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Everyone Needs Some Me Time to Relax and Center

We all have days we wish we could just hibernate and hide from everyone. This is when you need to have a special care package ready to go to relax you physically and mentally and recenter yourself spiritually.

I have a small kit made up in advance for when I take this me time. Mine includes a long incense sticks or cones of either sandalwood or jasmine (lavender is also very good for relaxing with), my favorite Celtic music bookmarked on my computer to find it easier, a big handful of my favorite Epsom salts in a Ziploc type bag or other holder, a smudge stick, a bar of scents soap, a black taper and a white taper candle, my favorite lotion, and a robe (type depends on the temperature in my home). I also shut off my cell/mobile phone and anything else that someone could call me on like Skype.

Allow a minimum of 2 hours for yourself to get the benefits you deserve.

I do a smudging in my den and bathroom and also myself. Then get into my usually hot bath with the salts. I soak for a while until I feel my muscles completely relax m(draining cooled water and adding more hot if I feel the need to) than I use one of my scented soaps to wash with (my hair is tied up because I wash it in the sink before getting into my bath or just leave dry, no one says you have to wash your hair just because you take a bath). After getting out of the bath and drying off I rub lotion on every part of my body I can comfortably reach just to feel the wonder of what the deities choose to make us into thousands of years ago.

Then if I feel like it put on my robe and go into my den or bedroom. Depending on my mood whether I stay in the robe or lay down skyclad.

Once in my den or bedroom,  I have a small table next to the daybed in my den so the black candle is set on the southwest corner and the white in the northeast. I light the black candle first asking Hades and Persephone to take away all the negative energy, anger, resentment, envy, etc I may still be harboring inside myself.  Next, I  light the white candle asking Ra and Mother Earth to fill me with love, positive energy and to be grounded. I then light the incense I choose while enjoying the scent of the incense and listening to the music  I do a relaxation technique (which I will describe below) and then I let my mind to float free not focusing on any one thought especially if it is a negative one. I usually wind up falling asleep and many times have had messages and/or vision brought to me by my ancestors, guides, some deities. These dreams I write down what I can remember of them when I awaken. The dreaming does not happen every time.

The two most important things to take away from this experience is one does not feel guilty for taking the time to pamper and nurture yourself because we all need to. The other thing is to take a is relaxed, centered mind, body, and spirit from reconnecting them all.

RELATION TECHNIQUE: Starting with your toes and working up the body tighten each muscle as you take as deep a breath as you can then allow the muscle to completely relax as you slowly exhale all the air you took in. This should take you at least 15 to 20 minutes to get all your muscles relaxed and your mind to slow down.

A great place you can get your incense, soap, candles and smudge sticks is Magickal Necessities. Below are the links for the items available:

Incense Cones


Smudge Sticks

Chime (smaller) Candles

Basics of Meditation

Basics of Meditation


All the recent hoorah about meditation is only the great discovery that if people slow down and spend time in a structured format, allowing their minds to drift, their lives smooth out and become more serene.  Once this stage has been reached, the avenues are open to you.  The first, exemplified by the oriental style, emphasizes concentrating the mind on a specific object (commonly called ‘mantra’) and then learning to control the body’s autonomous nervous system so that such things as blood pressure and the beeling of pain are controlled.  The second system is exemplified by the western Celtic Wiccan practice of ‘outward’ meditation.  In this system, the mind is allowed to drift free; no control is exercised over what happens.  In this way you will safely experience contact with other beings and will even leave your body to travel in the time-space continuum in astral flight.  In dreaming and meditation, as your awareness increases, so you will become aware of other dimensions of these omens and portents.  You will find that not only can they help you this instant, but the can also reach out into the future to help you. They can plug into, let us say, the great Cosmic Consciousness and give you information that will make your future secure and serene.

You can gain from your subconscious mind those things that you have become aware of during your life, which are stored within you; moreover, you can reach outward and upward and gain information on problems to which you do not know the answe.  A great deal of guidance can also be obtained from spirits on various levels in Side.  You will most probably have one special spirit assigned to aid you in your work.

A witch very rarely waits passively by for anything, especially for some direction along life’s path.  Vaguely hoping for a dream or a sign just isn’t a very satisfactory way to run your life.

To be initiated to the higher levels in our Order, you are required to have a spirit guided with whom we can consult as to your progress.  If you never plan to work at more than the theory of the Craft, you do not absolutely have to meditate; however, everyone, even the most hurried and scurried housewife, should set aside fifteen to thirty minutes every day for her own time in which all pressures are off her, a period when she can relax and contact a spirit guide, an interval that will crate a smoother life for her.


Your Meditation Practice


We have trained without trouble well over 10,000 people in the art of what we call ‘outward’ meditation. We do not know whether or not our method is the most simple available, but we are completely sure that it is safe and effective.  So do not skip steps.With all this in mind, then, begin work.  This effort will require half an hour a day for the rest of your life.  Some days it may take longer.  You may lose sleep.  But the rewards are infinite and eternal.  Are you prepared to commit her and now to the first six months without expectations of demonstrable gain?  We are contrasting a TV program with life everlasting and power beyond measure.  There can be only one real answer.  Now carefully follow the steps below-checking each step before proceeding to the next.  By the time you have completed Lecture II, you should have had your first psychic experience.

Step 1
A.  Find a comfortable chair.  It must be of wood or of wood and canvas; there must be no iron or steel or materials of animal origin, and the very minimum of non-ferrous metal in it.  Metals, especially ferrous Metals, become magnetized.  We are dealing with minute electrical and magnetic impulses, and all outside interference must be reduced to a minimum.  Make sure the chair supports you so that you can sit comfortably for fifteen minutes without moving.  Sit in it and read a book, but don’t move your body; only your hands and head.  Is the chair really comfortable?  If not, find one that is.
B.  Find a quiet-running mechanical timer.  Nowadays most kitchens have such a timer. Check yours for running noise, because too loud a ticking has a hypnotic effect on some people.
C.  Find a loose flowing robe, pure white, made preferably from cotton or linen.  It should be free of animal fibers and of buttons and ties.  A wrap- around front opening dressing gown is ideal.  In climates where nudity is possible, this is preferable; but if cold distracts your mind, wear the robe.
D.  Find a container of uniodized salt.

