Beltane – Spring is Here! Time to Get Your Gardens Ready

Welcome to springtime in the southern hemisphere. As the warmer weather comes a witches thoughts turns to sowing a garden. A garden can mean a different thing to each of us. For me it is getting my physical seeds ready for my veggie garden, to check to see if my herbs survived the winter or if I need to start new ones. Spiritually it means starting new seeds/paths for me to be able to grow to be closer to Mother Earth, the Universal energies, my students, and my teachers. To be able in the fall to reap full benefits of all that I have learned and put them into practice whether it is in my own personal life or helping my students with something. This year I need to plant new seeds and seedlings for all my flower gardens because early heavy rains in this part of the country washed away two inches of top soil in all my flower beds.

What does planting a garden mean to you? Do you plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, goals or a little of all of these or any combination? Remember whatever you plant will come to fruition with the right amount of love, watering (spiritually this can be communicating with each other in the pagan community or even be emailing me to say hi), sunshine (remember to thank the Sun God) and nurturing from within yourself (positive thoughts and affirmations) and from others in our community.

I would really LOVE to SEE COMMENTS on this post, please. Share with us your seeds and lets us help you grow them to their fullest potential!

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May 1, 2023 Daily Horoscopes

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Today you might be asked to describe or justify yourself in front of someone of importance. Be it that you are going for a job interview or a promotion you will probably have to explain in detail some of the work you’ve been doing lately.

Be honest and don’t exaggerate your abilities because these things can catch up with you. Try to appear as responsible as you can.


Today you will prove to be the hardest working and responsible of all people, you won’t probably stand not getting to work on your own and fixing everything. This probably means that everyone will come flooding to you for advice or for a helping hand.

You will most likely enjoy such attention and at the end of the day this will serve you as a great accomplishment for the beginning of the week.


This week begins for you with an occasion to make the most out of some connections you’ve been making lately. Be it that a problem occurs and you remember there is someone who could help you or that you simply get the chance to help someone or put two people in touch.

Maybe you realize you’ve just met someone who would be willing to listen to you presenting your project and even help you with it.


You begin this week enthusiastically and in a complete awareness of your abilities and of your personal worth. This will only help you be even more confident and face everything that comes your way with a big grin on your face.

This mood will even help you fight off any negative thoughts and even see yourself in a better light. The results of this new confidence will be later seen.


Despite yesterday’s romantic influence it seems that this week does not start under the best influences for those natives whom are committed.

There might be minor arguments occurring and these conflicts could turn up a lot worse if the two sides won’t be able to compromise. For others, this sort of argument will only light up the fire again and will help them get even closer.


You have the best chances to start this week in a professional mood, fully focused and hard working. Don’t let the atmosphere at work let you down if the people you are working with are not as responsible as you.

Try to take on as many tasks as you can and deal with them at the beginning of the week because later on it will be even harder to manage any subordinates you might be having.


This beginning of the week will be filled with conclusions and consequences of your previous actions and it will probably show whether the choices you’ve made in the last weeks were the right ones.

You might also have to deal with some sort of paperwork that will keep you running from one place to another the whole day. Make some alliances at work because it is going to be a long week.


You are starting this week all charged up and quite aggressive I could say. You should find other ways to use your energy because there will be no need to act up at the smallest of inconveniences.

For those natives that are starting a new work day is absolutely compulsory to act all diplomatic and avoid any confrontation. Don’t be a drama queen unnecessarily.


This week starts under a focus on your partner and on those close to you. Those natives who are working will find it hard to focus as their minds will be wondering while those who are on holiday will get a chance to connect with their partners or with people they enjoy spending time with.

They are all under a tendency to be careful and affectionate with their peers.


This beginning of the week you might be faced with some house problems that will need to be tend to and this will get your entire schedule mixed up.

Make up your priorities and act according to them while avoiding worrying unnecessarily. It could be useful that after the situation is over you would think of a back up plan in case such situations ever occur.


There is a great energy around you this Monday so there are little chances that something that means trouble to come. Since there is not a chance to get unbalanced, use this uneventful day to clear off your mind and make plans for the rest of the week because that won’t be such easy as this day.

This is going to be quite a complex month with a lot of energy expenditure from your side.


This Monday you will be one of the hardest working people both at home and at work. It seems that you are all charged up and ready to take responsibilities.

This is the best move you could make this week because it will help you be in charge with everything and avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings that might occur at work especially.

1 May 2023 Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

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Southeastern Hemisphere

This local time is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America

1 May 2023
02:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM BRT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:10 Taurus 57
Moon:21 Virgo 41
Mercury:11 Taurus 35 Rx
Venus:23 Gemini 20
Mars:19 Cancer 19
Jupiter:26 Aries 28
Saturn:05 Pisces 27
Uranus:18 Taurus 28
Neptune:26 Pisces 45
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 49 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 40

Chiron:17 Aries 20
Ceres:23 Virgo 55 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 33
Juno:29 Taurus 38
Vesta:07 Taurus 11

Eris:24 Aries 45


Southern Hemisphere

This local time is in Cape Town, South Africa

1 May 2023
07:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM SAST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:11 Taurus 09
Moon:24 Virgo 15
Mercury:11 Taurus 27 Rx
Venus:23 Gemini 34
Mars:19 Cancer 26
Jupiter:26 Aries 31
Saturn:05 Pisces 28
Uranus:18 Taurus 28
Neptune:26 Pisces 45
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 48 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 41

Chiron:17 Aries 21
Ceres:23 Virgo 54 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 38
Juno:29 Taurus 45
Vesta:07 Taurus 16

Eris:24 Aries 45


Southwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1 May 2023
06:00 am GMT 4:00 PM AEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:10 Taurus 37
Moon:17 Virgo 37
Mercury:11 Taurus 48 Rx
Venus:22 Gemini 57
Mars:19 Cancer 08
Jupiter:26 Aries 23
Saturn:05 Pisces 25
Uranus:18 Taurus 26
Neptune:26 Pisces 44
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 50 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 38

Chiron:17 Aries 19
Ceres:23 Virgo 55 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 25
Juno:29 Taurus 26
Vesta:07 Taurus 02

Eris:24 Aries 45


May 1, 2023 Northern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

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Northwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Los Angeles, California, USA

May 01, 2023
11:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM PDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:11 Taurus 19
Moon:26 Virgo 19
Mercury:11 Taurus 21 Rx
Venus:23 Gemini 45
Mars:19 Cancer 31
Jupiter:26 Aries 34
Saturn:05 Pisces 28
Uranus:18 Taurus 29
Neptune:26 Pisces 46
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 48 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 42

Chiron:17 Aries 22
Ceres:23 Virgo 54 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 42
Juno:29 Taurus 51
Vesta:07 Taurus 21

Eris:24 Aries 45


Northern Hemisphere For 1600 CDT GMT 2100

This local time is in Chicago, Illinois, USA

May 01, 2023
09:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:11 Taurus 14
Moon:25 Virgo 17
Mercury:11 Taurus 24 Rx
Venus:23 Gemini 39
Mars:19 Cancer 29
Jupiter:26 Aries 32
Saturn:05 Pisces 28
Uranus:18 Taurus 29
Neptune:26 Pisces 45
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22 Rx

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 48 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 42

Chiron:17 Aries 21
Ceres:23 Virgo 54 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 40
Juno:29 Taurus 48
Vesta:07 Taurus 18

Eris:24 Aries 45


Northeastern Hemisphere

This local time is in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

1 May 2023
02:00 pm GMT 4:00 PM CEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:10 Taurus 57
Moon:21 Virgo 41
Mercury:11 Taurus 35 Rx
Venus:23 Gemini 20
Mars:19 Cancer 19
Jupiter:26 Aries 28
Saturn:05 Pisces 27
Uranus:18 Taurus 28
Neptune:26 Pisces 45
Pluto:00 Aquarius 22

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 02
Mean Lunar Node:03 Taurus 49 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):12 Leo 40

Chiron:17 Aries 20
Ceres:23 Virgo 55 Rx
Pallas:29 Cancer 33
Juno:29 Taurus 38
Vesta:07 Taurus 11

Eris:24 Aries 45


May 1, 2023 Moon Goddess Current Phase

You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious, you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else was born.


