you want to learn about contemporary Wicca or another modern Pagan path, what should you read? After all, there are literally thousands of books on the subject — some good, others not so much. This list features the thirteen books that every Pagan should have on their shelves. A few are historical, a few more focus on modern Wiccan practice, but they’re all worth reading more than once. Bear in mind that while some books may purport to be about Wicca, they are often focused on NeoWicca, and do not contain the oathbound material found in traditional Wiccan practice.

Adler, Margot: Drawing Down the Moon2

If you want to learn about birds, you get a field guide about birds. If you want to learn about mushrooms, you get a field guide to mushrooms. Drawing Down the Moon is a field guide to Pagans. Rather than offering up a book of spells and recipes, Margot Adler presents an academic work that evaluates modern Pagan religions – including Wicca – and the people who practice them. The work is based on a survey the author took over two decades ago, but the information within is still a worthy read. Drawing Down the Moon makes no apologies for the fact that not all Wiccans are full of white light and fluff, but instead tells it like it is. Adler’s style is entertaining and informative, and it’s a bit like reading a really well-done thesis paper.

Buckland, Raymond: Complete Book of Witchcraft

Raymond Buckland is one of Wicca’s most prolific writers, and his work Complete Book of Witchcraft continues to remain popular two decades after it was first published – and for good reason. Although this book represents a more eclectic flavor of Wicca rather than a particular tradition, it’s presented in a workbook-like format that allows new seekers to work through the exercises at their own pace, learning as they go. For more seasoned readers, there’s a lot of useful information as far as rituals, tools, and magic itself. This book is a classic, and well worth picking up.

Cunningham, Scott: Wicca – A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

The late Scott Cunningham wrote a number of books before his untimely death, but Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner remains one of the best known and most useful. Although the tradition of witchcraft in this book is more Cunningham’s eclectic path than any other tradition, it’s full of information on how to get started in your practice of Wicca and magic. He goes into depth about tools, how and why they are used, ethics, and the concept of god and goddess. If you’re interested in learning and practicing as an individual, and not necessarily jumping into a coven right off the bat, this book is a valuable resource.

Curott, Phyllis: Witch Crafting

Phyllis Curott is one of those people who makes me glad to be Pagan — because she’s really normal. An attorney who has spent her life working on First Amendment issues, Curott has managed to put together a really useful book. Witch Crafting is not a collection of spells, rituals or prayers. It’s a hard and fast look at magical ethics, the polarity of male and female in the divine, finding the god and goddess in your everyday life, and the pros and cons of coven life vs. solitary paths. Curott also offers up a very interesting take on the Rule of Three. Whether you’re a new student of Wicca, or a veteran, Witch Crafting is worth reading more than once.

Eilers, Dana: Pagans and the Law – Understand Your Rights

Dana D. Eilers spent many years facilitating an event called Conversations With Pagans, and from that she wrote a book entitled The Practical Pagan. She then drew on her experience as an attorney to write Pagans and the Law: Understand Your Rights. This book goes into depth about precedents in religious discrimination lawsuits, how to protect yourself if you may be a victim of workplace harassment, and how to document everything if your spirituality is leading someone to treat you unfairly. Eilers is an outspoken woman who has a lot of great advice worth listening to.

Farrar, Janet & Stewart: The Witches’ Bible

[p]The first section of this book is Eight Sabbats for Witches. It goes into depth on Sabbat rites, and the meanings behind the holidays are expanded on. While the ceremonies in The Witches’ Bible are the Farrars’ own, there’s a heavy influence of the Gardnerian tradition, as well as Celtic folklore and some other European history. The second half of the book is in fact another book, The Witches Way, which looks at the beliefs, ethics, and practice of modern witchcraft. Despite the fact that the authors are a bit conservative by today’s standards, this book is an excellent look at the transitioning concept of what exactly it is that makes someone a witch.

Gardner, Gerald: Witchcraft Today

Gerald Gardner is the founder of modern Wicca as we know it, and of course of the Gardnerian tradition. His book Witchcraft Today is a worthy read, however, for seekers on any Pagan path. He discusses paganism in Europe, as well as the so-called “witch cult”, and goes on to demonstrate how many of history’s notable names are connected, one way or another, to what we know today as witchcraft. Although some of the statements in Witchcraft Today should be taken with a grain of salt — after all, Gardner was a folklorist and that shines through in his writing — it’s still one of the foundations that contemporary Wicca is based on. For its historical value, few things beat this book.

Hutton, Ronald: Triumph of the Moon

Triumph of the Moon is a book about Pagans by a non-Pagan, and Hutton, a highly respected professor, does an excellent job. This book looks at the emergence of contemporary Pagan religions, and how they not only evolved from the Pagan societies of the past, but also owe heavily to 19th-century poets and scholars. In fact, Hutton points out that a good deal of what we consider “ancient” Pagan practice can be attributed to the novelists and romantics of the late Edwardian and early Victorian era. Despite his status as a scholar, Hutton’s breezy wit makes this a refreshing read, and you’ll learn far more than you ever expected to about today’s Pagan religions.

Morrison, Dorothy: The Craft – A Witch’s Book of Shadows

Dorothy Morrison is one of those writers who doesn’t hold back, and while her book The Craft is aimed at beginners, she manages to create a work that can be useful for anyone. Morrison includes exercises and rituals which are not only practical, but teaching tools as well. Despite its focus on the lighter side of witchcraft, it’s a good starting point for anyone trying to learn about Wicca, and how to create your own rituals and workings. Morrison also has written a number of other books, including a companion work to this one.