Step 2
Select a place.  Somewhere in your home there is a spot suitable for meditation.  The requirements are, in order of importance:
A. A solid wall running north and south.
B. An area along this wall that is not near heavy electric cabling or appliances.
C. An absolute minimum of clutter.  Books and newspapers are particularly undesirable because of the busy though patterns they engender.
D. A location as close to the sky as possible while retaining a connection with the daily life of the house.  In California this might be a patio; in colder climates perhaps it would be the master bedroom of the home.

Step 3
Establish a time and stick with it.  The factors influencing the hour chosen vary from individual to individual, but here are some things that typically should be considered.
A. When will you be able to be uninterrupted?
B. Can you keep this appointment every day unless something unforeseen interferes?
C. Will your mind fe free of petty work and household problems during  the selected time?  That is, is it far enough removed from outside mental distractions to enable you to let your mind float?
D. Is the sun below the horizon at the time you have chosen?

Step 4
The trial run.  Let us say you have selected dawn or 6 a.m. as your test period.  Hopefully you will have slept with a partner and are well adjusted sexually.  By morning most of life’s cares have been dropped and are not so oppressive that they intrude.  For the trial run, get up about 5:45.  Shower or bathe (men should also shave unless they habitually wear a beard); put on your clean robe, and go to our selected area.  If your wall is not quite true north-south, arrange the chair so you directly face east or west.  Subdue the light entering the room.  Turn off and mechanical contrivances, and shut off the power from cables nearby.  Use the salt to draw an unbroken circle around you clockwise on the floor.  Set the timer for five minutes.  Sit with your back to the wall, preferably facing east, though west is also acceptable. Have your legs uncrossed, you hands resting on your thighs with palms up. Tilt your head very slightly back.  (If sitting in a chair feels unnatural, even after sincere trials, lie flat on your back on a soft pallet free of ferrous metal, with your head to the north.)  When you are settled and comfortable, absolutely relax all muscles in your body.

You may find there are annoyances such as noises or areas of brightt light. If these come from sources beyond your control, you may have to change the time of meditation.  Readjust the setting and reset the timer for another five minutes.  Try again.  Your area and equipment may or may not be satisfactory now, because your sensitivity is increasing as your eyes would adjust to a darkened room.

Continue these five-minute trials until you are satisfied that you have achieved the best conditions possible in your circumstances.  This does not mean a setting like a dark rom at midnight.  Your goal is relaxation.  Be comfortable; that’s all.  Don’t be afraid to change the location if you feel another spot in the home would be better.  You won’t know until your try.

So far you have take no protective measures, so ignore messages or impressions that arrive spontaneously.  If a persistentt though occurs or a persisten picture is seen, immediately protect yourself as describe below in “First Meditation,’ and start again.  If the message is repeated, act on it.  You are one of the lucky ones who receive immediately.  This can occur when there has been a buildup of information intended for you:  Messages are so accumulated that they take the first opportunity to come through.  After a week or so, this initial burst will subside and real work can commence.

Now your preparations are complete, and you can proceed toward consistent communication.  You are ready for your first genuine meditation.


First Meditation


All your faculties are resting and waiting.  You are in a state of homeostasis, with all your cravings moderately satisfied.  There is nothing pulling or tugging at you, either mentally or physically.Arrange the scene as you have experimentally determined it should be.  Set the timer for fifteen minutes.  With the salt shaker draw an unbroken circle of salt around you clockwise on the floor.  Sit in your chair or lie on your pallet, and make sure you are comfortably settled.  With eyes closed, say
“Spirits of mischievous intent, spirits of lower entities,  You cannot cross this sacred line.”

Make the sign of the Celtic cross in the air before you.  Raise the right hand to eye level, palm down, fingers together and pointing away from the body. Sweep the hand straight down about one foot.  With fingers together and pointing away from the body, move the hand to the right at chest level with the palm facing left.  Sweep across the body from righ to left.  These two motions are connected by a short sweep diagonally upward from the bottom of the first stroke of the beginning of the second as shown in Figure (oh well)
“May the Gods protect me.”

The omission of the salt circle and the protective affirmations can have dire results.  Some patients in mental institutions, beyond the help of psychologists, are there because they have an extra spirit within them.  They have inadvertently become possessed.

You have around you a permanent protective force field which resembles a white veil or halo of light.  Mentally open this aura as you open your robe, laying aura and robe back simultaneously; say, “Please, Guides, I am naked in your sight.  My body and my mind are unclothed.  Protect them, and send to me what you wish.”  In order to encourage the spirits, most of whom were reared as Christians, and to protect yourself further, it is well to say a modified verseion of the Lord’s Prayer, the modifications are minor, and the spirits feel comfortable in this environment.

“Our friends who are in Side, blessed be your names.
God’s kingdom come,
God’s will be done on earth as it is in Side.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our weaknesses as we forgive those who wrong us.
Help us endure our trials, and deliver us from negation.
So let it be.

Next, begin the first mental exercise:  the raising of a cone of power.  This is a simple operation.  Mentally picture a tall thin come whose base rests on the salt circle you have drawn or on your shoulders, and whose point disappears into the universe. Concentrate on this concept a little while.  You are putting out though waves which resemble electromagnetic transmissions; they are capable of passing through any substance.  The cone of power serves to conduct messages and impressions to you.

Now wait, expecting to receive messages, yet not concentrating on anything. This is a difficult time for th beginner.  Many different types of messages may be received.  Most probably you will see messages visually–but don’t forget you may also hear, smell, feel, or taste it.  If you now quickly think of a baseball park on a hot afternoon when someone just hit a home run:  Did you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel the scene?  This mental methodology usually (though not always) carries over into meditation.
To review:
All conditions are the best you can arrange.
You have protected yourself.
You have opened your aura.
You have raised a cone of power
If you require one, you have selected an aid.