The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waxing Gibbous phase. Visible through most of the night sky setting a few hours before sunrise. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts about 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon rises in the east in mid-afternoon and is high in the eastern sky at sunset. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has its roots in the Latin word “gibbosus” meaning humpbacked.

Visit the April 2023 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s Waxing Gibbous Phase

The Waxing Gibbous on May 1 has an illumination of 82%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On May 1 the Moon is 10.63 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

Phase Details

Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Illumination: 82%
Moon Age: 10.63 days
Moon Angle: 0.50
Moon Distance: 400,584.75 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 150,750,249.94 km

The 8 Lunar Phases

There are 8 lunar phases the Moon goes through in its 29.53 days lunar cycle. The 4 major Moon phases are Full Moon, New Moon, First Quarter and Last Quarter. Between these major phases, there are 4 minor ones: the Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent. For more info on the Moon Cycle and on each phase check out Wikipedia Lunar Phase page.

Useful Moon Resources

Flashback to 2022 – Spell – Beltane Charm to “Tie the Knot”


Beltane Charm to “Tie the Knot”

Much as the Great God and Great Goddess are said to “tie the knot” of marriage at Beltane, we can create our own knot-based magickal charm to honor this ancient and festive sabbat of which the tied-up Maypole is its emblem! When it comes to Beltane a vast majority of ancient pagans – and certainly any Neopagan worth their salt – understands that gender and orientation are of little consequence.  Love is love. Whoever we are and however we are, let’s craft a charm of nine loving knots. Feel free to chant the traditional Wiccan knot spell* if it aids your focus. This can be found online and in a variety of Witchcraft books.

Using a long strip of natural fabric (red or white are ideal), tie nine knots, each of which should contain within a small stone, herb, charm, or written prayer specifically for the energy of love** – cosmic, social, and personal – however your intuition guides. After preforming your magick, hang the charm near the front door or bedroom in order for its blessing to illuminate today and onward.

By Raven Digitalis in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2022 page 71

*I will post this next.

** See Beltane correspondence post for ideas

Spell – Banishing Candle Dressing


Banishing Candle Dressing

This mixture is best used on a black candle (SIDE NOTE: A white candle turned upside can be used as a black candle), but any color will do in a real pinch. The combination of ingredients in this dressing create a strong odor that may be less than pleasant. Remember, its purpose is to repel unwanted energy, people, or things – not to attract them with lovely aromas! You can use this dressing in conjunction with any banishing spell or on its own. You can also dress a black candle and simply sit near it while it burns when you feel negative vibrations or entities are clinging to you.

For anointing, use 1 drop of rosemary oil and 1 drop of tea tree oil. For dry ingredients, use 1 teaspoon dried garlic, 1 teaspoon sea salt, and 1 teaspoon dried onion flakes.

If you feel an unfriendly presence in your space or the lingering energy of a negative situation, you can dress a black candle, place it in a holder (SIDE NOTE: A container that will catch the drips but is fireproof.), and carefully carry it from room to room. As the candlelight permeates all the nooks and crannies of the house, it wards off all undesirable vibrations.

By Kate Freuler in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2023 page 81

Spell – Wiccan Traditional 9 Knot Spell

Traditional Spell of Nine Knots

By knot of one, the spell’s begun,
By knot of two, it cometh true,
By knot of three, thus shall it be,
By knot of four, ’tis strengthened more,
By knot of five, so may it thrive,
By knot of six, the spell we fix,
By knot of seven, the Stars of heaven,
By knot of eight, the hand of Fate,
By knot of nine, the thing is mine!

Posted today for use with Beltane Charm to “Tie the Knot” post. This is a useful spell for many different things.

Beltane Activities and Correspondences c. 2016

Beltane Activities and Correspondences

Guest Author – Leslie Ravenwing

Herbs – hawthorn, honeysuckle, St John’s wort, wood ruff, all flowers.

Colors- Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue

Foods – Strawberries, Cherries, Fruits, Salads, Wine

Goddesses – Aphrodite, Asherah, Belili, Brigid, Danu, Freya, Flora, Gwenhwyvar, Hina, Ishtar, Maia, Mary, Oiwyn, Oshun, Ostara, Sappha, Tonantzin, Vesta

Gods – Beltene, Cernunnous, Cupid/Eros, Manawyddan and Pan

Activities and Rituals

Fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, walking one’s property, feasting
Stones/Gems – Emerald, malachite, amber, orange carnelian, sapphire, rose quartz
Other Names – Cetsamhain (opposite Samhain),May Day, Fairy Day,Sacred Thorn Day, Rood Day, Roodmas (the Christian term for Rood Day, Old Beltane, Beltaine, Beltain, Baltane, Walpurgis Night, Floriala (Roman feast of flowers from April 29 to May 1), Walpurgisnacht (Germanic-feast of St. Walpurga), Thrimilce (Anglo-saxon), Bloumaand (Old Dutch)

-Make paper baskets (use yarn as a handle) and place real or silk flowers in each basket. Hang them on door knobs of neighbors and family members but don’t let them know you did it!

-If you have children, make necklaces out of diasies and place them around their necks for the day to bring protection to them.

-Begin planting for the season.

-Create a MayPole and dance around it with your family or friends.

-Make a dish of fruits, berries, nuts and leave in the wood for the animals and fae folk to enjoy

– This is a night for bonfires, torch-lit processions and the high revelry of witches, preferably in high places. It is prime time for the Great Rite, a night (like Samhain) when the Goddess descends into women. Cailleach Beara (Cally Berry, Brighid’s crone aspect) turns to stone this night and does not to return until Samhain. Beltane Eve also marks the setting of the Pleiades

Divination Journal

Tarot Card


The High Priest – Major Arcana

Menu of Contents


I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the High Priest Witches Tarot

II. Meaning of the High Priest Witches Tarot

Message of the High Priest Witches Tarot

The High Priest Witches in a Tarot spread




Sound: “b”, “p”, “v”, “mb”, “mp”
Stands for: Birch Twig
Casting meaning: The birch twig represents rebirth and purification as does the rune Bjarkan. It is also a woman’s rune symbolizing gestation and birth.

Witch’s Rune


Crossed Spears

Keywords: Arguments, negativity.

Meanings: The Crossed Spears is a rune that signifies arguments and negative events. Often this can be of an upsetting nature, rather like the Tower card in the tarot. It is not all bad though. If it is near to a positive rune it may indicate the end of a quarrel and healing. Especially if it lies near the Rings. This rune could mean a promotion at work, or a fast recovery if you’re ill.





N is for Nion, sometimes called Nuin, which is connected to the Ash tree. Ash is one of three trees which were sacred to the Druids (Ash, Oak and Thorn), and connects the inner self to the outer worlds. This is a symbol of connections and creativity, and transitions between the worlds.

In Norse legend, Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is an Ash. Its roots grew down far into the Underworld, and its branches reached all the way up into the heavens. Odin hung himself from the tree for nine days as a sacrifice. Ash also features prominently in the Irish myth cycles, and is often depicted growing beside a well or pool of wisdom.

Nion Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: Remember that for every action, there is a consequence, and these effect not only ourselves but others as well. What we do in our life will carry into the future and possibly even beyond. Every one of our words and deeds has some sort of impact.

Magical Aspects: The Universe is like a giant web. Strands bind us all together, either closely or at a distance. We are all connected in one way or another, so it is important to find harmony between the spiritual realm and the physical, and between all living beings. Endeavor to live a spiritual life that considers the needs of the natural world around you.

I Ching


Hexagram Twenty – Three/23

Po / Splitting Apart

The weight of the Mountain presses down upon a weak foundation of Earth:
The Superior Person will use this time of oppression to attend to the needs of those less fortunate.

