9 May 2023 Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

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Southeastern Hemisphere

This local time is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America

9 May 2023
02:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM BRT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Taurus 42
Moon:08 Capricorn 33
Mercury:07 Taurus 00 Rx
Venus:02 Cancer 10
Mars:23 Cancer 45
Jupiter:28 Aries 21
Saturn:05 Pisces 59
Uranus:18 Taurus 55
Neptune:26 Pisces 58
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:03 Taurus 59 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 24 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 34

Chiron:17 Aries 46
Ceres:23 Virgo 51
Pallas:02 Leo 49
Juno:04 Gemini 21
Vesta:10 Taurus 46

Eris:24 Aries 50


Southern Hemisphere

This local time is in Cape Town, South Africa

9 May 2023
07:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM SAST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Taurus 54
Moon:11 Capricorn 31
Mercury:06 Taurus 55 Rx
Venus:02 Cancer 24
Mars:23 Cancer 52
Jupiter:28 Aries 24
Saturn:06 Pisces 00
Uranus:18 Taurus 56
Neptune:26 Pisces 59
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:03 Taurus 58 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 23 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 35

Chiron:17 Aries 47
Ceres:23 Virgo 51
Pallas:02 Leo 54
Juno:04 Gemini 29
Vesta:10 Taurus 51

Eris:24 Aries 50


Southwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

9 May 2023
06:00 am GMT 4:00 PM AEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Taurus 22
Moon:03 Capricorn 49
Mercury:07 Taurus 08 Rx
Venus:01 Cancer 49
Mars:23 Cancer 34
Jupiter:28 Aries 16
Saturn:05 Pisces 58
Uranus:18 Taurus 54
Neptune:26 Pisces 58
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:03 Taurus 59 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 25 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 31

Chiron:17 Aries 45
Ceres:23 Virgo 50
Pallas:02 Leo 41
Juno:04 Gemini 10
Vesta:10 Taurus 37

Eris:24 Aries 50


Spell – A Witch’s Lucky Candel


A Witch’s Lucky Candel

At midnight, anoint a candle with cinnamon oil,

Light it and say:

Brimstone, Moon , and witch’s fire,

Candlelight’s bright spell

Good luck shall I aquire.

Work thy magic well,

Midnight twelve the witching hour,

Bring the luck that I seek.

By wax and wick now work thy power

As these words I speak.

Harming now,

This spell is done

By law of three,

So mote it be


Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for Tuesday

From lightwarriorslegion.com

Tuesday from awithintime.weebly.com

– Ruled by Mars. Courage, energy, and physical strength. banishing negativity.

  1. Day – Tuesday
  2. Planet – Mars
  1. Sign – Aries, Scorpio
  1. Angel – Samuel
  1. Color – Red, Pink, Orange
  1. Plants – Red rose, cock’s comb, pine, Thyme, daisy, pepper
  1. Stone – Aventurine, bloodstone, ruby, garnet, pink tourmaline
  1. Intention – Passion, Partnership, courage, swift movement, energy,
  1. Element – Fire, Water
  1. More Qualities – Sexuality, aggression, conflict, action, strife, physical energy, sports, muscular activity, guns, tools, metals, cutting, surgery, police, soldiers, combat, confrontation, business, buying and selling animals, mechanical things, repair, gardening, woodworking, hunting, belongings

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for Wednesday

From amagickalpath.co.uk

Planet – Mercury

Spells/Magic – communication, creativity, astrology, healing, wisdom, legal, divination, study.

Magical aspects: the conscious mind, study, travel, divination, and wisdom. This is the best day to engage in anything dealing with communication.

Oils – Bayberry, Clover,Lavender,Lemongrass,sandalwood

trees and plants- aspen tree, bergamot , clover, dill, fennel , fern , parsley , mint, marjoram , lavender , lily of the valley , mace, horehound,sage

Stones – Agate, blue lace agate, fire opal, tormaline

Colours – purple, magenta, silver

Metal – Tin/Lead

Energy Type – Male

Dieties – Dedicated to the Teutonic god Woden or Odin, an aspect of the “All-Father” god of knowledge wisdom enlightenment and combat, the parallel of Hermes.

Wednesday is the best time to deal with such matters as: Wisdom, Healing, Communication, Intelligence, Memory, Education, Correspondence, Phone Calls, Computers, Messages, Students, Merchants, Editing, Writing, Advertising, Signing Contracts, Siblings, Neighbours, Kin, Accounting, Clarks, Critics, Music, Editors, Journalists, Visual Arts, Hiring Employees, Learning Languages, Placing Ads, Visiting Friends, Legal Appointments and Astrology.

From whitewitchgrimoire.com

Colors: The Color Purple ….you sho is ugly (if you get that movie reference, you are my new bff and henceforth must send me good vibes. I do not make these rules, but I live by them)

Wednesday is just a lucky day. When doing money work, I love to do it on a Wednesday. I enchanted my own website using geomantic glyphs during a waxing moon on a what? A Wednesday. Acquisitio and Conjunctio. Mercury is a quick little dude with those wings on his shoes. Travel, luck, focus, communication are all good on a Wednesday. I also like to divine with cards and charms on this day and have heard it’s also great for runes. Another thing about this day and an interesting note is that if you are doing any kind of spell to distract, hide or mislead, this is the day for such fuckery. Mercury is a sneaky little dude. Play the lottery or lay some tricks. See what happens. I don’t judge and most likely wanna hear all about these things anyway. Great day to say what the fuck you really mean.


Divination Journal

Tarot Cards

All aspects of the Justice card from thesecretofthetarot.com


The Justice is part of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards and it is number eleven in the suit.

This card represents justice, truth and the law and the understanding that life is eventually fair and just.

The appearance of The Justice Tarot card could mean that whatever situation you are in right now, everything is going to be all right.


When The Justice comes Upright in a reading, things are going to turn out in your favor.

The Justice’s scales are balanced, indicating that events are working out as they should and this is the outcome of the positive actions you took in the past.

This card indicates that you are finally getting all the good things you deserve.

The appearance of an Upright Justice card may indicate legal formalities, linked to a marriage, a divorce or potentially business.

When Justice comes upright in your reading, it suggests that legal proceedings are going to go your favor if you are honest.


When the Justice comes in a reversed position in a reading it suggests that you might be dishonest with you and others.

You are not accepting the responsibility for your actions and might be trying to blame others for your misdoings.

If this is the case, you have to accept the responsibility for what you did and admit your current situation.

When the Justice comes reversed in a Tarot spread, judgments or court rulings are likely to go against you. The appearance of a reversed Justice card might tell of injustice.


The scale on this card is an indicator that you need a balance in your work/life in order to prosper.

It is easy to loose that precious balance and throw your energy into one or the other field.

Just remember that balance is essential.


The appearance of the Justice card in your reading might indicate that you and your long-term partner are going to choose to go your separate ways.

You are being totally honest and take full responsibility for where the relationship is right now.

If you are single, the Justice card tells of a new commitment coming your way.


Very often, when the Justice card appears in a reading it suggests that an unexpected amount of money may show up now. That is a good thing and you should invest it wisely.


It all comes down to balance. Are you eating right? Sleeping enough hours?

If not, the appearance of this card indicates that you should take some time and work on what is not right.

Work out, have a resting sleep, eat the right things and see how much better you will feel.


From TheRuneSite.com


Sound: “w”, “v”
Stands for: Joy
Color: Pink (Blue)
Casting meaning: This rune shows us the balance between all things even when in a chaotic world. It is also a rune of fellowship, common goals and well being to all things. If you come across this rune in a reading you can expect good news to come your way.

Witches Rune

From psychic-revelation.com

The Ear Of Corn

Keywords: Good luck, success.

Meanings: This rune represents abundance, success and happiness. This is considered a lucky rune and if leading it is very positive about your query, whether the query is about finance, business, friendship, partnership or spirituality. In conjunction with the Rings it indicates a happy and prosperous marriage. With the Sun it means success in your career, and with Waves, success abroad.


From druidogham.wordpress.com


Change, shift, the sea, maps, realm of the subconscious, great undercurrents

Tree: Witch hazel (Hamamelis spp.)

Letter: X

“Sea change” is a term for profound or holistic change. Change is the foundation of existence. The interplay of opposing forces creates and destroys ad infinitum. Mor bookends the concept of change introduced by the first Ogham, Beith. The intention that sowed an action reaped a habit, the habit reaped a character, and the character reaped a destiny. The new track in space has been laid and change is inevitable.

When you draw Mor, look for the changes in and around you. These are not necessarily good or bad. Often, drawing this Ogham can mean something as basic as “oh look, the season of Spring is arriving”. Mor doesn’t have to indicate any kind of drama, although it could. Mor calls out to you to look at overarching influences, new factors or people, and to examine the permutations and possibilities of how they affect the environment.

Mor is a bird’s eye view of opposing forces in our lives rather than being upswept by the random forces that weave in and out of our daily existences. Understanding your own subconscious gives you the ability to calmly deal with challenges that come your way. The work you do on understanding yourself is the sails you build on your boat in the great sea of life. You still need to figure out which way the wind is blowing, of course, but knowing a thing or two about your own position, your tendencies, desires, faults, and strengths will give you the power you need to dodge rocks and survive storms.

Questions when you draw Mor:
-When have you been guilty of projecting your own faults onto others? When have others been guilty of projecting their own faults onto you?
-When have you denied your own true nature only to have it make you feel miserable?
-List three major popular trends that you dislike or hate but cannot change. How have you managed to work around them or avoid them?

“‘Every drop counts’ said the witch as she peed into the ocean.”

I Ching

From ichingonline.net

Hexagram Thirty – One

Hsien / Attraction

The joyous Lake is cradled by the tranquil Mountain:
The Superior Person takes great satisfaction in encouraging others along their journey.
He draws them to him with his welcoming nature and genuine interest.

Supreme success.
This course leads to marriage.


There is no greater natural law in the Cosmos than Attraction.
From the magnetic pull of an atom’s nucleus to the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy, the face of the universe is shaped by Attraction.
On a human scale, it is Attraction that fuels procreation and furthers our species.
Yet it is also Attraction that spawns greed and covetousness, threatening our extinction.
Attraction is the underlying force of the situation in question.
You are refined or debased by the objects of your desire.
What gravitational pull are you now under?
Around what sphere of influence do you circle?
Can you use your own ability to attract?


From numerologistpro.com

Thirty – One

31 gives originality, genius, and a desire for solitude. The number provides deep intelligence, a unique life mission, and transformative healing capabilities.

There is a tendency in the number 31/4 to be secluded and misunderstood – it can give a slightly introverted and nerdy personality that can have a difficult time communicating with other people. You can be very idealistic and think great thoughts, but at the same time feel that the norms of society do not match your wishes and ideologies. There can be a tendency in 31/4 to look down on humanity and think that others are idiots or fools.

31/4 will feel drawn to a life purpose that is not by the book. They need to add something unique and create something that has not seen the light of day before. 31/4 is at the same time often intellectual and thorough and likes to build systems. It feels drawn to creating innovative and cutting-edge products, procedures, and processes. Their goal is to improve, heal, transform, and optimize, thereby creating something unique, groundbreaking, making a difference.

Where 13 can communicate its ideas externally (5 as the outer number in the 31 diamond chart), then 31 has a number 7 externally, making it easier to be misunderstood and considered strange or different.

In imbalance, 31/4 withdraws from society and feels lonely and misunderstood. It can be very introverted and feels different from and unaccepted by others. There is a tendency to be nihilistic, where it becomes dejected and loses faith in the world and other people. It can be very odd and have strange/peculiar habits and ways of doing things.

In balance, the 31/4 is a genius continuously downloading new, revolutionary, and cutting-edge ideas.

The 31 in balance is:

A number of deep thought, genius, and intelligence

Therapeutic and heals others through ingenious methods

Transforming the world through innovation and unique ideas

Challenging status quo with different and unique thinking

Analytical and good with systems, data, and science

The 31 unbalanced is

Very introverted and feels different from and unaccepted by others

Thinking that other people are stupid and motivated by low desires

Dejected and has no faith in the world and other people

Not sharing the norms of society and cannot find its place

Very odd and has strange/peculiar habits and ways of doing things

Keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 31 are:

Originality, innovation, transformation, revolutionary ideas, thinks out of the box, geniality, highly intelligent, thinks deeply and differently, unique inventions or products, recharges by being alone, want to contribute to a better world, special/geeky interests, investigates and goes deep, expertise, takes leadership of its projects, chooses a unique way of life or career, intellectually brave, challenges the status quo, alternative views and angles, sense of systems, data and science, looks behind reality, very mental, analytic, unique worldview, wants to improve and reform.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 31 are:

Withdrawn, social isolation, lacks empathy and social intelligence, tired of people, tired of communication, introverted to an extreme degree, hard to relate to others, easily misunderstood, is the black sheep, strange personality, condescending, always knows better, angry at the world, little faith in the world and humanity, suspicious, skeptical, doesn’t like others, a tendency to autism, dementia and memory impairment.

31 is under the influence of URANUS

Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system and has a temperature of about -220 degrees centigrade. There are large cloud formations in the atmosphere, created by water in the lowest clouds and methane in the upper cloud cover. The planet itself is made up of ice and rocks. The clouds give a cloudy light blue impenetrable look. Much like the planet itself, Uranus people are mysterious, profound and don’t reveal much about themselves at first glance.

Uranus is the quietest of all planets. In contrast to this, Jupiter makes a lot of electromagnetic noise as you approach it.

Uranus has large, vertical rings around it. Where Saturn’s rings are horizontal, Uranus’ rings are vertical. This symbolizes an opposition between the two planets.

The axis of Uranus is tilted almost 90 degrees. This makes Uranus “roll” along its axis, while the other planets are like spinning tops on their trajectories. This makes Uranus unique among all the worlds. In Uranus people, this translates to them doing and saying the opposite of what everyone else is saying. There is both an excentric and contrarian streak.

It takes Uranus a full 84 years to orbit the sun, and the eccentric axis of rotation means that while one hemisphere is bathed in light, the other is in constant darkness – for an entire season. This gives very long summers and winters. The transition between summer and winter happens very quickly on Uranus, symbolizing upheavals, and violent transformations. That is why Uranus represents changes that occur very suddenly, and that changes a person, a generation, or the whole world.

The long winter represents that Uranus energy goes in-depth. It is not fast and flighty but thorough and profound.

The north and south poles are not fixed, which means that Uranus does not stand firm on how things are, and the truth is perceived as relative and can be continually challenged.

Angel Number

From angelnumber.org

Thirty – One

In this article, we will give you some details about the angel number 31 and its meaning.

Number 31 – What Does It Mean?

The number 31 is a mix of energies of the numbers 3 and 1, as well as the number 4, which we get when we reduce the number 31 to a single digit.

Number 31 people are in need for security and dislike risks.

They are good at defending themselves. They are usually very nervous, so they need a lot of time to relax and calm down. These people need to learn to let go.

They are also very practical, good at manual work and are good craftsmen.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 31 is a blend of vibrations of the numbers 1 and 3.

The number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, success, leadership, initiative, assertiveness, intuition, instinct, motivation and progress.

The number 3 is a number of the Ascended Masters.

It is also a number of energy, expansion, growth, increase, self – expression, spontaneity, talents, skills and manifestation.

As a mix of these two numbers, the number 31 is a number which symbolizes enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, expansion and communication.

When they send you the number 31, the angels are encouraging you to gain a positive outlook on things and confidence in your abilities.

This number is a message from the Ascended Masters and your angels about your future progress and prosperity.

They encourage you to use your gifts and talents to manifest the things you desire.They remind you to respect the universal law of giving and receiving. They also remind you about the need to follow your divine life path.

31 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

But we are all conscious or unconscious witnesses of their attempts to help and support us, doing so by sending us different signs we need to decipher.

The angels can be very imaginative with their signs at times.

One of the most common signs, the angels use when they want to avert our attention, is numbers.

All numbers have special meanings, and the angels will keep showing us the same number or a number pattern, until we notice it.