Russell, Jeffrey: A History of Witchcraft

Historian Jeffrey Russell presents an analysis of witchcraft in an historical context, from the early days of Medieval Europe, through the witch craze of the Renaissance, and up into modern times. Russell doesn’t bother trying to fluff up the history to make it more palatable to today’s Wiccans, and takes a look at three different kinds of witchcraft — sorcery, diabolical witchcraft, and modern witchcraft. A noted religious historian, Russell manages to make an entertaining yet informative read, as well as accepting that witchcraft in and of itself can in fact be a religion.

The Witches’ Spell for Nov. 4th – Get Lost Hex

goth114I know you know that I don’t generally post hexes or curses. But I have had several people write to be about people bothering them, thinking they have been cursed, had a love spell put on them and many more. So I figured instead of emailing each of you individually, I would post the spell here. You can’t never tell there might be someone reading this that is having the same problem. I hope this helps everyone. If it doesn’t suit your circumstances, let me know and I will track down another spell for you.

Get Lost Hex

While this hex will definitely force the target to leave you alone, it also causes enough personal aggravation so that he or she is way too busy to bother anyone else.


Prepared poppet

Black wax, melted

Lost and Away Powder

Brown paper sack

Place the poppet in the sack and sprinkle liberally with Lost and Away Powder, saying:

Lost and away from me you go
As your life’s sprinkled with troubles, problems and woe.

Pour the melted wax on top of the poppet, and quickly douse with the powder again. (Do this before the wax sets up, as you want the powder to adhere to it.) As you sprinkle the powder, say:

Problems stick like black to crow
Like melted wax they ooze and flow,
And when you think they’re finally done,
More arrive with rise of Sun.

Bury the poppet in an area easily accessible to you but away from your home. To keep the hex active, visit the grave once each week and dust it with the powder.


Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

The Witches Spell for July 22 – The One Shot Spell

The One Shot Spell

(Note: Do not use rum for this spell. As it is sacred to some of the Afro-Caribbean deities, using it as such may be offensive to Them).

Materials You Will Need:

1 shot of bodka, bourbon, gin or scotch

1 glass to hold the shot of alcohol

1 12oz. glass of water

Pour the shot of alcohol, then swirl it in the glass, saying:

(Name of target) you’ve become
(Name of target) you shall stay
And I’ve become the nemesis
Who will take your power away.

Take a sip from the glass, saying:

One sip and you feel weak,

Take another sip, saying:

Another makes you fall.

Then chug the rest of the shot and say:

As I toss back the rest of this
I own your power: All!

Now chase the shot with the full glass of water, drinking it down as quickly as possible. Then say:

In an hour’s time, I’ll piss you out
And you’ll be laid to waste,
Weak and lowly like the piss
And swimming in disgrace.
—Dorothy Morrison

Getting Started: Now What?

Getting Started: Now What?

Author: Darksky

Getting started… now what? I wanted to address this because there are both some new members just embarking on their path and also some veterans returning to their path and who are experiencing difficulty getting started or resuming their practice.

I have heard, “OK, I have read tons of books and dabbled, but I am not sure I know what I’m doing or how to get started”. Fair enough. We have all had to start at the beginning. We have all had some doubt, confusion, and fear regarding the craft. Some have a feeling they might do something wrong or cause their own practice or spiritual space to go all out of whack. Relax; you won’t. Remember old sayings like, “Practice makes perfect”, or “trial and error” or “You have to walk before you can run”.

One of the first things in magick that sometimes is overlooked is attitude. You’ve read a few books, listened to the local witch shop owner impart their knowledge of the craft, taken , and maybe attended seminars… but have you really heard people stress the subject of attitude. You may have heard, “magick without ego”. OK, what does that mean?
Let’s define ego…*

e·go: [ee-goh, eg-oh] noun, plural e·gos.
1. The “I” or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.
2. Psychoanalysis: the part of  apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.
3. egotism: conceit; self-importance: Her ego becomes more unbearable each day.
4. self-esteem or self-image: feelings: Your criticism wounded his ego.
5. (Often initial capital letter) Philosophy: a. the enduring and conscious element that knows experience; b. Scholasticism: the complete person comprising both body and soul.

So you try and remove ego; seems difficult or might seem contrary to some parts of the definition. Be positive. Have no doubt. Be confident, right?

I believe that magick without ego is a process where one is able to understand and feel a connection between each person, animal, nature and realize that removing the “I” isn’t simply taking your “self” out of the equations, but rather understanding the connection between all things created by a divinity (whatever it happens to be, or however you chose to name it) .
Magick is a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a true journey. It’s a journey of oneself… not of the ego “self”, but a maturation into different levels of understanding and connections.

Magick is not only learning spells and invocations, and acquiring altar tools. Magick comes from within you; it’s learning about you. No one can teach you that. You may be able to learn mediation, divination, and be guided certain in steps and procedures, but the true magick is in you. The task at hand then becomes how to unlock this gift, this ability, and this treasure. Coming together with nature, the seasons, and your God and Goddess, it is up to you to hear the call, feel the pulse, and see the colors.

The first thing is reflection. Have yourself in order, no distractions, and holding a deep desire. Notice I didn’t say a ‘true desire’. Desire is a wanting, needing, a lusting. So how do you know what is it true or untrue? I tend to shy away from people who tell me what I have to do or not to do to be an accomplished witch. Your journey along your path is yours and yours alone.

