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Your Personal Altar

An altar is a working surface used for religious purposes and as a space to perform magickal workings. The space should be completely dedicated for these uses and no other. The altar is another important tool that serves as a focal point for personal power. If your altar can remain set up at all times, it also serves as a shrine to the Goddess and God.

There is no set configuration, size, or shape for the altar. The only requirement is that the surface be cleansed and consecrated and then covered with a cloth. Ideally a permanent altar will be placed in the north or east part of a room so that when you stand you are facing one of those directions. During ritual work, the altar is at the center of the circle.

Basic items for the altar include:

One or two candles for illumination

A silver or red candle to represent the Goddess

A gold or green candle to represent the God**


Censer and incense

A bowl of water and one of salt





*If you are working with the Goddess alone, use three candles (white, red, and black) to honor her in her three phases: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

** If you are working with the God alone, use three candles (black, gold, and white) to honor him in his three phases: Prince, King, and Elder.

There are many other things that may also be present on your altar, like statues of the Goddess and God, herbs you will be using, a small cauldron, crystals or representations of totem animals.

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The Elements & The Pentacle

The Elements & The Pentacle


The  elements  are  what  makes  up  the  universe,  without  them  there  would  be  no   form;  we  are  made  up  from  them.  So  the  five  points  represent  the  five  elements   known  as  Earth,  Air,  Fire,  Water  and  Space.


Earth  represents  our  bodies  and  the  material  world,  the  Earth  the  stars   and  all  the  contents  of  the  universe.  Air  is  what  we  breathe  and  animates  life,   Water  is  the  our  life  blood  and  the  oceans,  rivers  and  watercourses  that  are  so   abundant  on  the  planet.  Fire  is  what  gives  us  heat,  it  burns  in  our  bodies  allowing   us  to  digest  the  food  we  eat  and  it  warms  our  bodies  in  the  life  giving  properties  of   the  sun.  It  gives  us  the  beauty  of  the  heavens  at  night  when  we  look  up  at  the   stars,  each  one  a  mighty  fireball  of  energy  and  without  fire  we  would  not  have  the   most  precious  substance  of  them  all,  light!  Without  light  the  universe  we  live  in   would  be  devoid  of  any  sentient  life  because  it’s  light  that  gives  rise  to  all  creation.


The  fifth  element  is  the  most  mis-­‐understood  and  that  is  Space,  people   have  called  it  “Ether”  or  “Spirit”  and  those  words  do  descried  some  of  its   properties,  but  space  sums  it  up  best.  Empty  space  the  stuff  between  the  stars,  the   stuff  that  hold  and  supports all creation. The formless void we come to know as the cauldron of the Goddess.


The Experience of Life:

On  a  more  basic  level  of  life  the  pentacle  comes  to  represent  our  journey  through   life  and  the  Give  points  can  be  attributed  to  the  lessons  we  learn  through  life  such   as;

✴ To Love,

✴ To Create,

✴ To Experience,

✴ To Learn

✴ To Grow.

The  pentacle  opens  up  a  gateway  into  the  mysteries  that  allow  us  to  have  devotion   to  the  forces  of  nature  and  this  encourages  us  to  open  our  hearts  giving  rise  to  an   unconditional  love.  When  we  start  to  work  with  these  forces  we  learn  to  create   with  them  and  this  gives  rise  to  experiences. When we have experience we learn and in turn we grow, this is called wisdom.


The Basic Emotions of Life

The  pentacle  can  also  come  to  present  the  Give  basic  emotions  that  often  cloud  our   mind  because  they  cause  so  much  havoc.  These  are;

✴ Anger,

✴ Jealousy,

✴ Envy,

✴ Attachment

✴ Greed.


These  things  arise  in  each  and  every  one  of  us  and  when  they  become  extreme   they  cause  us  to  experience  all  the  difficulties  of  life.  The  aim  of  any  spiritual  path   is  to  transform  these  basic  emotions  into  Give  wisdoms  so  that  they  don’t  affect  us   as  much.  We  need  to  turn;

✴ Anger into Love,

✴ Attachment into Generosity,

✴ Jealousy & Envy into Forgiveness

✴ Greed into a Freedom that allows us to let go.

It’s  not  easy  but  it  can  be  done  if  we  have  patience  and  are  prepared  to  put  in   some  work.  That’s  the  journey,  the  path  or  training  that  is  needed  to  allow  the   individual  to  experience  the  deep  mysteries  and  then  in  turn  actualize  them  into   their  lives.

We  are  all  looking  for  a  happy  and  fulfilled  life  and  it’s  through  the  spiritual path we aim to try to find ways of helping us achieve these goals.

In the Witch’s Tool Chest: “Cauldron and Chalice – My Cup Runneth Over”

In the Witch’s Tool Chest: “Cauldron and Chalice – My Cup Runneth Over”

Many of the tools that Witches use are said to represent either the masculine (the god) or the feminine (the goddess). Two of the most common “female” tools are the cauldron and the chalice. Because of their cupped shape, they symbolize the womb of the Goddess.

Who isn’t familiar with the image of the Witch stirring up some magickal potion in her cauldron? (Okay, I think most of the time it was probably just her dinner, but who are we to argue with centuries of fairy tales?) These days, Witches are more likely to use the cauldron–usually an iron pot with three legs–to hold a fire during ritual or just for decoration. The Celtic Goddess Ceridwen was famous for her cauldron, in which she brewed the mead of wisdom and inspiration. (Don’t you wish you had that recipe?)

The chalice is used to hold the wine or water for use during ritual, and it represents the feminine forces of intuition, understanding and receptivity. They are often made of silver, glass, pewter or pottery. I think it is important to choose a chalice that you truly love the look and feel of, and set it aside for use during rituals only.


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