Drift, waiting for the symbols and impressions which indicate you are tuned in and receiving.  It may happen at any time: a sudden flash of light or an inspiration.  A common first sight is an eye watching you, through whose iris you can see new vistas.  A common first feeling is to be drawn up out of the body, floating free where new things are felt and inspirations occur. Whatever happens, don’t be startled.  Let go.  If a white flash occurs at the edge of your vision, don’t jerk your head around.  the sudden movement of your earth plane shell will disturb reception, and you will lose the impression. “you are needed at such-and such a place; a woman is in trouble,” or similar messages occur.  you must obey; otherwise the messages will stop.  Many are mental excuses you make, but to continue stalling means problems.  The lone- range telepathic cries for help cannot usually be answered in time, so the spirits who insist on your help for such cases must be made to understand that you do not have their freedom and that they must seek nearer aid for the sufferer.  As you learn, you will begin to detect the differences between a ‘now’ telepathic message from another incarnate soul and the longer-range predictive and more tentative messages.

The bell of the timer sounds after a time that often seems too short, and you come back to the physical part of life.  Common practice is the offering of a short healing prayer to use up the force built up within the cone of power and the salt ring. Say,
“I ask this great unseen healing force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body, and to restore me to perfect health.  I ask this in all sincerity and honesty, and I will do my part.
” I ask this great unseen healing force to bless both present and absent ones who are in need of help, and to restore them to perfect health.”

During the first verse, imagine the cone of power dissolving into yourself and your companion (s).  During the second vers, direct the remaining part of the cone to travel out to a specific person or persons in need. Close your robe and your aura, saying,
“I am surrounded by the pure white light of God.  Nothing but good shall come to me; nothing but good shall go from me.  I give thanks,  Amen.”
Imagine the white veil once again surrounding you.


Aids to meditation

In the past wer have recommended the use of aids to focusing your mind in meditation.  Over many years of teaching with thousands of neophytes, we have come to the conclusion that less is better.  If you use incenses or soft music during your meditation, for instance, these become sensory keys and bias the mind in a certain direction.  Not only that, but they may also cover up and obscure real messages that are trying to get through.  We therefore have learned now to recommend that you use no aids in your first attempts at meditation.

Sun Goddess Daily Meditation

 Sun Goddess Daily Meditation

(1) When rising in the morning, look to the Sun and recite the following prayer to her:

“Hail to you, O Sun of the seasons,
As you traverse the lofty skies,
Your way is strong on the wings of the heavens,
You are the Glorious Mother of the stars.
You have your lying down in the destructive ocean,
Without harming, without fear,
You rise on the serene wave crest,
As a queen, a woman in bloom.”

 Greet the Sun each morning with this prayer and let Her rays shine down on your head, blessing you and making you healthy and vigorous (and remember to have your head uncovered).

While reciting this prayer, remember that without the Sun, there would be no life on this planet. The Sun’s energy is the source of energy for all things. Feel the power of this energy as it blesses you and warms you.

 (2) Solar Body of Light

Breath deeply and slowly as the Sun’s rays warm you. Draw this energy down into your heart (the area of the Middle Cauldron or the “Cauldron of Vocation/Motion”). With three or nine cycles of breath, visualise a ball of solar energy form in the area of the Middle Cauldron. Feel this energy warm you from within. Next, with three or nine cycles of breath, circulate some of this energy around your body. Let this energy fill your body until you are able to visualise yourself as a body of light with light emanating from the solar ball in your Middle Cauldron.

(3) Assuming Aine as a Solar Godform

Visualise Aine, the Sun, standing in front of you. See her glowing round face, forever young and unblemished. See her long golden-red hair flow around her head like rays of energy. She is dressed in a long multicoloured robe with golden embroidery. Look into her emerald eyes that sparkle with gold.

Visualise her stepping forward toward you and continue looking into her eyes. Let her step into your body, turn around with your body, and then look out through your own eyes.

While keeping hold of your own consciousness and uniqueness (actually, this is very easy to do — letting go and becoming one with the godform you have taken on is a lot harder for most people!), feel the additional power that is with you in this particular godform. Quiet your mind by quieting your breath. Listen to what Aine has to say to you. Feel her energy embodied within you.

Visualise her step forward and out of your body. See her turn and look at you. Close by giving the following sign:

Cup your right hand, palm facing up, held at the level of your Middle Cauldron (at your heart) and place your left hand under your right, cupping the right hand with the left.

Now let the visualisation of Aine fade.

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation


I have broken down this exercise into three parts. You may want to start by learning the first part and working with it for a few weeks before adding in the second and third part.
(1) When rising in the morning, look to the Sun and recite the following prayer to her:

“Hail to you, O Sun of the seasons,
As you traverse the lofty skies,
Your way is strong on the wings of the heavens,
You are the Glorious Mother of the stars.
You have your lying down in the destructive ocean,
Without harming, without fear,
You rise on the serene wave crest,
As a queen, a woman in bloom.”

Greet the Sun each morning with this prayer and let Her rays shine down on your head, blessing you and making you healthy and vigorous (and remember to have your head uncovered).

While reciting this prayer, remember that without the Sun, there would be no life on this planet. The Sun’s energy is the source of energy for all things. Feel the power of this energy as it blesses you and warms you.

(2) Solar Body of Light
Breath deeply and slowly as the Sun’s rays warm you. Draw this energy down into your heart (the area of the Middle Cauldron or the “Cauldron of Vocation/Motion”). With three or nine cycles of breath, visualise a ball of solar energy form in the area of the Middle Cauldron. Feel this energy warm you from within. Next, with three or nine cycles of breath, circulate some of this energy around your body. Let this energy fill your body until you are able to visualise yourself as a body of light with light emanating from the solar ball in your Middle Cauldron.

(3) Assuming Aine as a Solar Godform
Visualise Aine, the Sun, standing in front of you. See her glowing round face, forever young and unblemished. See her long golden-red hair flow around her head like rays of energy. She is dressed in a long multicoloured robe with golden embroidery. Look into her emerald eyes that sparkle with gold.

Visualise her stepping forward toward you and continue looking into her eyes. Let her step into your body, turn around with your body, and then look out through your own eyes.

While keeping hold of your own consciousness and uniqueness (actually, this is very easy to do — letting go and becoming one with the godform you have taken on is a lot harder for most people!), feel the additional power that is with you in this particular godform. Quiet your mind by quieting your breath. Listen to what Aine has to say to you. Feel her energy embodied within you.