I mentioned before you need to get yourself in order. I feel is important, but it may take a long time. There is no set deadline. I mentioned no distractions; well in this day and age, how is that done? Kids, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, jobs, money… ugh, the list goes on and on, right? If you try to keep your journey’s path lit and do not allow the flame of desire to go out then you’re not distracted: All things in due time and moderation.

We all can’t all raise and cast in the AM or PM. we sometimes become overwhelmed with the trappings of every day life. I am guilty of that myself at times. Try to have reminders around you of the magick that you have discovered or are striving to discover, things that in an instant remind you of your magickal goals. The desire to learn and become something is not without doubt, mistakes, or pain.

Magick isn’t about the next step in a series of books or classes or altar tools. It’s about heart and soul. Take a chance, listen to everyone and listen to no one. Discover yourself and discover magick, not from a book or when some teacher of a class tells you that you have attained another degree. You alone know when you’re ready to move on in your education, lifestyle, and connections.

Magick has no timeline. There is never a final project that must be turned in to get credit. The God and Goddess have always been there and will continue to be there unless they decide otherwise. The journey you take, the path you have put yourself on may take a lifetime or for some, that understanding and connection may come sooner. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, or that anyone is ‘better’ than you. It means that they may have been on their journeys longer than you have. Their paths may not be as confusing as your own or have as many twists and turns.

Do you think Gerald Gardner, Laurie Cabot, Dorothy Morrison, Z. Budapest, or even Aleister Crowley are any better or different than you? They’re not. They heard a voice once, too. They noticed an irregularity. They felt different and confused. They took a step and began their journey like the rest of us. They stayed true to themselves in order to find the understanding, make the connections and become who they are/were. If you think it’s not within your capability to become an accomplished witch, an innovator, or even start/discover a new tradition, you’re wrong.

You’ve read the books, bought the tools, and gotten tons of advise, so … reflect, get yourself in order, stay focused and take that first step. “Success is dependent on effort. ” -Sophocles

All the best on your journey! Remember… to know… to dare… to do… and to keep silent.


The Witches’ Magick for February 20th – Foot Track Hex


Foot Track Hex


This simple hex torments your enemy by preventing advancement in any sector of his or her life.


4 coffin nails

Target’s foot track


Go to a place where the target has walked, and locate one of his or her foot tracks. Hammer a nail in the top of the track, saying:

“You can’t move up.”

Hammer a nail in the bottom of the track and say:

“You can’t move down.”

Hammer a nail on the right side of the track and say:

“Nor right.”

Hammer a nail on the left side of the track and say:

“Nor left.”

Then moving your hand in a circular motion first to the right and then to the left, say:

“Nor all around.

You’re stuck in place and there you’ll be

Forever: For eternity!”

Walk away and don’t look back




Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
by Dorothy Morrison

Life As The Witch – Destroying Packets, Poppets & Dolls



 The Poppet and Packet Racket


If the magick you worked involved the use of a poppet or a packet (a mojo or gris gris bag, or a collection of objects), feel fortunate. The good news is that it’s one of the easier types of magick to unravel. But don’t breathe that sigh of relief just yet. The bed news is that you’re going to have to retrieve the objects and destroy them. And if you buried them—or even worse, already destroyed them—that could present a problem.

But just for grins, let’s say that you haven’t destroyed the objects, you know exactly where they are, and you can put your hands on them. In this case, breaking the magick is only a matter of destroying the objects. You’ll only have one shot at this though, so you’ll need to do it correctly.

Destroying a Packet: While there are many techniques, I believe that the most thorough way to break the magick is to completely dismantle the packet. Start by removing the contents piece by piece. Set each piece on fire and allow it to burn to ash, then continue with any other pieces one at a time. When nothing else remains, burn the bag or packet dovering if there is one. Finally, toss the ashes into running water to disperse them.

Destroying a Poppet or Doll: Remember how you marked the object with the target’s name? Well the first order of business is to get rid of that. So, mark through it with a heavy, black permanent marker, and continue to work until none of the identifying name shows through. Once that’s done, remove any identifying marks if possible. Finally, burn the doll to ash and toss the remains in running water.



Excerpt from:

Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
by Dorothy Morrison


The Witches Spell for Feb. 11th – Mary Caliendo’s Potato Chip Hex



Mary Caliendo’s Potato Chip Hex


This is so easy, you can perform it right at the office. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s powerful enough to get rid of even the nastiest boss or co-worker.

Items You will need:

2 bags potato chips (from vending machine at your workplace)

3 packets black pepper

1 sticky note

Black pen



Open both bags to let the air out. Write your enemy’s name on the sticky note in black ink, place it in one of the bags, and add the pepper. Sit on one bag to crush the chips. (Move around a little if you need to, as it’s imperative that the chips are reduced to crumbs.) Retrieve the bag, fold the top three times, and staple several times to secure. Place the bag in your purse, and toss it in a public garbage receptacle after work.

Now, eat the other bag of chips. You certainly wouldn’t want to appear to be doing anything suspicious at work, would you?

Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions
Dorothy Morrison

Life As The Witch – Getting that Graveyard Dirt & Dealing With Those Spirits


I have had several people ask me about graveyard dirt recently. How to collect it? What grave do I get it from? I have answered these questions in extent. But when it come to dealing with the Spirit world, I don’t want to take any chances that I might have been misunderstood or didn’t emphasis the importance of a certain area. Due to this fact, I ran across an article in a book by a Pagan Author I greatly admire, Dorothy Morrison. She also discusses this subject very thoroughly. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from her book, “Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions”

Graveyard Dirt and Dealing With Spirits

Taking graveyard dirt without permission is much like breaking into someone’s home and stealing their possessions. And if you did that on the physical plane, the only help you’d get from the injured part would be a one-way trip to jail. The same is true of the spiritual realm. Yeah, I know that spirits don’t necessarily live in the dirt in the cemetery. However, that dirt comprises the final resting place of the body it left behind. That means that its energy is in that dirt. And to take that without permission is to take the only possession it has left. Go that route and one thing’s for sure: Jail time is going to be the least of your worries.

You also need to remember that asking permission is not enough. Some sort of relationship must be formed with the spirit before proceeding. And depending upon the spirit and your individual needs, this could take a few minutes or several days. You also need to be prepared for the possibility that you’re not going to be able to form a relationship at all. The reasons for this are many—personality clash, little or no common ground, or an objection to your desires, just to name a few—but in this case, none of that really matters. What does matter is that you don’t push the issue. Just thank the spirit for its time, and continue your search.

Once you do find a spirit that’s willing to help you (and you will), payment for the dirt is not enough. Mind your manners, be polite, and thank it for its assistance. Bring it an extra token of appreciation. You never know when you might need its help again, and no one—living, dead, or otherwise—is going to be willing to offer support of any kind if you can’t even be bothered with common courtesy.

Of course, if a spirit really likes you—if you’ve been kind and courteous and gone the extra mile—it may decide to hang around you, whether you want it to or not. To avoid this, offer it a piece of black onyx as a parting gift once your goal is achieved. (It’s the stone of separation and will sever your connections peaceably.) And if you need the spirit’s assistance again? Not a problem. Just go back to visit, and be assured that it will remember you.


Excerpt from:

“The Real Dirt on the Quick and the Dead”
Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions
by Dorothy Morrison

Life As The Witch – Life Is Messy: Clean It Up

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Life Is Messy: Clean It Up

Once in a while, after you have cast a spell or curse psychic residue might linger and on occasion actually get on you.  While the symptoms vary from person to person, it’s usually the blah’s that hit first. Sometimes there’s nothing more than that, but occasionally other aggravations will come to call. Common side effects include minor bouts of depression, a sudden inability to concentrate, or a state of complete and utter non-productiveness. And if you begin to experience any of those, the only solution is to get that junk off of you immediately. If you don’t, I can nearly guarantee time spent in bed nursing a cold, the flu or worse.

Fortunately, the remedy is painless, tasteless, pleasurable, and inexpensive. It involves nothing more than taking a bath. And since you probably already take a shower or bath at least once every day, nothing could be easier.

Granted, this isn’t exactly your normal sort of bath, as you’ll need to be clean before you jump in. It’s also going to be necessary to completely immerse yourself in the water several times, hair and all. And because your skin and hair must be allowed to dry naturally, you won’t be able to towel off. When compared to the possibility of having to ingest some foul-tasting medicinal concoction though, that’s a pretty small price to pay–especially considering how much better you’re going to feel.

There are several different types of baths that will handle the problem quickly and efficiently and I have posted those baths to follow. Each works equally well, so just choose the one that most appeals to you and call it good. You’ll be glad you did.

Excerpts from:

Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

Magickal Tidbits for Those Magickal Meals

Magickal Tidbits


The following comprises a few ideas  as to what foods and seasonings may be incorporated into meals to accomplish your goals. As you expand upon this list—and you will–just one note of caution: Some herbs are poisonous! With that in mind, please check a reliable herbal before incorporating any substance with which you’re unfamiliar.

Basil:  Season foods with this herb to loosen a partner’s hold on the money and force him or her to spend some on you.

Bread braid:  As it’s pulled apart and consumed, bread baked in this form can be used to separate lovers and break up relationships.

Cayenne pepper: Commonly known as the “hot food powder of the culinary world,” this little gem works wonders when it comes to getting your way. Be sure to apply it liberally.

Cinnamon:  Fold and mix this into recipes to induce and secure love. (Pies, rolls, cakes, cookies, and wine are good options.) Sprinkle it on top of beverages to obtain money.

Clove:  Long known for its powers of seduction, add ground or powdered clove to hot beverages and desserts to induce lust. (Once you’ve got the target in the position desired, add it to massage oil to really liven things up!)

Ginger: Add this to foods to increase sexual endurance and stamina.

Kava-Kava root:  This peppery-tasting substance induces a natural state of euphoria and relaxes the judgment centers, making them open to suggestion. The key, though, is that it must be fresh or freshly dried. And since it’s most effective when added to a butter or milk base, it’s the perfect addition to egg nog, cream sauces, or gravies.

Mint:  Incorporate to cool anger and force your target to chill out—even if you’re the one at fault.

Nuts:  Want to plant the seeds of your desires in the target’s head and make them think it was their idea? Just add any type of nut to the food you’re serving. Nuts may also be used to plant seeds of doubt.

Potato:  It a target is standing in the way of what you want, carve his or her initials in a potato, then cut it into small pieces before cooking and serving. (It’s also useful to add a dollar sign to the carving if your target is being stingy with money.)

