Monday is Ruled by the Moon

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Monday is Ruled by the Moon

This day of the week is dedicated to the moon and all of her magic and mystery. Mondays are for women’s mysteries, illusion, prophetic dreaming, emotions, travel, and fertility. Some suggestions for Monday enchantments would include:

Getting outside and looking for the moon in the heavens. Sit under her light and absorb a little glamour.

Call on the moon goddess Selene for practical help in magical issues.
Invoking the god Thoth for wisdom and insight

Empowering your silver jewelry under the light of the moon. Wear moonstone or pearl jewelry today to add a lunar and magical shimmer to your outfit.

Be mysterious and subtle and wear moon-associated colors such as white, silver, and blue.

Working spells for safe travel with a simple moonstone

Gathering bluebells, jasmine, gardenias, or white roses to create a little garden witchery with the flowers that are associated with the moon

Setting up a lunar Tarot spell today to increase your psychic powers

Eating a lunar fruit such as a melon to be healthy, serene, and at peace

Brewing up a cup of chamomile or mint tea and enchanting it for sweet dreams and restful sleep


Witches Magick for Tuesday, April 8th – Charm for Courage

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Witches Magick for Tuesday, April 8th – Charm for Courage

Items You Will Need:

Jewelry Items

Musk or Cedar Oil

Obtain a piece of jewelry. Any sort will do as long as it is something that you like enough to wear frequently. Rub a bit of oil into the piece and chant:

“I imbue you with courage, and bravery, and nerve.
I empower you with self-confidence, so you may serve
My needs when anxieties attempt to emerge
Eradicate them; let new confidence surge.”

Wear the jewelry as needed.


Everyday Magick
Author: Dorothy Morrison


Your Charm for Wednesday, February 19th – Solomons Seal

Your Charm for Today

Solomons Seal

Today’s Meaning:    

This aspect needs to be lightened up a bit, things are getting to serious. Some humor or even a bit of flirting could lighten the tone greatly.

General Description:   

The use of this, one of the most ancient charms, dates back to the commencement of our present civilization, and was in use previous to the Jewish dispensation. The symbol has been used in almost every religion, and was considered all powerful, efficient, and the perfect sign of the absolute. The triangle with the apex upwards symbolized all that was good and the inverted triangle all that was evil, and the two combined in the device portrays the triumph of good over evil. The seven discs represent the seven then known planets. This charm was worn to protect the wearer from every description of mischief and danger, and was a preserver from all evil.

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Apple scented body cream string of pearls ( faux are fine) perform when ovulating take a shower then massage cream into your body pay special attention to belly imagine that you and your partners hands are glowing w/a warm golden light which is filling you stomach with warm all over.

Visualize that you are pregnant as you place the pearls around your neck and repeat the following:

“Precious jewels of lunar, I offer this adornment
  in honor of your power let fertile light shine through me. Blessed be”

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Your Charm For Tuesday, February 4th is The Cross

Your Charm for Today

The Cross

Today’s Meaning:    

This is probably the most popular of charms. You will be protected in this aspect. No one will be able to harm you or your state of being.

General Description:  

The Cross has always been a favorite device. It was used by the sun-worshippers as a symbol of the sun, and their warriors carried the Cross upon their shields. In olden days kings and nobles, when they could not write, used the sign of the Cross. That sign was used in breaking spells and for protection from evil spirits. In the East the Cross has been used as a talisman from time immemorial. The Eastern Cross as illustrated was worn as a charm against sickness, accidents and witchcraft, also to attract good fortune. Sentences from the Koran were often inscribed upon the small pendants to make the charm still more potent.

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October’s Gemstone – The Loveable Opal



Opal (Loveable)

Believed to be able to encourage the ‘third eye’, often used by mystic’s. Also known as the ‘stone of hope and justice’. To be worn with Diamond if not born in this month. Seen as a stone to indicate health and bring good fortune in the East. The Opal has close connections with the house of Libra. The Opal will bring energy and clear decision making in this month for Libra with Jade strengthening the inner self and the ability to understand the impact of one’s actions with care and compassion.

‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for October 16th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

It is said that pearls worn by a happy person have a warm and more lustrous glow.

Pearls are like gentle moments strung together for the happy person – they cannot help but glow.

Gentle moments, like pearls, seem to be so few. Yet, how rich and warm and beautiful they make our lives.

It takes only a few moments to enjoy a talk with someone about good things instead of the bad; it takes only a few moments to drop a line to a shut-in when attention means so much. It takes only a few moments to see a sunset, or read a Scripture, or listen to a child talk.

It takes only a few moments to open the door to happiness. And if happiness seems only a few moments long, so will trouble if we open the door and let it out instead of harboring it.

Life is made up of a few moments all strung together like pearls. Each moment is a pearl, and it is up to us to pick the ones with the highest luster. If we do not have time to do great things, take a few gentle moments and do small things in a great way.

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By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Today’s Quiz – What Elemental Beauty Type Are You?

What Elemental Beauty Type Are You? Quiz

Are you a passionate Fire or a dreamy, sensitive Water-woman? A sensual Earth  type, or a fresh, stimulating Air being? Once you know what your dominant  elemental type is, you can make color and clothing choices that reflect your  true essence. And it’s lots of fun!