Visualise her step forward and out of your body. See her turn and look at you. Close by giving the following sign:

Cup your right hand, palm facing up, held at the level of your Middle Cauldron (at your heart) and place your left hand under your right, cupping the right hand with the left.

Now let the visualisation of Aine fade.


Air Meditation

Air Meditation


Relax and get comfortable.
Take three deep breaths.

You are standing on an open cliff, overlooking a prairie below.  It is shortly before dawn and you have come here to do your magickal work.

The sky is muted, pale blue overhead fading into a gentle rose-pink near the eastern horizon where the sun will rise.  Relax as you stand on the cliff, watching the sky.  Whisps of clouds drift by, strings of gray stretching across the horizon.  They are distant and lazy, and you know they will burn off by morning.

~~Long pause~~

The air currents are still as you breathe deep in the chill, yet soon-to-warm, morning and your breath steams out, hovering in front of you.  For just a moment before its gone.  Now, step to the edge of the cliff and stretch your hands out to the sky.  In a voice that echoes across the valley call out:

“Eurus, Wind of the East!  Dazzling and Bright!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”

As the last echo fades away, you see a huge bird winging towards you.  It is a giant red-tailed hawk and it soars in to land on the cliff next to you.

“Climb aboard my back.  I will take you to Eurus, ” she says and you straddle her behind her wings and hold on to the lavender straps that will give you balance.  She crouches, then takes to the air.  Your weight seems to present no problems and you find yourself flying far overhead the cliff and the valley below.

~~Long Pause~~

The hawk climbs higher and higher, and you soon lose track of the ground altogether.  After a while the hawk heads for a could formation, soft strings drifting across the sky, which is the color of a robin’s egg.  Finally she lands on the edge of one.  “Here is where you get off,” she says.  “Don’t
worry, the clouds will hold your weight.”

You climb off the hawk’s back and find the clouds soft but substantial beneath your feet.  The hawk flies away and, in another moment she is a small speck in the sky.

You hear laughter in the distance, growing closer. A being of air sweeps up. The cool, crisp breezes of morning accompany him and he laughs again, and each breath washes you clean of cobwebs and stagnation.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Eurus, Master of the Eastern Wind, “he says.  “Touch me and know my powers.”  You reach out and touch his hand.

As your fingers enter the wind-stream around Eurus, you find your mind growing alert, aware.  You feel clear-headed and your thoughts come rapidly and coherently.  Everything seems brighter, smells cleaner and now you see the breeze rush through your aura, cleaning away the stagnant energy that has accumulated there.  A rush of exhilaration snaps you to attention.

~~Long Pause~~

“You see,” he says, “My winds have the power to purify you, to free you from old habits.  I am the wind of new beginnings.  I am quicksilver, the wind of thought and communication.  In my presence you will never be at a loss for words.”  And then, Eurus gives you a feather.  It is from the hawk.  “Whenever you have need of my powers, use this feather to call them forth.  Or call on the hawk to bring the east winds.  “And now, “he says, “the next step of your journey awaits.”  With a rush, Eurus departs.

~~Long Pause~~

You tuck the feather away and turn to the edge of the cloud.  You raise your hands to your mouth and call out into the clear blue sky.  “Notus, Wind of the South! Firey and radiant!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”  As you wait you see a winged creature approaching.  It is not the hawk, but a gigantic bird covered in flames, golden and orange and brilliant red.  A phoenix… and it lands beside you.

“Climb on my back, and I will take you to Notus,” She says.  You approach her, expecting to feel an intense heat radiating from her body, but instead a gentle warmth seeps through.. You are protected from her fire by the Gods who sent her.  Climb aboard her back and take hold of the golden straps to hold you tight.

~~Long Pause~~

She takes flight and you soar through the air, rising toward another cloud. This cloud is huge, white…puffed cotton gone wild.  The phoenix lands carefully on the edge and allows you to dismount, then flies off again, a brilliant fireball in the sky.

You stand but a moment when you hear a laughter like thunder, a huge bellowing chuckle.  The being that approaches comes in a hot cackling wind and you feel the hairs on your arm rise, caught in static electricity.

~~Long Pause~~

“Welcome to the home of Notus, ” he says, and his voice echoes across the plain. “Feel my power and understand my radiance!”

You reach out to touch the energy of the Master of the South Wind.  As your fingers meet his, the wind sweeps down around you and crackles, electricity at its strongest.  You feel your mind lead with passion, the passion to act and to create.  Stories, poems…pictures, they all grounded here.  You feel the words swirling around you, they are just waiting for you to call them in. Your body shivers, this wind is sensuous and plays gently, caressing and teasing you, like hundreds of fingers tracing out patterns on your skin.

~~Long Pause~~

“You see, ” says Notus, “I am the wind of creativity, the wind that brings you the scent of new-mown hay where you lie down in passion with your love. I am the wind that precedes lightning.”  And then, he gives you a feather from the phoenix.  “Whenever you have need of my powers, use this feather to call me forth, or call on the phoenix to bring the southern winds.  Now, the next step of your journey awaits!”  And with a rush, Notus departs.

~~Long Pause~~

You go to the edge of the cloud and call out, “Zephyrus, Wind of the West! Gentle and Buoyant!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”  Watching, you see a winged creature approach.  It is a giant blue heron, and it lands beside you.

“I will take you to Zephyrus, ” She says softly, and you climb aboard and grab hold of the blue straps and find yourself once more aloft.

~~Long Pause~~

The heron brings you to a cloud that is darker than the others.  It rolls across the sky at twilight, hinting of rain, black and full of moisture.  As it lands, you climb off and the heron flies away, leaving you alone.

You do not have to wait long.  Soon another wind spirit rumbles up to meet you.  His face is somwhat mournful.  He does not laugh, but remains melancholy, yet you fee that he is at peace with the world and himself.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Zephyrus,”  he says, “Master of the West Winds.  I bid you feel of my powers and stay as long as you need.”

You reach out and are swept into the storm.  The rain pounds around you, this wind is full of moisture and blows cool against your skin.  It whispers of peace in thought and action, of turning inward to look at yourself.  It blows through your life and cleanses you of old wounds.  It brings the rains of autumn to clear the air and make way for the frost.

