The Witches Magick For July 6th – Potent Magic Wands


Potent Magic Wands

Ingredients: Maple Branch

There are innumerable designs to create the perfect Magic Wand, and I believe one way is not any better than another. I feel one method is not necessarily   superior to another method, they are simply different, and may produce wands which do different things, depending on the wood, metals, and other materials used to make the wand. It has often been noted throughout history, that a powerful wand can be made by carving your wand from a Maple branch. Your wand is a personal tool, and should reflect what energies you want it to.   You should use stones and metals of your choosing, with attributes you feel will aid your magical working.   For example, if your wand is to be used primarily for healing, you should decorate the wand with stones known for their healing qualities, such as Crystals Copper, and/ or Jasper. Other stones can be added to intensify the healing effect of the wand, or to change its intent. You could use your wand to cleanse areas, in which case you could decorate it with Jade and/ or Amber, which are stones said to dispel negativity, and will aid in cleansing your home spiritually.   Regardless of how you decide to adorn your Magic Wand, making it from a Maple Branch will certainly be in your favor.

The Spell Book of Wiccan Shadows
Flowers, Dawn (2012-03-24)

Making Wands and Staffs

Making Wands and Staffs

Making your own wands and staffs, or any magickal tool for that matter, will give you a greater understanding of that tool while attuning yourself to your own natural powers and abilities. Naturally fallen branches and tree limbs should be used when creating your own magick wands and staffs whenever possible. Take a walk in the woods, especially after a storm, to look for fallen tree branches. The tree spirits, sometimes referred to as devas, may become resentful if you cut down a living branch. If you must cut down a branch from a living tree, first make sure the tree is on your own property or that you have the permission of the land owner. Then, visit the tree and meditate on how you are going to shape the limb into a wand or staff for use in your magick work. Then ask permission of the tree spirits and thank them for their gift.

A variety of decorations can be incorporated into your wands to imbue them with extra magickal energy. Copper wire is often wrapped around a wand, as this metal is an excellent conductor of energy. A variety of decorative items can be added to the copper wire before it is wrapped around the wand, such as beads, buttons, feathers and small gemstone beads. In addition silver wire can be used to represent goddess energy, while gold wire can be used to represent god energy.

A special stone or crystal can be added to one or both ends of the wand if desired. Embellishing the top of the wand with a crystal is thought to represent male and god energy. Embellishing the bottom of the wand by carving a hold or cutting a slit in it is thought to represent female and goddess energy.