When we start noticing the same numbers time and time again, we usually start wondering about their meaning. That’s why it’s important to know their symbolism.

In this article, we will give you some details about the angel number 31 and its meaning.

Love …

Numerology Facts …

Seeing Angel Number 31 …

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Praying Mantis from spiritanimaldreams.com

A close look at the praying mantis teaches you many things about your own life. This insect is the picture-perfect image of patience and balance.

This creature inspires you to get your priorities right. The praying mantis knows what it wants to feed on, and how to achieve this goal.

What’s the Praying Mantis Meaning and Symbolism?

#1 – Patience Pays

The praying mantis hunts by stealth. They can stand still for long periods, waiting for the most suitable time to strike.

They are also quite selective in their feeding habits. So, for example, you can never catch a praying mantis feeding on dead insects.

They are patient enough to wait for the right delicacy to come along.

#2 – Prayer and Meditation

The praying mantis always seems to be in a praying position. If this is your spirit animal, you know you’ll get everything you desire through divine intervention.

Remember to tend to your spiritual needs while struggling to make a decent living. Prayer and meditation are powerful tools that can aid you in unlocking your full potential.

#3 – Balance and Harmony

As your spirit guide, the praying mantis urges you to strike the right balance between your desires and your needs.

It will help if you set your priorities right, as this will guide you to use your resources prudently.

#4 – Focus and Concentration

The praying mantis pays rapt attention to its quarry before striking. It has to ensure that the move it executes will be well-spent.

Similarly, this spirit guide calls on you to focus on the crucial aspects of your life. Don’t waste your time and effort on things with no bearing on your future.

#5 – Avoid Procrastination

The praying mantis strikes just at the right moment – not a moment too soon and not a moment too late.

This tells you to acquire the habit of delivering on your mandate without wasting time. Be prompt in carrying out your responsibilities; let others know you keep your word.

When the Praying Mantis is Your Spirit Animal

The praying mantis spirit animal comes into your life to reveal the seer or prophet in you. You have unique gifts that few other people can match.

Your praying mantis spirit animal wants you to understand that these gifts are not for you to keep. Instead, they are meant to enlarge your territories and make the lives of your family and friends easier.

This spirit animal opens your mind’s eye to your healing abilities. As a result, you have been blessed with the ability to spread peace, love, and light.

This is your cue to reach out to those needing your healing.

To fully unleash your potential, you need to take stock of your life and change a few things. So the praying mantis calls on you to contemplate your life.

What do you think needs to change? What should you retain, and what needs modification?

The Praying Mantis Power Animal

The praying mantis power animal is a powerhouse of defense mechanisms. Call on this power guide when you feel under threat.

The Chinese have developed whole martial arts forms based on this insect. For example, it is featured prominently in judo, karate, and Kung Fu.

This tells you that this power animal will help you ward off attacks from all types of invaders. It is your shield against spiritual, emotional, and mental attacks.

The praying mantis power animal also helps you channel your prayers and supplications to heaven. It teaches you to make meditation and prayer part of your worship ritual.

Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom when the praying mantis locates you. You can go wrong when you pay attention to these divine tools.

The Praying Mantis Totem Animal

People born with the praying mantis totem are lucky. If this spirit animal chooses you, it means you’ll get the best possible advice concerning your life.

Identifying with the praying mantis totem means you are well-schooled in the art of stillness. As a result, you appreciate that you don’t have to rush through life.

The praying mantis spirit totem teaches you to move through life at your own pace. Everyone has their own race to run.

You just need to identify yours and focus on it. As long you are moving forward, you are good to go. The question of your pace is neither here nor there; the important thing is to produce stellar results.

Praying Mantis Encounters and Omens

The appearance of a praying mantis is considered a fortunate event in many cultures. An encounter with this insect is believed to cancel out bad luck and replace it with good luck.

Seeing a praying mantis just before you implement an important project means that your plans will succeed resoundingly.

This spirit animal is a good omen. It alerts you of the routes and places you should avoid not to fall into danger.

An encounter with a praying mantis in your doorway or window reminds you to be grateful for the blessings in your life.

This insect opens your mind’s eye to all the good things in your life. So take a moment every day to thank your divine guides for their excellent work.

The praying mantis graciously teaches you there is power in prayer.

Gods – Overview of Toltec Deities

Overview of Toltec Deities from lifepersona.com

The Toltec gods And the mythology that surrounds them, are intrinsic part of this Mesoamerican town that had its moment of apogee when they settled down in the Mexican plateau between centuries X and XII, long before the arrival the first settlers to America.

According to historical records, despite being a nomadic culture began a pilgrimage from the north of more than a century in the year 511 until they found the city of Tula, which lasted 348 years until the arrival of the Aztecs.

There they established themselves, created cities, developed their culture and formed a belief system with an influence that extended to Zacatecas and Yucatan.

Their language was Nahuatl, the form of government was a monarchy and left an important artistic, cultural, architectural and mythological legacy in the cultures that survived them.

Tolteca means”Dweller of Tula”, in reference to that after a long pilgrimage anchored its residence in the center of Mexico, but over the years that name was also used to call the artisans.

Its economy was based on agriculture, mainly maize and beans, and society was organized into two groups: the privileged, among them the hierarchs, the military, the officials, the supreme ruler and the priests; And the servants, the workers, and the craftsmen.

Like all the pre-Columbian towns they had a strong mythological imprint, with a nourished pantheon of gods and a gross system of beliefs. His religion was shamanic and had no permanent place of worship.

Worshipers of the forces of nature like the sky, the water and the earth, their system of beliefs was dualistic. The two supreme principles were Quetzalcoatl (beautiful serpent, represents good) and Tezcatlipoca (black mirror, figure of evil).

Like so many other pre-Columbian cultures, the Toltecs also made human sacrifices, as a form of communion and services to the gods. However, they conceived the divinity in a way different from other civilizations, they believed that the Supreme Being has a double condition: it creates the world but also destroys it.

The Toltecs worshiped and adopted all the gods of those who heard, so they had more than 400 gods, many of them shared with other cultures. Here we repair the 30 outstanding figures of his pantheon.

30 of the most important Toltec gods

1- Quetzalcoatl

The main god of the Toltec civilization, shared with the Mayans, the Aztecs and other peoples, represents the god of life, light, wisdom, fertility and knowledge.

It was considered as the pattern of the day and of the winds, residing in the west and was considered”beautiful or feathered serpent”, in reference to its physical and spiritual body, respectively.

In the legend of the five soles, Quetzalcoatl was the one who gave birth to the fifth Sun (in which we live now) and thus together with Xolotl created humanity. That is why he is considered as the main god.

Its name is that of”feathered serpent,”because it is a material physical body, according to the serpent conception in these cultures, and it is also spirit, which is what feathers represent.

2- Tezcatlipoca

It is called the duality of Quetzalcoatl, in its destructive function. He was the god of night and destiny, lord of heaven and earth, also a source of life and shelter of man.

Among other characteristics, it stands out to be a black or smoky mirror, with he could see everything and annihilate his enemies. He was a sorcerer, a diviner, and an expert in black magic.

3- Tlaloc

God of the rain and the waters. He is one of the oldest and venerated deities in Mesoamerica, his name translated as the”nectar of the earth”and he was the one who worshiped during the first month of the year to guarantee a rainy season, The crops.

4- Matlalcueye

Considered in the Toltec pantheon as the goddess of living water and fresh water currents. Her name meant”Owner of the green skirt”, where the cause of the rivers arose. She was the wife of Tlaloc.

5- Huixtocihuatl

It could be considered as a duality of Matlalcueye, although it is not registered in all cultures in the same way. She was the goddess of fertility, mistress of salt and salt water.

Their worship was with human sacrifices in all the women sang and danced around the victim dressed as a goddess.

6- Xochiquétzal

Goddess of beauty, flowers, love, loving pleasure and the arts. It was venerated with flowers of cempasúchil to obtain its grace. She was also the wife of Tlaloc.

7- Cipactli

One of the gods shared with other cultures, he is the god who provides food, represents the first man and his wife. For the Aztecs he was considered the first sea monster.

8- Tonacacihuatl

Considered as the first woman, Toltec culture was the goddess of the protégone of sustenance, stealth, inert and inherent.

9- Mixcoatl

Patron of the hunters, also it is known under the name of Camaxtli. Before leaving hunting, the Toltecs were entrusted to him in search of the fortune and the necessary value.

10- Xipe Tótec

God of the gold workers. He was regarded as a bloodthirsty almighty who demanded human sacrifice to ensure prosperity every year.

11- Ixotecuhtli

God of freedom, he was as fast as the wind and could go through matter. He was depicted with blue wings.

12- Itztlacoliuhqui

One of the dark gods of the Toltec pantheon was considered the god of cold, ice, winter, punishment, sin, human misery, disasters and obsidian, a black stone.

Tribute was paid to him as lord of the sacrifices and knives. He fought with the sun that is why it is related to the low temperatures and frost.

13- Ehécatl

He is the god of the wind and one of the first divinities of the mystical culture of Mesoamerican towns. These civilizations recognized the importance of the four elements: air, earth, fire and water, which served as regents of their beliefs.

The wind was linked with storms, humidity, life and the regeneration of plants. It was represented with a red beak, with which cleared the way to Tlaloc, the god of the rain.

14- Xolotl

God of the sunset, the spirits, the fire of wisdom and bad luck. He was the lord of the evening star and the underworld, which leads to the Sun as it passes through it.

15- Xochipilli

Prince of Flowers, Lord of the Morning Sun, is considered as a festive god, regent of music, spring, dance, musical instruments and vegetation.

It is related to love, entertainment and chance. His cult was one of the most important of the Mesoamerican pantheons.

16- Citlallicue

Goddess of the stars, lady of the Milky Way, her name means”the lack of stars”. Each culture has different legends about their husbands and real names.

17- Citlalatonac

He is the god of the male stars, he is associated with Citlallicue, with whom they would have created the Milky Way. His name in Nahuatl means”bright star.”

18- Ometéotl

God of duality, considered as the creator god of the universe, of men and also supreme god of all that exists. His name means”god of two.” He had as sons four gods, which are located at each cardinal point.

19- Mictlantecuhtli

Another of the divinities shared by different cultures, is considered the god of death and the underworld, companion of souls by the shadows and lord who gives and foster life. He was feared for his character.

20- Huehuecóyotl

The”old coyote”was the god of dance, the arts and plumery, for the Toltecs represented the properties of the beasts: ferocity, courage, struggle, which they considered fundamental elements for war.

21- Xiuhtecuhtli

As he says his name is”the lord of the grass,”he is considered as the god of fire and heat. In different Mesoamerican cultures, this representation was different.

22- Itzpapalotl

His name translates to”obsidian butterfly”and for the Toltecs he represents a central deity of his belief system. She was the goddess of sacrifices and war.

He had knives in his wings and his figure represented rebirth and regeneration. Those who were born under his day were assured of a long life.

23- Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli

This god is associated with the vital energy of the dawn, since its name represents”the star of the dawn”. He is another of the divinities shared by several cultures, in which he was worshiped associated with Venus.

During the Toltec civilization, a huge temple was built in Tula, which still stands.

24- Metztli

This deity was also shared with other civilizations, like the goddess of the Moon. Its name means”face of the serpent,”which was related to its dominions over storms, floods or the joy that water could bring to life.

25- Toci

Her name is the focus of discussions, but her worship is always associated with health care and the maintenance of life, which is why she is considered goddess of doctors, midwives and surgeons.

26- Cihuacóatl

“Woman serpent”, according to its translation is considered the goddess of the birth. His veneration among Mesoamerican cultures is associated with medicine, health, abortions and the wounded.

27- Atlacoya

Another of the shared divinities, goddess of drought, her name means sad water, represents austerity and hopelessness. It is feared for being the fertile devourer.

28- Ixtlilton

It was also for the Toltecs the god of medicine, dances, festivals and games. He was worshiped for his healing domains.

29- Huitzilopochtli

In Tula’s civilization he was the god of war, as in others. “Southern hummingbird or left hummingbird”, was the representation of his name and is associated as regidor of the Sun.

30- Tonacatecuhtli

In Nahuatl its name is conformed by the words that represent the lord of the sustenance. He is considered as one of the creator gods of the whole.

This deity is common to all Mesoamerican culture, with different venerations, but with equal importance for being one of the central deities.

He is the god of creation and fertility, lord of nature, was the source of daily sustenance. She was a kind and brotherly deity, who dominated food.

According to the legends, it was Tonacatecuhtli who blew and divided the waters of heaven and earth, which after creation were together. That is why it is considered as the being of the center.

Dream Interpretation and Symbolism- Some Things that Begin with the Letter A

From dreammoods.com


To see the letter “A” in your dream represents the beginning of a new stage. You are moving on to something new and grand. Alternatively, the letter “A” invokes feelings of superiority and grandeur. It may indicate the name or initial of a person.    TOP


To see an aardvark in your dream indicates that you are being very secretive and cautious about your business.     TOP


To see or use an abacus in your dream refers to your outdated views. You  have an old fashion perspective on certain issues.   TOP


To see or eat abalone in your dream indicates a transitional period in your life. The symbol may also be a play on words to indicate feelings of “loneliness”.   TOP


To dream that you are abandoned suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. Let go of your old attitudes. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream indicates you have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. It may stem from a  recent loss or a fear of losing a loved one. The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream as part of the healing process and dealing with losing a loved one. It may also stem from unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being overlooked. Perhaps the dream is a metaphor that you need to approach life with “reckless abandon” and live more freely. 

To abandon others in your dream suggests that you are overwhelmed by the problems and decisions in your life.    TOP


To see an abbey in your dream signifies spirituality, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety. You are in a state of contentment and satisfaction. Help for you is always around the corner. 

To see an abbey in ruins indicates feelings of hopelessness. You have a tendency to not finish what you started.    TOP


To see an abbot in your dream suggests that someone has power over you and are making you do things that you do not necessarily want to do. You are feeling confined or restricted. The dream indicates that you will experience many obstacles and setback before achieving success and prestige.     TOP


To see abbreviations in your dream may represent the initials of someone in your life. The abbreviations could stand for an organization or a common acronym or it may spell out some hidden message or advice. The dreaming mind likes to make use of puns, as well as shorthand messages. For example, “CD” could be a pun on a “seedy” situation. “AA” could stand for Alcoholics Anonymous and thus point to the dangers or your excesses and negative behaviors. “Inc” may represent an “inkling”, hunch or suspicious you have about a situation. The initails DM may refer to a direct message or perhaps that you need to check Dream Moqds for your dream anaylsis.   TOP


To see your abdomen in a dream refers to your natural instincts and repressed emotions. There is something in your real life that you “cannot stomach” or have difficulties accepting. You need to get it out of your system. Alternatively, the dream symbol may be strictly physiological and you may just be experiencing constipation or indigestion. 

To dream that your abdomen is exposed represents issues you have with trust and feelings of vulnerability. You are expressing your primal emotions and instincts.

To dream that your abdomen is swollen indicates that some new project is in the works.    TOP


To dream of being abducted indicates that you are being manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. You lack control of your own life.

To witness an abduction in your dream signifies feelings of helplessness. 

To dream that you are abducting someone implies that you are holding on to something that you need to let go. You may be forcing your views and opinions on others.     TOP


To dream that you abhor a person represents your waking dislike for that person. You are harboring feelings of resentment or aggression and feel that this person has acted in a less than honorable way.

To dream that you are abhorred by others suggests that you may be forcing your views and opinions on others. You are rubbing others the wrong way.    TOP


To dream of some abnormality or of abnormal objects indicate that the problems that have been preoccupying your mind will soon be resolved. Note that anything appearing abnormal draws attention to that particular aspect. Something in your life may not be consistent with how you feel things should be.     TOP


*Please See Home.

Abominable Snowman

*Please See Yeti.