~~Long Pause~~

“Behold,” he says, “I am Zephyrus, and I bring you to the joys and sadness of the heart.  I blow into your life when the mists are needed to cushion you, and I bring the fog to protect you from sight.  I am the wind of autumn, and of the beautiful sunset when the air is cool, when birds wing gently home. I bring fertility and respite.”

He hands you a feather from the heron. “Use this when you have need of my powers, or call on the heron to bring you the west winds.  Now, the next step of your journey awaits you.”  He drifts off , leaving you alone.

~~Long Pause~~

Once again you stand on the edge of the cloud and raise your hands to your mouth again.  “Boreas, Wind of the North!  Rushing and Mightly!  Aid me in my magickal journey!”

And then, as your call goes ringing out, you see a bird gliding towards you. It is a giant eagle, and she lands and waits for you to climb on her back. The straps you take hold of are black.  She rises silently and you know she is taking you to the realm of Boreas, Master of the North Wind.

This sky is grey, sparkling with frost, and you land silently, muffled, and the eagle rises and leaves you with no words.  A bitter chill sweeps down and you hear the wind whirl up around you, swirling with snowflakes, and Boreas, Master of the North Winds, stands gravely before you.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am Boreas, and I bring with me sleep, the winds that clear the trees of their leaves, the wind that cries out, destroying old patterns and habits that lie in my path.  I clear depression and anxiety and envy from your heart, leaving a void to be filled by the east wind.  Know that without me, there would be no beginning, for there must be an end to all things before new life can take hold.  I guard the road of the dead, and ghosts live in my cry, and old memories…. leave them to me, free yourself of your chains, I will sweep them up.

~~Long Pause~~

“And now,” he says, handing you an eagle feather, “you must attend the last stage of your journey.”

“Use this feather to call me, or bid the eagle to bring you the north wind. But be aware, I will most surely come.”  Sparkling with frost, Boreas glides off in the muffled night

~~Long Pause~~

You stand on the edge of the cloud and realize you have made the circuit.  All but the center.  As you watch, a winged horse comes flying up and you climb aboard Pegasus’ back.  It carries you aloft, far higher than you have ever been.  You are dizzy with the flight, spinning and whirling in the air.

~~Long Pause~~

You find yourself on the edge of a rainbow, and Pegasus bids you dismount.  As you do so, you hear a sweet singing, chimes in the wind and you turn to see a woman dressed in hues of pale blue and lavendar, with golden threads woven through the sliken veils.  She wears a necklace of diamonds and her hair is pulled back in a tight chignon covered with a net of spiders web to keep it neat.

~~Long Pause~~

“Welcome,”  She says, and her voice is the echo of spring, the call of early morning.  “Welcome to the realm of the Queen of Air.”

She invites you to sit on the rainbow bridge and sits beside you, bouquet of white daisies in her hand.  “You have journeyed far to learn of my element and so I will tell you of the nature of air, element of the East.  Know this: that without air there is no life.  Without my breath you cease to exist. Without me, this world would be but a lifeless orb floating in space.  I am essential, as are all elements for survival.”

“I am mist and fog, vapors trailing the wind.  I am the wind, and the breeze, the still currents of air on a got summer’s night.  Without me, fire would not exist, and earth would bear no life, and the water could support no fish.”

~~Long Pause~~

And then, the Queen of Air looks at you and says, “What would you ask of me? What do you need from me?”

Think carefully, then ask of her and listen to her reply.

~~Long Pause~~

When she has spoken, she reaches out and helps you to your feet and you feel the cool promise of morning,  beckoning you to rise from the bed, for a new day awaits. ” Slide down the rainbow,” she says.  “It will take you home.

And then she is gone.

You look at the rainbow.  It is steep but very wide, and when you sit down on it, you find there is no way to fall off.  You push off with your hands and find yourself speeding down the arc, watching the sky curve as you descend.

~~Long Pause~~

You breathe deeply, calming yourself, for you are traveling faster than you thought.  And you count down from 10 to 1, each beat bringing you closer to the earth below.

Fire Meditation

Fire Meditation


Relax and get comfortable
Close your eyes and take three deep breaths

You have traveled far, through land and air, to search for the realm of fire. Now you find yourself standing on a dusty road and you see, up ahead, a copse of trees, tall and dark.  It is near midnight and there is little light from the waning moon overhead.

The path leads to the grove.  The night is warm and the gentle breeze carries the lingering heat of the day.

The trees are mingled oak and cedar and alder.  Here and there a rowan hangs heavy with berries and holly peeks out of the corners.  As you enter the forest, a strange tingle runs up and down your arms and you feel suddenly drowsy, all of your senses are alert, yet it feels as if something’s taken hold of your conscious mind and it is lulling you into a hazy, drifting fog. But you feel no sense of fear, no sense of danger, only a sense of a great power watching you.

~~Long Pause~~

You pass through the wood, quietly now, drifting along the path.  Every sound seems heightened, every movement catches your attention.  It is as if you are supersensitive and you realize you could pass through this wood blindfolded now, if you had to.

As you continue, you see a deer flit into the undergrowth, and an owl swoops down and passes you overhead.  And then, you feel someone following you and you stop and turn around.  Behind you, you see a ball of light, glowing with green energy the color of peridot, floating gently in mid-air.

~~Long Pause~~

“I am to be your guide in this part of the realm of fire.”  The voice echoes inside your head and you know it’s from the globe of light.  “I am a will-o- the-wisp, and I belong to the realm of faerie fire, through which you must first pass.  Follow me then, to the grotto ahead, and do not tarry, for the realm of faerie is quick to catch the unwary and the foolish in its snares and weavings.”

You follow the will-o-the-wisp as it leads the way through the forest.

~~Long Pause~~

Now you begin to notice a shimmering on the trees, their auras glowing and sparkling bright.  “This has always been, you can only now perceive it, ” says the globe.  “Your first stop is over to your left.”

Just up ahead, to your left, you see a darkened patch in the foliage.  As you near it, a shiver runs through your body and your mind quakes, for there is a stirring of power around you and you know something very ancient, very primal, is there.  You creep forward and turn to gaze in the dark space between the trees.