Any action would be ill-timed.
Stand fast.


This is a situation easily mistaken for Stagnation (Hexagram 12) or Revolution (Hexagram 49).
It just depends on which side you’re on.
During a time of Stagnation, human worms invade to feed on the decay.
During a time of Revolution, oppression is being overthrown.
But in this situation, oppressors are violently seizing power.
Pay special heed when you receive this hexagram, because the oracle is often warning you of a situation of which you are totally unaware.
You are about to be blindsided.




Two, as one of the Core Numbers, is an Axis of Symmetry, a point of equilibrium which provides peace to your inner world. Any disturbance of this condition you perceive as a direct threat to life and well-being. It provokes you to action with the main goal of the restoration of order and harmony in the world.Intuitive confidence in the rationality and justice of the world order makes you stick to the view that all the troubles come from the people’s inability to hear and understand each other. Therefore you voluntarily assume the responsibility of a peacemaker.

Positive qualities


The list of positive qualities of the Two fully matches the list of canonical human virtues. They are good nature, peacefulness, generosity, ethic and tact based on intuition, insight and understanding of the human soul.

Add romantic, artistic nature and an exceptional sense of beauty here, and you get a genuine Masterpiece. One can only regret that it is almost impossible to have this figure in all numbers of the numerological core, and that people whose positive qualities completely supersede all the negative ones simply don’t exist.

One should clearly see the borderline between diplomacy and commitment to the peaceful coexistence, and compliance and timidity.

Angel Number


Four Hundred Twenty – Three

Has the number 423 been appearing in your life every day? Are you wondering if it’s more than just a coincidence and if it means something?

423 is an angel number and is a sign that your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you. Angel numbers carry positive messages meant to guide, protect, and support you through your endeavors.

Angel numbers are repeating number sequences that appear frequently in a bid to deliver angelic messages. When angel number 423 appears to you, it comes as a free gift, so take the time to figure out what it means and why the angels have sent it your way.

Continue reading this article to learn more about angel number 423 and the meaning it holds in our lives.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper



Symbol of Creativity and Imagination

Magpies are attracted to unique objects, particularly if these objects are shiny. This resonates very well with your creative brain.

If you are an artist or a lover of literature, you will realize that you look at things from a different perspective from most people.

Symbol of Witchcraft and Magic

In the olden days in Western cultures, witches wore long collared black dresses that somewhat resembles the magpie’s pied plumage.

It is also believed that witches used magpies to communicate with the dark creatures of the forest. This association makes people relate this bird to magic and the dark arts of wizardry.

Symbol of Treachery

Being attracted to shiny things, magpies have been known to swoop down and steal jewelry. They also destroy grains in the field, making them most unwelcome in farming districts.

Their behavior gives them an association with negative qualities such as betrayal, deceit, and treachery.

Symbol of Intelligence and Knowledge

Magpies are some of the most intelligent birds in the natural world. They can play games, imitate human speech, grieve, bark like dogs, and even work together in teams.

Some experiments indicated that magpies can actually make and use tools.

Symbol of Opportunism and Cunning

When a magpie encounters a formidable enemy, he calls out to his friends for support, and they pounce on the hapless bird together.

They are also known to invade fields to steal crops for food.

Also, magpies steal shiny objects and hide them away from sight.

The explanation behind this interesting behavior is that since magpies are afraid of shiny objects; they hide them in a place these objects pose no danger.

Symbolic Meaning of Magpie Spirit Animal in Various Cultures …

Goddesses – Iris

Iris – Greek Goddess of The Rainbow

A goddess named “Iris” personified the rainbow in the mythology of ancient Greece. Most works of art depict her either in the form of a beautiful rainbow, or as a lovely maiden. She wore wings on her shoulders and usually carried a pitcher in one hand. Her name combined the Greek words for “messenger” and “the rainbow” to signify her dual role. Some accounts depict her as one of the goddess Hera’s assistants. (HERA carries associations with the sky.)

The ancient Greeks considered Iris the female counterpart of HERMES. She served as a messenger from MOUNT OLYMPUS. She would use her pitcher to scoop up water from the ocean and carry it into the clouds. Some legends also hold she used her pitcher to collect water from the River STYX, the shadowy river separating the world of human beings from the underworld. Many Greeks viewed Iris as an important link between MORTALS and the realm of the gods.


Name(s): Iris
Rules over: Rainbows and messenger of the Olympian Gods
Title: Goddess Of The Rainbow
Gender: Female
Symbols: Herald’s wand
Sacred animals:
Items: Pitcher
Parents: Thaumas and Electra
Consort: Zephryos
Other significant others: Siblings: – Arke, Harpies, Hydaspes
Children: Pothos
Roman name: Arcus

The Family Life of Iris

Most sources describe Iris as the daughter of the OCEANID cloud nymph ELEKTRA and Thaumas, a minor god sometimes associated with the sea. She would have been one of the TITAN OCEANUS granddaughters. Her rainbow frequently appeared in the sky over bodies of water.

Legends differ about her life as an adult. Some stories describe her as unmarried and primarily a messenger for the OLYMPIAN GODS. In other accounts, she fell in love with ZEPHYROS, the god of the West Wind. They had a son named Pothos, who personified Desire.

Iris as a Messenger

Iris would frequently use her pitcher to serve nectar to the GODS AND GODDESSES on Mount Olympus. When these major ancient Greek deities needed to send messages to other gods or to human beings, they would sometimes ask Iris to transmit their words. She could travel very quickly from Mount Olympus to Earth, and could even journey quickly into HADES.

Many ancient Greeks considered Iris one of the most beautiful goddesses. The ancient Greeks described her as “swift footed”, suggesting she could respond rapidly to requests. In legends, she carries symbolic associations with messages and communication.

SOURCE: <a href=””>Iris:</a&gt; – Greek Gods & Goddesses, June 12, 2018

Gods – Achelous

The Greecian patron god of the “silver-swirling” Achelous River

Originally in Greek mythology, Achelous was the god of all rivers and water of the world. During Hellenistic times, he was only associated with the Achelous river. This is the largest river in all Greece. Every river has its own river spirit and Achelous was considered the chief of all the deities of rivers.


Name(s): Achelous
Rules over: The River Achelous
Title: The patron god of the “silver-swirling” Achelous River
Gender: Male
Symbols: Cornucopia
Sacred animals: Bull
Parents: Oceanus and Tethys
Other significant others: Retinue:- Naiad Nymphs
Children: The Sirens by Terpsicore, The Acheloides, Callirhoe
Roman name: Achelous

Etruscan Mythology

In Etruscan mythology, Achelous was considered an important deity. He was intimately associated with water. This has become a Greek tradition. He also has significant underworld associations. In the 8th century, iconography representing a man-faced bull was initially adapted for Achelous as he was considered an Etruscan deity. The Greeks also eventually adopted this tradition of his image.

Important Divinity

Throughout Greece, Achelous was treated as an important divinity from the earliest times. He was invoked when people took oaths, make prayers as well as made sacrifices and more. An oracle was considered a gateway to knowing the will of the gods. Every oracle Achelous gave to humans is believed to have been added to by ZEUS at Dodoma. It included a command to provide sacrifices to Achelous. The meaning of the god himself to people in Greece is illustrated by the widespread worship of Achelous. Some believe this may account for the belief that He is the representative of sweet water in general. This means they believed Achelous to be the source of all nourishment.

Seer-Healer And Mercenaries

One of the most important exponents in Etruscan and Greek societies during the Iron Age were the mercenaries and seer-healers. The image of Achelous was a man with the face of a bull. He was an emblem used by the mercenaries and seer-healers in Greek societies for hundreds of years. It is believed this early figure was initially adapted by the iconographic and mythological traditions of Asalluhi, who was the god of magic and incantations. This was done because he was also considered a princely bison figure in Near Eastern traditions. Achelous was believed to go to the surface of the earth in marshes and spring. He would then eventually begin flowing as rivers.