To see an Aborigine in your dream represents both your untamed, natural self and your pure, innocent side. You need to be more in touch with your intuition and inner forces.  It also suggests that you are being overindulgent or overly emotional. You may be harming yourself and jeopardizing your well-being due to your unrestraint.    TOP


To dream that you have an abortion suggests that you are hindering and blocking your own growth. You may be hesitant in pursuing a new direction in your life due to fear, pressure, personal conflict or moral obligation. The dream may also be a reflection of your own real-life abortion and thus serves as  a way of healing from the trauma and working towards self-acceptance. Alternatively, this dream may also be a message for you to take care and look after your health.

To dream that someone has an abortion refers to an aspect of your relationship with this person is not growing or maturing. If you do not know this person, then the dream may be about your own personal views on abortion.

To dream that you or someone has an illegal abortion indicates that you are desperate to keep things the exact same. If the abortion results in death, then it means that your approach to a problem is all wrong.   TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: “Boiling A Rabbit”


To see something above you in your dream suggests that you need to set your goals higher. Aim high! Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are feeling inferior or inadequate.   TOP

Abraham Lincoln

To see Abraham Lincoln in your dream refers to your solid character and leadership ability. Known as “Honest Abe”, the dream may also be telling you to be truthful or to come clean about something.    TOP


To dream of being or going abroad indicates unbalance and chaos in your current situation and condition. Consequently, your dream may represent your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You need to make some drastic changes in your life. Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you need to expand your horizons or experience a new sense of spirituality.   TOP


To dream that someone is absent, especially if you expect to find them, suggests that you are looking for something that is already lost to you. Alternatively, you may be looking to fill a void in your life. Something is missing from your life.   TOP


To dream that you have an abscess suggests that there is something that you need to express and get out into the open.   TOP

*Please see Sores.


To dream that you have absconded with something indicates your failed accomplishments. You may also be feeling insecure about your achievements. You feel that you are never good enough. Consider the significance or value of what you have absconded.   TOP


To be absorbed in whatever you are doing suggests that you may be too focused on your own thing and risk alienating others around you. The dream may also be a metaphor that you need to integrate and adapt to your various surroundings.   TOP


To dream that you practice abstinence from drinking, sex  or any other sort of sensual temptation is a warning against being over confidant.  You need to take things more slowly.   TOP


To dream of having an abundance of a certain item indicates that you need to conserve your resources and energies. This dream may be a compensatory dream for something that you are lacking in life.  More directly, abundance signifies happiness.   TOP


To dream you are abusing someone suggests that your past actions will come back to haunt you. You may be expressing some regret or remorse over your actions.

To dream you are being verbally or physically abused suggests that you are feeling victimized in  a waking situation. You are being taking advantage of.   

To see children being abused in your dream implies that you are lacking a voice for your own inner child. You feel that a part of your own childhood is lost. TOP


To dream of an abyss signifies an obstacle that is creating much anxiety for you. You need to work through the difficulty and overcome this obstacle in your life.  Perhaps you are afraid of  “taking the plunge”.

To dream that you are falling into an abyss symbolizes the depths of your subconscious.  You are afraid and/or uncertain as to what you will discover about yourself and about your hidden feelings and fears. The abyss may also represent your primal fears and feelings of “falling into a pit of despair”. Perhaps you are in a state of depression or wallowing in your negative feelings. Alternatively, the dream could denote your lack of spirituality.   TOP


To see an acacia tree in your dream symbolizes your attitudes with death and your sense of mortality.   TOP


To dream of an academy signifies new friendships and opportunities.   TOP

Academy Awards

To dream that you at the Academy Awards indicates that you need to add some glamour into your life. If you win an Oscar, then it implies that you are looking for some sort of acknowledgment in your waking life.   TOP


To see an accelerator in your dream indicates that you will achieve your goals through your own efforts. The dream may also be telling you to slow down.

To dream that the accelerator is jammed or broken indicates a loss of control in some aspect of your life. You maybe trying to rush through things.   TOP


To speak with an accent in your dream suggests that you are having difficulties conveying your thoughts. Consider how you feel about the accent. If you feel the accent makes you stand out in a negative way, then it signifies feelings of insecurities. If the accent makes you stand out in a positive way, then it symbolizes an air of confidence. 

To hear someone speaking with an accent in your dream represents something familiar yet different. You are getting the gist of a message, but you still do not completely understand all of it.   TOP


To dream about acceptance indicates issues of self-esteem and measuring up to the expectations of others. There is a waking situation where you are seeking acceptance and wanting to be a part of.    TOP


To dream of accessorizing yourself suggests that you are feeling incomplete. Something is missing in your life.   TOP


To dream that you are in an accident signifies pent-up guilt in which you are subconsciously punishing yourself over. Perhaps you are not proud of something you have done. Alternatively, the accident may symbolize an error or mistake you have made. Accident dreams also represent your fears of being in an actual, physical accident. You may simply be nervous about getting behind the wheel. Or the dream is trying to warn you of some accident.

To dream of a car accident symbolizes your emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears. Are you “driving” yourself too hard? Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path. Dreaming that someone is injured in a car accident means that you cannot control the action of others. They have to live with the consequences of their own decisions.

To dream that a loved one dies in an accident indicates that something within your own Self is no longer functional and is “dead”. It is also symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Perhaps you need to let go of this relationship. If you dream that you die from a car accident and actually see the reactions of your loved ones, then it suggests that your reckless activity is affecting those around you. This dream is a wake-up call.   TOP


To dream that you are an accomplice to a crime suggests that someone in your waking life is having a negative influence on you. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt with something that you have done. 

To dream that you have an accomplice implies that others are enabling your negative habits or behavior.   TOP


To hear the music of an accordion signifies some saddening and depressing matter. You need to focus on more joyous moments.

To dream that you play the accordion denotes intense emotions that are causing physical strain to your body. You are feeling weary. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to work hard to achieve your goals.   TOP


To see or dream that you are an accountant represents your objectivity toward some situation. You are taking a step back and looking carefully at the facts.   TOP


To dream about your bank accounts indicates financial worries.   TOP


To dream that you are being accused of something indicates overwhelming feelings of guilt.  It may also mean that you are having some doubts about yourself and the choices you are making.

To dream that you accuse others signifies disagreements and dissension with those around you.  TOP


To see the ace in the deck of cards suggests ambiguity in your life. You need some clarity. In particular, the ace of hearts means that you are involved in some love affair. If you see the ace of spades in your dream, then it means that you are involved in a scandal. If you see the ace of diamonds, then it symbolizes your legacy or reputation. And if you see the ace of clubs, then it indicates that you will be involved in some legal matter.

Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you are an “ace”. Or the dream is a pun on “acing” a test.    TOP


To dream that you have aches indicate some hesitation and reluctance in the pursuit of your goals. If you wait too long, then the opportunity may escape.   TOP


To dream of an achievement denotes that you will be greatly satisfied with the outcome of a situation or project. The bigger the achievement, the greater the satisfaction.    TOP


To see acid in your dream represents feelings of hatred, rage, and/or revenge. Your integrity may be compromised or called into question.  Alternatively, seeing acid in your dream indicates that you are being manipulated by a situation or by someone. The dream may also be a metaphor to symbolize a negative influence in your life. Something or someone is eating away at you. 

To dream that you drink acid indicates that you are emotionally paralyzed and need to learn how to express yourself.  

Dreaming of acid rain indicates that you have been mislead. You are letting hatred and revenge take over and define you.    TOP


Please See Pimples.


To see an acorn in your dream symbolizes strength and durability. Seemingly small beginnings will have the greatest potential for growth. Don’t underestimate your minor goals. Alternatively, the dream means that you are about to enter a new phase in your life. 

To dream that you are eating acorns or picking them from the ground suggests that you will enjoy the benefits of your success after long and hard work.

To dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree indicates that you have significant influence on others.    TOP


To see an acquaintance in your dream represents aspects of yourself that you are still trying to get to know.

To dream that you are disputing with an acquaintance represents aspects of yourself that you are rejecting. You are refusing to accept certain things about yourself.    TOP


To dream that you are acquitted of a crime represents a valuable lesson to be learned.

To see others acquitted in your dream indicates that you need to balance your hard work with fun and pleasure.   TOP


To see or do acrobats in your dream suggest that you need to better balance aspects of your life. It could also mean that fears will prevent you from achieving your goals. Alternatively, acrobatics in your dream may be a metaphor for sexual intercourse.    TOP

Acrylic Nails

If you are wearing fake fingernails in your dream then it suggest that you are reaching out to others, but do not have their best interest in mind. You may be acting in a disingenuous way.   TOP


To dream that you are acting indicates that you are putting up a front and pretending to be someone you are not in some waking situation.   TOP

Action Figure

To see or dream that you are playing with an action figure suggests that you are being manipulated in some way. Or you tend to do what other people expect of you. Consider the significance of the way that the action figure is dressed.   TOP


To see an actor or actress in your dream represents your pursuit for pleasure. Your admiration of a particular celebrity may lead to a desire to have some of their physical or personality traits. Consider also who this actor/actress is and what characteristics you associate with her or him. These may be the same characteristics that you need to acknowledge or incorporate into yourself. The dream may also be a pun on her or his name. 

To dream that you are an actor denotes that your hard work and labor will be well worth it in the end. It also indicates your strong desires to be recognized and acknowledged. Perhaps you are putting too much emphasis on your outward appearances. Alternatively, the dream may be analogous to the role that you are playing in your real life, whether it be the role of a parent, sibling, co-worker, etc.  Or perhaps you are putting on an act or a facade.

More specifically, if you dream that you are a supporting actor or supporting actress implies that you need to be supportive to those around you. It may seem that your presence doesn’t matter, but you play an important part to someone’s life. To dream that you are an extra in a movie means that you feel unimportant and unnoticed. Sometimes you feel you are blending in with the background. 

To see a particular actor or actress in your dream look at the role they are playing. Even though you may not know them on a personal level, how you perceive them or the characters they play can provide understanding in how it relates to you. See also Celebrities.     TOP


To dream that you are getting acupuncture suggests that you are in need of healing. You may need to divert your energies to different pursuits. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for a problem or issue that you need to pinpoint.    TOP

Adam And Eve

To see Adam and Eve in your dream,  suggests that you are ignoring the masculine aspect of yourself (if you are female) or the feminine aspect of yourself (if you are male). Adam and Eve are classic symbols of the animus and anima. Alternatively, the dream indicates an occurrence in your life that will cause you to lose your hopes and chances of success.    TOP


To dream that you are adamant signifies that you will be thwarted in some desire that you held ever so highly in your life.    TOP


To see an adder in your dream symbolizes a sly or cunning person. This person cannot be trusted.  It may also represent something or someone who has slipped out of your hands. The dream may also be a pun on something that you need to add to your life.   TOP


To dream that you are an addict indicates that you are no longer in control of a situation. You have surrendered your power and denied responsibility for your actions. The dream is also representative of fear, low self-esteem issues, and insecurities.    TOP


To dream that you have an addiction or become addicted represents an obsessive behavior.  A situation or a person may be trying to take over your sense of control. The dream also suggests that you have difficulty relating to the world around you.     TOP


To dream that you are solving an addition problem represents something that is straightforward or obvious. Do not read too much into a problem. 

To dream that you cannot add correctly indicates confusion and chaos. A more directly interpretation suggests that something in your waking life does not add up.   TOP


To dream of your old address suggests that you need to take a look back at the past and learn from it. To dream of a new address indicates the need for change.

To dream that you are addressing an envelope represents your need to explore more possibilities. Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have found your direction in life and are ready to pursue your goals.   TOP


*Please See Goodbye.


To see or dream that you are an admiral represents your ability to tackle life’s issues and problems with confidence and decisiveness. The admiral may also symbolize a father figure or authoritative person.    TOP


To dream that you are admiring someone indicates that you need to incorporate the qualities of that person into your Self. 

To dream that you are admiring yourself suggests that you are in need of approval and affirmation from others. Alternatively, it may mean that you have a large ego or think overly highly of yourself.    TOP


To see an adobe structure in your dream symbolizes protection. It also implies that you are well insulated from life’s problems. Perhaps you are being too sheltered and are lacking experience in certain areas of your life. Alternatively, an adobe building represents tradition, hard work and a simple way of life. Maybe you need to incorporate these qualities into your waking life.    TOP


*Please see Teenager.


To dream that you or others are adopting a child indicates that you are taking on something new and different. Ask yourself what is missing in your life that would make you happy.

To dream that you are adopted suggests that you are longing for the child within you.  

Dreaming of adopting a dog symbolizes your desire for a loyal relationship.  If you are adopting a cat, then it means that you are embracing a newfound independence.    TOP


To dream that you seek adulation signifies that you will arrogantly step up to undeserved position of honor.  

To dream that you are offering adulation denotes that you are willing to part with something near and dear to you in the hopes of material advancement.   TOP


If you are a child or teenager and dream that you are an adult, then it implies that you need to be more mature about some situation. Perhaps you have some growing up that you need to do. Alternatively, the dream may be reinforcing your sense of responsibility.   TOP


To dream that you commit adultery or have an affair signifies your sexual urges and desires that are longing to be expressed. Alternatively, it indicates self-betrayal of your subconscious. You may find yourself entangled in a situation that is not in your best interest, perhaps even illegal. 

To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you highlights your insecurities and your fears of being abandoned. You feel that you are being taken for granted. You are lacking attention in the relationship or that he or she is being less affectionate. Alternatively, you feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others.    TOP

***Go to Common Dreams: Cheating Dreams for further analysis. 


To dream that you are advancing in some situation signifies your rapid rise to success and honor.  Affairs of the heart will also be in your favor.

To see others advancing ahead of you denotes that others have more important and favorable positions. You need to stop constantly comparing yourself to others.   TOP


To dream that you are an adventurer indicates that you are lacking adventure in your waking life. You need some excitement and variety. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are too absorbed with your ambition that you do not take the time to acknowledge those who have helped you along the way.  TOP


To dream that you are confronted by an adversary represents a conflict or a fear that you are facing in your waking life. You are in denial or are rejecting an aspect of yourself.

To dream that you overcome an adversary indicates a resolution to some inner conflict or waking life problem.  TOP


To dream that you are met with adversity represents the obstacles that you are facing in your waking life. You feel that you have failed. 

To dream that others are in adversity signifies your pessimistic outlook in life. You need to learn to see the brighter side of things.  TOP


To dream that you are looking through advertisements represents a message conveyed to you via your subconscious. You need to act on some problem, decision or opportunity. Consider the content of the ads to determine what area of your life needs to be recognized or acknowledged. If someone you know is advertising themselves, then it suggests that this person can help you in your current situation. You may need to learn to ask for help when you need it.

To dream that you are putting out an advertisement indicates hard work is needed to achieve your goals.  TOP


To dream that you are receiving advice suggests that you need to listen to your instinct and gut. 

To dream that you are giving advice indicates that you have the knowledge and information to help others.  TOP


*Please See Counselor.


To dream that you are an advocate for a cause signifies your faithfulness and conviction towards your interest and your loyalty to your friends.  TOP


To dream that you are doing aerobics suggests that you need to get out there and be more active. You need to exercise more.  TOP


To see an aerosol can in your dream indicates that you may be feeling under pressure. You need a release.  TOP


*Please see Adultery.


To dream that you are showing your affections for someone represents your satisfaction and happiness with a current relationship. It may also indicate your need to be more affectionate to the ones you love and care about. Alternatively, dreaming about affection may be an indicator that you are lacking affection in your waking life.   TOP


*Please see Scared.


To dream of an afterlife refers to your desire of escaping from your own reality. You are feeling disconnected from life and society and want to make a fresh start.   TOP


To dream of the afternoon time suggest that it is time to put your energies to good use. Draw and learn from your past experiences and lessons. Alternatively, it symbolizes clarity to a situation.  TOP


To dream that you have an affliction signifies bad news and possible disaster.

