A Laugh for Today

(A Thought for Today) The Goddess Speaks……The Witch Said What? c. 2019

A Thought for Today – The Witch Said What?!c. 2019

A thought to start your week with…

Blessed be dear Sisters, Brothers, and honored Guests!

C. 2019 A Though for Today – The Witch Said What?!

c. 2018 A Laugh for Today – In Regards to Dealing With People………The Witch Said What?

Flashback 2018 – A Thought for Today – You’re On A Witchcraft Page(I Love This One)……………..The Witch Said What?

This comes to us thanks to Lady of the Abyss. Originally posted on WOTC on June 10, 2018.

Dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may the Great Mother and Great Father, Lord and Lady, bless you and your family with all things positive!

Flashback 2018 – A Laugh for Today – Don’t Flatter Yourself……..The Witch Said What?

Flashback 2019 _ A Laugh for Today – Ms. Witch (Wild and Crazy is in Rare Form Today)……The Witch Said What?

A Thought for Today Flashback 2019 – Be Proud…….The Witch Said What?

This is one of the last few posts done by WOTC’s founder Lady of the Abyss. I am missing my dear friend and sister today so many of the posts for today will have been originally posts a few years ago by Lady Abyss.

A Thought for Today

Blessed be dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests!

The Lady Witch Said What?!

Remember to walk to the beat of your own drummer dear sisters.

The Witch Said What?!


The Witch Said What?!

The Witch Said What?!

Happy whimsical Wednesday!

I hope this brings you a big smile or better yet a good laugh.

Enjoy your day we are half-way to Friday!!

Blessed be dear Sisters, Brothers, and honored Guests.