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The Witch’s Rune

Darksome night and shining moon
Hearken to the witch’s rune
East then south, west then north
Here come I to call thee forth
Earth and Water, Air and Fire
Work ye unto my desire
Wand and Pentacle and Sword
Hearken ye unto my word
Cords and Censor, Scourge and Knife
Waken all ye into life
Power of the Witch’s Blade
Come ye as the charm is made
Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell
Lend your aid unto the spell
Horned Hunter of the Night
Work my will by magick rite
By all the power of Land and Sea
As I do will, so mote it be
By all the might of moon and sun
Chant the spell and be it done.
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Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[Second Degree]

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft -A.4. The Initiation (1949)[Second Degree]

[Second Degree]
Magus binds Witch as before, but does not blindfold her, and circumambulates with her, proclaims to the four quarters, “Hear, ye Mighty Ones, (name), a duly consecrated Priestess and Witch, is now properly prepared to be made a High Priestess and Witch Queen.”
Magus now leads her thrice around the circle with the half-running, half-dancing step, halts south of the altar, has the Witch kneel, and ties her down to the altar as before.
Magus: “To attain this sublime degree, it is necessary to suffer and be purified.  Art ready to suffer to Learn?”
Priestess Witch: “I am.”
Magus: “I prepare thee to take the great oath.”
He strikes three knells on the bell, and again gives the series of three, seven, nine, and 21 strokes with the scourge as before.
Magus: “I now give thee a new name: _______. [kiss]
Magus: “Repeat thy new name after me, <saying> I, (name), swear upon my mother’s womb and by mine Honor among men and among my brothers and sisters of the Art, that I will never reveal to any at all any of the secrets of the Art, except it be to a worthy person, properly prepared, in the center of a Magic Circle, such as I am now in.  This I swear by my hopes of Salvation, my past lives, and my hopes of future ones to come, and I devote myself to utter destruction if I break this my solemn oath.”
Magus kneels, placing left hand under her knees and right hand on her head, thus forming magic link.
Magus: “I hereby will all my power into you.” Wills.
Magus now unties her feet, unties the Cable Tow from the altar, and helps the Witch to her feet.
Magus: “I hereby sign and consecrate you with the great Magic Sign. Remember how it is formed and you will always recognize it.
“I consecrate thee with oil.” (He anoints her with oil on her womb, right breast, left hip, right hip, left breast, and womb again, thus tracing a point-down pentacle.)
“I consecrate thee with wine.” (He anoints her with wine in the same pattern.)
“I consecrate thee with my lips” (he kisses her in the same pattern), “High Priestess and Witch Queen.”
Magus now unbinds Witch’s hands and removes the cord, saying, “Newly made High Priestess and Witch Queen” [kiss] “you will now use the working tools in turn.  First, the Magic Sword; with it you will scribe the Magic Circle [kiss]
“Secondly, the Athame” (Form Circle) [kiss]
“Thirdly, the White Handled Knife” (use) [kiss]
“Fourthly, the Wand” (Wave to 4 Quarters) [kiss]
“Fifthly, the Pentacle” (Show to 4 Quarters) [kiss]
“Sixthly, the Censer of Incense” (Circle, cense) [kiss]
“Seventhly, the cords; bind me as I bound you.”
Witch binds Magus and ties him to Altar.
Magus: “Learn, in Witchcraft, thou must ever return triple.  As I scourged thee, so thou must scourge me, but triple. So where you received 3, return 9; where you received 7, return 21; where you received 9, return 27; where you received 21, return 63.”
Witch scourges Magus as instructed, 120 strokes total.
Magus: “Thou hast obeyed the Law.  But mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.”
Witch now unbinds Magus and helps him to his feet.
Magus, taking the new Initiate by the hand and holding the Athame in the other, passes once round the Circle, proclaiming at the Four Quarters, “Hear, Ye Mighty Ones, (name) hath been duly consecrated High Priestess and Witch Queen.”
(Note, if ceremony ends here, close circle with “Hail and farewell.” If not go to next degree.)