~~Long pause~~

The blackness is so dark you know it must be supernatural, for it’s the dark of the void and the abyss that you are gazing into, and it holds you hypnotically.  Then, just as you think you can’t stand gazing into the emptiness any longer, you begin to see a swirl of sparkling color, a spiral, and the spiral forms itself into two glowing red eyes that pierce the abyss far better than any lantern or torch.

The gaze of the red eyes strip away your outer facades and masks, delving into the inner self you keep hidden away.  It is not malevolent, but strong and male and watchful.

~~Long Pause~~

“The red eyes in the forest at midnight,” whispers the globe of light.  “The Hunter, the Heart of the Forest, and He exists in the realm of faerie fire. Watch your step and mind your actions when crossing the woods at night, for He will be there watching you. ”

Quietly, you may ask the Hunter what He has to teach you about fire, and listen well for his reply.

~~Long Pause~~

“Now, follow me, ”  says the will-o-the-wisp, and you pass through the forest, listening to the calls of the birds.  You come to a place where the path diverges to the right.  The will-o-the-wisp floats down that fork and you follow.  The ground slopes steeply, and you see that it leads to a beach down below.  When you hasve walked and slid your way down to the sand, you see a small bay that kisses the shore.  The water is shimmering with lights, green and blue and pink and yellow.

You are overcome with a rush of joy and you dash forward, drawn in by the glittering lights.  With every step sparks fly from the sand and you stop to press your hands on the ground.  When you lift them, they are covered with sparkles.  Suddenly light hearted, laughing and unable to speak, for the joy in your heart is overwhelming any words you might have to say, you dance on the sand and watch the sparks fly.  If you like, you can wade into the water, and it seems like your wading among the stars.

~~long pause~~

Finally the will-o-the-wisp speaks and it says, “You see, faerie fire is an uneplainable feeling.  There are few words for this happiness, this intoxication, but it exists and is real.  Now come, back to the path, for I have one more stop to show you and then you will go forward without me.”

As you return to the path, you find your clothes are dry but the phosphorescent sparkles of faerie fire still exist within your heart and memory.  The will-o-the-wisp guides you along the path until, up ahead, you see a purple fire dancing across the road.  You must pass through it to continue your journey.

“Go now,” the globe says, “and when you pass through the fire of the phoenix, you will find a fine layer of ash covering your body.  The wind will blow it away, and with it will go pain and anger and old bonds that chain you.  The purple rays of the phoenix are hotter than flame, hotter than fire, and they will burn through to the core and leave you purified and new, ready for the next stage of your journey.  After you have passed through it, you will find yourself at the end of the forest, and a green fire covers that part of the road.  It is the purest essence of faerie fire and you will pass through it
and out to the next leg of the journey.  Good luck and good-bye.”  And the will-o-the-wisp fades into the forest.

You approach the flickering purple flame and the heat is so strong that you can only feel it as waves, not as actual warmth.  Take a moment, think of what you would have burned away from you, what you are tired of carrying around, and then pass through the flame, bathe in it, and come out the other side.

~~Long Pause~~

When you emerge from the phoenix flame, you fine that, indeed, a fine layer of ash covers your body.  The breeze sweeps up and blows it away.  Underneath, your skin is new and clear, and your heart is lighter.

The forest comes to an end up ahead, and there you see the green flame waiting.  You take one last look behind you and then pass into the flame of the faerie fire, the green fire in the forest at midnight, the green fire of Midsummers’s Eve.

It crackles around you, sparkling and magnetic.  It resonates within you and you feel your aura shift and change.  You body moves with more grace in the fire, and you feel it slide up your arms and legs, seep into your belly…sensuous, it leaves you breathless and waiting.

~~Long Pause~~

And then…you find you can shape your aura, you can change and alter it to your liking.  Do you want to appear taller?  Thinner?  More voluptuous?  Do you want to radiate confidence and strength?  All you have to do is use the faerie fire to shape your will.  When you have thought and done your working, step through to the other side and look at yourself again to see what changes you have made in your energy.

~~Long pause~~

Now you have stepped out of the forest.  Look around you.  You find you are in an open plain.  The grass is thick here, but grows sparser up ahead and you see the light of dawn rising to the East.  There are no trees after then line of the forest, and the path leads a gentle graded slope upwards.  Follow the path and continue your journey as the morning light grows and the stars fade from the sky.

It looks like the morning is going to be hot.  There are no clouds in the sky and the forest has become a distant memory.  You walk along the path, and up ahead you see a well.  There is a sign on it that says, “Last water for many miles.”  There are many canteens here, and you might want to fill one, for the journey is sure to be hot and thirsty.

~~Long Pause~~

The grass is sparse now, the dirt faded and compacted.  You start to see cracks in the ground as you go along; no rain has fallen here for a long time. The sun has now risen above the horizon and you are already starting to sweat.

You wipe your forehead and look around.  To all directions, it seems there is only the desert, with occasional outcroppings of stone.  As you continue your journey, your feet become hot and weary.  You sit on a rock to rest.  While you are sitting there, you hear a rustle and look down to the side of the rock.

A large lizard is sitting there, patiently watching you.

~~Long Pause~~

It is red, with stripes of orange, and golden eyes stare up at you.  Its long tongue forks out and it says in a wheezing, whistling voice, “I’m your guide for this part of the journey.  I am the Salamander Flametongue.  I will guide you to your destination in this part of the realm of fire.  You will need a walking stick.  Look under that rock over there.”  It waves its tongue towards a low, long rock near you and you find a walking stick that’s just the right height for you underneath it.

~~Long Pause~~

“Well, then, ”  flametongue says, “it’s time we were off.  Come now, follow me.”  The salamander leads you along the path, which is now a steeper grade. You pass through the barren land, and when you reach the top, you see a mountain ahead.  It is dark, with streaks of rust-colored rocks trailing down its side, flowing over blackened lava that covered the land long ago.

The black lava lies in waves, pillows of rock, thick and glistening with volcanic glass.  Strange configurations, some look almost human, stand frozen over the land, and the flow goes on for miles and miles, so vast and immense you can only imagine what it must have looked like when it first covered the land.