Achelous Mythology

The king of CALYDON was Oeneus. Achelous was a suitor of the king’s daughter who was named Deianeira. On some thrones in ancient Greece were representations of the contest between Heracles with Achelous. It is in Megarans at Olympic in the treasury where there was a STATUE of Achelous made of gold and cedar wood that was created by a greek named Dontas. There are also many depictions of him as a bearded man in his prime or an older gray-haired man. In Classical and Archaic times, it was common to depict Achelous as a man-faced bull. It was also common for a city’s coinage to feature a man-faced bull.

Heracles Battle

Achelous battled Heracles for the attention of Deianira. She was a river nymph. During the battle, Achelous turned himself into a bull and a serpent. Heracles ripped off one of the horns of Achelous This forced him to surrender to Heracles. Achelous wanted the horn back. He traded the goat horn of Amalthea to HERACLES to get it back. Achelous then gave the horn to the Naiads. They changed the horn into a cornucopia. Deianeria was relieved. She was horrified at the idea of being courted by a river god from the underworld.

Achelous Children

Some consider Achelous to have fathered the Sirens of Terpsicore, Calliope or MELPOMENE. They were created from the blood he lost when Heracles pulled off his horn. Alcmaeon was a god who was the son of Eriphyle and Amphiaraus. After losing a large battle, Alcameon found peace at a spot along the Achelous river. It was here that Achelous offered Alcameon his daughter Callirhoe for marriage. Before this could happen, Achelous required Alcmaeon to get jewellery and clothing from his mother who was called Eriphyle. This was the clothing Eriphyle wore when she sent the father of Achelous to his death. Alcameon agreed and was also going to get the cloths from king Phegeus. This is the person who had sent his sons to murder Alcmaeon.

Italian Middy Feast

When THESEUS was waiting for a river’s raging flood to subside, he was the guest of Achelous. Where Thesus stayed was described as a building made of rough and spongy pumice. It had a floor of soft moss. Oyster and freshwater mussel shells covered the ceiling. In Italy during the sixteenth century, there was a desire to recreate this Classical space. It also inspired these types of dwellings to be built in France. The banquet served at the home of Achelous was written about and became a prototype for midday feasts in Italy. They would take place in garden grottoes under fountain-cooled shade.

Origin Of River Achelous

It is said Achelous lost one of THE SIRENS that was his daughters. During his intense sadness, he invoked his mother Gaea. She received Achelous to her bosom. On the spot where this occurred, Gaea caused a river named Achelous to come forth. It is said that the river had a bull’s voice. The winding of the river is said to have been caused because Achelous could turn himself into a serpent.

Recent studies have shown the substance of Achelous as a god goes back to Old Europe during the Bronze age. This was a time when some Old European cultures disappeared. These traditions eventually made their way to Greece, Sardinia, Italy, and Sicily. No single group of people followed Achelous, but his image has lasted through many generations. A god that is a man-faced bull is found in many places around the Mediterranean.

SOURCE: <a href=””>Achelous:</a&gt; – Greek Gods & Goddesses, October 23, 2019

Flower Meaning, Symbolizes, and Spiritual Meaning – Iris

Iris Flower Meanings & Symbolism + Iris Planting & Care

Iris flower meanings include nobility, chivalry, wisdom, messages, faith, and purity. With nearly 300 species that come in a variety of colors, the iris has inspired storytellers and artists for centuries. In this post, you’ll learn about iris meanings, including color and spiritual meanings. In addition, you’ll learn about iris planting and care.

Table of Contents

What does the iris symbolize?

Detailed Iris Symbols and Meanings

Iris Flower Color Meanings

Blue Iris Flower Meaning

Purple Iris Flower Meaning

Red Iris Flower Meaning

Orange Iris Meaning

Pink Irises

Yellow Iris Flower

White Iris Flower Meaning

Brown Irises

Black Iris Meaning

Iris Flower Spiritual Meaning

Iris Symbolism in Christianity

Iris Meaning in Islam

Iris Mythology and Folklore

Iris Meaning in Greek Mythology

Iris Symbolism in Ancient Egypt

Iris Symbolism in France and the Fleur-de-Lis

Iris Symbolism in Asia

Iris Flower Tattoo Meaning

Planting Irises


Samhain is the harvest of the soul. In some traditions it is when the souls of those who died since the last Samhain move on, leaving our plane behind. In other traditions this is the time when the dearly departed return to pass on messages to us. Whatever the path, this is the time to honor the dead. Renew your home protection spells and start closing up in preparation for winter. Any garden or outdoor tools or furniture that are no longer needed should be cleaned up and put away with thanks for their service. Prep your garden and yard for winter, even if your garden, even if your garden is only a couple of planters of herbs. Pull out your heavier bedding and give it an airing out. Using needle and thread, add a few stiches of blue thread to a corner or inside seam to protect your sleep during the long, dark nights. Divination plays a role in Samhain. Ask your oracles what you need to lay to rest or end for the year.

By Rachel Henderson Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2023 page 139

Some Samhain Tarot Questions – Printable

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondences for Samhain

The Witches Correspondence for Samhain

Date: October 31st

Colours: Black, orange

Stones: Bloodstone, jet, obsidian, ruby, beryl, carnelian

Herbs: Bay leaf, mugwort, nutmeg, sage, wormwood

Foods: Apples, nuts, beef, turnips, pears, pomegranates, pumpkin, corn

Drinks: Mead, mulled wine, apple juice, absinthe

Flowers/Decorations: Chrysanthemum, hazel, thistle, pumpkin, autumn leaves

Type Of Magick/Activity: Banishing, breaking bad habits, divination, drying herbs, past life recall(see meditation page), clearing out everything you don’t want in the new year (habits and personal items).

Some Appropriate Goddesses: All crone and underworld Goddesses, Cerridwen (Welsh), Freya (Norse), Hecate (Greek), Morrigan (Celtic), Persephone (Greek), Rhiannon (Welsh)

Some Appropriate Gods: All old and underworld Gods, Cernunnos (Celtic), Anubis (Egyptian), Hades (Greek), Odin (Norse), Osiris (Egyptian)

Spell – Samhain Blessing Printable

Life in The Craft Magazine – Beltane/Samhain Issue

May 2023

This issue is posted as a sample of  some of the things that you will be able to get through WOTC’s Lady Carla Beltane’s Grimoire/Magazine on Patreon starting with the Litha (Summer Solstice)/Yule (Winter Solstice) Issue

Author Lady Beltane and Others


                                                                    TABLE of CONTENTS                                                                                        

Potato-Leek Soup                                                                                                                                                 

Rider – Waite Tarot Deck Major Arcana Information Card Number 0                    

Flower Moon Ritual for Scrying                                                                                                                      How to Make and Use a Scrying Mirror                                                                                                       

How to Make Black Salt                                                                                                                                   

What is Black Salt used for Spiritually?                                                                                                    

Introduction ritual to the Power Animal, Squirrel by Special Guest Author Doyen Shiro    


 Potato – Leek Soup

From Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000 Page 45 Recipe by Breid Foxsong

3 Leeks

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

4 ½ Pounds Unpeeled Potatoes

6 Cups Chicken (Vegetable) Broth

½ Pound Smoked Ham (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash the potatoes thoroughly, cube them, and set aside. Clean and dice the leeks. Heat olive oil in large pot. Sauté leeks for about two minutes 9if they start to brown, they’re done). Dump potatoes on top of lees and cover with the chicken (or vegetable) broth. Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Then take a potato masher and mash about half of the potatoes in the pot. These will thicken the soup and give it flavor. Dice the smoked ham and add it (optional). Simmer for about five minutes until the ham warms through. Add salt and pepper to taste (it won’t take much salt) and serve with French bread or oyster crackers on the side. Garnish with green onion, a sprig of parsley, or a dollap of sour cream. This soup freezes well and is almost better the second time it’s heated!

Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck Information

(Note from Lady Beltane: I choose to use the Rider Waite Tarot deck because it is the most widely known deck and its history goes back a century or maybe a little more.)

The following article and the individual card information come from the Tarot Cards List from the original Rider Waite Tarot Deck on


There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck. This Tarot cards list represents countless reading combinations and situations in one’s life. But still, is Tarot a mirror of the world around us or a reflection of our inner self? Tarot cards are not only for answering questions but also for asking questions.

Life obeys certain rules. Many of them are clear to us, but some cannot be explained logically and rationally. We try to understand what happens and try to make the right choice. Sometimes it seems to us that the world is mad and ruled by chaos. But our feelings tell us that everything does happen for a reason. Signs and symbols around us give clues to the understanding of phenomena. You just need to take a closer look at these signs and to look inside the subconscious – then, bizarre imagery will take the form of a well-defined structure.

That’s not so easy. It takes some patience and curiosity. The more we learn, the more we enhance brain functions. You also need to develop your intuition and have the right means at hand to develop these skills. One of these means is Tarot cards.

It can be difficult for novices to memorize the meanings of all tarot cards. Therefore, this list
of Tarot cards for beginners will allow you to quickly find the divinatory meaning and
description of the desired card.
The Tarot cards list can be divided into 22 cards of the major arcana, 40 of the minor arcana,
and 16 cards of the court.
• The major arcana are cards of destiny, symbolic patterns of old mystery.
• The minor arcana are numbered ace through 10. They represent the four suits:
wands, cups, swords, and pentacles.
• 16 court cards are royal figures divided into 4 court cards – Page, Knight, Queen,
and King – for each of the 4 suits.
Shown here is the Tarot cards list from the original vintage Rider-Waite Tarot deck. This deck
version was published from 1931 to 1940. The scans faithfully preserve the colors of the Tarot
cards themselves.
The Tarot card meanings given here are based on the works of Arthur Waite, Eden Gray, and Peter Ouspensky.

Information about the Major Arcana Number 0 Rider-Waite Tarot Cards


Tarot card meaning:

The subject of the reading is a dreamer, a mystic. He has the desire to accomplish a great goal. He must be
careful to make the right choice. If he thinks that “when ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise,” then he is
indeed the Fool.

Arthur E. Waite – The Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

With light step, as if earth and its trammels had little power to restrain him, a young man in gorgeous vestments
pauses at the brink of a precipice among the great heights of the world; he surveys the blue distance before himits expanse of sky rather than the prospect below.
His act of eager walking is still indicated, though he is stationary at the given moment; his dog is still bounding.
The edge which opens on the depth has no terror; it is as if angels were waiting to uphold him, if it came about
that he leaped from the height. His countenance is full of intelligence and expectant dream.
He has a rose in one hand and in the other a costly wand, from which depends over his right shoulder a wallet
curiously embroidered. He is a prince of the other world on his travels through this one-all amidst the morning
glory, in the keen air. The sun, which shines behind him, knows whence he came, whither he is going, and how
he will return by another path after many days.
He is the spirit in search of experience. Many symbols of the Instituted Mysteries are summarized in this card,
which reverses, under high warrants, all the confusions that have preceded it.
In his Manual of Cartomancy, Grand Orient has a curious suggestion of the office of Mystic Fool, as apart of his
process in higher divination; but it might call for more than ordinary gifts to put it into operation.
We shall see how the card fares according to the common arts of fortune-telling, and it will be an example, to
those who can discern, of the fact, otherwise so evident, that the Trumps Major had no place originally in the
arts of psychic gambling, when cards are used as the counters and pretexts. Of the circumstances under which
this art arose we know, however, very little.
The conventional explanations say that the Fool signifies the flesh, the sensitive life, and by a peculiar satire its
subsidiary name was at one time the alchemist, as depicting folly at the most insensate stage.

The Fool card divinatory meanings:

Folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication, delirium, frenzy, bewrayment.

P. D. Ouspensky – The Symbolism Of The Таrot :

And I saw another man.
Tired and lame he dragged himself along the dusty road, across the deserted plain under the scorching rays of
the sun. He glanced sidelong with foolish, staring eyes, a half smile, half leer on his face; he knew not where he
went, but was absorbed in his chimerical dreams which ran constantly in the same circle. His fool’s cap was put
on wrong side front, his garments were torn in the back; a wild lynx with glowing eyes sprang upon him from
behind a rock and buried her teeth in his flesh. He stumbled, nearly fell, but continued to drag himself along, all
the time holding on his shoulder a bag containing useless things, which he, in his stupidity, carried wherever he
Before him a crevice crossed the road and a deep precipice awaited the foolish wanderer. Then a huge crocodile
with open mouth crawled out of the precipice. And I heard the voice say:
“Look! This is the same man.”
I felt my head whirl.
“What has he in the bag?” I inquired, not knowing why I asked. And after a long silence the voice replied: “The
four magic symbols, the sceptre, the cup, the sword and the pentacle. The fool always carries them, although he
has long since forgotten what they mean. Nevertheless they belong to him, even though he does not know their
use. The symbols have not lost their power, they retain it in themselves.

Flower Moon Ritual

From Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000 Page 73 By Yasmine Galenorm

This month we honor the union of the God and Goddess and the life that springs forth. For this ritual, decorate your altar with a purple cloth, a chalice of wine, your athame, and two green candles. Arrange armfuls of flowers around the altar (live or fake will both work fine). Cast a circle and invoke the God and Goddess.

Sense the energy of the Goddess and Her mate and draw that power into yourself. Feel their connection as the embrace. As the energy builds, hold the athame over the chalice, focusing on its symbolic connection to the phallus of the God. Plunge the tip slowly into the chalice, which represents the vagina of the Goddess, and say:

As this athame enters the wine

So the God enters the Goddess

Their mating brings life to the Earth.

When finished, sip the wine and feel their power and passion within you. Offer the rest as a libation to the Earth.

Affirmation for the Flower Moon:

I am filled with strength and passion.

Scrying Mirrors: What Are They, and How To Make and Use Them


Have you ever wanted to see the future or speak with someone who has passed away? Using a scrying mirror is one potential way to do it.

What is a scrying mirror and how does it work? A scrying mirror or black mirror is a surface used for divination. You focus on a particular intention and stare into the mirror, and you might get visions related to your query.

In this article, you’ll learn what a scrying mirror is, how they work, and how to make and use one for yourself.

What Is A Scrying Mirror?

Scrying or seeing is a type of divination. In fact, scrying comes from a Middle English word that means “to divine.”

One of the earliest types of scrying that was done is water scrying, where a person looked into the surface of the water to get some kind of image or meaning. Over time this has evolved into using crystal balls and mirrors for a similar purpose.

A scrying mirror (also called a black mirror) is a shiny black surface used for divining. Lucky for you, it’s one of the easier divination tools that you can make by yourself. It costs very little money to make or buy. And it’s not any more difficult to learn than any other methods of divination.

In the past, scrying mirrors were made by polishing metals like brass or copper, or putting aluminum foil or mercury behind a piece of glass. Nowadays, polished obsidian is one of the more popular materials used for commercially available scrying mirrors.

Some people say that older mirrors will work better than newer ones, which can benefit you if you’re making your own scrying mirror. The size of the mirror doesn’t matter, and any size or shape can work.

How to Make a Scrying Mirror

If you’re looking to make your own scrying mirror, usually the best place to find your materials is in a thrift store. You might think that you’re looking for a used mirror, but actually a picture frame will work best for making your scrying mirror. Most scryers prefer to use a round mirror, but a square one will work just as well. So pick whatever frame speaks to you. But you need a frame that comes with a piece of glass, as this will be the reflective surface you use for scrying.

When you get home, you’ll want to clean the glass up a bit. Use window cleaner and a clean cloth to remove any streaks, smudges, and fingerprints.