Saltpeter:  A pinch of this added to any food will definitely keep any lover from straying. It’s important to note, however, that while your lover won’t stray, he or she won’t be able to perform with you either.

Sesame seeds;  Because these are sacred to both Ganesha and Hecate, they are excellent additions when used to remove obstacles and get what you want.




Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions
Dorothy Morrison

The Witches Spell for January 5th – Power Removal Spell (The One Shot Spell)

Witchy Comments

 Power Removal Spell

The One Shot Spell

(NOTE: Do not use rum for this spell! As it is sacred to some of the Afro-Caribbean deities, using it as such may be offensive to Them.)


1 shot of vodka, bourbon, gin or scotch

1 glass to hold the shot of alcohol

1 12 oz. glass of water

Pour the shot of alcohol, then swirl it in the glass, saying:

“(Name of target) you’ve become

(Name of target) you shall stay

And I’ve become the nemesis

“Who will take your power away.”

Take a sip from the glass, saying:

“One sip and you feel weak.”

Take another sip, saying:

“Another makes you fall.”

Then chug the rest of the shot and say:

“As I toss back the rest of this

I own your power: All!”

Now chase the shot with the full glass of water, drinking it down as quickly as possible. Then say:

“In an hour’s time, I’ll piss you out.

And you’ll be laid to waste,

Weak and lowly like the piss

And swimming in disgrace.”

Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

The Witches Spell for October 10 – Curse Unraveling Ritual

Witchy Comments

 Curse Unraveling Ritual



1 black/white reversible candle (If you can’t find one of these, substitute a white candle which you’ve colored completely with a black permanent marker.)

1 yellow candle

Uncrossing Incense

Charcoal block

Fire-proof dish

Cauldron or fire pit



Light the reversible candle and visualize the magick reversing itself. Light the yellow candle and see the effort meeting with success. Then light the charcoal block and sprinkle the incense on top.

Now sit in a comfortable position in front of the cauldron or fire pit. Using the scissors, cut the neck and cuff ribbing away from the sweater and toss them into the receptacle. Locate a yarn end on the garment and begin to unravel the fabric, saying something like:

“The magick cast now falls away

As I unravel it today,

(Name of target)’s life is now returned

As magick in the cauldron’s burned.

By all the power of Moon and Sun

I remove all harm; so be it done.

Continue to repeat the chant as you unravel the sweater, stopping occasionally to snip off the loosened yarn and set it aflame in the cauldron. Continue the process until the sweater is completely unraveled, burned and reduced to ash. Either discard the ashes in running water or scatter them on the winds.


Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
Dorothy Morrison

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Living Life As The Witch – Fixing The Mother Of All Screw Ups

Witchy Comments=

Fixing The Mother Of All Screw Ups


No Matter how well we research our facts nor how careful we try to be, we’re eventually going to screw up. It’s just a part of the human condition. And there’s no place our screw-ups shine more brightly than in the hexes and curses arena.

That’s because standing up for ourselves doesn’t always come easily. Most of us really do take an awful lot of crap before finally deciding to do something about it. And even then, we don’t get in a hurry. We go about our business, gathering the facts and exploring our options. We peruse the details with the same sort of attention we might exhaust on a multi-million dollar business venture. And then, when we’re sure that everything’s in order, we start the magickal process, feeling absolutely safe in the fact that we’re completely justified in our actions and that our target (damn his rotten bananas!) deserves every shred we’re doling out, and then some. If we weren’t and he didn’t, things would never have gotten to this point. So, we do our thing and go on along our merry ways, never giving it a second thought.

But then one day, it happens. An ugly head breaks through the muck, stares us right in the face, and blinks. And we—those same folks who felt completely justified in damning that target’s rotten bananas—can barely catch our collective breath as we gasp in horror. For there, right in the eyes of the beast, we see our mistake:  The target was undeniably innocent. He was never even involved in the fiasco that damned near ruined our lives. Instead, he was just another innocent bystander; just some good old Joe who was in the wrong place at the right time. A good, old Joe who we forced to pay for someone else’s infractions with a close encounter of the very worst kind. And there we sit, shivering and shaking and wracking our brains, in a desperate search of some way to fix things, wondering how in the hell we could’ve been so wrong.

To start with, today’s world is an interesting place. With its high-flung technology and far-flung virtual realities, some might even say that it’s nothing short of amazing. But living in such a world also has complications, the most problematical being that because things are seldom as they appear, it become increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Now take that problem and factor in a fact-finding mission, a little logic, and a few rounds of he-said-she-said and add them all together. I can nearly guarantee that the sum of those components isn’t going to be at all within the scope of reason. Reasonable or not though, it appears to be truth. And because it appears as such, we on it as such–only to discover later that  it was the most wretched mistake we ever made.

While that takes care of how easy it is to screw up—and hopefully, has illustrated just how important it is to factor in gut instinct as well as the facts—we still have a problem on our hands: How in the hell do we fix the mess we made? More to the point, though, it is even possible?

Fortunately, it is. Please understand though, that it won’t be easy, regardless of how simple the instructions appear. There’s absolutely no way to convey the degree of difficulty involved in rectifying something line this. So, just be prepared to work long and hard, and as some effects can never be truly erased, be willing to repeat some steps you’ve already taken over and over to ease the problem is the need arises.


“Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions”
Dorothy Morrison

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Living Life As The Witch – HOODOO? You Do!