Let’s Talk Witch – Gem And Stones


Let’s Talk Witch – Gem And Stones

From ancient times to civilized times precious and semi-precious stones have always held our fascination. Their beauty is natural and everlasting. Natural Magickians have recognized this beauty and fascination and have used stones in their magick for centuries. They give an extra push of energy onto your desired goal.

Stones are used for many purposes including Meditation, Divination, Healing, magickal oil blends or even crushed in some incense recipes. All gems,stones, crystals hold their own energies or “vibrations”. They respond instantly to the expressed intent of your will. Gem properties are easy for a beginner to master and help build both self confidence and self esteem. There are no rules that you must follow and don’t let anyone tell you that there is! It is a personal journey within yourself and you can learn to use stones in just the right way for you.

You can carry them, burn them, add them to your favorite magickal oil blend, place them around the home, in the car, at the office , anywhere you feel the energies are wanted. We ourselves are still learning all about the wonderous ways of gems and stones. A journey that we hope will never end! Stones predate humans by centuries and can show us our true selves because of that fact. They are symbols for forces far beyond words or cold-hard facts. They are there to show us what is already there within and around ourselves.

There are various uses for the beautiful stones. It is up to you how they are used. This is a mystical journey, no magick is needed other than that of your possession of whichever stone you choose. Get to know each stones properties, learn how these stones can enrich both your personal and spiritual life in unlimited wondrous ways.


One of the most often asked questions about gemstone magick is:
“How do I choose my stone/gem/crystal?”

And the most common answer is:
“Don’t worry. They choose you”

As stated before, stones and gems have their own particular vibration and energy. When you are really serious about finding your stone you will understand this. If you have a chance to plunge your hand into a large barrel of different stones, you will know which ones just “feel” right. Some people experience a feeling of heat when holding a certain stone, others say they feel happy or safe when holding a certain stone. Sometimes its: “It just caught my eye and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it out of my mind.” That’s what is meant by a stone finding you.

A good start in finding the right stone is if you have a goal in mind for the stone. Since there are such a great number of stones available this helps limit your choices. Know the properties of each stone and you will find the one you are looking for; the right shade and shape will become important to you too.

If there is no goal in mind, you just want or need a “special little stone”, see which one jumps out at you, or pass your hand over several stones and feel the energy that comes to you. Try meditating for the right one. Again, knowing the properties of stones may help you in this. The different shapes of the stones will be an important factor in choosing your stones.


Round shaped gems and stones are a symbol of magick and its workings. The means for the opening of psychic awareness and spirituality. Receptive to all powers. Used in all attraction wishes such as love, money and spirituality.


Square shaped stones are masculine in nature and generally considered to be used for building or creating something new or altering something old. A form of stability and endurance.


Triangles are a sign of the three points of humankind; the mind, body and spirit. Able to discern between the four elements. Used primarily for repelling and neutralizing negativity, and for gathering and releasing of all the energies for your intended desire.


Pear shapes are a combination of both the round and triangle. Used primarily in associations with the element of Water, it is both receptive and projective. A great shape for balancing of emotions or any wish dealing with psychism or Faerie Magick.


Rod shaped or Wand shaped are a sign of masculinity. Also commonly referred to as “phallic”. Projective energies, used primarily for a wish for someone, for the intent to be projected towards another.


Congratulations To Our September Raffle Winner!

I have been aiming to do this and do this. I am so sorry I am running so late. So without further ado………..

Congratulation Chrystal George!

You are our winner for the September Raffle!

Remember you have the choice of the beautiful oak Wand or the Tarot Card. Please contact us and let us know. Also we need to verify your mailing address at that time.

Again, Congratulations sweetie!

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s raffle. We deeply appreciate all your love and support of the WOTC. Thanks to you, we met all our obligations! Thank You Again!


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"A Just Because Raffle" How's that grab ya'?