When the glass is clean, lay it on a piece of newspaper. You’ll want to paint it with a black acrylic paint. A glossy or metallic paint will work best, but you can also use a matte black paint. The paint isn’t the shiny surface that will be reflected, the painted side of the glass will go at the back of the frame.You will probably need to do several thin coats of paint, allowing them to try in between, to make sure your glass is evenly covered without any streaks. Five or six coats is usually enough that you won’t be able to see through the paint when you hold it up to a light.

Once the final layer of paint is dry, you can pop it back in the frame. You want the painted side to be on the back, with the unpainted glass facing out.

Give the glass surface one final cleaning to remove any remaining streaks or smudges and you’re all set! You can add any magical sigils or symbols around the frame if you wish, but it’s not necessary.

If you don’t feel like putting in the time or effort to make a scrying mirror, you can just buy one. Here’s an Amazon link to one that I would recommend: Vranky 4.7″ Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

How To Use Your Scrying Mirror

Getting comfortable with using your scrying mirror will probably take some time and practice. If you’re either naturally gifted, or you’ve done other types of divination or a lot of meditation, the skill may come more quickly to you.

But before you start using your mirror, you’ll want to cleanse it and charge it up. Especially if you’re buying a scrying mirror from someone else or it’s a brand new mirror that’s never been used before, you’ll want to get rid of any old and potentially negative energies that have become attached to the object. Then you’ll want to bless it to add positive energies to it.

Depending on your particular tradition, there are a variety of different banishing rituals that you can use for this. I’d recommend using whatever feels most comfortable to you. And if you don’t have a ritual of your own, you can simply look some up and see what one speaks to you. One of the simplest ways to cleanse and charge your mirror is to simply leave it in the light of a full moon overnight.

All that you need to scry is your mirror. But you can make the process as elaborate or simple as you like. If you have an alter and want to make a whole ritual out of it, feel free. You can cast a magic circle, or whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Using a scrying mirror is best done in low lighting conditions. You can either use candles on either side of the mirror in a dark room, or use a dim light.

You will need to place the mirror at an angle so that you aren’t able to see your own reflection.

Then it’s simply a matter of gazing into the mirror and getting in to a state of meditation and letting your mind be empty. You can also ask a particular question that you’re looking for answers to. It can help to almost look past or through the mirror, rather than at its surface. Don’t think of anything specific, just let your mind wander and do whatever. At first it may just look black or grey, and eventually you’ll start to see colors appear and disappear. The images that appear may be very hazy at first. But with enough practice they can become as clear as a movie or photograph.

At first you only want to scry for about 10 or 15 minutes at a time, but you can work up to several hours or however long you wish. You might get actual visions either in the mirror or in your mind, or you might just get an intuitive feeling while looking into the mirror.

It’s a good idea to keep a pen and notepad next to your scrying mirror so you can write down what you saw as soon as you’re done. Just like a dream, the visions and thoughts might start to quickly fade if you don’t record them right away.

A Scientific Explanation for Scrying

You’re probably familiar with some spooky games that kids sometimes play with mirrors during sleepovers, like Bloody Mary. The basic idea of the game is to stare into a dimly lit mirror for a few minutes, sometimes repeating specific words or a phrase over and over until something happens.

Part of this is just autosuggestion. When you put yourself in a spooky situation and expect to see something, you’re priming yourself for something weird to happen. So to some degree, it’s people just psyching themselves out.

But there’s actually a documented phenomenon that helps explain this called Troxler fading or the Troxler effect. The basic gist is that if you stare at a face for long enough, an optical illusion happens where the image starts to change for you. There’s nothing paranormal going on here, but it’s something weird happening between your eyes and brain. But to you, if you stare at your face long enough it will start to change and look really spooky.

 Scrying Mirror Safety Rules

  • Don’t scry for more than 20 minutes when you first start. There are legends that people can become addicted to the visions they see or go insane. But on a practical level, it can just be really draining on your energy at first when you’re not used to it.
  • Don’t use your scrying mirror for any other purpose. Your scrying mirror should be used for just scrying. It’s a dedicated tool and shouldn’t be hung up and used everyday like a regular mirror. It’s best if you wrap it in a soft cloth and put it away when not in use.
  • Don’t let other people look at it. Another reason to keep your scrying mirror put away is so other people can’t gaze into its surface. The exception is if someone else wants to use it for a ritual purpose.
  • Scrying works best during a new moon or full moon, but you can use it at any time. But night time is preferred over scrying in a dark room during the day, just because of the energy and ambiance associated with it.
  • Don’t allow anything to reflect in the mirror. That includes objects in your room, or your own reflection. Your scrying mirror should just be like a dark window or tunnel to nowhere.
  • It’s recommended to cast a circle of protection or visualize your area being surrounded by a protecting white light before you start scrying. It may help protect you from evil spirits, demons, or other spiritual tricksters who may try to deceive you.
  • Record your experiences in a journal so you can keep track of them and come back to them.
  • Make sure that you set an intention for your session. If you just stare into your mirror with no intention or not hoping to see anything in particular, then anything might come to you. Including stuff you might not want to see, including predictions of the future like your own death or other grisly details.
  • Don’t forget to relax. Allow yourself to have a few minutes to settle in and take some deep breaths before you get started.

Q: Are scrying mirrors safe?
A: Using scrying mirrors are generally considered safe. Nothing is going to come out of the mirror and grab you or anything like that. Although the same warnings that apply to a Ouija board or any other kind of divination apply. Some people believe scrying mirrors can act like portals to other dimensions, but you’ll have to come to your own conclusions and decide if you think it’s safe for yourself.


Scrying is one of the oldest types of divination in existence. Originally people used water for scrying, but nowadays the use of a crystal ball or scrying mirror is more common and popular.

Making your own scrying mirror is pretty inexpensive and easy, just requiring a picture frame with a piece of glass and some black paint. You can also buy scrying mirrors if you don’t want to make one yourself.

Some people believe that scrying allows you to see into the future or communicate with spirits. While more skeptical people can explain most of the phenomenon as an optical illusion called Troxler fading that people experience when staring at a face or surface for a long time.

How to Make Black Salt

From White Witch Grimoire   By Willow


Black salt is a must-have ingredient in any witch’s apothecary. Used for protection, banishing, and breaking hexes, it’s easy to make and can be a useful ingredient in powders, potions, and candles.

Just use the ingredients listed to below to make yours. If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can use a food processor or even a grinder, but make sure to wash afterward.


  1. Activated charcoal – I use charcoal disks and keep them in a jar. There is always a pile of it at the bottom to use but you can just take some from your own grill or fire pit.
  2. Sea salt
  3. Corresponding incense ashes
  4. Ashes from a successful spell

There are many ways to make this salt, but this is the simple recipe that I use. Make sure not to use too much sea salt, because it will turn out lighter than you may want.

Black salt is used in protection and has so much power, but guess what? There is way more than just one way to make it.

Today, I’m giving you seven. Yessss….seven!

Sympathetically, salt protects. Remember the graveyard scene in Hocus Pocus?

Traditionally, it drives away the evelllll…including those fucking neighbors who keep walking across your land with their damn dogs…..oh, well that doesn’t happen anymore here. It’s black salt and some dancing around my fire pit for the win. They all scared of the witch who lives on Clayton

Don’t think when I get mysterious deliveries that shit doesn’t sit in a salt circle for a while…because it does.

We go through so much salt around here, Derwood and I keep Costco hopping, but let’s get into it. Black salt can be made a lot of ways, and depending on how I will use it, I use many different methods. Today you get seven, because God don’t like ugly and I have stuff. I do thangs. If I add sulfur and a few other things, I’m taking power from someone or something. Black Salt at it’s base is just salt, ashes and charcoal. Let’s mix it up.

Black Salt Recipe #1:Traditional
Take cauldron scrapings, charcoal, incense ashes, mix with some sea salt, grind it.