~~Long pause~~

As you start forward you find the path no longer exists.  You must cross the hardened lava, and so, using your walking stick to steady yourself you forge ahead, slowly working your way around the twisted rock.  You must be careful here, for the lava is sharp and full of rough edges. IF you fall, you could hurt yourself.

Flametongue leads you along the surface of the jagged rock.  Your feet slide along the smooth obsidian rock.  It is difficult to keep your balance here. At one point, your stick breaks through the lava and you see the end of it smoke as it touches still cooling rock.  You pull it out quickly, and beat out the flicker of flames that starts on its tip.

~~Long Pause~~

The salamander leads you a wide berth around that area and you find yourself having to really concentrate to keep your footing as you realize how dangerous this realm can be.

Now the grade is rough, and you are breathing heavily.  The taste of sulfur fills your mouth and you must stop and pour a little water on your handkerchief and tie it around your face so the bitter, acidic fumes don’t overwhelm you.

You are climbing higher and higher up the side of the mountain, and you see stream rising from cracks in the lava around you.  Flametounge turns and says, “This is a place of massive destruction.  But out of that destruction, new land is born, nutrients will weather down and feed the soil and plants will grow again.”

You curve around the side of the mountain and when you look over the edge of the roughly worn path, you see a long drop, two hundred feet down, into a lake of lava.  It boils and turns, twisting red tongues of flame dance on its surface.  At once terrifying and mesmerizing, it churns constantly as you watch.

~~Long Pause~~

“Come,” says the salamander, “we shouldn’t linger here.  The Queen of Fire awaits you and she’s not one to be made angry.”

The path twists away from the lake of magma and back around the blackened mountain.  You pass into what once was a forest.  The trees are now black; hardened charcoal and ash cover the land.  The salamander leads you off the dark lava and you are sifting through the ash, into the desolate forest, where you hear ghostly voices traveling on the hot wind.

“The flame consumes, ”  says flametongue. “It can burn brightly and drive you onward, or it can consume and destroy, leaving only the ash behind.”

Now you find your throat parched and dry, and you stop to take another drink from your canteen.  Your skin is cracking from the heat and you desperately wish for a cool bath, somewhere far away.

~~Long pause~~

“We are almost there”  says the salamander.  “You are nearing the home of the Queen of Fire.”

Ahead you see it.  A great fountain made from blocks of frozen lava, sitting in a clearing full of ash.  It’s a fountain of flame, and in the center of the flame, you see a woman bathing.  She is crimson and vermillion, and her eyes are the brightness of the so that you cannot look directly at them.  She motions you near.

~~Long Pause~~

As you approach, the heat intensifies until it feels like your skin is just about to burn.  She holds up her hand for you and in a voice low and crackling, throaty with passion, she says, “Come no farther or you will hurt yourself.  I am the Queen of Fire.  Welcome to my realm.”

She is sensuous, her body ever shifting shapes in the flames, and you feel the passion that throbs just below the surface of the energy here.  She speaks again.  “Hold out your hand, so that you may feel my power. ”  You hold out your hand.

At first you feel a warm glow, the warmth of spring mornings, the warmth of a breezy day when you’re in the garden.  Then, the warmth increases, and it’s the heat of the woodstove, warming you on crisp autumn evenings…and then the heat changes again, and its the crackle of bonfires and the smell of burning wood…then once again, and the heat is the sweltering heat of noon on a summer’s day, and sweat pours down your face.

~~Long pause~~

She speaks again.  “I am the drive of passion, and I am the creative force that refuses to be squelched.  Try to repress me and I will rise up and burn you to ashes.  Embrace me, use me with foresight and I am an ally you cannot afford to lose. I heal with my golden rays and I destroy to make way for new creation with the rivers of molten rock that pour from within the earth.  Now, what would you have me do for you?  What do you wish to create?  Tell me, and then listen and I will give you advice.”

Think now for a moment, then answer and listen for her to reply.

~~Long Pause~~

When she has spoken, the Queen of Fire bids you leave.  “This is not a place where mortals may stay for long.  The heat will burn you ragged.  Go now, there is a path beyond this fountain.  Follow it and it will lead you home.”

You follow the path and it leads you down a slope.  The sun is now a bit lower in the sky and the salamander waves good-bye.  The walking becomes a little easier, the ash thins out as you go and you see less and less of the stunted trees.

As you proceed down the hill, you begin to see wips of grass, growing through the soil now free from ash.  You follow the open path by a low cliff, and looking over, you see the path leads to the shore below.

~~Long pause~~

You twist and turn, going down, and find the walking easy and pleasant after you sojourn in the realm of fire.  When you reach the shoreline, there is a horse waiting and saddled.

You climb on its back, exhausted, and as it moves out, following its sense of internal direction, you find you can rest.  The spray from the water cools your dry skin and there is a fresh canteen hanging from the saddle.

You ride for what seems like hours, and the horse takes a fork that leads away from the water and you find yourself traveling through late evening on a path that is gradually going uphill.  At the top of the slope, just before twilight, the horse stops and you climb off.  You see, ten steps in front of you, the place where you started your journey.  The horse has brought you back.

~~Long Pause~~

Now, take those ten steps and each one will bring you closer towards waking consciousness……  Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one.

Crystal Chakra Meditation

Crystal Chakra Meditation

(this would be the Crown Chakra Top of

(this would be the Third Eye in between the eybrows in middle of forehead)

(this would be the Throat Chakra)

(this would be your Heart Chakra)

(this would be in the Solar Plexus-Tummy area)

(this would be in the area between hips-sorta/kinda)

(this would be the Root Chakra-for grounding-near or at Tail bone)

Say this forwards and backwards at least three times a day for personal

empowerment. Thinking of the chakras as you do.It is very POWERFUL!

Achieving Inner Balance Meditation

Your goal today; mastering a technique known as belly breathing, which should be highly effective in helping you realx.  The belly breathing exercise below, adapted from Hendricks, will Maximze the flow of oxygen into your body by teaching you to breathe deep down in your diaphragm instead of high in your chest.  To begin, either sit upright or lie down with your spine straight; this allows the greatest respiratory flow.  Now relax a moment. 

