Similarities Between Beltane and Samhain

I believe that the veil between the spirit plane and our plane is thin not only on Samhain but on Beltane also. Why you may ask yourself? Well, let me explain my theory and then decide for yourself if you agree or not.

Both Sabbats are fire festivals. Beltane for fertility and to bless the fields and livestock to produce a bountiful harvest and Samhain for celebrating the end of that bountiful harvest for the year.

As one is occurring in one hemisphere be it northern or southern, while the other is happening in the other one. So I feel the veil does not just thin out for one half of the planet it would be thin everywhere.

While one is celebrating Mother Earth waking up the other celebrates her going to sleep to restore herself.I

So what do you Beltane and Samhain may be two sides to the same coin or not?

May what you sow on Beltane give you a final bountiful harvest on Samhain!


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The Official Description:   This beautiful chime candle holder is intended to give your Yule season a little more cheer, featuring interchangeable top-pieces that can be Angels, a Clown, or a Horse. Height will vary slightly depending on the top chosen.  7″ x 4′ x 4″

Now on a personal note: This beautiful candle holder is not only  for the Yule season but it can be used during any season. The top  can be changed to any design you might like, for example on Ostara, an Ostara egg would be perfect and you can let your imagination go on and on; a child’s birthday, a pretty little unicorn, Summer, an image of the Sun or Sun God. Not to mention this gorgeous candle holder can not only be used and look beautifully on your altar, it can be placed on your mantle, kitchen table, any place in plain view. The mundane won’t know what it is except a very beautiful candle holder but you will know it true magick and beauty. The bonus with this item, light the candles and let the heat from them slowly turn the chime wheel. Listen to the beautiful tune they create and get lost in their beautiful melody.

I know it does say it takes chime candles, which we do sell here, but you don’t necessarily have to use chime candles. I know those of you who know me, knows I hate to spend a dollar and I am always saying, “The Goddess doesn’t expect us to go broke practicing The Craft.” So my little trick when it comes to candles is, if they are too big, I carve them down, if they are too small, I wrap a small piece of doubled-up toilet at the base and they fit perfectly. See there is always more than one way to skin a cat. No, I ain’t skinning cat these days, lol! This candle holder is beautiful and the picture does not do it justice. Plus, they are enchanting to have in your house, I don’t want you miss out on this beauty.

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