I decided what the heck. I like raffles, ya’ll like raffles. So let’s have one more than once in a blue moon. What do you say? I believe when you see the next beauty coming up for raffling you will say, “OH, HECK YES!” Take a gander…

Beautiful Hand carved Oak Wand

Held sacred by the Greeks, Norse, Druids, and the Native Americans, the oak  tree was generally believed to possess potent magic among a wide range  of cultures. In many cultures, the oak was very much associated with the sky and lighting, as it is frequently struck by lightning during  thunderstorms. For this reason, it was generally held as sacred to gods  of thunder or lightning, such as Zeus or Thor. It was also said to be  lucky, and to impart magical wisdom to those who embraced it or carved a piece of oak into a magical wand.

Within these traditions, each of these oak wands is a wonderful  addition to your spellcasting. Use it to channel energy and craft magic  when you are seeking inspiration, wisdom, or are otherwise seeking the  energized power associated with lightning and the sky. Each wand  measures approximately 15″ in length and has been only lightly finished  so as to leave the beautiful, original grain of the wood fully visible.  As each wand is a unique creation, please allow for slight variances in  size.

One More Thing Before We Move On….

Lucille Cali

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The Witches Spell for Aug. 21: Magickal Armour Spell 



Magickal Armour Spell

Spell to use prior to any psychic work you do. Recite the following

“A sacred circle made for me
With witches wands six times three
Witches chant with lowered voices
Witches chants do powers unleash
Power within the universe
Power does surround me safe
Power in which I take my place
Golden orb now held aloft
Wizards two project their magic
Angel’s wings do now embrace
I am safe within my power circle
Safe with all my spirit guides
They do ensure that all is well
My hands are held by witch and wizard
They place within enchanted spell
Spell now mine a safety haven
Spell now mine to control well
It is to be a place of safety
A place for me will always be
My magic I do practice there
A can surround when the need be
A safety circles just for me
My hands are held by witch and wizard
They place within enchanted spell
Spell now mine a safety haven
Spell now mine to control well
A place now mine will always be
A place throughout eternity
I am within
So it is to be
Awaken all the power within
A sacred circle made for me
With witches wands six times three
Witches chant with lowered voices
Witches chants do powers unleash
Power within the universe
Power to surround me safe
Power in which I take my place
Awaken all the power without
I am protected
I am safe
Surrounded by my ring of light
Safe within my ring this night”

This is the perfect spell to use before any occult or psychic work, when working within certain spiritual elements you can create a ring of protection around yourself, and after you have finished allow yourself to be still for a few minutes.


W is for Wand



The wand is a tool that is long associated with magic and Witchcraft. It is primarily used in rituals and spells to channel and direct energy. It can be used much in the way an athame (ritual knife) is used. However, a wand may be safer in houses where there are small children, and can be brought and waved anywhere without fear that local authorities will confiscate it or arrest you. While you can spend a great deal of money at your local occult shop on a delicate crystal wand etched with obscure, unknown symbols, it is not necessary. In fact, some Witches would say it is not recommended. There is a strong belief that creating your altar tools  yourself imbues them with your own personal energies, making them more powerful  for your use than any store-bought item.

Wands have been made of many materials. I have seen some amazing wands crafted of various metals, crystals, and even of bone. But this article will focus on wood, by far the most common material for wand crafting, past and present. This is partly for practical reasons, as wood is sturdy, inexpensive, widely available, easy to work  with and beautiful. But there are magical reasons for using wood as well. Wood is an excellent conductor of energy, and, coming from nature, holds power all on its own.

Different trees are associated with different magical uses. When choosing the type of wood for your wand, you may wish to take into consideration the following correspondences between magical intent and type of wood:

ALL PURPOSE: oak, hazel, rowan.

BANISHING: birch, elder, juniper.

DIVINATION: cherry, fig, orange, pomegranate, willow.

FERTILITY: hawthorn, olive.

HEALING: apple, blackberry, cedar, eucalyptus, sandalwood, willow.

LOVE: apple, cherry, elm, willow.

PROSPERITY: blackberry, maple, pine.

PROTECTION: poplar, ash, elder, elm.

If you feel you will be using your wand for more than one type of spell or ritual, try using an all-purpose wood, or choosing a wood that falls into more than one category. Many Witches have several wands, each used for a different purpose, crafted from different kinds of wood. If there is a particular tree you feel a connection with, such as one that you spent much of your childhood sitting in, consider using a branch from that tree. The special bond you have forged with the tree will only lend to the wood’s power for any use.

