Spell – Otherworlds* Meditation

Celtic Shaman Meditation

When journeying into the Otherworlds* you need to be in control of yourself all the time in order to be safe when traveling to, in, and back from Otherworlds.*

Sit somewhere comfortable in a pleasant setting. Do whatever you need to do to not be interrupted during your meditation time. Make sure to let others in your home you need quite time all by yourself. Shut off your cellphone, and any other electronics that are in the room you will be using to meditate. If you are outside and it is at all possible be far enough away from playgrounds, roads, other houses, and other manmade noises. First call upon Archangel Michael or your ancestors or your Spirit Gurdian to enclose you in a bubble of the white light of protection. Do NOT forget this step as it may be very important if you run into anything nasty on your travel. Make sure you have a glass of water sitting close to you to drink when you come back from your journey by sipping as it will help you refocus on the material world, we live in also you may be a little dehydrated when you come back.

I have an unused set of railroad tracks that run very close to my home. To the left of them is a good size steep hill of a small forest. To the left of them is a decent size tree line. The tracks lead into a forested area the butts up against an old quarry that has been used in many years the locals say. I have mentioned about all the different wildlife I see on an almost daily basis – deer, rabbits, fox, coyote, squirrels, a couple of groundhogs, bald eagles, hawks, sparrows, finches, cardinals, robins, and birds I have no idea what they are called. This forested aera and quarry are where they live so I am careful to take a can of air with me in case the coyote or fox don’t want me around…lol. I have used it once in the over 2 years I have lived in this area and that was at an off leashed dog running straight at me! ok I got a little off track here, any who this is where I enjoy meditating the most even with snow on the ground. Star [Chihuahua will be 11 years old on March 30, 2023] loves to go explorering with me but Cleo likes to stay home now that she is getting older [Min-Pin14 years old on February 11, 2023].

In our home which is really small, 5 rooms including our bathroom a small mudroom. I will take a favorite soft blanket into the mudroom, that is carpeted, light my incense and candles. There is no door but Big Dawg a.k.a Lord Beltane is very considerate and stays out of the kitchen when I go to meditate. I have just enough room there to set up a small table to use for rituals, ceremonies and spellwork when working by myself. I allow no electronic devises in that room except a light and our smallish deep freeze.

OK back to our meditating to travel to Otherworlds*… If you meet any type of being or Spirit, you are fearful of remember the white light of protection bubble you have called upon Archangel Michael, or an ancestor, or Spirit Guardian to enclose you in while you are traveling and retreat from the Otherworld as quickly as possible! But sit quietly in the half in and half out of your mediative state slowing drinking the water and becoming more in tune with the physical things around you. If you just quickly come out of meditative state some not so good things can happen like feeling very dizzy and disorientated. You may also feel your heart racing and either hyperventilate or have a hard time takin in more than a very shallow breath.

Many people, including have tried meditating before going to sleep at night and chose to lay down on their bed to meditate. I can promise 8 out of 10 will usually fall asleep as the meditation can turn into a relaxation exercise. I do my meditations in the early morning or after our fur kids have gone out for the last time at night depending if I feel like staying indoors or going outside. It also depends on how stress filled my day is sometimes I do one in the morning to wake up more and one in the evening to relax, center, and ground myself before going to bed.

*Otherworlds is a Celtic term when going into other realms, demission or astral worlds.