To dream others afflicted in your dream denotes that you will find yourself surrounded by grief and misfortune.  TOP


To dream that you are affluent represents your achievements and the rewards you reap for your hard work. The dream may be a metaphor for your enriching and fulfilling life.  TOP


To dream that you are affronted suggests that someone is working against you and taking advantage of your ignorance or naivetè. You may find yourself in a compromising situation.  TOP


To dream about or that you in Africa reflects your desires to return to your roots. You want to find out more about your heritage. If you are traveling to Africa or thinking about visiting Africa, then your dream may indicate your anticipation of such a trip. Or if you have lived in Africa or been there, then the dream reflects your personal feelings and memories about the continent.  TOP

African American

To see an African American in your dream signifies your roots and heritage. You may need to discover the soul within your own self. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you need to be more expressive and creative.  TOP


To dream that you have an afro signifies creative freedom. You need to be more expressive with your ideas.   TOP


To see a black agate in your dream symbolizes wealth, vigor, and courage. 

To see a red agate in your dream represents peace, longevity, and health.  TOP


To dream of your age signifies you anxiety and concern of growing older. It may also represent some regret or failure in your endeavors.

To dream that you are older than you really are signifies wisdom. Perhaps you need to be more sensible. Negatively, it may mean your unyielding ways and rigid thinking.

To dream that you are younger than you really are suggests that you need to be more carefree and be young at heart. Live a little!

If you are a parent and dream that your child is younger than he or she really is, then it means that you are longing for the past. Perhaps you feel that you are no longer important and wish to regress back to a period where you were more needed. Time is passing you by.  TOP


To dream that you exhibit aggression in your dream denotes repressed sexual needs. It is also a reflection of conflict in your waking life.  TOP


To dream that you are in agony suggests that some decision or nagging problem from your waking life has crept into your dream. It will continue to torment you until it is resolved.  TOP


To dream that you have agoraphobia signifies a fear of being exposed or seen. You don’t like being the center of attention or being the focus. The dream may symbolize a real life phobia or highlight feelings of anxiety.  TOP


To dream of an agreement indicates resolution to a conflict or problem. Your subconscious is working in accordance with your conscious.   TOP


To dream that you are shivering with an ague forewarns that you will suffer from a physical disorder.

To see others affected with ague in your dream suggests that others are offended by your indifference or lack of compassion in some situation.  TOP


To dream that you have AIDS indicates that your psychological integrity is being attacked. You feel defenseless, weak and powerless.

To dream that your mate has AIDS suggests that you are in an unhealthy or destructive relationship. There is something that you are not expressing to each other.

To dream that someone else has AIDS signifies your need to be more compassionate and sympathetic to others. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on “aid”. Perhaps someone is looking for your help in something.    TOP


To dream that you are aiming for something indicates that you need to direct your energies better. Keep your sight on the main goal. If you are aiming a gun or weapon, then it represents feelings of anger or pent up sexuality.  TOP


To dream about the air symbolizes creativity and intelligence. If the air is foggy or polluted, then it suggests that your thought process or mind is clouded.

To feel cold air in your dream signifies discordance in your domestic relations and setbacks in your business affairs. You may be in danger of losing touch with reality.

To dream that you are breathing hot air signifies the influence of evil around you.

To dream that you are walking on air refers to your carefree and upbeat attitude. It also signifies confidence; you feel almost invincible. You achieve your goals with relative ease. This dream is a variant of a flying dream. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that you have lost grasped of reality. 

To dream that you can bend air refers to your ability to control and watch what you say. You are careful in how you choose your words.   TOP

Air Conditioner

To dream that the air conditioner is not working suggests that you are not able to relax and breathe freely. You may be overly worried about a situation.

To see or feel the air conditioner in your dream represents purification and relief. You have cooled off from some heated argument.  TOP

Air Gun

To see or use an air gun in your dream symbolizes an unperceived threat. You are letting your guard down in some situation where you need to be vigilant.   TOP.

Air Freshener

To smell air freshener in your dream suggests that you are enjoying life’s little pleasure. The dream may bring about the past or certain memories. If the air freshener is too overpowering, then it indicates that your mind is not clear. You are exhibiting a lack of judgment.  TOP

Air Force

To dream that you are in the air force suggests that you need to be more spiritually disciplined.   TOP

To see or play air hockey in your dream refers to something that you need to act quickly on or someone else will.    TOP

Air Horn

To hear or sound an air horn in your dream suggests that you are not taking a matter seriously enough. It is time to focus. Alternatively, an air horn is way for your subconscious to get you to pay attention to an important aspect of the dream.    TOP

Air Raid

To dream that you are caught in an air raid indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by things that are seemingly coming out of the blue. You feel a lack of control in your life.  TOP

Air Show

To dream that you are in an air show implies that you are showing off your accomplishments to others. You have achieved your goals and want everyone to know it.   TOP


To see the airbag in a vehicle deploy in your dream forewarns that you will run into a major setback if you keep the pace of your current life path. You need to slow down and take your time. Alternatively, the air bag is symbolic of your support system in your time of need.  TOP

Aircraft Carrier

To see an aircraft carrier in your dream suggests that you are preparing to confront your emotions. You are addressing feelings that you have been ignoring or suppressing for too long.  TOP


To see an airdancer in your dream represents someone who wants your full attention. Alternatively, dreaming of an airdancer indicates that you are too yielding in a situation. Stand up for yourself.  TOP


To see an airplane in your dream indicates that you will overcome your obstacles and rise to a new level of prominence and status. You may experience a higher consciousness, new-found freedom and greater awareness. Perhaps you need to gain a better perspective or wider view on something. If the airplane is taking off, then it suggests that an idea or plan is about to “take off” and be put into action. It may also represent your need to get away and escape from your daily life. Dreaming that the airplane sits on the runway and never takes off refers to a real life project or idea that has failed to get off the ground. You are having difficulties getting started on a project.

To dream that you are flying an airplane suggests that you are in complete control of your destination in life. You are confident and self-assured in your decisions and accomplishments.

To dream that you transfer planes implies an important transitional phase in your life which will take you away from your intended path. These changes will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition. 

To dream that you miss your connection flight indicates that you are feeling helpless and trapped by some situation. You feel that you are being held back, either physically or mentally. Alternatively, the dream may also suggest that you are feeling disconnected in some aspect of your life – work, relationship or home life. 

To dream that a plane crashes suggests that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself.  Your goals may be too high and are impossible to realize. You are in danger of having it come crashing down. Alternatively, your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt toward the goals you have set for yourself is represented by the crashing airplane; you do not believe in your ability to attain those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.

To dream that an airplane is hijacked signifies disturbing feelings and past emotions in your subconscious mind. 

Dreaming of airplanes flying in formation represents working together toward a common goal. 

To see an airplane landing in your dream signifies completion of a journey or some task. Some issues that were previously out of control have been resolved. TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: “On The Airplane” & “Plane Crash


To see an airport in your dream symbolizes birth (arrivals) and death (departures). If the airport is busy, then it signifies the desire for freedom, high ideals, ambition, and hopes. It is an indication that you are approaching a new departure in your life. Some new idea is taking off or is ready to take off. You may be experiencing a new relationship, new career path or new adventure. 

To dream of a deserted airport indicates that your plans or goals will be changed or delayed. You are having to put some aspect of your life on hold.  TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: “Online Encounter


To dream that you are walking down or through an aisle represents your ability to move forward in life with confidence. There is balance in your life. Alternatively, the dream indicates dissension and disagreements. You are stuck in the middle between two diverging viewpoints.  TOP


To see alabaster in your dream represents success in your love life. You have healthy personal relationships.

To dream that you break an alabaster figurine signifies grief, sorrow, and regrets.  TOP


To see or dream that you are Aladdin represents realization of your goals or dreams.  TOP


To hear or pull an alarm in your dream suggests that you are experiencing a conflict in a relationship or situation which is giving your much anxiety. You may be questioning the decisions you have made. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on an “alarming” situation which needs your immediate attention. You need to spring into action quickly.  TOP

Alarm Clock

To see or hear an alarm clock in your dream represents your anxieties and fixation with time. You fear that you do not have enough time to meet your deadlines or accomplish your goals.   TOP


To see an albatross in your dream represents endurance and freedom.

To see a dying or dead albatross in your dream symbolizes bad luck and harsh, vulnerable times.   TOP


To see an albino in your dream represents purity or eternal life. You need to be more accepting and tolerant.

To dream that you are afraid of the albino figure suggests that you are irrationally concerned about the well-being of a loved one. It may also mean denial.   TOP


To see an album in your dream indicates that you are surrounded by true friends.

To dream that you are looking through a photo album suggests that you are unwilling to let go of your memories and the past. You are idealizing about the past.  TOP


To dream of alchemy suggests that you are going through a period of turmoil, inner transformation, and self-renewal. You are striving toward perfection. Although these may be tough and difficult times, it will have a positive outcome.  TOP


To dream that you are enjoying alcohol in moderation denotes contentment and satisfaction in the decisions that you have made. Success is within your grasp. The dream may also be a metaphor for “spirits” and your need for spiritual enrichment.

To dream that you are consuming alcohol in excess signifies feelings of inadequacy, worries, regrets and fears of being discovered for who you really are. You are using alcohol as a way to escape or as an excuse for something you did. Alternatively, the dream may be reflective of waking issues and problems of alcoholism. Recovering alcoholics often have dreams of drinking which results in feelings of guilt. Such dreams help to reinforce their sobriety.

To dream that someone is an alcoholic (and he/she is not one in real life) indicates that this person is in desperate need for an outlet to express himself or herself. He or she may be indirectly asking for help.  TOP


To see an alder tree in your dream symbolizes joy and happiness.  TOP

Alfred E. Neuman

To see Alfred E. Newman in your dream suggests that you are being self-conscious. You are in a situation where you fear being ridiculed or mocked.  TOP


To see algae in your dream indicates that you need to leave your emotions out of some matter.  TOP

Alice In Wonderland

To dream about Alice in Wonderland indicates that you have a distorted self image. Alternatively, the dream refers to your desire to escape from the routine and mundaness of your daily life. You are looking for some excitement.  TOP


To dream that you are an alien symbolizes the undiscovered part of yourself. Your manifestation as an alien may be your way of “escaping” from reality. Dreams of this nature also symbolize your outlandish ideas and your wild imagination.

To dream that you are being invaded or abducted by aliens indicates your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. You feel that your space and/or privacy is being invaded.

To see aliens in your dream signify that you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your new surroundings. You are feeling “alienated” and disconnected. You may also be having difficulties with how to handle or deal with a certain situation or person. On a psychological level, seeing aliens represent an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self. 

Dreaming that you are having sex with an alien indicates a desire for something new and different in your sex life.   TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: “Kidnapped By Aliens


To dream that you are paying alimony means that you are paying for your past actions and mistakes.  TOP

All-Seeing Eye

*Please See Eye of Providence


To dream that you have allergies signify your sensitively to some situation. You may feel that you are physically or emotionally restrained from doing something.  TOP


To see an alley in you dream suggests that you have limited options. Consider the phrase “something is right up your alley” to mean that something may be perfect for you. Learn to be more open minded. Alternatively, an alley indicates that you are sidetracked from your goals due to your domestic duties and communal responsibilities. You are experiencing a dilemma in your waking life.

To dream that you are walking through an alley represents a dead-end. You feel that you have missed out on some opportunity in life. Alternatively, the dream denotes that your reputation is in jeopardy. You feel that you are on the outside.   TOP


To see an alligator in your dream symbolizes treachery, deceit, and hidden instincts. It may be a signal for you to take on a new perspective on a situation. It may also represent your ability to move between the physical, material world of waking life and the emotional, repressed world of the subconscious.  Alternatively, the alligator represents healing powers and qualities. An alligator also suggests that you are thick-skinned or insensitive.

To dream that you are running away from the alligator indicates that you are unwilling to confront some painful and disturbing aspect of your subconscious. There is some potentially destructive emotion that  you are refusing to acknowledge and owning up to.

Dreaming of a baby alligator implies that you are too trusting. If you are bitten by an alligator in your dream, then it indicates that you have not learned from your past mistakes. 

To dream that you are raped by an alligator indicates that you feel violated or taken advantage of in some way. The alligator is symbolic of someone who is ruthless, insensitive and treacherous. This person has a strong hold on you despite your efforts to break free from the unhealthy relationship.

According to biblical interpretations, an alligator suggests that leviathan is king over the children of pride. (Psa 74:14, Job 41:1,Isa 27:1)  TOP

**See The Meaning In Action: “Alligator In Ostrich Suit


To dream of getting an allowance symbolizes the rewards of your work. It may be a pun on “allowing”. You need to be more yielding to others.   TOP


To see an alloy in your dream indicates that you will experience some complications in your professional life.  TOP


To see an almanac in your dream represents the ups and downs of life. You are experiencing fleeting pleasures and unsteady finances.  TOP


To see or eat almonds in your dream represent success and richness. 

To see an almond tree in your dream signifies happiness. Wedded bliss is also in your near future. Alternatively, it symbolizes your resilience and your ability to bounce back from some adversity or hardship.  TOP I


To dream that you are giving alms represent your giving nature.  TOP


To use aloe in your dream suggests that you are ready to heal from some emotional wound. You are ready to forgive or forget about someone’s betrayal.   TOP


To dream that you are alone indicates feelings of rejection. You may be feeling that no one understand you. 

To dream that want to be left alone suggests that you are not getting enough alone time in your waking life. Perhaps you feel suffocated or smothered by those around you. You just want time alone with your thoughts or ideas.  TOP


*Please see Letters


To see the altar in your dream suggests that you are making a great personal sacrifice. You may also be expressing concerns about your spirituality. The dream may also be a pun on your need to “alter” some behavior, attitude or aspect of your life. 

To see a priest at the altar in your dream signifies strife and disharmony in both your work and home. The dream may also point to some guilt that you are suppressing and refusing to acknowledge.

To dream that you are kneeing in front of the altar represents unfulfilled desires.

In particular, seeing a satanic altar in your dream indicates that a dark power or energy is at work.  TOP

Altar Boy

To see or dream that you are an altar boy symbolizes innocence and purity.  TOP


To see alum in your dream signifies frustrations on plans that you have set for yourself.

To dream that you taste alum denotes that you have feelings of regret and remorse over the evil you have done onto an innocent person.  TOP


To see aluminum in your dream signifies your ability to retain what is valuable to you. You are happy with what you have. What may seem insignificant to others is important to you.  TOP


To dream of being an alumni represents completion and a sense of pride or accomplishment. If you dream of being an alumni of a school that you did not attend in real life, then it indicates that you are dealing with past regrets. You are wondering how your life would be had you made different choices.    TOP

Alzheimer’s Disease

To dream that you or someone has Alzheimer’s Disease refers to your fear of letting go of the past. You are holding on to old memories for fear of forgetting about them. Alternatively, the dream may be an anxiety dream where you are overly worried about forgetting an important date, appointment or event. If someone in your waking life is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, then the dream may represent the stress and/or sadness of dealing with the disease.     TOP


To dream that you are an ambassador suggests that you need to be more diplomatic in a situation.  TOP


To see amber in your dream symbolizes the sun and positive energy. Amber is said to have natural healing power. Some believe that the amber can heal sore eyes, sprained limbs or arthritis. Thus the amber in your dream could mean you need to be healed in some way. 

Alternatively, to see amber in your dream represents resurrection. Something in your past will prove to be extremely important to your future. It could mean a situation or relationship in your waking life that was once lively, is now non-existent. You feel trapped or that your life is too rigid and inflexible. You need to change your outdated way of thinking and old ideas.  TOP

Amber Alert

To dream about an Amber Alert means that you need to be more aware of your surroundings. Perhaps you are overlooking some detail. Consider the significance of the numbers or other information that you see in the Amber Alert and how it relates to an aspect of your waking life.  TOP


To see an ambulance in your dream indicates that your careless activities and indiscretion may lead to major problems and complications. This dream may also stem from your own fears of contracting a disease or your deteriorating health. Perhaps,  you should cease what you are doing and pay closer attention to some waking situation.