Black Salt Recipe #2:Attractive
Take some ashes (dealer’s choice) add iron filings or lodestone food, salt, grind.

Black Salt Recipe #3:Banishing & Protective
Take the ashes of your work, mix with some red brick dust, and burned herbs to banish, salt, grind.

Black Salt Recipe #4:Spiritual
Take the ashes from the burning of your ancestor money, add burned herbs for protection, salt, grind.

Black Salt Recipe #5:Normally what you see on the internet
Take ashes from incense, activated charcoal, salt, grind.

Black Salt Recipe #6:Sympathetic
Take ashes from your work, cauldron, incense, charcoal, salt, grind. Add things that are sympathetic to this magick. Crystal chips, hair…yeah I said hair. Dried citrus, dried anything. Burnt offerings.

Black Salt Recipe #7:Protective
Ashes from cauldron, charcoal, salt, cascarilla, grind.A note about salt – I use all kinds of salt. No certain type and no wrong way to do this.A note about culinary black salt – yeah. Add it. You can use this if you have no charcoal or salt.A note about charcoal, it’s not a cook-out, it’s activated. Use the crumbs from your disks if you need to but not Kingsford.A note about petitions – yeah the ashes should be in your cauldron, use them.A note about herbs – I included ashes from my maryjane in a few of these. Depends on what’s going on, if I’ve smoked instead of vaped or eaten. Just depends You do you.

How can we use black salt?

Across doorways and windows. Add to moon water, urine or even floral waters and use a paintbrush and paint sigils about anywhere.

Create a circle for ritual or spell work.

Keep it in a bottle and carry it.

Add to spell jars.

Any place you want the protection, use it.

Happy spelling!

Blessed Be.

What is Black Salt used for Spiritually? [Different Methods]

From by Tina Caro

Black salt is so good for many different uses and, especially when it comes to magic, it can definitely be a great ingredient for some spiritual work. Let’s see what we need to know about it and what black salt is used for spiritually.

What is black salt used for spiritually?

Black salt is an ancient magic recipe of simple preparation that can eliminate negative energy from your home or business, ward off unwanted guests and prevent them from returning again, and protect you or your home from the influences of third parties such as family or unwanted neighbors.

You can use it to drive away rivals, insufferable coworkers, and all those unpleasant, negative, and even bad people who may be complicating your life.

The old preparation is as follows: dried bay leaf, cumin, black pepper, and sea salt are needed.

In a saucepan, first, burn the dried bay leaf and the cumin until they are ashy.

Once this is mixed with the sea salt, if you have sulfur, put it a little and crush and mix everything.

Spiritual uses of black salt

Purifying of witchy tools

Stones, amulets, talismans, and crystals, when cleaned with the salt of the witches, empowers them with more power in addition to purifying them.

Removes negative energy

Pour a little black salt on the threshold of the main entrance to your house. This prevents negative energy from entering.

If you have unexpected or unwanted visitors, neighbors who disturb the good atmosphere of your house, or unpleasant guests and you want them to not come back, you can sprinkle or throw a little black salt on their backs when they leave. Next, you close the door, pour the salt along the door on the inside, and don’t look back. That person will not bother you again, at least at home.

For protection

This black salt adopts the energies and qualities of the plants used in it; in my case, I make different types of black salt to use in different spells and rituals, but in this case, we are going to focus on the most common salt, which is for protection (the most basic in the arsenal of any witch).

These are some basic ways to use it, but it has hundreds more and they vary according to the herbs used to make it, although, as I have already said, it is a rather protective tool.

Having a small bottle on your nightstand or sprinkling a little under your bed before going to sleep drives away the negative energies that haunt your room or rest area and protects you from bad dreams or nightmares.

Fill a small bottle with this salt and carry it around your neck, in your bag, or in a pocket. It will protect you from envy and all kinds of negative energy and will be a fantastic lucky charm.

To counter negativity, anoint a black candle with this salt and light it in the middle of a circle of protection.

If you have a lot of psychic activity near you, if everything is going negatively lately and you are surrounded by bad energies or envious or harmful people, you do not want people to transmit bad vibrations to you or your home. You can sprinkle the salt along your front door or on the edge of your garden if you have one, so you will be protected from all the negative things around you.

Hiding a bag of black salt in a key place at your work can help you to drive away and absorb everything that is left in the environment, including anger, negativity, states of bad humor, or envy that may come from colleagues or bosses.

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To make or break curses

For those people who are dedicated to high magic who already have the experience, this salt is a great tool because, in addition to the above, it is very useful in rituals to make or break curses, ward off unwanted guests or entities, banish people or entities who are in the wrong place, counter the magic of other witches, and even to send away or hang nasty spirits.

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For spellwork

These are just some basic ideas of how you can implement this salt in your works or spells; you can use it in many of the rituals that you have already have built. In my rituals and on my altar, I use this salt since its powers are more powerful because they have all the properties of the protection herbs and the energies that I have put into it.

Before you start a ritual or spell, put a pinch of black salt in each corner of the room to chase away negative entities.

Replace normal salt with black salt in your spells, using different plants to increase the power of the spell. For example, if you are looking for the abundance you can use cinnamon, fern, cactus, geranium, etc.

Full moon spell bath with black salt

Recharge spiritually and feel brand new with this full moon spell bath with black salt!

This is appropriate for when we need a change in our life. In this case, make a bath on the night of the full moon, adding seven handfuls of black salt to the warm water and relaxing in that bath for 20 minutes.

Throughout the next month, you will feel that you have removed the barriers that prevented you from achieving your goals.

The full moon is the perfect time to leave the past behind, cleanse your aura spiritually from negativity and obstacles, and get ready to set brand new intentions for the next phase of your life.

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If you don’t have a bathtub, the way to do this would be by rubbing your entire body with this salt and leaving it on for a few minutes (it’s best if you can do 20 minutes), and then rinse your entire body with plenty of water, feeling that all the obstacles you have in your life are going away.

Repeat this ritual when you feel you need a spiritual boost!

This is an Introduction ritual to the Power Animal, Squirrel. by Doyen Zehra

I hope it Serve many Well, Doyen Zehra

SQUIRREL INTRODUCTION (all times listed are Eastern zone)

May 7th at 8 AM – meditate on the subject of Acceptance

May 12th between 4 and 7 AM – meditate on the subject of True Balance

May 22nd between sunrise and sunset – meditate for Clarity

May 22nd at NOON –

Beforehand, Prepare a spray made of water and oil of cedar, cypress, or pine – make it Balanced as 8 to 1 and Recognize that Earth plus Water plus Water equals Air

Altar on the bare earth:

  1. an Offering which is either yellow, brown, or green, and edible

Bring into the circle a bag of frozen peas, frozen blueberries, or frozen raspberries.

Bring into the circle a small piece of paper and a marker (these will be kept on your person).

Bring into the circle a piece of tree agate, malachite, or green aventurine (this stone will be kept on your person).

Cast the circle solid by spraying all the way round, thorough. 3 times round.

As you walk round, Squirrel will Speak,

“Come Come Within that you be left Without

Stay Stay a while that you may Learn of doubt

Come Come Within

Gather, Gather

Walk Walk Within and Be when Without”

He Needs You to Feel for His words

 Welcome the four Watchtowers, if You wish

Welcome Squirrel with a slight bow and the words, “Fair Welcome”, or similar.

Reach into the bag of frozen peas, frozen blueberries, or frozen raspberries, and taking a good-sized handful, toss them randomly about the circle. Be With Your happy! And dance!

Take to sitting, comfortable but Aware –

gather the Unique items in your reach – be that the blades of grass, the weeds, the flowers, the nuts, the soil, gather the Unique – this is Your Gift, this is Your Honor – to gather the Unique.

With your gathered, take to lying, eyes open and spirit Aware, Know the Earth below and the Air above – this is a Balance, Know this. Take a Time of relaxation – and Squirrel will Speak.

