Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondences Magickal Woods and Their Uses c. 2011

Magickal Woods and Their Uses

Apple: Love, healing, immortality

Apricot: Love

Ash: Protection prosperity, health, the sea.

Bamboo: Protection, luck, hex-breaking

Birch: Protection, banishing, purification

Cherry: Love, divination

Chestnut: Love, strength, money, healing

Cypress: Longevity, healing, comfort, protection

Dogwood: Wishes, protection

Elder: Banishing, protection, healing, wards off attackers, prosperity, sleep

Note: Some Wiccan traditions believe that the elder is sacred to the Goddess and therefore should not be cut or used; however, the leaves and berries are used in spells.

Elm: Love

Fig: Divination, fertility, love

Hawthorn: Fertility, happiness

Hazel: Luck, protection, wishes, anti-lightning

Hickory: Longevity, legal matters

Holly: Protection, luck dream magick

Juniper: Protection, love banishing, health, anti-theft

Magnolia: Fidelity, enjoyment, riches

Maple: Love, money, longevity

Mesquite: Healing

Mimosa: Protection, love, dreams, prophecy, purification

Mulberry: Protection, magickal focus, strength

Oak: All-purpose

Orange: Love, money, luck, divination

Peach: Love, fertility, wishes, banishment, longevity

Pear: Love

Pine: Healing, protection, banishment, money, anti-hunger

Plum: Healing

Poplar: Money, success, personal riches

Rowan: All-purpose

Walnut: Health, mental powers, wishes

Willow: Divination, love, protection, healing.