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A good number of hexes and curses and spells of that sort come from a popular magickal system called Hoodoo. This is in no way, shape, or form a religious system–it’s magick, plain and simple–and its origin is attributed to derivation of the magickal practices of the Afro-Caribbean people who were once enslaved in the United States.

One of the reason for the popularity of this system is that nothing is hard and fast. Ingredients are easy to find, and substitutions can be made with ease. That’s because, unlike most other magickal systems, precisely how hoodoo is practiced varies greatly according to specific agricultural region and available resources. This means that although there may be a few common threads, you’re not likely to find the same sort of practices in Louisiana as you would in South Carolina. In Georgia as you would in Texas, and so on. And this probably has to do with the fact that the enslaved were literally scattered all across the country and simply used what was handy to work their magick. As a result, hoodoo truly is folk magick at its best.

Before we get too far, though, there’s something that I’d like to make clear. Hoodoo magick is not necessarily dark. It’s just more honest than most other types of practice, and so are the folks who practice it. If they’re going to throw down with a hex, they don’t bother to disguise it with some other sort of magick. They just do it, make no bones about it and go on about their business.

With that out of the way, magickal efforts within the system aren’t called spells. They’re called tricks, a classification that’s steeped in honesty too. A spell, after all, is manipulation of the Elements to get what you want. And stripped right down to the bare bones, which exactly is manipulation? Simply put, it’s tricking someone–or something–into doing your bidding.

The other difference between hoodoo and other systems is that magickal efforts aren’t charged. But lest you get the wrong idea, that doesn’t mean that tons of energy isn’t placed within their folds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because tricks usually take the form of packets or parcels–their contents are usually wrapped up in something or contained in a bag–they are “laid.” This means that once completed, the parcels are placed somewhere out of view. And whether laid in the ground, under a porch or in the water, that’s what completes their magick.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that tricks are seldom as easily broken as spells. It’s not the magick involved is any stronger. It’s that breaking a trick involves locating the parcel, dismantling it and destroying the contents. This presents a whole new set of problems: Finding the hiding place and finding the trick, both of which can be a real effort in futility. But even if you manage to find both, that still may not be enough to uncross the victim. Depending upon method of disposal and mediums used for contents and wrapping, a goood portion of the trick may have rotted away or dissolved. The tiny fragment you’ve got left many not be able to handle the job–at least, not with any measure of success. And this is probably how hoodoo got its current reputation:  That of absolute power and darkness.


Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
Dorothy Morrison

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Spell of the Day for Sept. 27: The Gimme Gumption Spell

Witchy Comments The Gimme Gumption Spell


1 reversible candle, black on white (Alternatively, color a white candle completely with a black permanent marker.)

1 shot glass filled with rum bourbon, scotch or vodka (Substitute a shot glass of water flavored with rum extract, if you like.)

Since this is a war of sorts–and Mars energy is essential for any type of successful battle–plan to perform this spell on a Tuesday on either the Full or New Moon. Fill the glass and light the candle, then place the glass directly in front of you. Ground and center in your normal fashion; then say something like.

Confrontation is not my foe.

It’s not an opponent; it causes no woe.

It is my friend now and as such.

It straightens out the cause of much

Confused and wrongful accusation.

Misunderstanding and misinformation

It soothes out wrinkles while it mends

Relationships that might otherwise end.

It no longer makes me sick.

For now I’ve finally learned the trick:

That anger plays no part; instead,

Resolution weaves its threads.

That said I now infuse my gutsy gumption

This liquid for my own consumption.

At this point, think about what gumption and courage means to you, then hold the glass aloft, and blow the candle that thought across the liquid  to infuse and charge it. Place the glass in front of the candle and continue, saying something like:

And before this candle, it is placed.

So its energies will interlace

With my infusion to bring it power

As it burns by minute and by hour.

To banish worries, woes and fears,

To banish nervous shakes and tears,

And bring forth the courage that I need

To defend myself with grace and speed.

The gumption asked for now is wonk

As I will, so be it done.

When the candle extinguishes itself, drink the liquid, feel the courage flow through your body and make a firm resolve  never to be stopped on again.


Spell from Excerpt Obtained From:

“Utterly Wicked”

Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions

By Dorothy Morrison

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Living The Life of The Witch – Decision, Decision, Decision!

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Over the course of your magickal practice, this is a question that’s eventually going to pop up. So, maybe some exploration is in order:  Just exactly what warrants a curse and what doesn’t?

The fact that Joe got the job you wanted probably doesn’t warrant anything other than crossing off that place of employment and sending out resumes to the next ten on your list. And if you want to work a little magick to get one of those positions, so be it.

But what if the situation isn’t that simple? What if the job in question was an inner company promotion, and you happen to know that Joe willfully sabotaged you? Maybe he took credit for some of your work–work that may have either qualified you for the position or caused the department head to take special notice of your application. Perhaps he even lied about you, saying that you were difficult to work with, that you weren’t a team player, or that you had an attitude problem. Is that any reason to curse him?

Maybe. Maybe not. It just depends on the circumstances. And to come to a rational decision, you’re going to have to look at the whole picture.

First, review the job description again, and really scrutinize the duties involved. If they’re vague, Joe may have done you a favor, even if unwittingly. It might be that the job in question would take up more time than you’re willing to give: time that would be best enjoyed somewhere else or even spent with your family. It could also be that the extra money involved is not worth what it’s going to take to earn it. And if either is likely, then curses should be the furthest thing from your mind. In fact, you should probably think seriously about sending Joe a congratulatory gift.