There are several different beliefs floating around on the right way to obtain wood for a wand. Some people believe that a wand is only good if it is cut from a live tree rather than taken from “dead wood.” The thought is that the energy from a living tree will add to the wand’s power. If you are going to do this, it is best to ask the tree’s permission (a simple meditation under the tree should instill you with a strong feeling of the tree’s willingness). Leave an offering at the base of the tree, such as a coin or crystal. Another practical consideration you should make is to find out when the best time of year is to prune the particular tree you are cutting from so you will not damage the tree.

Some argue that once you take wood, it is physically dead anyway, so there is no need to impose upon a living tree for its wood. These people feel that the wood retains the tree’s power whether taken directly from the tree, or from the ground. In fact, it might even be considered better energy to take from the ground because the wood will lack any trauma that cutting may inflict. If this way of thinking makes more sense to you, obtain a wand by looking for a fallen branch. You can also, through meditation, ask a specific tree or group of trees to drop a branch for you to use, and then keep checking back in the area for the tree’s gift to you. Be sure to leave an offering in return.

Another way to obtain wood for a wand is to simply go to a hardware or craft store and purchase a dowel. The wood still comes from a tree and retains its energies, and is ready for you to begin working with it. While some purists may shun this idea, others of a more practical mind set see nothing wrong with it.

Since there is no rule or consensus on the best way to obtain the wood for your wand, you will need to trust your own instincts. However you obtain your wood, you will want to take a few things into consideration. First, make sure the wood you are using is healthy, and not rotted, soggy, or soft in any areas. Also ensure that it is not infested with insects. Second, you will want to find wood that is relatively straight. Make sure the wood section you are choosing feels good in your grip, well balanced, and that the length is satisfactory. A wand that is too long can be awkward and may cause you to knock things over as you are waving it around. A good length is from the crook of your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. Another option is to cut it to measure 13 inches; the number 13 is sacred to the Goddess as it represents the 13 lunar cycles in the year.

Once you have chosen your wood and cut it down to size, you are ready to begin your handy work. If the wood was from nature you should strip it of its bark and any leaves or twigs coming from it. You may wish to get some sand paper  to smooth the wood. If it is very rough, start with a heavy grade sandpaper until you have all of the nubs and edges smooth, then go over it with a fine grade.

How you decorate your wand will be entirely up to you. Some people choose to leave the wand completely in its natural state. Or, you can leave it partially natural, but add a few embellishments. One option is simply carving magical symbols or runes into the wand. Another option is to do the same using a wood-burning tool. You can also use leather or silk cords to tie feathers to a wand, wrap animal skins around the handle, or affix it with small gems and crystals using a hot glue gun. Another addition you can make to your wand is wrapping it with copper wiring, easily obtained at a hardware store. Copper is a highly conductive metal that will give the wand that extra “zap.”

If leaving your wand in a natural state, or partially natural state, you should oil it from time to time. This practice will keep the wood from getting too dry or brittle, and protect it from humidity. The best oil to use is mineral oil. You can give it a kick and empower the mineral oil with a few drops of essential oils before rubbing it onto the wand with a soft cloth or paper towel. When it comes to how often you should oil your wand, a good rule of thumb to follow is: once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year, and once or twice a year after that.

Another option for decorating a wand is to paint it with craft paints. If you are handy with paint you can create a beautifully decorative, colorful wand. However, if painting the wand, don’t rub the mineral oil on it. The paint itself will seal the wood, and the rubbing could damage your handiwork.

While it is not necessary, it is common for people to add a special tip to a wand. This can be something such as a pinecone, acorn, or, more commonly, a crystal. Whatever you choose, you might want to take into  what purposes the wand will be for. If you are creating a wand out of pine to use specifically for empowering prosperity charms, you may want to choose a pinecone. If your wand is made of willow and will be used to draw loving energies into your life, you may want to consider a dried rose or rose quartz crystal. I find that for all-purpose wands the best tip is a clear, terminated quartz crystal. These easy to obtain stones can be used for any intent, and are like energy amplifiers. They are both projective (project energy) and receptive (receive energy), and the terminated (pointed) tip really helps to focus the energy.

