New Moon Chant


Casting the Circle

Wicca/ landscape GP challenge #1

Casting the Circle

I conjure thee, O circle of power,

As thou encircle every Tower.

That thou best a place of Truth, Joy and love,

Encircling Flight of Eagle, Hawk and Dove.

Mighty Aegis of the Lady and Lord,

Rampart of thought, action and word.

To Work in Peace, Powerful and Free,

Who walk between two worlds conjure thee;

A boundary to Protect, Concentrate and Contain,

That Power raised here be not in vain.

Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee,

In the name of Cernunnos and Aradia.


—-Wiccan Chants and Incantations: Witchcraft for the Solitary Practitioner

Ginger Valentine


Full Moon/Chant To Seal A Spell During this Phase

Full Moon
The Moon’s energy is most intense when She reaches abundant fullness. Any magickal effort, especially difficult ones, can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase. Use the full Moon to amplify magickal intent and to give spellworkings additional power.
To seal spells performed during the full Moon, use this chant or one of your own choosing:
Abundant Mother, Moon so bright
Hear my plea upon this night.
Your fertile power lend this spell;
Make it potent, strong and well.

Crone Chant for Good Judgment


Crone Chant for Good Judgment
Ancient Hag, Wise Grandmother,
You of Wisdom, like no other,
Help me weigh choices with precision,
To make a good and fair decision
Show me what I need to see,
Shed some light on what should be.
And should I turn a deafened ear
Open it so I can hear
Help me feel what I should know.
Show me now which way to go.
Guide me in what I just do.
This, Old Crone, I ask of You.

Bast Chant for Liberation


Bast Chant for Liberation
Feline Goddess, Cat-like Bast,
Give me what I need at last.
Scratch through mental knots that bind,
Bring independence to my mind.
Claw through ropes that hold me tight,
Bring liberation to my life.
Help me let go of what is old
And venture forth, reborn and bold.
Help me live my life in truth.
Bast, I ask these things of You.

Chant to Hecate


Chant to Hecate
The chant below bring swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Take caution in using it, though, especially if you have also behaved inappropriately. Hecate’s justice knows no bounds. She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve.
Chant to Hecate
Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea
Bring justice now, I ask of Thee!
Right the wrongs that have been done,
Avenge me now, Oh Mighty One.
Turn misfortune back to those
Who cause my problems and my woes.
And heap upon them karmic debt
Lest they all too soon forget
Their wrongful actions, words, and deed
Don’t let them get away scot-free
Bring them forth from where they hide,
Bring swift justice–weild your knife.
Hasten, Dark One: hear my plea–
Do what it is I ask of Thee.

Chant to Athena


Chant to Athena
Try this chant when you must make a decision, but aren’t sure that all the facts are on the table.
Athena, Goddess of Great Insight,
Wisest One, take owl-like flight.
Come to me–stay at my side.
And let Your wisdom be my guide.
Show me what I need to see,
So that I can solve efficiently
These problems. Lend Your expertise
And grant Your wisdom unto me.

The Witches Magick for Thursday, July 28th – Chant to Shield Oneself from an Enemy

The summoning

Chant to Shield Oneself from an Enemy

For best results, say this chant three times each day for two weeks.

Space there is and space there be
Between (name of enemy) and me
By Waning Moon this space shall grow
Until she (he) no longer causes woe
For anyone, for mine, for me
As I will, so mote it be




Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series)
Dorothy Morrison