But what if neither of those scenarios is true? What if Joe simply set out to ruin your reputation with the company—a company you’ve given your all to—and is now doing his dead level best to get you fired?

While none of that is good by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not sure such action truly deserves a curse either. Why? Because you definitely have other options. You could work magick to protect your job. You could work magick to shed light on Joe’s behavior and show him to all concerned for the jackass that he really is. And if you’re suddenly feeling magnanimous–which is doubtful at this point–you could even go so far as to work magick so that Joe find a position more to his liking outside of the company. Any of those options will take care of the situation nicely–and without the need of a curse.

But now, let’s change the scenario a bit. Let’s say that you’ve been the victim of Joe’s sexual harassment for a very long time and that the promotion was your ticket out of that mess. Let’s say that when he found out you’d decided to apply for the job, he not only lead you to believe that the problems with him would get much worse than you ever dreamed if you went through with it, but he promised to ruin you with the company. That’s not all. He also promised to personally squelch any chance of your getting alternative employment in the area. You’ve already seen how he works, so there’s no doubt he can make good on all of this.

Now do you have good reason for a curse? You bet you do.

Of course, if you’d just turned Joe in to his superiors when he made his first lascivious move–if you’d decided to fight instead of flee back then–he wouldn’t be in any position to bother you. In fact, he probably wouldn’t even still be with the company. You could have avoided this whole mess, you might be sitting pretty in your new corner office, and there would be no reason for any sort of magick at all.

While playing the would’ve should’ve-could be game is normally a complete waste of time, it definitely bears some thought here. For one thing, we need to learn from our mistakes. But perhaps more importantly, this sort of self-examination helps us to figure out what else is necessary to keep us from ever having to curse someone again. And if often takes some mighty deep digging to get to the root of the problem and yank it from our lives forever.

So why didn’t you report Joe’s inappropriate behavior when he first got out of line? Chances are, you were afraid. But since precisely what you were afraid of holds the key here, that’s what we need examine. Was it that you thought reporting him wouldn’t solve the problem and that his superiors wouldn’t take you seriously? Were you afraid that Joe would twist things around in such a way that you’d lose your job? Or were you simply afraid of that sick feeling that makes your stomach churn every time you’re faced with confrontation?

Since such is usually the case when folks won’t stand up for themselves, I’m betting on the latter. And for all practical purposes, let’s say I’m right. What you need now–before you even think of performing that curse– is something to keep you from ever being in that position again. You need some gumption.

Dorothy Morrison has given “The Gimme Gumption Spell” to go along with this article. The spell will following right behind this article.


Excerpt from:

“Utterly Wicked”
Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

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Living The Life Of The Witch – Do You Have What It Takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?


Curses are not for the namby-pamby. Nor are they for fluffy bunnies or for those who insist that even the worst of horrors happen for a reason. They are for gutsy folks with the courage to do something about their situations when all other possibilities have been exhausted.

But just the same, curses aren’t to be taken lightly or flung about without due cause and serious thought. They’re not your normal type of magick and certainly not anything that should be performed as readily as a protection spell or a money spell.  In fact, there’s good reason that they’re usually at the top of the magickal practitioner’s ten-foot-pole list. And contrary to popular belief, taking responsibility for your actions is the least of your worries.

To start with, cursing someone takes an inordinate amount of energy. Your energy. Energy that you’ve stored for other things, like the simple business of everyday living. And cursing someone effectively is going to wipe out all your reserves. But even if that weren’t the case, it’s important to remember that you’re going to be transferring that energy to the person on the other end of your magick. So there’s a good chance that you’re inadvertently going to pick up some of that person’s energy along the way too. Do you really want that nasty stuff on you? Probably not.

Another thing is that the only substance that will fuel a curse properly is anger. Trying to fuel it with love or adding a “for the good of all concerned” codicil simply isn’t going to cut it. In order to even get the spell off the ground, you’re going to have to be so mad that you can’t see straight. So mad that even strangling the person in question with your bare hands wouldn’t be enough to suit you. Yes, you’re going to have to absolutely, uncontrollably, beyond the shadow of a doubt, livid pissed—more infuriated and enraged than you’ve ever been in your entire life and are ever likely to be again. And you need to know whether you’ve got what it take to work yourself up into that sort of irrepressible hissy fit.. What’s more, though, do you even want to?

Further, you’re also going to have to believe that you are unquestionably correct in the need to curse someone. Rationalization to suit your own purposes isn’t going to get it. You have to be right. You have to be sure. There isn’t any room for error or an after-the-fact “Oops…I was mistaken” when it comes to curses. The effects can be finite. What’s more, you can’t even begin to second guess yourself. Do you have that sort of resolve?

If none of this bothers you, and you’re absolutely certain of your position, then a curse is probably the way to go. And if not? Well, it’s best left alone.

