Flower Meaning, Symbolizes, and Spiritual Meaning – Iris

Iris Flower Meanings & Symbolism + Iris Planting & Care

Iris flower meanings include nobility, chivalry, wisdom, messages, faith, and purity. With nearly 300 species that come in a variety of colors, the iris has inspired storytellers and artists for centuries. In this post, you’ll learn about iris meanings, including color and spiritual meanings. In addition, you’ll learn about iris planting and care.

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What does the iris symbolize?

Detailed Iris Symbols and Meanings

Iris Flower Color Meanings

Blue Iris Flower Meaning

Purple Iris Flower Meaning

Red Iris Flower Meaning

Orange Iris Meaning

Pink Irises

Yellow Iris Flower

White Iris Flower Meaning

Brown Irises

Black Iris Meaning

Iris Flower Spiritual Meaning

Iris Symbolism in Christianity

Iris Meaning in Islam

Iris Mythology and Folklore

Iris Meaning in Greek Mythology

Iris Symbolism in Ancient Egypt

Iris Symbolism in France and the Fleur-de-Lis

Iris Symbolism in Asia

Iris Flower Tattoo Meaning

Planting Irises