To see an ambulance full of wounded passengers signifies a fear of letting go your old Self and making space for the new you. You are projecting your emotional wounds and painful experiences onto others.  Alternatively, it may also mean that you are hanging around the wrong crowd and are doing yourself more harm than good.

To dream that someone is hit by an ambulance suggests that some aspect of your psyche is injured and needs immediate care and attention. 

Dreaming that you are driving an ambulance indicates that you are putting the needs of others before your own. Perhaps you are letting others dictate your direction or goals in life.   TOP


To dream that you have been ambushed forewarns of a danger lurking near you. Your situation has taken an unanticipated turn for the worse. You have been prevented from reaching your goals or destination.

To dream that you are lying in ambush indicates that you will use underhanded means to achieve your goals.  TOP


If you are from America and dream of America then the dream symbolizes independence and freedom to do what you want. If you are from outside of America, then the dream may represent commercialism, riches, or abundance. Your own political views will also strongly influence this imagery.  TOP


To see an amethyst in your dream signifies peace of mind and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. You are content with where you are in your life. It does not take much to make you happy. 

To dream that you lose an amethyst signifies heartbreaks and disappointments in love.  TOP


To see or dream that you are Amish suggests that you need to concentrate on the more important things and basic necessities in life. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are wishing for a more simplified life.   TOP


To see or smell ammonia in your dream indicates that there is some distressing or offensive matter that you need to confront.  TOP


To see ammunition in your dream suggests that you are utilizing your power to persuade or protect. Alternatively, it may indicates that you are trying to get your way via destructive means.  TOP


To dream that you have amnesia suggests that you are trying to block out the rejected or negative aspect of yourself. You are afraid of change.   TOP


To see an amoeba in your dream implies that you need to be more flexible in your situation and adapt to changes.


To dream that you are amorous symbolizes temptations. Your personal desires and illicit pleasures may land you into trouble. You will find yourself engulfed in scandal.

To dream that others are amorous signifies that others will try to persuade you into illicit pleasures and abandon your own sense of morality.

To see animals amorous in your dream represent animalistic desires. Do not give in to temptation as they will be unfulfilling and unsatisfying.  TOP


To see an Amphisbaena in your dream suggests that you are being pulled in two different directions. You are feeling overburdened and do not know whether you are coming or going. Your actions are counterproductive. Perhaps the dream represents some complicated love triangle. Alternatively, the dream signifies your desires for children.  TOP


To see or be in an amphitheater in your dream refers to the spreading of some wisdom or knowledge. TOP


To see an amplifier in your dream represents your need to be heard. You need to voice your opinion.  TOP


To dream that your limbs are amputated signifies abandoned talents and serious, permanent losses. It indicates your feelings of frustration, powerlessness and helplessness. Sometimes amputation may also represent a situation that you have been ignoring and has finally reached a crisis point. In particular, to dream that your arms are amputated suggests that you lack motivation. Dreaming that your legs are amputated suggests that you are being limited. Something or someone is hindering your progress and where you want to go in life. TOP


To see or wear an amulet in your dream indicates your need to feel protected. You are gathering your strength together. TOP

Amusement Park

To see or be in an amusement park in your dream indicates that you need to set some time for more relaxation and enjoyment in your life. The rides, booths and elements in the amusement park are an expression of some aspect of yourself or some area in your life. Look up the symbolism of specific rides for more details. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are too easily distracted lately.

To dream that the amusement park is empty or abandoned suggests that you need to open yourself to more fun and adventure. 

To dream that the rides at the amusement park are breaking down means that something in your life is not going as expected.

To dream that the amusement park is closed suggests that you are denying yourself your time for fun and leisure. You need a break. TOP


To see an anaconda in your dream symbolizes your creativity and potential. This snakes also calls attention to your sexuality and your need to be more in tune with your own sexuality. TOP

*Please See Also Snake.

Anal Sex

To dream about anal sex represents submission. You may be afraid to yield to the wants and desires of others. TOP


To dream that you are an analyst suggests that you  need to take a closer look at your behavior and actions. 

To see an analyst in your dream indicates that you are not acting appropriately in some situation in your life. TOP


To see anarchy in your dream suggests that you need to show some restraint when expressing yourself. TOP


To dream about your ancestors suggest that you are acknowledging your inherited traits and tradition. You may be trying to hold on to the past and preserve it.  TOP


To see an anchor in your dream signifies stability and security. You may be in search for a solid foundation or a firmer ground in your life. Alternatively, an anchor indicates that you are someone who stands firmly on your views and opinions. 

On the other hand, an anchor may be seen as a symbol for something that is holding you back and restraining your freedom. Consider a relationship that may not be working or a career that is going nowhere for you. TOP


To dream of an ancient theme symbolizes your sense of foundation. You are well-grounded and are able to learn from your past. TOP


To see andirons supporting burning logs in your dream indicate that you have the support of your friends and family. They are there for you.  TOP


To see an androgynous person in your dream suggests that you are looking to bring together opposing sides and views. Some aspect of your life requires integration. TOP


To see or dream that you are an android suggests that you have lost your liveliness and sense of spirit. Your life is becoming to monotonous. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are acting without thinking.  TOP


To tell or read an anecdote in your dream indicates that there is some life lesson or moral that you need to learn or recognize. Alternatively, it refers to your idealistic notions. TOP


To see anemones in your dream represent distrust and/or death. It is indicative of a transitional phase in your life. TOP


To be under anesthesia in your dream suggests that you are trying to suppress your emotions instead of confronting them. There may be situation in your life that you are desperately trying to avoid. You are refusing to take responsibility for your actions. TOP


To dream that you have an aneurysm indicates that you are under some sort of pressure. There is a situation or problem that is causing you a lot of stress.  If the aneurysm is in your brain, then it implies that you are under mental stress. If it is near your heart, then it indicates emotional stress.  TOP


To see angels in your dream symbolize goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. Pay careful attention to the message that the angels are trying to convey. These messages serve as a guide toward greater fulfillment and happiness. Alternatively, it signifies an unusual disturbance in your soul.  Angels may appear in your dream as a result of your wicked and mean-hearted activities. 

To dream that you are an angel suggests that you are feeling good about something your said or did. 

In particular, to see three angels in your dream symbolize some sort of divinity. It is considered a particularly spiritual and holy dream. 

To see an angel holding a scroll in your dream indicates a highly spiritual dream. Your future and goals are more clearer to you. The message on the scroll is particularly significant.

To see an angel of death in your dream refers to some abrupt end to a situation, habit or relationship in your waking life. Alternatively, the angel of death represents aspects of yourself that you have rejected or repressed.     TOP


To dream that you are holding or expressing anger symbolizes frustrations and disappointments in your Self. You tend to repress your negative emotions or project your anger  onto others. You need to look within yourself.  

Being angry in your dream may have been carried over from your waking life. Dreams function as a safe outlet where you can express your strong and/or negative emotions. You are suppressing your anger and aggression, instead of consciously acknowledging them. TOP


To dream that you are angling is a good omen of fortune and luck. TOP


To see animals in your dream represent your own physical characteristic, primitive desires, and sexual nature, depending on the qualities of the particular animal. Animals symbolize the untamed and uncivilized aspects of yourself. Thus, to dream that you are fighting with an animal signifies a hidden part of yourself that you are trying to reject and push back into your subconscious. Refer to the specific animal in your dream. If you dream of two animals fighting, then it points to some sort of sexual tension.

Dreaming of animals being abused indicates that your own primal desires are being suppressed. You are unable to fully express an important part of who you are. Alternatively, the dream represents your helplessness in a situation. 

To dream that animals can talk represent superior knowledge. Its message is often some form of wisdom.  Alternatively, a talking animal denotes your potential to be all that you can be. 

To dream that you are saving the life of an animal suggests that you are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics represented by the animal.  The dream may also stem from feelings of inadequacy or being overwhelmed. If you are setting an animal free, then it indicates an expression and release of your own primal desires.

To see lab animals in your dream suggest that an aspect of yourself is being repressed. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to experiment with your fears, choices, and beliefs. Try not to limit yourself.

A dream about a baby animal is often symbolic of your own child.   TOP

*See Also Dream Themes: Animals

Animal Shelter

To dream that you are at an animal shelter indicates that you are feeling shut out of some situation or relationship. It may also represent feelings of being unwanted or unloved. 


To dream that you are watching animation suggests that you can find the humor and comedy in most situations. You are taking things light-heartedly.  TOP

*Please See Also Cartoon.


To dream that you are watching anime represents your carefree attitude. 

To dream that you are an anime character suggests that you need to be more expressive. You need to convey your emotions more clearly.  TOP


To dream that there is animosity towards you suggests that you need to reevaluate a situation and rethink your issues of morality.  TOP


To see an ankh in your dream symbolizes empowerment, infinite knowledge, sexual connection or eternity.  TOP


To dream about your ankles indicates that you are seeking support and direction in your life. Ask yourself where you want to be headed.

To sprain your ankle in your dream suggests that you are experiencing some obstacles or difficulties in your progress. 

To dream that your ankles are swollen indicates that you are headed down the wrong path. Alternatively, the dream is telling you to get off your feet and relax. You are pushing yourself too hard. TOP

Ankle Monitor

To see or dream that you are wearing an ankle monitor indicates that you are feeling scrutinized about every step or decision your make. You are afraid of making a wrong move.  TOP


To see or wear an anklet in your dream refers to the way that your life going and the decisions you made to get to where you are. It also signifies passion and lust.   TOP


To dream about your anniversary represents acceptance or appreciation of some aspect of yourself. Consider the type of anniversary. If it is a wedding anniversary, then it symbolizes a celebration of love. You need to accept love into your life. If it is an anniversary of a death or some solemn occasion, then it suggests a new start. The dream may simply mean a reminder of some important date.    TOP


To hear an announcer in your dream indicates that you are being watched. Someone is watching your moves or are taking interest in your actions. Alternatively, hearing an announcer in your dream represents a voice from your subconscious. 

If you dream that you hear an announcer at a sporting event, then it parallels the actions that you need to take in some area of your waking life.

To dream that you are an announcer means that you are busy observing things going around you instead of partaking in the action.   TOP


To feel annoyed in your dream represents annoyances that you are feeling in your waking life. Something in your mind is bothering you and you need to express them.  TOP


To dream that you are getting an annulment suggests that you are in denial about something.  TOP


To dream that you have anorexia represents your lack of self-acceptance and self-esteem. You need to learn to love yourself and accept who you are instead of punishing yourself. The dream symbolizes your quest for perfection.  TOP

Answering Machine

To see an answering machine in your dream suggests that you are not listening to a message that someone around you is trying to convey. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties and frustration in understanding some idea or viewpoint.  TOP


To dream that you are in Antarctica represents the challenges and hardships in your waking life and your ability to endure it all.

To dream that you live in Antarctica symbolizes your tenacity and drive, even though the odds may be against you.  TOP


To see an anteater in your dream indicates that you need to proceed with caution in some endeavor.   TOP


To see an antelope in your dream suggests that your high ambitions will only be achieved through a great expenditure of energy. You will experience much success as a result of your dedication. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you to flee or retreat from some situation.

To see an antelope collapse in your dream means that you are at fault for a broken-up love affair.  TOP


To see an antenna in your dream represents your communication with your surroundings. Consider the condition of the antenna to determine your ability to transmit your ideas and convey your thoughts to others.  TOP


To see an anthill in your dream suggests that you are trying to avoid doing any hard work. You are feeling lazy.  TOP


To dream that you are taking antibiotics suggests that there is some negativity that you are trying to protect yourself against.   TOP


To dream that you need an antidote suggests that you are seeking some sort of balance in your life. You may be looking to right a wrong that you have done in the past.  TOP


To see or use antifreeze in your dream suggests that you are being emotionally cold and perhaps need to warm up to others more.   TOP


To see antiques in your dream represent your time honored values, tradition, wisdom and inherited personal characteristics. It symbolizes something genuine or proven. Certain things in your past are worth holding onto or worth keeping. If you do not like or appreciate antiques, then is suggests that you are moving away from outdated childhood conditioning or old modes of thinking. On a negative note, you may be discarding or rejecting something of value that you should really be embracing and heeding.  TOP


To dream that you are using an antiseptic symbolizes healing and cleansing. You need to stay away from negative thoughts and  think more positively.  TOP


To dream that you are feeling or being antisocial suggests that you are not getting enough alone time in your waking life. Perhaps you feel suffocated or smothered by those around you. You just want time alone with your thoughts or ideas.  Alternatively, antisocial sentiments points to feelings of being misunderstand.   TOP


To see antlers in your dream are representative of masculine sexuality, male aggression and assertiveness. It may also be symbolic of a trophy or prize.  TOP


To see ants in your dream signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected and insignificant. Or petty things will annoy you throughout the following day. The dream may also be a metaphor on feeling antsy or restless. It may also be a pun on your “aunt”.

Ants also symbolize hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry. Increase business activities are expected. On a less positive note, ants symbolize social conformity and mass action. In this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly.

According to the biblical interpretations, ants symbolize diligence concerning the things of God. Despite its small size, the ant lays up substance during times of plenty. (Prov 30:25)  TOP


To see Anubis in your dream indicates you are in search of clarity. You need some spiritual guidance. Alternatively, it suggests that death is near.  TOP


To see your anus in your dream signifies negative emotions that you may be holding in and repressing. It represents feelings of guilt, shame, and self-worth. Alternatively, the anus is associated with either your generosity or stinginess. Consider also you or someone in your life who may be anal retentive and perhaps need to loosen up a bit.   TOP


To see an anvil in your dream signifies that you hold the power and key to your own success, although you will surely have to go through some struggle and difficulty to achieve your success.

To see a broken anvil in your dream denotes that you have let promising opportunities pass you by forever.  TOP


To experience anxiety in your dream is a reflection of what you may be feeling during your waking life. You may have repressed thoughts,  unexpressed emotions, resentment, or hostility that are triggering your anxiety dream. This dream also suggests that you are taking on too many responsibilities.  TOP


To dream about an apartment refers to your financial or emotional state.  To dream of a large and lavish apartment means that you are headed in the right direction in life. Things will improve for you. To dream of a rundown or messy apartment indicates some financial or emotional turmoil in your life.   TOP


To see an ape in your dream indicates deception, mischievous, and falsehood. Alternatively, it may refer that you or someone have gone “ape”.  You need to calm down. The ape may also symbolize your wild inner nature, particularly your sexual nature.   TOP


To dream of the apocalypse signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.  TOP


To see Apollo in your dream represents growth. As the sun god, he also signifies enlightenment and insight.   TOP


To dream that you are apologizing to someone refers to your desire for harmony and truth in your waking life. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about something. Or the dream is a way for your subconscious to alert you to some wrongdoing that you are responsible for. Alternatively, an apology symbolizes forgiveness. You need to let go of some grudge. 

To dream that someone is apologizing to you implies that you feel mistreated or wronged. Consider the significance of who is apologizing to you. Perhaps you feel you have betrayed an aspect of your own character.   TOP


*Please See Clothing.


To see an apparition in your dream symbolizes your spirit for life. It may also be a message from your subconscious. Alternatively, the dream indicates that someone in your life in not really there for you. Although they are physically present, they are not mentally or emotionally there for you.  TOP


To dream that things appear out of no where suggests that you need to utilize your intellect in a more creative and productive way. You need to think clearly and logically. Consider the symbolism of the objects that appear in your dreams for better understanding of your mind and its intellectual power.  TOP


To dream about your appearance indicates concerns over how others perceive you. If you appear disheveled in your dream, then it implies low self-esteem issues. If you have a good appearance, then it relates to your positive attitude and self confidence.   TOP


To dream about your appendix points to a growing issue that you have been overlooking and requires your immediate attention. 

Dreaming that you have appendicitis means that you are keeping too many feelings bottled up. 

If you dream that you are having your appendix removed, then it indicates that you are confronting some internal hurt that you have been suppressing.   TOP


To dream of your appetite suggests that there is an area if your life that remains unfulfilled. If you feel hungry or thirsty, then it symbolizes lust and sexual desire.  TOP


To hear applause in your dream indicates that you are seeking acclaim and recognition. You need to acknowledge yourself in some area or situation in your life.

