A Very Short Survey – We REALLY Want to Know Your Preferences

Your preferences do count!

 1 D0, you prefer detailed information or just highlights for the different divination topics we post?

A – Detailed

B – Highlights

Do you have a certain pantheon you would like to read more about?

A – Celtic

B – Greek

C – Roman

D – Egyptian

E – Other – please put a specific pantheon or two with this letter.

3 Any other suggestions for posts you would like to see.

This is your website more than ours so, please let us know by putting the question number and letter for your answers in the comments section or by emailing your likes or dislikes to ladybeltane@witchesofthecraft.com. Thank you so much, from Lady Carla Beltane and all the WOTC Staff for taking time out of your busy day to answer these 3 questions!


13 thoughts on “A Very Short Survey – We REALLY Want to Know Your Preferences

  1. 1-B
    3-I’d love help sourcing Asian magic information if it’s available. The links to blogs for more information is great! I would definitely look into any book sources you can recommend also.

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  2. I can’t leave my comment on your web page for some reason… 1.  A2 B

    Jennifer Brooking

    Happiness postponed until dreams are realized is happiness that never comes.

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