Crafting Your Own Sacred Schedule – Part 8

How Do You Celebrate?

Now, all this exploration doesn’t mean that every day you note as important must be acknowledged with elaborate ritual. Lighting a candle on your altar, taking a few moments to meditate outside, or preparing a favorite meal of a deceased loved one all work beautifully. If you know a particular day is going to hit you hard emotionally or mentally, then remember to schedule self-care of some kind. That can be anything from taking a cleansing bath to scheduling an outing with friends to dedicating the day to doing community service.

Copyright by Laura Tempst Zakroof Llewellyn;s Witches’ Datebook 2020 Pages 20 to 23

One thought on “Crafting Your Own Sacred Schedule – Part 8

  1. I never go out to celebrate. (In ‘that way’) I think I have grown beyond that stage 🤔 I rather spend my (almost) all the time studying, now harder than ever 📚 💻 Gathering all possible info from the net and reading books. I randomly listen some my favorite music, if I only have time for it 🎵 Spend time also with my mom (parents) and my cat 🐈 ❤️ I also love to help my friends here on WordPress, what comes to community service, I think I try to do my best to learn it.


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