To dream that you are applauding another suggests that you need show more appreciation and praise. Try to be a motivator.  TOP

Apple Tree

To see an apple tree in your dream symbolizes grandeur and magnificence. You are feeling larger than life.   TOP


To see apples growing in a tree in your dream symbolize knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. Rewards are on the horizon for you. Consider also the common phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” which may imply that you need to take better care of your health.  Perhaps you need to go to the doctor.  Or the dream may also be a metaphor for a product from Apple.

To dream that you are eating an apple denotes harmony, pleasure, and fertility. Alternatively, eating an apple in you dream symbolizes your sexual appetite, lustful desires, and sexual awareness.

To see green apples represent developing love or love that has yet to blossom. 

To see rotten or eaten apples in your dream, indicates that whatever you are striving and aiming for may not be fulfilling, and even harmful to you. It may also represent neglect and carelessness.

If you dream that you are picking apples, then it implies that your hard work and dedication will pay off.     TOP


To make applesauce in your dream indicates that you are finding more acceptable ways of expressing your sexual desires.

Dreaming of eating applesauce reflects your simple tastes.


To fix an appliance in your dream represents your need to work on your relationship and prevent it from falling apart. Consider the significance of the appliance for clues on specific area of the relationship.  TOP


To dream that you are filling out an application indicates that you are lacking something in your life. Consider the significance of what the application is for and how it relates to your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun that you need to “apply” yourself.  You need to put forth some effort in order to excel or succeed. 


To dream that you are going to an appointment suggests that you need to be more goal-oriented. If you dream that you miss an appointment, then it indicates that you are not paying enough attention to some minor details and little things in life.   TOP


To dream that you are an apprentice suggests that you will have to prove yourself in order to gain acceptance from your colleagues.  TOP


To dream that you are approaching something or someone signifies a careful and well-thought out plan. The dream is telling you that it is time to move forward.

To dream that you are being approached means that you tend to wait for things to happen instead of making things happen.  Be more proactive. Consider the significance of what or who is approaching you.   TOP


To dream that you are looking for approval from someone indicates that you have some dependency issues. You need to stop pleasing others and start thinking about what is best for you.

To see the word “approved” in your dream indicates that you are making the right choice or decision in life. You are on the right track.

To dream that you approve something represents your sense of power.   TOP


To see apricots in your dream indicate that something is not what it seems. Perhaps you are in denial about something.

To dream that you are eating an apricot forewarns of approaching misfortune. If others are eating apricots, then it suggest that you will be surrounded by unpleasantness.  TOP


To dream of the month of April denotes pleasure and profit are in store for you. In particular, to dream about April Fool’s day indicates that you are acting like a fool or being foolish.   TOP


To see an apron in your dream suggests that you or someone is making a commitment to work on some familial task. You are trying to nurture some project. Alternatively, an apron symbolizes protection and secrecy.

To wear an apron in your dream indicates that you are in a submissive position. You are letting others tell you what to do.  TOP


To see aquamarine in your dream symbolizes youth, vitality, creativity, and hope. The dream may be telling you that you need to open the line of communication with someone. It may also share some significance with the symbol for water.  TOP


To see an aquarium in your dream signifies that you have acknowledged your emotions but have not yet confronted them. Thus, it may refer to your subconscious thoughts or repressed sexual desires. Also, you may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you feel it is going in circles. Alternatively, the aquarium may indicate that you need to calm down and set some time for yourself to relax and unwind.  TOP


To dream that someone is an Aquarius represents new ideas, individuality and innovation. You are looking ahead and preparing yourself for the future. It also refers to an aspect of yourself that wants everyone within a group to be happy and satisfied.  TOP


To see an aqueduct in your dream symbolizes your spiritual path.  TOP


To dream that you are an arbiter refers to your control and power over some matter. You feel that you are above the rules.

To see or work with an arbiter in your dream implies that you are feeling powerless. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are looking for a resolution to some conflict or problem in your life. The arbiter may represent a spiritual message.  TOP


To see or draw an arc in your dream implies that you are experiencing some setbacks in your plans or goals.  TOP


To see or dream that you are at an arcade suggests that you need to look back to a previous event or experience that brought you much joy and amusement. You want to go back to the good ‘ole days. The dream arcade also serves as a temporary escape from reality. You are trying to numb and block out your problems. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are manipulating others or that you feel manipulated.   TOP


To see an arch in your dream represents your support system.

To dream that you are passing under an arch signifies new opportunities. You are headed toward a different direction or phase in your life.  TOP


To dream about archaeology indicates your discovery and acknowledgement of your subconscious.   TOP


To dream that you are an archaeologist suggests that you need to learn from past experiences or that you need to look to the past to find answers to present issues.  TOP


To see an archbishop in your dream suggests that someone has power over you and are making you do things that you do not necessarily want to do. Alternatively, you are feeling confined or restricted. You will experience many obstacles and setbacks before achieving success and prestige.   TOP


To see archery in your dream suggests that you are setting your goals and planning your direction in life. It signifies attainment and fulfillment of your goals.  TOP


To see an architect in your dream indicates that your creativity is being put to work. You are taking on a new project which will require such creativity.

To dream that you are an architect suggests your need for visual stimulation.  TOP


*Please See Building.


To dream that you are in the Arctic symbolizes your emotional state. You may be feeling cold and rigid. Alternatively, it suggests that you are feeling isolated and lonely.  TOP


To see or dream that you are in an arena indicates that you need to be in an environment where you can freely express yourself. You need a stage or platform for your self-expression. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that there is some issue or problem that needs to be brought into the open.    TOP


To dream that you are arguing suggests that you are trying to resolve some internal conflict or some unsettled issue in your waking life. Consider the symbolism of whom you are arguing with and what you are arguing about. How does he or she reflect some person or some aspect of yourself in your waking life? 

To hear someone arguing represents issues that are not being openly discussed or acknowledged. You feel overlooked and that your ideas are unimportant insignificant. Sometimes if you hear family members arguing in real life, it can be incorporated into your own dream.   TOP


To see argyle in your dream refers to your methodical thinking and analytical mind. Perhaps you are overly analytical. Alternatively, argyle indicates monotony. Your life is becoming too routine and repetitious.    TOP


To dream that someone is an Aries suggests new beginnings and growth. It is representative of your leadership, your courage, your passion and your enthusiasm. As represented by the ram, the dream may be telling you that you need to approach an issue or emotion  head on. Alternatively, the dream may indicate some mental problem.  TOP


To dream about arithmetic indicates that you are evaluating a situation in your waking life where  you need to be more rational in your thinking. Try not to act on your emotions

To dream that you are unable to solve an arithmetic problem or equation, parallels a waking problem where you may be confused about. The dream may offer a hint toward a new approach to the waking problem. Something does not add up in your life.  TOP


To see an ark in your dream represents rebirth preservation and protection of something valuable. It is symbolic of wholeness.  TOP

Ark of the Covenant

To see or find the Ark of the Covenant refers to the strength of your faith and spirituality.    TOP


To see your arms as the emphasis in your dream indicate your nurturance side and your ability to reach out and care for people. Alternatively, it may represent the struggles and challenges in your life. Consider the phrase of “arming yourself” which implies that you need to protect yourself, be more aggressive and take a firmer stance on things or the pun “up in arms”, representing anger and your readiness to argue.

To dream that your arm has been injured signifies your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. You may have been feeling limited and restricted in terms of your freedom or activities.  The right arm signifies your outgoing nature and is associated with masculine energy, while your left arm signifies your supportive or nurturing nature and is associated with feminine qualities. Losing either arm may suggest that you are failing to recognize its respective characteristics. 

To dream that you rip someone else’s arms out indicates that you are extremely upset with something that this person has done, but you have not been able to fully express your anger.  Because you tend to keep your emotions inside, it is finding expression in your dreams in a violent way. 

Dreaming that someone has more than two arms symbolizes acceptance, receptiveness or being open minded.   TOP

Arm Wrestling

To dream that you are arm wrestling implies that there is a waking situation that requires you to be more hands on.   TOP


To see an armadillo in your dream represents your need to establish certain boundaries. You may be putting up walls between you and those who want to know you better. Alternatively, it indicates codependency. You need to be more assertive and not let others step all over you.  TOP


To dream about Armageddon suggests that you are feeling hopeless and out of control. The dream may be triggered from the deep emotional stress that you are experiencing in your waking life.  TOP


To see or sit in an armchair in your dream indicates that you are completely secure about your status and position in your waking life. You have established yourself and deserve respect.   TOP


To dream that you are wearing an armor symbolizes your defense mechanisms. You have developed a way of shielding yourself from things that may hurt you. Alternatively, it means that you are feeling invincible and superior.

To see armor in your dream indicates insecurity. You are worried about your well being.  TOP

Armored Car

To see or drive an armored car in your dream suggests that you are feeling insecure about the progress you have made so far in life. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to others. You are building a protective barrier or emotional wall around yourself. Alternatively, the dream means that you need to be careful of your spending and that you need to protect your finances.  TOP


To see an armory in your dream indicates that you are feeling defensive or protective about something. Alternatively, dreaming of an armory symbolizes your energy reserve. There is still a lot of fighting power in you; don’t give up. TOP


To see/notice your or someone else’s armpit in your dream represents your social connections and your relationships to others. It is the characteristics and personality that you chose to display to the public. Alternatively, the dream may refer to something or some place that is smelly.  TOP

To smell your armpit in your dream indicates that you are making some character adjustments in order to smooth over a situation or relationship. Alternatively, it suggests that you are looking for acceptance.


To see the army in your dream symbolizes an overpowering force working against you. You may feel outnumbered or pressured and are unable to deal with this situation.

To dream that you join the army suggests your feelings of superiority. You feel that no one is any match for you.  TOP


To smell certain aromas in your dream represents past experiences and feelings that you associate with that particular aroma. Something in your waking life may be triggering this past experience. In particular, if the aroma is sweet, then it symbolizes pleasure and joy.  TOP

Arranged Marriage

To dream that you are in an arranged marriage suggests that you are feeling forced to do something you do not want to do. You are reluctantly moving into a new stage in your life. You feel that you have no voice or no choice in a situation. Consider how a waking situation may be making you feel voiceless.     TOP


To dream that you are being arrested indicates issues of control and restraint. Some aspect of your Self may have been prevented from fully developing. Alternatively, it suggests feelings of guilt.  TOP


To see an arrow in your dream represents the targets you are reaching for and the goals you are setting for yourself. If you are hit by an arrow, then it refers to a release or exposure of some tension and pressure. Consider the body part that the arrow hits.

To see an old or broken arrow symbolizes disappointments and severed relationships. Alternatively, it may indicate that you have changed your mind about some decision.

To see a two-headed arrow in your dream signifies opposing ideas and viewpoints. You need to consider both sides.

In the Freudian school of thought an arrow symbolizes the penis and its ability to penetrate.    TOP


To see an arrowhead in your dream symbolizes your determination, direction and goal. You are planning a path toward success.

To see a broken arrowhead in your dream represents failure in moving toward your goals. 

To dream that you find arrowheads refer to your abandoned goals. They symbolize your ideas that never took off or came to fruition.   TOP


To dream about an arson represents unexpressed rage that has the potential to become destructive. It is best to express your anger instead of keeping it bottled up inside.   TOP

Art Class

To dream that you are in an art class means that you need to learn to express yourself in a more creative way. Perhaps you have been suppressing your creative energy and need to let it out.  TOP

Art Gallery

To dream that you are in an art gallery represents your past experiences. Something in your past is having an impact in your current situation. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you that you need to capture some moment  and preserve it.   TOP

Art Supply

To see art supplies in your dream suggest that you are looking for an outlet to express your creativity. It is also a symbol of possibilities and of your imagination.   TOP


To see your arteries in your dream symbolize how well you carry yourself and your ability to reach out to others. If you dream that your arteries are clogged, then it indicates that some aspect of your personality is hindering your progress or expression.

To dream that your artery is severed suggests that you still have a lot to learn in life.   TOP


To dream that you have arthritis indicates that you are having difficulties achieving your goals. You are feeling helpless to do anything or are lacking motivation and/or desire to move forward with your plans.  Alternatively, it signifies your rigid attitudes.  TOP


To see or eat an artichoke in your dream suggests that you need to get to the heart of some matter. It is also representative of your potential and creativity. Perhaps you are holding back in how you want to express yourself.  TOP


To see or find an artifact in your dream symbolizes an aspect of your former self that you still have not completely let go. Although you may grow and evolve, you never forget where you came from. The artifact may also refer to a prior relationship that you still cherish and look back fondly on.   TOP


To dream that you are an artist painting a picture signifies the creative and intuitive side of your character. The picture that you are painting in your dream may symbolize the way that you are visualizing your current situation in your waking life.  TOP


To dream that you are buying artwork suggests that you are willing to work hard and follow directions. However, you lack leadership abilities. 

To dream that you are selling artwork represents your ability to express yourself and your beliefs.   TOP


To dream that you have been exposed to asbestos refers to some pent up anger that is on the verge of erupting. You have been holding back some of your true feelings for too long.  Alternatively, dreaming of asbestos symbolizes a hidden threat. Someone may be trying to keep you from learning the truth.

Dreaming of removing asbestos indicates regret of something you have done in the past.  TOP


To see something ascend in your dream indicates that you need to have a better or broader outlook on life. It is also symbolic of your lofty aspirations. Or the dream may be a metaphor of your ability to rise above any situation.  TOP

Ash Tree

To see an ash tree in your dream represents stability, protection, unity and solidarity. The dream could be telling you that someone in your walking life is  offering you protection and stability. The ash tree may also be a pun on “ashes” and of issues related to the past.   TOP


To see ashes in your dream signify disappointments, regrets, bitter changes and disruptions. Ashes also represent a failed relationship or a failed business endeavor. You feel that the good times are over and nothing of value is left in your life.  Alternatively, ashes indicates that you are dwelling too much on the past. You need to learn to let go.

In particular, to see or clean ashes in a fireplace or stove indicates that you are unsatisfied with aspects of your life. You may be in a rut and feel trapped by your daily routine.  TOP


To see or dream that you are in an ashram refers to your need for spiritual renewal and healing. You need to take a break from life’s demands so you can replenish your energy.  TOP


To see or use an ashtray in your dream suggests that you are trying to rid yourself of former feelings/memories and your old ways. It symbolizes relationships that have been extinguished and no longer intact.  Alternatively, it may be related to feelings of anxieties or connected to your smoking habit, especially if you are trying to quit.  TOP


To dream that you are in Asia suggests that you need to adjust to some situation. If you are traveling to Asia or thinking about visiting Asia, then your dream may indicate your anticipation of such a trip.

To see an Asian person in your dream represents an aspect of your own self that is unknown to you. Additionally, to see an elderly Asian person represents tradition, wisdom and knowledge.  TOP


To dream that you are asking someone out on a date reflects your anxieties about really asking this person out. The dream serves as a “rehearsal” to help you with your approach. Dreaming of asking someone out may be your unconscious pushing you to go ahead and ask her or him out.   TOP


To see an asp in your dream symbolizes misfortune, loss of honor and respect, and hostility amongst friends and loved ones.  TOP


To  see asparagus in your dream symbolizes prosperity. 

To eat asparagus in your dream indicates that your actions will result in an unpleasant outcome.  TOP


To see an aspen in your dream indicates loneliness.  TOP


*Please See Concrete.


To dream that you are being asphyxiated implies that you are being smothered or suffocated by a situation or relationship. In particular, if you are in a room or space with no air, then it means that you are feeling trapped by this situation or relationship.   TOP


To see an ass in your dream signifies a lack of understanding. It also suggests that you will come upon many annoyances. The dream may be a metaphor for someone who is being an ass.

To see an ass carrying burdens in your dream signifies that after much patience and hard work, you will succeed in your professional and personal life.  TOP

*Please also see Donkey.