Excerpt from:

“A Hex Upon Thee”
Utterly Wicked
Curses, Hexes or Other Unsavory Notions
By Dorothy Morrison

Chant For Unlocking The Astral Gates

Syn, good Goddess of Locks and Doors,
Open the gates, I now implore,
Allow me to pass through the astral veil
With speed; grant fair winds to my sail.
And when I’ve gained what I can learn
Grant a hasty, safe return.
Everyday Magic
Spells & Rituals For Modern Living
Dorothy Morrison
ISBN 1-56718-469-3
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Magic 365: Six Simple Ways To Practice Magic Every Day

Magic 365: Six Simple Ways To Practice Magic Every Day

Author: Violet Seas

Practicing the Craft takes exactly that: practice. It is much like writing, I’ve found, in that if you don’t make a plan to somehow, in some way, fit it into your busy schedule every day of the week, it lies fallow. This seems likes a lot, as if somehow in our crazy times, in which we make time for foolish things like Facebook or Angry Birds, or the dreaded Farmville, finding time to practice this wonderful religion of ours is simply out of the question. But it’s not impossible, in fact, it’s simple and easy, and there’s one for every type of magick you can think of.

Wash It Off
Ritual baths are a wonderful way to cleanse your aura and focus your thoughts before ritual, but honestly, who has the time? Instead of a lengthy soak, try starting (or ending) your day with a cleansing shower. Visualize all your negativity washing down the drain with the dirt and grime. For added emphasize, you can purchase a special body wash for this purpose. I love to use a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint that works as a stress reliever after a very long day. As you towel off, you can go through your blessings of the God and Goddess, which is a great practice for self-love, as well as daily magick.

Stone Empowerment
One of the easiest ways I’ve found to bring in magick is simple stone magick. I have a plethora of tumbled stones chosen and empowered with intent. When you wake up in the morning, make it part of your routine. Get up, get dressed, and get empowered. You can choose to carry one in your pocket or bra, put a few in a pouch, or you can make your own stone jewelry and wear your charms wherever you go. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as wire wrapping stones into pendants, or simply gluing stones to staple pieces. A wealth of base bracelets, rings, and even earring findings can be found at your local craft store, just waiting to be spelled. Quartz or selenite is a great place to start, for simple cleansing, empowerment, and protection. Try fluorite for knowledge retention, bloodstone for strength, tiger’s eye for courage, or howlite for a soothing calm.

Herbal Accessories
If you’re more inclined to herbal magick, you can wear an oil made of your favorite herbs, or simply put your favorite blend in a locket or secret-ring. With a $3 investment in a tea-ball you could brew a concoction to get your morning starting off with an extra boost, or calm a stressful day. For more permanent charms, you could sew a small pouch of herbs into a favorite scarf or knit hat for an herbal remedy you can wear every day when you need the comfort. A little lavender in a cage ring can help calm your mind in a stressful situation, and a little sage close by is great for clearing mental clutter.

Daily Divining
Doing a tarot card or rune a day is the best way to familiarize yourself with the energies of your desk, and simply to memorize their meanings! They are important tools of magick, and if you wish to utilize them, they require lots and lots of practice, just like any other instrument you utilize in your life. Did you learn bake a cake perfectly the first time? Then what makes you think a tarot deck will work without fail on your initial reading? Practice, practice, ladies and gents! You can do a simple spread for a quick interpretation, or something more complex, such as the Sword or the Mandela format. Pendulums are great as well. You could do these techniques as you settle down to bed to see what’s in store for you tomorrow.

Beauty Blessings
A bottle of witch hazel (found next to the rubbing alcohol in the medical section) , rose petals, a rose quartz, and one simple incantation (Imperfections go away; beauty of Venus come forth today!) makes an inexpensive, yet powerful, beautification potion. Your spell will be ready in one week, simply shake daily and chant the aforementioned incantation, which again, takes only moments. Simply dab it over a cotton ball and use as you would any facial cleanser or toner. It takes just a few seconds, and can easily be incorporated into your daily beauty ritual for clearer skin and a smoother complexion.

Brighten Up
Lighting a candle takes just a few seconds, and the scent, the sight, can ease our pains and alight the senses. It is said that having a white candle lit often can activate the spirit of your house, bringing about a greater sense of peace and comfort. You don’t need that gigantic candle that costs more than a silk shirt either. I use a simple pentagram soapstone candle holder from a thrift store and a white tea light a day, which can be purchased in bags of 150 for a few dollars at your local Wal-Mart. Not so tricky now, is it? And you can use candle magick for all sorts of things every single day, whether it’s a great big candle you snuff out daily, or tiny handmade kosher candles that you can find in the aisle of your local grocery store. You can make it part of your morning as a simple affirmation for something you’re looking to change in your life. Whether it’s a reminder for strength, self-love, or acceptance, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Magick is everywhere. We know this. It is a force in all we encounter and everything we do… every breeze, every flower, every book, and every breath. There’s no need to feel as if it is some far away, impossible to obtain, thing. It is as in your grasp as the computer mouse beneath your hand and the keyboard beneath your fingertips. Magick awaits. Take hold of it, command it, and use it wisely.

Everyday Witchcraft by Dorothy Morrison

Chant To Hecate for Justice

The chant below brings swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Take caution in using it, though, especially if you have also behaved inappropriately. Hecate’s justice knows no bounds. She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve.

Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea.

Bring justice now I ask of Thee!

Right the wrongs that have been done,

Avenge me now, oh Mighty One.

Turn misfortune back to those

Who cause my problems and my woes.

And heap upon them karmic debt

Lest they all too soon forget

Their wrongful actions, words, and deeds

Don’t let them get away scot-free.

Bring them forth from where they hide.

Bring swift justice–wield your knife.

Hasten, Dark One; hear my plea–

Do what it is I ask of Thee.


Everyday Magic

Dorothy Morrison