Basics of Meditation

Basics of Meditation


All the recent hoorah about meditation is only the great discovery that if people slow down and spend time in a structured format, allowing their minds to drift, their lives smooth out and become more serene.  Once this stage has been reached, the avenues are open to you.  The first, exemplified by the oriental style, emphasizes concentrating the mind on a specific object (commonly called ‘mantra’) and then learning to control the body’s autonomous nervous system so that such things as blood pressure and the beeling of pain are controlled.  The second system is exemplified by the western Celtic Wiccan practice of ‘outward’ meditation.  In this system, the mind is allowed to drift free; no control is exercised over what happens.  In this way you will safely experience contact with other beings and will even leave your body to travel in the time-space continuum in astral flight.  In dreaming and meditation, as your awareness increases, so you will become aware of other dimensions of these omens and portents.  You will find that not only can they help you this instant, but the can also reach out into the future to help you. They can plug into, let us say, the great Cosmic Consciousness and give you information that will make your future secure and serene.

You can gain from your subconscious mind those things that you have become aware of during your life, which are stored within you; moreover, you can reach outward and upward and gain information on problems to which you do not know the answe.  A great deal of guidance can also be obtained from spirits on various levels in Side.  You will most probably have one special spirit assigned to aid you in your work.

A witch very rarely waits passively by for anything, especially for some direction along life’s path.  Vaguely hoping for a dream or a sign just isn’t a very satisfactory way to run your life.

To be initiated to the higher levels in our Order, you are required to have a spirit guided with whom we can consult as to your progress.  If you never plan to work at more than the theory of the Craft, you do not absolutely have to meditate; however, everyone, even the most hurried and scurried housewife, should set aside fifteen to thirty minutes every day for her own time in which all pressures are off her, a period when she can relax and contact a spirit guide, an interval that will crate a smoother life for her.


Your Meditation Practice


We have trained without trouble well over 10,000 people in the art of what we call ‘outward’ meditation. We do not know whether or not our method is the most simple available, but we are completely sure that it is safe and effective.  So do not skip steps.With all this in mind, then, begin work.  This effort will require half an hour a day for the rest of your life.  Some days it may take longer.  You may lose sleep.  But the rewards are infinite and eternal.  Are you prepared to commit her and now to the first six months without expectations of demonstrable gain?  We are contrasting a TV program with life everlasting and power beyond measure.  There can be only one real answer.  Now carefully follow the steps below-checking each step before proceeding to the next.  By the time you have completed Lecture II, you should have had your first psychic experience.

Step 1
A.  Find a comfortable chair.  It must be of wood or of wood and canvas; there must be no iron or steel or materials of animal origin, and the very minimum of non-ferrous metal in it.  Metals, especially ferrous Metals, become magnetized.  We are dealing with minute electrical and magnetic impulses, and all outside interference must be reduced to a minimum.  Make sure the chair supports you so that you can sit comfortably for fifteen minutes without moving.  Sit in it and read a book, but don’t move your body; only your hands and head.  Is the chair really comfortable?  If not, find one that is.
B.  Find a quiet-running mechanical timer.  Nowadays most kitchens have such a timer. Check yours for running noise, because too loud a ticking has a hypnotic effect on some people.
C.  Find a loose flowing robe, pure white, made preferably from cotton or linen.  It should be free of animal fibers and of buttons and ties.  A wrap- around front opening dressing gown is ideal.  In climates where nudity is possible, this is preferable; but if cold distracts your mind, wear the robe.
D.  Find a container of uniodized salt.

Step 2
Select a place.  Somewhere in your home there is a spot suitable for meditation.  The requirements are, in order of importance:
A. A solid wall running north and south.
B. An area along this wall that is not near heavy electric cabling or appliances.
C. An absolute minimum of clutter.  Books and newspapers are particularly undesirable because of the busy though patterns they engender.
D. A location as close to the sky as possible while retaining a connection with the daily life of the house.  In California this might be a patio; in colder climates perhaps it would be the master bedroom of the home.

Step 3
Establish a time and stick with it.  The factors influencing the hour chosen vary from individual to individual, but here are some things that typically should be considered.
A. When will you be able to be uninterrupted?
B. Can you keep this appointment every day unless something unforeseen interferes?
C. Will your mind fe free of petty work and household problems during  the selected time?  That is, is it far enough removed from outside mental distractions to enable you to let your mind float?
D. Is the sun below the horizon at the time you have chosen?

Step 4
The trial run.  Let us say you have selected dawn or 6 a.m. as your test period.  Hopefully you will have slept with a partner and are well adjusted sexually.  By morning most of life’s cares have been dropped and are not so oppressive that they intrude.  For the trial run, get up about 5:45.  Shower or bathe (men should also shave unless they habitually wear a beard); put on your clean robe, and go to our selected area.  If your wall is not quite true north-south, arrange the chair so you directly face east or west.  Subdue the light entering the room.  Turn off and mechanical contrivances, and shut off the power from cables nearby.  Use the salt to draw an unbroken circle around you clockwise on the floor.  Set the timer for five minutes.  Sit with your back to the wall, preferably facing east, though west is also acceptable. Have your legs uncrossed, you hands resting on your thighs with palms up. Tilt your head very slightly back.  (If sitting in a chair feels unnatural, even after sincere trials, lie flat on your back on a soft pallet free of ferrous metal, with your head to the north.)  When you are settled and comfortable, absolutely relax all muscles in your body.

You may find there are annoyances such as noises or areas of brightt light. If these come from sources beyond your control, you may have to change the time of meditation.  Readjust the setting and reset the timer for another five minutes.  Try again.  Your area and equipment may or may not be satisfactory now, because your sensitivity is increasing as your eyes would adjust to a darkened room.