After You have Given Time Proper –

Wander slowly about the circle and gather all the frozen peas, frozen blueberries, or frozen raspberries you can find, counting them as you go. It doesn’t matter if you find all that you strew!

When you feel that you have gathered all comfortable, make a note of the number. Keep the number, on the piece of paper, with your person.

Thank and Release Squirrel with a slight bow and the words, “Good Meeting”, or something similar.

Thank and Release the four Watchtowers, if Welcomed

Open the circle fluidly by spraying all the way round, sparsely. 1 time round.

As you walk round, Squirrel will Speak,

“We Came Together

to Learn of Tall,

to Earn of All.

Be that the tether”

He Needs You to Feel for His words

And know that the number you have written down is the number of Lessons He has Brought to You.

The Stone you chose is now your aid in Connection to Power Animal, Squirrel. You may carry it with you always, or when you particularly Feel a Need for His Wisdoms.

The frozen peas, frozen blueberries, or frozen raspberries you hold may be Set to nourish the animals. You may retrieve or let lie, the ones strewn.

Weekly Horoscope Sunday, April 30 to Saturday, May 6, 2023

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All Signs

There are times when we see things clearly and we know what we want to do. This week is not one of them. Instead, we have situations that are confusing. We might hesitate or be indecisive. That’s okay. If you’re not sure what to do – do nothing. Hold your ground. Naturally, there are some bright spots, because there always are, aren’t there? Life is like that. Nevertheless, the Lunar eclipse on Friday, May 5 will be volatile for many. Avoid nasty types. Avoid potential violence or dangerous neighbourhoods. Tread carefully if you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Be patient. Be loving. Be kind. Use your common sense. And remember: the email of the species is more deadly than the mail.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The key to handling this week is not to jump in to anything without looking. Because you are a fast-acting, impulsive person, this will require a little self-discipline on your part. Relations with daily contacts – siblings, relatives and neighbours might be confusing. Assume nothing. Meanwhile, domestic matters and family conversations could get aggressive. On top of that, financial situations are full of surprises (this includes your earnings as well as taxes, debt and shared property). Nevertheless, lucky, moneybags Jupiter is in your sign! Don’t sweat the small stuff. You have divine protection.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You have to tread carefully because at some point this week, the Moon will be opposite your sign, and especially, it will be opposite Uranus in your sign, which could trigger surprises you didn’t expect. Meanwhile, double check financial matters because there might be confusion about money or something that you own. Be very clear, especially when dealing with your possessions. Major – your car. Minor – your dry-cleaning. Deception is possible. (Yikes!) Arguments with daily contacts might also arise. Remember that patience is the antidote to anger. Stay chill. Then you’re Teflon.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

In many ways, you will probably fly through this week relatively unscathed because it just so happens that three planets in your sign are actually “hiding” in your chart, which means you’re very happy to play things low-key and stay behind the scenes. This is probably a good move. When the going gets tough – the tough stay home with Doritos. With Venus in your sign, your impulse will be to be charming and diplomatic. Nevertheless, relations with others, especially authority figures will be confused. You might misread the signs. Others might be mistaken and actually accuse you of something. Disputes about money or possessions might also arise. (Keeps getting better, doesn’t it?) But these are minor things you can handle. The key is to maintain your cool. Don’t feed the problem.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You are a sensitive sign. Your feelings are easily hurt. (Yes, they are.) This week, you might feel caught in the crossfire between friends, groups, kids, romantic partners, family members – you name it. The thing to know is that fiery Mars is in your sign, which means you are not going to go gentle into that good night. So this is what you have to ask yourself. If you use this pent-up, aggressive energy to defend yourself or to attack someone else – will this make things better for you? Probably, the best way for things to be better for you is for you to sidestep any nastiness entirely. Buy an ice cream cone. That is good way to absorb your mind and your mouth for at least 11 minutes.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

This week there will be upsides and downsides. You have the good fortune of having great lighting because the Sun is at the top of your chart, and this makes you look fabulous in the eyes of others even if you don’t do anything special. So you have this advantage. Ideally, one does not want to blow it, right? Meanwhile, you might find yourself at odds with a parent or a family member. This week, a “hidden enemy” or someone behind the scenes might not have your best interests at heart. A friend or a member of a group might confuse you to the point that you don’t know what they expect, or even if they’re still your friend? Nevertheless, travel opportunities are at hand. And no matter what – you know how to accessorize.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Let’s face it, the only thing that should be in hot water is a tea bag. Therefore, be smart and steer clear of controversial subjects because this is where things could go off the rails for you this week. Don’t take the bait. You don’t have to win. You don’t have to convince others to agree with you. Also be aware that smooth-talking bosses (or authority figures) might confuse you or even fool of you. “Fool” me? What does that mean? Generally, it means they’re lying. Issues with a friend or a member of a group might be dicey. One thing is certain, if you can travel or get outta Dodge – you will, because you want a change of scenery. In particular, you will love to learn something new.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Be careful about financial agreements and banking matters because surprises and disputes might arise. Therefore, stay on top of things. Do your homework. Know what’s going on because if you snooze — you lose. Meanwhile, you might find yourself feeling pressured by a parent or a pushy boss. (Possibly, you are the one who is being pushy?) Either way, be aware that on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon is in your sign, which means you will most likely get your way, because you have a slight advantage over all the other signs. However, you will also most likely be a tad emotional on those days as well. Forewarned is forearmed.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Your challenge this week is to keep things sweet and reasonable with partners, spouses and close friends. Especially on Thursday and Friday. When it rains, we use umbrellas. When it’s cold, we have winter coats. It’s always possible to find a way to deal with a challenge; and you are a strong-willed, self-disciplined sign who can meet almost any challenge – and you know it. Double check financial dealings, especially with shared property, banks and insurance issues. If you think something fishy is going on – it is. Steer clear of controversial subjects, especially politics and religion. Work with what you’ve got but don’t push the river. Stay calm and be realistic. You’ve got this.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Delays, mistakes and a few surprises could impact your job, your work and even your health. Incidentally, those of you who own pets, should be extra vigilant this week, especially Thursday and Friday. Be careful to avoid an accident with your pet. Squabbles about shared property and inheritances might briefly bubble to the surface. Whatever this is – you can handle it. You might find relations with a close friend or spouse a bit vague, especially if someone doesn’t admit something. Well, we’ve all been there. It’s important to know if you’re going to crayon on the wall – do it behind the sofa.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Guard against sports accidents this week because there’s a strong possibility for this to happen. This week will also be challenging dealing with your kids; and likewise, it will be a rocky road for romance. When it comes to your kids, be vigilant and know where they are and what they’re doing to avoid accidents or any mishaps that could cause regrets. Be smart and be aware. When it comes to your main squeeze, you might have to agree to disagree. Plus, you don’t have to be right. Don’t take people for granted because you never know how long they will be in your life. Consider that no matter what your differences are – once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Be patient with home and with family this week for your own peace of mind – and theirs. Misunderstandings and outbursts, especially with relatives or parents you haven’t seen for a while could ruin the harmony you want at home. Domestic harmony is important because when things at home are running smoothly, this helps you in every other area of your life. (And vice versa!) Romance might disappoint because someone is deceptive. Don’t back your kids into a corner so that the only way out is to lie. Be patient with coworkers because you still have to work with them next week. These are the considerations on your plate, which you knew anyway because you’re futuristic and 50 years ahead of your time.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

This is an accident-prone week for you so pay attention to everything you say and do. Be aware. Be mindful. Don’t be hasty. Today I retired my new lovely slippers that kept tripping me up on area carpets. (Splat!) But I didn’t do it willingly. I stalled. I had to go through two (yes, two) near crazy falls before I admitted I was being stupid and reckless. I’m wearing my old slippers again – but I’m no longer tempting an accident waiting to happen. Slow down and think before you speak. Be clear in family discussions, especially if things are confusing. Be patient with kids and romantic partners. This way you will skate through this week with a smile.