Place your hands an inch or two above your waist, your fingers extending across your abdomen below your rib cage. In hale and exhale several times, feeling the abdominal muscles tense and release around and behind your navel.  Now consciously slow your breathing, taking five seconds to tense the muscles and five to relax them.  Repeat this a number of times.  then rest about 30 seconds.Now close your eyes and feel your abdomen with your hands. Breathe in deeply, feeling your belly expand.  Then breathe out, feeling it fall and relax.  Inhalation and exhalation should be connected in a smooth, circular pattern.  Keep breathing in and out slowly and deeply for several minutes, feeling the rise and fall of your abdomen with your hands.  when you’ve had enough, rest quietly for a few moments.

Practice belly breathing once or twice a day during the program. then use the technique whenever you want to decrease stress and increase relaxation.

For big gains in centering, you must enter a meditative state in which you can patiently focus on your inner self.  Toward that end, you will now master the technique of “emptying”, in which you clear your mind of distracting thoughts and emotions.  Once your mind is empty, you wil be able to seek the guidance of your spontaneous, intuitive self.

Before you begin, take a shower, or at least wash your face, hands, and feet.  then put on freshly laundered, light-weight, loose-fitting clothes.

Now practice the belly breathing excercise from Day One.  when you are completely relaxed, sit with your spinal cord erect and continue to focus on your breath. Feel its continuous presence as it rises and falls against your abdominal wall and moves millimeter by millimeter through your system. 

Breathe in as quietly and slowly as possible, so that if somebody placed a tiny thread in from of your nose, it wouldn’t budge.  Exhale even more slowly.  Leave a tiny pause (or even hold your breath a moment) between each exhalation and inhalation.  This fixation on your breath will stop
intrusive thoughts.  Inevitably some feelings, impressions, or physical sensations will invade, but let them float away int he movement and rhythm of your breath.  Eventually your thoughts will slow to a few per minute.

Now close your eyes and focus on the sensation of purity and emptiness.  If you would like a visual mape to help you capture the sensation of emptiness, you may envision an unblemished field of snow or an endless screen of soft white light.  Let the emptiness wash over you completely for several minutes, draining your mind.

Mastering breathing and emptying will give you the peace and silence you need for the bone marrow work of centering-balancing your body and mind.  To help you achieve this goal. 

Day Three taps an aikido-based guided imagery exercise adapted from George Leonard’s “Inner Enery Workout”.

An hour or so before you begin your session for Day Three, please have the instructions below recorded on a cassette tape. (You may record the instructions yourself or have them recorded on a tape by a close friend)  Remember to have the reader pause where indicated:

Stand up and spread your feet at about shoulder width, settling into a strong and comfortable stance.  With your left palm touch your abdomen an inch or two below your navel-the physical center of your body.  Run your hand gently over this area for about a minute.  Focus on it and feel at home with it.

Now you will release tension by shaking your hands hard in front of your, your wrists relaxed, until your whole body vibrates.  As you exhale, make an extended vowel sound such as “ahhhhhhh” so you hear the vibration in your voice and feel it resonating in your chest.  Now drop your hands limp in front of your, then let them float up as if in warm salt water.  As your hands rise, bend your knees slightly, lowering yourself into the warmth of the salt sea.  Feel your buoyancy.  Form a beach ball with your hands and give it a gentle push across the water’s surface.

Now stand up straight again.  Shake out your hands once more and let them drop limp to your sides.  Close your eyes.  Make sure your weight is evenly distributed between the heels and balls of your feet; shift your weight slightly forward and back and side to side, balancing, as if fine-tuning a distant radio station. Your knees should be neither locked nor bent, you’re acat relaxed yet poised to spring.  Now make sure your head is balanced.  Let your jaw hang open.  Release the tension in your tongue, eyelids, forehead, temple, scalp, and back of your neck.

Breathe sharply in as your raise and tighten your shoulders.  Exhale and let them down like soft, warm chocolate.  Feel the chocolate slowly melting down your back, shoulder blades, arms, and hands.  Feel it moving down your rib cage to your diaphragm, melting your internal organs and pelvic region.  Feel the chocolate melting down your legs, past your knees, to your feet, warming the surface beneath them, melting them into the ground.  Feel the embrace of gravity holding you to the
earth and the earth to you.


A few hours after the recording has been made, retire to your room and go through the belly breathing and emptying techniques.  After completing these warm-ups, play your tape.

The circular drawings call mandalas (check your local library if you are not familiar with the mandalas) have long facilitated self-discovery.  In Tibetan Buddhism, people focus on mandalas as an aid in mediation and concentration.  Carl Jung had his patients draw mandalas so they could see their problems from a broader perspective by projecting them onto a universal form.

Many experts believe that the empty field of the mandala resembles a movie screen upon which your unconscious projects your inner live.  As you express your inner self through the mandala, a new sense of balance can emerge.

Before you begin this exercise, retire to your special room and go through the belly breathing and emptying techniques.  Then take a piece of white paper, 12 inches by 18 inches or larger so you won’t feel constrained.  Lay a plate or a pot lid atop the paper. Outline the plate with a crayon, colored pencil, paintbrush, or any colorful drawing tool.  Then take out the rest of your crayons, paints, or pastels, pick a color, and draw something inside the circle.  Spontaneously create anything you want.  Immediately do two more mandalas. 

Afterward, gaze at the patterns while thinking nothing.  Don’t try to figure out what they mean.  The process of creation helps you down the path to the unknown self.

Once you’re feeling balanced, your search can advance inward toward the self.  On Day Five you will learn to tap your intuitive powers through an exercise adapted from intuition expert Helen Palmer.  As you learn to focus your concentration and awareness inward, Palmer says, true intuition will replace your erroneous impressions of the world.

To start your session for Day Five, go to your special room and practice belly breathing and emptying techniques.  Then select a single situation, person, or event that you want to focus on. Choose an image or impression to represent your choice and focus on it fully.  Just be alone with the impression, forming as deep and relaxed a relationship with it as you can for several minutes. Become one with the image and with whatever it represents.  As you repeat this process, you’ll become much more attuned on a deep intuitive level to people, places and things.