Continue these five-minute trials until you are satisfied that you have achieved the best conditions possible in your circumstances.  This does not mean a setting like a dark rom at midnight.  Your goal is relaxation.  Be comfortable; that’s all.  Don’t be afraid to change the location if you feel another spot in the home would be better.  You won’t know until your try.

So far you have take no protective measures, so ignore messages or impressions that arrive spontaneously.  If a persistentt though occurs or a persisten picture is seen, immediately protect yourself as describe below in “First Meditation,’ and start again.  If the message is repeated, act on it.  You are one of the lucky ones who receive immediately.  This can occur when there has been a buildup of information intended for you:  Messages are so accumulated that they take the first opportunity to come through.  After a week or so, this initial burst will subside and real work can commence.

Now your preparations are complete, and you can proceed toward consistent communication.  You are ready for your first genuine meditation.


First Meditation


All your faculties are resting and waiting.  You are in a state of homeostasis, with all your cravings moderately satisfied.  There is nothing pulling or tugging at you, either mentally or physically.Arrange the scene as you have experimentally determined it should be.  Set the timer for fifteen minutes.  With the salt shaker draw an unbroken circle of salt around you clockwise on the floor.  Sit in your chair or lie on your pallet, and make sure you are comfortably settled.  With eyes closed, say
“Spirits of mischievous intent, spirits of lower entities,  You cannot cross this sacred line.”

Make the sign of the Celtic cross in the air before you.  Raise the right hand to eye level, palm down, fingers together and pointing away from the body. Sweep the hand straight down about one foot.  With fingers together and pointing away from the body, move the hand to the right at chest level with the palm facing left.  Sweep across the body from righ to left.  These two motions are connected by a short sweep diagonally upward from the bottom of the first stroke of the beginning of the second as shown in Figure (oh well)
“May the Gods protect me.”

The omission of the salt circle and the protective affirmations can have dire results.  Some patients in mental institutions, beyond the help of psychologists, are there because they have an extra spirit within them.  They have inadvertently become possessed.

You have around you a permanent protective force field which resembles a white veil or halo of light.  Mentally open this aura as you open your robe, laying aura and robe back simultaneously; say, “Please, Guides, I am naked in your sight.  My body and my mind are unclothed.  Protect them, and send to me what you wish.”  In order to encourage the spirits, most of whom were reared as Christians, and to protect yourself further, it is well to say a modified verseion of the Lord’s Prayer, the modifications are minor, and the spirits feel comfortable in this environment.

“Our friends who are in Side, blessed be your names.
God’s kingdom come,
God’s will be done on earth as it is in Side.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our weaknesses as we forgive those who wrong us.
Help us endure our trials, and deliver us from negation.
So let it be.

Next, begin the first mental exercise:  the raising of a cone of power.  This is a simple operation.  Mentally picture a tall thin come whose base rests on the salt circle you have drawn or on your shoulders, and whose point disappears into the universe. Concentrate on this concept a little while.  You are putting out though waves which resemble electromagnetic transmissions; they are capable of passing through any substance.  The cone of power serves to conduct messages and impressions to you.

Now wait, expecting to receive messages, yet not concentrating on anything. This is a difficult time for th beginner.  Many different types of messages may be received.  Most probably you will see messages visually–but don’t forget you may also hear, smell, feel, or taste it.  If you now quickly think of a baseball park on a hot afternoon when someone just hit a home run:  Did you see, hear, smell, taste, or feel the scene?  This mental methodology usually (though not always) carries over into meditation.
To review:
All conditions are the best you can arrange.
You have protected yourself.
You have opened your aura.
You have raised a cone of power
If you require one, you have selected an aid.

Drift, waiting for the symbols and impressions which indicate you are tuned in and receiving.  It may happen at any time: a sudden flash of light or an inspiration.  A common first sight is an eye watching you, through whose iris you can see new vistas.  A common first feeling is to be drawn up out of the body, floating free where new things are felt and inspirations occur. Whatever happens, don’t be startled.  Let go.  If a white flash occurs at the edge of your vision, don’t jerk your head around.  the sudden movement of your earth plane shell will disturb reception, and you will lose the impression. “you are needed at such-and such a place; a woman is in trouble,” or similar messages occur.  you must obey; otherwise the messages will stop.  Many are mental excuses you make, but to continue stalling means problems.  The lone- range telepathic cries for help cannot usually be answered in time, so the spirits who insist on your help for such cases must be made to understand that you do not have their freedom and that they must seek nearer aid for the sufferer.  As you learn, you will begin to detect the differences between a ‘now’ telepathic message from another incarnate soul and the longer-range predictive and more tentative messages.

The bell of the timer sounds after a time that often seems too short, and you come back to the physical part of life.  Common practice is the offering of a short healing prayer to use up the force built up within the cone of power and the salt ring. Say,
“I ask this great unseen healing force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body, and to restore me to perfect health.  I ask this in all sincerity and honesty, and I will do my part.
” I ask this great unseen healing force to bless both present and absent ones who are in need of help, and to restore them to perfect health.”

During the first verse, imagine the cone of power dissolving into yourself and your companion (s).  During the second vers, direct the remaining part of the cone to travel out to a specific person or persons in need. Close your robe and your aura, saying,
“I am surrounded by the pure white light of God.  Nothing but good shall come to me; nothing but good shall go from me.  I give thanks,  Amen.”
Imagine the white veil once again surrounding you.


Aids to meditation

In the past wer have recommended the use of aids to focusing your mind in meditation.  Over many years of teaching with thousands of neophytes, we have come to the conclusion that less is better.  If you use incenses or soft music during your meditation, for instance, these become sensory keys and bias the mind in a certain direction.  Not only that, but they may also cover up and obscure real messages that are trying to get through.  We therefore have learned now to recommend that you use no aids in your first attempts at meditation.