To dream that you have been assassinated represents a hopeless situation that needs your immediate attention and action.

To dream that you are a witness to an assassination indicates that you need to pay more attention to some small detail. Do not overlook the seemingly insignificant things in life. In particular, to dream that an important political figure is assassinated on your watch implies that you are lacking support in your waking life. You feel you are alone in your views and decisions.

To dream that you are an assassin implies that you are trying to kill an aspect of yourself. Perhaps you are trying to put an end to a habit or relationship. Consider the characteristics of the person you are trying to assassinate and how these qualities relate to you.  TOP


To dream that you have been assaulted refers to a waking situation where you feel vulnerable or helpless. Something in your life is out of your control. In particular, if you dream of being sexually assaulted, then it refers to a situation where you feel violated or victimized. If you have been assaulted in real life, then such dreams may also be a flashback to the actual assault.  TOP


To dream that you are at an assembly suggests that you are learning to accept and integrate the various aspects of yourself. The dream may also be telling you that you need to schedule a meeting. There is something that needs to be discussed.  TOP


To dream that you are giving assistance to someone suggests that you are being called on for support, either emotional support or physical support.

To dream that you are being assisted denotes your helplessness in a situation.  TOP


To see an asteroid in your dream represents a spiritual message from above.  You are about to be enlightened with some knowledge. Alternatively, it signifies a brainstorming of ideas and thoughts.  If the asteroid hits the earth, then it indicates that your idealistic notions are deteriorating or being shattered apart.  TOP


To see asters in your dream symbolize your hopes, wishes, and your dreams.   TOP


If you do not have asthma in your waking life and dream that you have asthma, then it refers to insecurity and emotional instability. There is a lot of stress and tension around you. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to take a long deep breath in between your problems. If you have asthma, then the dream may be concerns and fears over your waking condition.  TOP

Astral Projection

To dream of astral projection suggests that you are looking at things from a whole new perspective. You may be feeling liberated and free. Alternatively, it indicates that you are physically or emotionally disconnected from those around you.  TOP


To dream about astrology suggests that you are concerned about your future. You are looking for some reassurance. Your dream astrological forecast may offer a significant message which should be analyzed closely as it relates to your waking life.  TOP


To see or dream that you are an astronaut indicates that you are expanding your awareness and consciousness. You are utilizing the information you have and making the best of it. Alternatively, the astronaut symbolizes your ambition. You are reaching for the stars. Or it may mean that you are experiencing some communication issues.  TOP


To see or dream that you are an astronomer indicates that you will achieve your goals slowly but surely. You are methodical and careful in your approach to life’s obstacles and problems.   TOP


To see an aswang in your dream indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and/or untrusting of others. You are unsure of who are your enemies and friends.

To dream that you are an aswang implies that you are utilizing deception and underhanded means to get what you want. You are taking advantage of the innocent and the vulnerable.   TOP


To dream that you are at an asylum suggests that you are feeling tremendous mental strain and are trying to reach out for help. You are acknowledging your need for help.   TOP


To dream that you are an athlete suggests that you have pushed yourself to the limits. You have achieved something which you thought you could not do. Just be careful not to overextend yourself.  

To see a famous athlete in your dream refers to a larger than life attitude. Consider the significance of the sport that the athlete is famous for. Famous athletes are also seen as modern day hero archetypes who symbolize champion, courage, and self-sacrifice.   TOP

Athletic Field

To see or dream that you are on an athletic field represents the challenges that you are facing in your waking life. It also refers to your competitive nature.    TOP


To dream that you are looking at an atlas indicates your attention to details. You need to plan out your path before moving forward.  TOP

ATM Machine

To see or use an ATM Machine in your dream represents your desires for financial security. The dream may be trying to offer reassurance; your fears of financial instability are unfounded. If you are withdrawing money from the ATM Machine, then it suggests that you are expending too much energy on fruitless endeavors and are in danger of depleting your inner resources. If you are depositing money into the ATM Machine,  then it symbolizes the energies that you are investing into a project. 

To dream that the ATM Machine gives you more money that you were due refers to your inflated ego. You have a sense of entitlement to certain things.

Dreaming that the ATM Machine is spitting out something else instead of money highlights your financial concerns. You are spending money on something that could be used towards something more worthwhile. The dream could also be analogous to spending time on something or someone not worthwhile.   TOP


To see an atom in your dream symbolizes unlimited potential. Do not underestimate yourself or others. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on someone whose name is Adam.  TOP

Atomic Bomb

*Please see Nuclear Bomb.


To dream that you attack someone represents pent-up frustration and anger. You feel that you have been wronged. Your dream serves as an easy and safe way to express your anger.

To dream that you are being attacked by someone indicates your character is being questioned. You feel the need to defend yourself. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be facing difficult changes in your waking life. Dreaming of an attack provides a way for you to confront these situations that you may be avoiding in real life. 

To dream that you are being attacked by an animal is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice of who you know in your waking life that shares and exhibits the same qualities of the animal that attacked you in your dream.

To dream that you kill an attacking animal suggests that you are going against your instincts or gut feeling.  TOP


To see an attic in your dream represents hidden memories or repressed thoughts that are being revealed. It also symbolizes your mind, spirituality, and your connection to the higher Self. Alternatively, it signifies difficulties in your life that may hinder you from attaining your goals and aspirations. However, after a long period of struggle, you will overcome these difficulties. 

To see a cluttered attic in your dream is a sign to organize your mind and thoughts. Perhaps, you need to rid yourself of the past and let go of the past emotions that are holding you back.   TOP


To see an attorney in your dream suggests that you are seeking guidance and advice.  TOP


To see or ride an ATV in your dream indicates your desire to get off the beaten path. You want create your own path and do things your way. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to find time for some solitude in your life.   TOP


To dream that you are at an auction indicates that you may be undervaluing or overvaluing something or some relationship. It may also mean that you have learned from your past experiences and are ready to move on. 

To dream that someone outbid you in an auction suggests that you are being denied something that you have earned.

To dream that no one is bidding at an auction suggests that your opinions and ideas are not appreciated. Your opinions are being ignored.  TOP


To dream that you are in front of an audience represents the world around you and how it is paying close attention to your actions. Alternatively, it signifies your fears of having your personal feelings and private thoughts discovered or revealed. If the audience is rowdy or noisy, then it suggests cluttered thoughts and confusion of ideas.

To dream that you have no audience denotes that you are not being acknowledged for your work or achievements. Perhaps you are feeling ignored or neglected. 

Dreaming that you are the only person in the audience means that there is an important lesson that you and only you need to learn. Perhaps you have been oblivious to something that everyone else had already realized or notice.     TOP


To dream that you are at an audition indicates feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. You have trouble expressing yourself and feel that you are being put to a test. The attitude and behavior of the audience will also guide you in how you think others perceive you.  TOP


To dream that you are in an auditorium indicates that there is something that you need to learn from others. Pay attention to those around you.   TOP


To see an auger in your dream signifies difficulties hard work and struggles. The dream may also have sexual connotations.  TOP


To dream of the month of August suggests that there is some misunderstanding in a personal relationship or business situation.   TOP


To see your aunt in your dream represents family connection, heritage and value. The aunt may also represent aspects of yourself that you like or dislike. She can also be seen as a substitute mother.  TOP


To see an aura around you or someone else indicates that some important information is being relayed to you in the dream. You need to pay close attention to the message. You need to draw on this energy for strength.  TOP


**Please See Otoscope.

Aurora Borealis

To see the aurora borealis in your dream represents renewed energy, vitality, awe, insight and youth. You will experience clarity in some situation or relationship. A positive spiritual experience will fill you with warmth and love. In addition, you will also gain some amazing new wisdom and knowledge. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you know what you need to do, but may be too lazy or too afraid to jump into action.  TOP


To dream about or that you are in Australia suggests that you are being pulled toward opposite directions.  The dream may also indicate self-exploration into your natural and uninhibited self. Often referred to as the land down under, the dream may be a metaphor to represent your subconscious and your underlying thoughts.   TOP


To see an author in your dream suggests that your mind is preoccupied with some story, essay, or report that you are working on.

To dream that you are an author indicates that you need to better express your opinions. Others are paying attention to what you have to say.  TOP


To dream that you or someone has autism indicates that you are having problems communicating your feelings and thoughts to others. If you know someone with autism in real life, then the dream may be a reflection of how you are coping with this condition. It is indicative of stress.   TOP


To dream that you are asking for an autograph indicates your desire to be like the person whose autograph you seek.  You may be looking for some form of approval.

To dream that someone is asking for your autograph suggests that you are giving your consent or approval to someone.   TOP


To dream of autumn represents the cycle of life – something is about to come to an end and something new will begin. Alternatively, autumn symbolizes abundance and hospitality. It is time to collect the benefits and rewards that you’ve worked so hard for.   TOP


*Please See Car.


To see an autopsy in your dream suggests that you are disconnected from your feelings or devoid of emotions. You need to carefully evaluate the consequences of your actions.  TOP


To see an avalanche in your dream signifies your raging emotions which have been held back and repressed for a long time. These emotions have not been dealt with in a productive manner and now are being expressed in a sudden and violent anger. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes the inescapable stresses and overwhelming pressures in your life. You are feeling the weight of life’s daily demands piled onto you.   TOP


To dream about an avatar signifies how you want others to see you. You are putting up a front instead of being your true self.    TOP


*Please See Street.


To dream that you are in an aviary indicates a decreased sense of freedom. You feel you are unable to fully express yourself.   TOP


To see or eat an avocado in your dream symbolizes lust, sexuality, fertility, potential, and continuity of life. Alternatively, an avocado symbolizes richness and indulgence.

To see an avocado tree in your dream suggests that you will be well rewarded if you devote some time and effort to some goal or project.  TOP


To dream that you are avoiding a person in your dream suggest that you are not confronting some aspect of yourself.  Consider what aspects and characteristics of the person you are avoiding which you are not recognizing in yourself.  Alternatively, this word may also be a pun for “a void” in your life that you have been unable to fill.  TOP


To awaken in your dream represents a spiritual rebirth. You may be acknowledging and embracing both your feminine and masculine aspects of Self. You are utilizing your fullest potential. Consider also who or what awakened you. This is an indication of what is lacking or missing in your life.

To dream that you awaken someone up suggests that you are acknowledging core aspects of that person within your own self.   TOP


To dream that you have an awakening signifies that new ideas will be realized. You are experiencing  new awareness that is unfolding in your life. 

You may also be on the verge of lucid dreaming.  TOP


To dream that you receive an award indicates that you feel you deserve some recognition or some acknowledgment of your work. To dream that you do not win an award symbolizes feelings of inadequacy.  TOP


To see an ax in your dream indicates that you are overly controlling. It is symbolic of destruction, hostility, and the frustrations that you are experiencing. Perhaps you “have an ax to grind” with someone. Or the dream can be a metaphor that you are ready to “bury the ax” and make amends.

To dream that you are chopping wood with an ax suggests that you need to divide your problems into smaller, more manageable sizes. Break down your problems into pieces you can handle.  Alternatively, it indicates that your strength and power have been cut down to size.  TOP


To see an axle in your dream suggests that you need to concentrate on the more important things in life. Do not lose focus. 

To dream that you have a broken axle indicates a lack of confidence, independence and control in your life. You are having difficulty navigating through life. The dream may also mean that you are feeling vulnerable.

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May 8, 2023 Daily Horoscopes

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Moon Alert

Avoid shopping or important decisions from 4 PM to 8 PM EDT today (1 PM to 5 PM PDT). After that, the Moon moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You feel adventurous! It’s the start of the week and you want to make something happen. This is why you might impulsively take off in a new direction. People from other cultures and different countries will intrigue you. Write down your clever ideas.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Be careful because the Moon Alert today is in one of your Money Houses. If you’re working on red-tape issues like taxes, debt, insurance matters, wills or inheritances – do your homework, but don’t act on anything or sign papers until the alert is over.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

This is a good day for a frank discussion with partners and close friends. People are ready to tell it like it is. (Generally, one should never really tell it like it is.) It will feel good to reach out and experience a sense of bonding or affirmation.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cut yourself some slack today because your efficiency at work will suffer due to the Moon Alert, plus the fact that Mercury is retrograde! It’s easy to make silly mistakes and forget things, especially birthday cards and appointments during Mercury retrograde. You will hear from old friends.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Heads up! It’s the start of a new week and you’re in a creative frame of mind! (And you’re creative to begin with.) Express your talents in the arts – the theatre, music, drawing, painting, welding, weaving – whatever brings you joy because this is a creative day!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This is a creative day for many people; however, as this week begins, you will want to hang around home. You might sleep in. You will enjoy puttering and goofing off in an enjoyable way where you live. It’s a good day to edit written work or study something.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This is a curious day. You might feel ambitious because it’s Monday, and you want to pull your act together before you take it on the road. However, most of this day is a Moon Alert, plus it’s Mercury retrograde. (Double whammy!) Instead, focus on warm, genuine communications with others; but don’t volunteer for anything.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Be careful because today’s Moon Alert is taking place in one of your Money Houses, which means it’s a poor time for financial decisions or spending money on anything other than food and gas. Discussions with old friends and ex-partners might take place.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

The Moon Alert today takes place in your sign, which is why you might feel a bit loosey-goosey. You feel indecisive and not sure what to do next. Take it easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, I hear they’re still working on it. Relax and enjoy!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Your ability to research and come up with ideas or solutions to old problems is excellent today. You’ll be productive. Avoid important decisions during the Moon Alert. Do the best you can knowing that Mercury retrograde will trip you up in little ways. You can handle this.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Enjoy schmoozing with friends or interacting with groups today. Don’t expect too much of yourself or others because most of this day is a Moon Alert. You might be involved with relatives or family members you haven’t seen for a while.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

You’re high viz. today. People notice you. Plus, they know personal details about your private life. (Cope as best you can.) Meanwhile, postpone important decisions and shopping trips today. Wait until the Moon Alert is over. (See above.)

If Your Birthday Is Today

Broadcaster, biologist, natural historian Sir David Attenborough (1926) shares your birthday today. You set high standards for yourself and are committed to whatever you do. You are both serious and lighthearted, which makes you interesting. This is a slower paced year with a strong focus on close relationships. Take time to smell the roses.

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As you are entering this week it seems that your stress resistance is under its right amount and you will be all vulnerable to troubles. Be prudent with your resources but also with your language.

Try to be patient and understanding to other people otherwise they will accept your behavior today but then turn their backs at you tomorrow and it’s the last thing you want, especially at work.


This beginning of the week finds you physically present where you need to be but mentally somewhere far away. You are inspired and looking forward to a holiday or to an event you have in the future.

Dream on as long as there aren’t important things you need to tend to. The natives whom are studying or whom have to take some sort of assessment are also under great auspices.


This beginning of the week might also come with a well expected turn in your career. Be it that you get promoted or get a project of greater responsibility, make sure you get an early start and plan everything thoroughly.

Not everyone will be that happy for you so you might want to stay away from some people in order to avoid being disappointed or worse, being stabbed in the back.


Although you start the week all busy and stressed out it seems that your luck is exactly where it needs to be. You will be able today to get the help of everyone you need and all the things that seemed to be impossible early in the morning will be all checked by afternoon.

So don’t be all dramatic about work in the morning because the chance will definitely smile upon you.


This seems to be an easy start of the week and you will be more focused on what your partner is doing and perhaps some good ideas are going to surface out of this.

You are also quite discerning about your priorities for this week and, unlike on other occasions, you are not going to complain about not having enough time.


You are starting the week in the most creative and romantic of all moods. Unfortunately, those natives whom are working will be soon hit by a sense of reality.

Those who are enjoying their holidays will get the chance to relax and enjoy their rich imagination. So why not surprise your better half with an unexpected gift or with some hearted words.


This week will be examining various areas of your life, from your friends, career and love life up to your health. And it seems that the exploration is starting today with your health.

So this is a great time to go get checked if there is something that is bothering you. If you are strong as never this doesn’t mean there aren’t healthy habits you should be taking.