To affix any item to your wand tip, you have several options. The first is to simply use masking tape, though most people are not satisfied with the appearance, or of using such an unnatural material. Another option (my personal favorite) is to wrap a piece of fabric or animal skin smeared with some glue so that it is half on the item and half on the wand. I have not had good results using glue alone without the skin or fabric, as it doesn’t hold well and repeated  leave you with a clumped-up tip full of glue. The final option is to use the copper wiring and simply wrap and loop it around the tip and then around the wand until it holds.

One thing to keep in mind at all times when you are crafting your wand is the positive magic and rituals for which it will be used. As you work on in, feel the energies of the wood mingling with your own power that you are pouring into it, and it will serve you well for years to come. You will find that your hand-crafted wand is more personal and more powerful for your own use than anything money could buy.



You will need a large, deep bowl made from glass, brass or silver. It must have a smooth and even rim.

You must set your base on some sort of tripod for best results. A tripod made of laural boughs is the best.

You will need to do your own testing to find out which bowl works best for you and how much water you should use. Do not use water from a tap. Get clean, fresh water from a stream.

The ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits dwelled in fresh water. The water may be stored in a vessel and used again.

However it is a good idea to replace your water once a month. Never collect the water of a day time. Water should only be collected at night preferably on a full moon.

To make your wand use a branch from a bay tree, hazel tree or the laurel. The end of the wand should be covered in dry tree sap or resin.

Dip the end of the wand into the water until it becomes wet. Wet the rims of the bowl.

The best time to scy is at night when it is quite. By gently drawing the rim of the wand around the bowl it will cause it to resonate.

The action of the resonating basin will cause circular ripples to form in the basin. The water seems to breathe with the sounds.

It is the harmonics that seem to whisper forth predictions of the future. These are interpreted with the help of a guardian angel.

You may also receive visual impressions which Nostradamus likened to that of a “burning mirror”.

 The Witches Rune

 The Witches Rune

The Witches Rune is a poetic dedication.

Darksome night and shining moon, East, then south, then west, then north,
Hearken to the witches’ rune:
Here I come to call thee forth.
Earth and water, air and fire,
Wand and pentacle and sword,
Work you unto my desire,
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and censer, scourage and knife,
Powers of the witch’s blade
Waken all ye unto life,
Come ye as the charm is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of hell,
Horned hunter of the night,
Lend your power unto my spell
And work my will by magic rite.
By all the power of land and sea,
By all the might of moon and sun,
As I do will, so mote it be:
Chant this spell, and be it done.
Eko, Eko, Azarak,
Eko, Eko, Zamilak,
Eko, Eko, Artemis,
Eko, Eko, Herne.

What is the Witches Rune?

The Witches Rune is used during Wiccan Rituals as a way to raise energy. The Rune is chanted by all the Witches, sometimes whilst they are dancing in a circle, they will repeat the Rune until the person leading the ritual, often the HPS or HP indicates that they stop.

Usually when the HPS indicates the energy has reached the required level all the Coveners will drop to the ground as the HPS or HP shouts ‘down’ and then directs the energy raised towards the intended purpose.

Raising the Power

Raising the Power

This technique is similar to that used when you prepare your sacred space for magical working and employs the four Elements as a basis. Brass, was, and is, considered to be a conductor of subtle energies.

Items You Will Need:

  • White candle
  • Brass candlestick
  • Bowl filled with water
  • Sea salt in suitable container
  • Wand

The Spell:

  • Place the candle in the candlestick and light it.
  •   Dip your hands in the water then, without drying them, in the salt. Rub your hands together lightly until they feel slightly warm.
  •   Pick up your wand in your most powerful hand and touch the tip lightly to the brass candlestick. Then place the tip of the wand in your other hand, thus completing a circuit.
  •   Sit quietly and contemplate the candle, allowing energies to flow through you until such times as you either feel a change in energy within yourself or sense that you have no further need to continue. You may then use the energy that you have generated to meditate, heal or care for others