This beginning of the week will be marked by some new responsibilities you need to be taking. There might be some important changes coming along with these responsibilities so you might not be feeling all this as troubling as you should be feeling them.

However it seems that you will be undergoing great amounts of stress so prepare any coping mechanism you have for such situations.


This beginning of the week will offer you a chance to spend some time with your partner, or for those single natives, have a great time with an interesting person. It is a great moment for everyone to partner up, discover more about each other and talk about their feelings.

If these things don’t go as planned don’t look too much into it and definitely don’t try to take unnecessary revenge on them.


This is going to be quite a difficult beginning of the week because there might be a lot of work pilling up for you and your hard working self is just not in place.

There might be your mind wondering off and reminiscing the weekend or there might be other things troubling you. Just don’t let your imagination bother you too much today because work cannot wait.


This beginning of the week will be more romantic than you ever imagined. Be it that you get the chance to spend a great time with your partner or that you plan a romantic encounter later in the afternoon.

This period has great benefits for the single natives and for all those whom have their hearts and minds open to adventure and love and to meeting new people.


This beginning of the week will be marked by romantic endeavor that will definitely keep your mind of work.

Be it that you have someone special beside you or that you crave for a significant relationship be sure that this day you will be searching adventure every moment and that there will be some temptations showing off for you. Make the right choices!

May 8, 2023 Birthday Horoscope

May the next year of your life be more positive than the past year! 

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As a Taurus born on May 8th, you have an elegant allure and an affectionate and integer personality. You sometimes like to take things slowly but in general, you are quite decisive.

Generous and friendly, you make a great companion, especially with your ability to tell stories, that literally has everyone hooked straight away. Prepare to read a comprehensive personality report below.

 The zodiac sign for May 8 is Taurus.

 Astrological symbol: Bull. This symbol is representative for those born April 20 – May 20, when the Sun transits the Taurus zodiac sign and brings back the story of Zeus transforming in a bull to attract Europa in Greek mythology.

 The Taurus Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac, with the brightest star being Aldebaran. It lies between Aries to the West and Gemini to the East, covering an area of 797 square degrees between visible latitudes of +90° and -65°.

 The Latin name for the Bull, the May 8 zodiac sign is Taurus. The French name it Taureau while the Italians say it is Toro.

 Opposite sign: Scorpio. This means that this sign and Taurus are a straight line across each other on the zodiac wheel and can create an opposition aspect. This suggests nicety and perceptiveness as well as an interesting cooperation between the two sun signs.

 Modality: Fixed. This can reveal how much magnetism and entertainment exists in the lives of those born on May 8 and how original they are in general.

 Ruling house: The second house. This is the space of material possession and other things an individual values in life. The combination with Taurus can only double his/her quest for personal possession, whether we’re talking about money or principles.

 Ruling body: Venus. This planet is said to govern over love and critique and also reflects the wits inheritance. Venus is consistent with Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology.

 Element: Earth. This element suggests orderliness and an interestingly cautious enthusiasm in the lives of people born under May 8 sign.

 Lucky day: Friday. This is a day ruled by Venus, therefore symbolizes creativity and friendship and identifies best with the Taurus natives who are serious.

 Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 12, 19, 23.

 Motto: “I own!”

More information

 People born on May 8 have an assiduous frame of mind and are usually more accommodating than tough. However if the setting requires they know how to politely avoid controversy. Just like a true Taurus, they need a lot of cohesion and seem to be doing just great in using their bull headedness to achieve their objectives. They appreciate having precious things and spending time in a familiar and cordial atmosphere. They dislike life fluctuations and controversy. Those born under this sign enjoy spending time in nature where they can easily disconnect and chill.

 Positive traits: These natives are warm hearted and reliable so they often get involved in a series of things without really knowing what hardships are along the way but they do respect their word in any way. Not only they are trustworthy but also they ask for the same attitude from those around them and are in need of security and confidence. They are generous to those who meet their high standards.

 Negative traits: These individuals need to understand that they should stop being so indecisive and so quick to take on criticism. On the other hand, there is no need to feel as easily offended as they do and they should try and worry less about these things that seems to get on their nerves. They are also extremely self indulgent and they should put higher standards to themselves because surely they can achieve them. If they want to achieve that comfortable life they crave for, they should also learn to stop settling for less than they feel they deserve.

Love and Compatibility

 Lovers born on May 8 are passionate and adventurous. They prefer to form serious relationships rather than date around so they do find accomplishment when they settle down. They are attracted to refined but enthusiastic persons, they love to spoil their partner but in the same time they need to feel like they can also depend on the other person, for better or worse. You can conquer the heart of Taurus if you give them enough space but also if you maintain your personality and lively spirit. The single Taurus knows how to enjoy their personal time and is not in any hurry to enter a relationship unless they really want to.

 Usually imaginative and pleasant persons, when in love they become unpredictable and hard to understand. If their loved one is patient and honest they are likely to open to them and their love will progress fast. They are friendly but reserved and their attitude won’t bring many people close to them. They are persistent and courageous in a practical way so they will be a great part of their family team once they decide to settle for their loved one. They are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

 May 8 Zodiac people are very attached to the other two earth signs: Virgo and Capricorn as they tend to share the same vision of life. In life, Taurus is in a constant search for someone attractive and mysterious that can keep their interest alive and the one to offer them this is the native in Scorpio. The lover in Taurus is thought to be least compatible with Aries. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Taurus, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose.

Lucky color

Green is the color defined for May 8 and in general for Taurus natives.

Green is a hue that indicates growth and fertility. Grass green is believed to be the most restful color. This hue is placed in great harmony with the moments of calm and shyness of Taurus. This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time.

People with green as sign color need to feel accepted and respected in their community. They are loyal and trustworthy companions. Gentle and calm this kind of people tend to handle everything with great care and attention.

Other colors for Taurus people are pink, yellow and most earth tones.

Representative birthstone

The stunning Emerald is the birthstone that is considered lucky for those Taurus natives with May 8.

This is a precious stone that symbolizes harmony and growth. The zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and jewelry items.

It is said to bring harmony and peace amongst people. It can also boost self esteem and faith for the natives in Taurus. Colombia, Brazil and Zambia are places where Emeralds can be found.

Another gemstone considered influential for Taurus natives is Lapis Lazuli. It suggests honesty and intelligence.

Characteristic flower

The lucky flower for those born under the May 8 is represented by Poppy.

This plant is known to symbolize grace and refinery. This zodiac flower should be used in decorative items in the places these natives spend time.

It was considered to symbolize eternal life and remembering of the lost souls. This flower can be enjoyed during late spring for about two weeks.

Other plants that suit Taurus natives are Violets and Lilies.

Symbolic metal

The metal used in astrology for those with May 8 is Copper.

Copper symbolizes spontaneity and creativity. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

Copper is a metal of currency and prosperity. This is one the first metals discovered by mankind, it is said to influence the expression of emotions and the unpredictability of matter.

Another metal considered beneficial for Taurus natives is Steel.


 May 8 Zodiac belongs to the second decan of TAURUS (April 30-May 10). This decan is influenced by the planet Mercury. Those born under this influence combine the brilliance and determination of Taurus with the humorous and communicative nature of Mercury. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign, slightly enhancing the positive ones.

 Being born on the 8th day of the month shows enterprise, imagination and responsibility and dedication as a leader. The numerology for May 8 is 8. This number reveals ambition and great power but also an embrace of the spiritual side, later in life. Those Taurus associated with number eight pragmatic and analytical doers in all life matters.

 May is the last spring month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing great opportunities to plant the seeds of success for later in the year. Those born in May are imaginative and understanding. May 8 Zodiac people are courageous and motivated. The symbols for May include Emerald and Aquamarine as gemstones, the Lilly of the Valley as plant and the roman goddess of spring.

What statistics say

 In a year in the Gregorian Calendar, May 8 is the 128th day or the 129th day in case of leap years and until the end of the year there are left 237 days. The sixty ninth day of spring, this is also the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

 Taurus is the seventh most commonly met zodiac sign in the horoscope. Being an even number sign, this is also considered a feminine sign with a negative polarity and a balanced energy. This illustrates introvert people who are withdrawn and quite intransigent. One of the archetypes used to describe this sign is the Object of Passion. Less engaged with sports, people born in spring are said to be less active.

 Famous people born on May 8 under the Taurus zodiac sign: Harry S Truman, Don Rickles, Melissa Gilbert and Enrique Iglesias.

To read anyone’s birthday horoscope from sunsigns.org

According to the May 8 birthday horoscope analysis, you have a strong will, you are motivated, and you are disciplined. You are stimulated, however, by most challenges. You love being daring in every aspect of your life.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON MAY 8, then you are perceived to be charitable, bright individuals. These important qualities make you a person who is in high demand. However, you do not take well to change especially without notice.

This Taurus birthday people are not often high-profile, yet are capable of notoriety. You are known to speak your mind. Most born on this day are bossy, serious-minded, independent people but there is a lighter side. You can laugh at most of life’s circumstances.

You are usually the one who organizes the social events because of your strong communication talents. You are likely to be in a position to help others. Nevertheless, when you need help or need to express your emotions, it is a little different. May 8 birthday personality may have a hard time with words then.

The May 8 birthday meanings say you probably matured before your time. More than likely as a child you were around older people allowing you to observe some of life’s ups and downs. As a result, these zodiac birthday people are no stranger to most problems, and therefore, you should have a near spotless teenage reputation.

The May 8 horoscope analysis predicts that as a lover you are found to be extremely romantic. More often than not, you marry late in life. No doubt, you can be fascinating, sentimental and faithful but you tend to keep your feelings bottled up inside. This is not a good thing to do.

This could be due to a lack of personal structure caused by your drive and sexual needs. In love, you can be passionately active or playful partners. A devoted lover can have a loving and lasting union with those born on May 8.

If today May 8 is your birthday, you are very talented individuals with the ability to make a success of any talent of choice. You have a predetermined notion of what you want to be in life. Considering your background, you would be most proficient in law enforcement, in the medical or human services fields.

While it is true you are an enterprising person; you like to plan things and are sensible enough to understand that nothing comes to those who wait or to those with a closed mouth. All of your chosen professions have the capabilities of being stressful. Please keep reading to find advice on how to deal with those issues.

The May 8 zodiac characteristics show that you have what it takes to be directly responsible for managing a mass amount of finances. You have a common sense or no-nonsense approach to material things. This does not excite you but helping others achieve their goals brings you much happiness.

The May 8th birthday personality traits show that you are patient and calculate your next move rather than sitting back waiting for something to fall from the sky. You rarely seek the aid of someone else. You are self-reliant individuals who make decisions on your own.

Typically, as the May 8 birthday zodiac sign is Taurus, you are extremely health conscious. Kudos on your continued efforts to maintain a healthy and conditioned frame. Eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water and proper cardio and toning exercise programs are a part of your routine.

You are almost immune to illnesses almost. The people born today have high profile positions most of the time therefore stress is likely to occur. When this Taurus finds that stress has taken an adverse effect, it is likely that rest will cure most sleeplessness or irritability.

The May 8 birthday horoscope profile reports that you are smart and interesting individuals. You are aware of your bodily needs and try to stay fit. You live to improve the lives of others as you learned early on about life’s curves and curbs. Some roads are bumpy, and others present change. A birthday on May 8 suggests that this Taurus does not typically like sudden changes but prefers a more targeted plan of action.

Famous People And Celebrities Born On May 8

David Attenborough, Matthew Davis, Melissa Gilbert, Sonny Liston, Rick Nelson, Toni Tennille, Harry S Truman

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This Day That Year – May 8 In History

1792 – Men are now eligible for draft into the US military.
1886 – Coca-Coke sells a product containing cocaine at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA.
1921 – Sweden abolishes capital punishment.
1967 – By refusing induction into the US military (Army), Muhammad Ali gets arrested.

May 8 Vrishabha Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)

May 8 Chinese Zodiac SNAKE

May 8 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Venus that symbolizes the different things in life to which you feel attracted. This can be people, money, possessions or beauty.

May 8 Birthday Symbols

The Bull Is The Symbol For The Taurus Zodiac Sign

May 8 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength. This card symbolizes that you have it in you to be successful. All you need is just a little of determination and concentration. The Minor Arcana cards are Six of Pentacles and Knight of Pentacles.

May 8 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Virgo: This relationship will be satisfying and fulfilling in all aspects.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign AquariusThis relationship will be unpredictable and eccentric.

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May 8 Lucky Numbers

Number 4 – This number shows your practical attitude, devotion, patience, and consistency.
Number 8 – This number symbolizes authority, power, financial stability and natural leadership skills.

Read about: Birthday Numerology

Lucky Colors For May 8 Birthday

Lavender: This is a fresh color that shows spiritual inclination, mental balance, luxury, and compassion.
Green: This color signifies balance, equilibrium, growth, rebirth, and stability.

Lucky Days For May 8 Birthday

Friday – This day is ruled by Venus and symbolizes the influence of beauty as well as finance on your life.
Saturday – This day ruled by Saturn signifies the need for restraint and control in all your actions.

May 8 Birthstone Emerald

Emerald is a gemstone that is known for its healing power, wisdom, intuition and emotional balance.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On May 8th

A good leather jacket for the Taurus man and a fashionable scarf for the woman. The May 8 birthday zodiac forecasts that you love to try out the latest fashion.

May 8, 2023 Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

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To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link  

For Your Local Time and Date 

Northwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Los Angeles, California, USA

May 08, 2023
11:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM PDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Taurus 06
Moon:29 Sagittarius 41
Mercury:07 Taurus 16 Rx
Venus:01 Cancer 29
Mars:23 Cancer 24
Jupiter:28 Aries 12
Saturn:05 Pisces 56
Uranus:18 Taurus 53
Neptune:26 Pisces 57
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 00 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 26 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 29

Chiron:17 Aries 44
Ceres:23 Virgo 50
Pallas:02 Leo 33
Juno:03 Gemini 59
Vesta:10 Taurus 29

Eris:24 Aries 50


Northern Hemisphere

This local time is in Chicago, Illinois, USA

May 08, 2023
09:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Taurus 01
Moon:28 Sagittarius 30
Mercury:07 Taurus 18 Rx
Venus:01 Cancer 24
Mars:23 Cancer 21
Jupiter:28 Aries 11
Saturn:05 Pisces 56
Uranus:18 Taurus 53
Neptune:26 Pisces 57
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 00 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 26 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 29

Chiron:17 Aries 44
Ceres:23 Virgo 50
Pallas:02 Leo 31
Juno:03 Gemini 56
Vesta:10 Taurus 27

Eris:24 Aries 50


Northeastern Hemisphere

This local time is in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

8 May 2023
02:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM CEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:17 Taurus 44
Moon:24 Sagittarius 23
Mercury:07 Taurus 26 Rx
Venus:01 Cancer 05
Mars:23 Cancer 12
Jupiter:28 Aries 07
Saturn:05 Pisces 55
Uranus:18 Taurus 52
Neptune:26 Pisces 57
Pluto:00 Aquarius 21 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 00 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 27 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):13 Leo 27

Chiron:17 Aries 43
Ceres:23 Virgo 50
Pallas:02 Leo 24
Juno:03 Gemini 46
Vesta:10 Taurus 19

Eris:24 Aries 50


May 8, 2023 Moon Goddess Current Phase

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious, you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else was born.

From MoonGiant.com

The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waning Gibbous. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon’s illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with an illumination of 50%. The average Moon rise for this phase is between 9pm and Midnight depending on the age of the phase. The moon rises later and later each night setting after sunrise in the morning.

Visit the May 2023 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s Waning Gibbous Phase

The Waning Gibbous on May 8 has an illumination of 91%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On May 8 the Moon is 17.7 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

Phase Details

Phase: Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 91%
Moon Age: 17.70 days
Moon Angle: 0.54
Moon Distance: 370,374.43 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 151,006,482.23 km

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its 29.53 days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.

Useful Moon Resources