Take the quiz and find out which element you are, right here:

Answer the following questions true or false.

1. I love lots of activity: if I’m not doing something, I can feel bored and  unhappy.

2. I prefer intensity in my life, as well as in my color and fashion choices.

3. I have a strong temper.

4. I enjoy attention and am comfortable being in the spotlight.

5. I am drawn to bright colors like red, orange, and gold.

6. My relationships are the most important thing in my life.

7. I love to spend lots of time day-dreaming.

8. I express my feelings and can laugh or cry easily.

9. I enjoy creating harmony, both between people I care about and in my home.

10. I am drawn to cool shades of blues and blue-greens, silver,  and white.

11. I love animals, gardening, cooking, or time spent in nature.

12. I enjoy doing things with my hands: kneading bread, doing crafts,  brushing a child’s hair.

13. I am slow to anger and generally like to keep things on an even keel.

14. I tend to be practical and love to create a cozy atmosphere in my home.

15. I am drawn to many shades of green and brown.

16. I love to feel inspired; if my mind is not active and alert, I feel  “off.”

17. I’m a communicator and spend a lot of time talking to people or sharing  ideas on the internet.

18. I like organizing and planning and am great with details.

19. I thrive on change and trying new things.

20. I am drawn to fresh, pastel shades of rainbow colors: buttercup yellow,  rose, robin’s egg blue.

FIRE beauties answer “true” to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. You will be drawn to  hot colors and dramatic fashions as an expression of your vibrant personality.  Stimulating and charismatic, you are often the life of the party. Bright Star or  Fireball.

Jewelry: Ruby, garnet, gold, amber. Clothing: Anything daring or  attention-getting.

WATER beauties answer “true” to 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Your sensitivity  make you a natural people-pleaser, and you choose clothing and colors that  reflect your feelings and hint at your deeply affectionate nature. Mermaid.

Jewelry: Pearls, silver,  aquamarine. Fashions: Satiny iridescent fabrics and touchable soft textures.

EARTH beauties answer “true” to 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Your sensual,  grounded personality make you easy to be with, and you enjoy creating beauty  around you. Earth Goddess.

Jewelry: Jade, malachite, wood beads. Fashions: Comfortable, non-fussy  clothes that allow you to dig in the dirt or walk in the woods.

AIR beauties answer “true” to 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. You thrive on new  ideas and change (you may find yourself switching hairstyles–or even hair  colors–frequently!) and you are refreshing and stimulating to be around. Breath  of Fresh Air.

Jewelry: Anything that reflects light; you may enjoy sparkle and glitz. Fashions: You love to play with different styles, and your fashion choices may  be influenced by historical periods, artworks, or the latest film you enjoyed.  Chiffon, and other light, airy fabrics, will appeal to you.



Your Charm For October 14th is The Amulet Box

Your Charm For Today

The Amulet Box Today’s Meaning:  There are papers in your near future. This aspect is affect by legal papers of some kind–a contract, a deed or a license of some kind. These papers will bring improvement to your life.

General Description:   

The people of Tibet are most superstitious. It is the custom for almost everyone to wear charms. The Amulet-box illustrated contains small inscribed scrolls covered with magical characters. These magical formulae are written and blessed by their Lamas. The scrolls are believed to be all powerful spells for appeasing evil spirits, keeping the wearers from all physical harm, safeguarding them from every kind of danger, and protecting them from the blighting effects of the evil eye. Many of these charm boxes are of gold elaborately chased, and encrusted with turquoise.

Charm of the Beast Spell


You Will Need:

3 hairs of an imposing beast
black cloth
oil of frankincense or myrrh

Mix the mugwort and angelica in equal parts, add to it the 3 hairs and bind together in a black cloth.
Add a few drops of the oil onto the cloth. then say

” He who is strong, he who is mighty
Lend thine power to this charm
Demons turn on your heels and run”

Draw over it a pentagram and the charms of banishment.
Burn the mixture to drive away the spirits that ail you.
Burn it in your home or room you wish to exorcise. Bury it before your doorstep and no demon shall touch you nor enter. Wear the charm or hide it in the roof to ensure safety against any ills.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for August 12 – "Peridot"

The birthstone most associated with August is the peridot, a beautiful green gemstone that is sometimes mistaken as an emerald. According to ancient traditions, wearing a peridot close to the skin will reduce stress of all sorts while also freeing the mind from anger and guilt. It has also long been believed that wearing peridot jewelry can slow the aging process while increasing endurance, confidence and self-esteem. This gemstone brings those blessings even if you weren’t born in August, so if this information rings true, then this might just be the most perfect jewelry for you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

The Witches Spell for January 15th – Turquoise Protection Amulet

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The ancients regarded turquoise as a powerful magickal aid to ward off misfortune, illness,
and the evil eye. You can use turquoise to make your own amulet for protection.

To begin, during the waxing Moon take a piece of blue turquoise or an item of blue
turquoise jewelry and hold it in your hand for a moment. In your mind’s eye, picture a
blue light surrounding you. Hold the stone to your heart, and breathe on it to charge it
with your power, saying:

Stone of blue, surround me with protective energy.
I am protected by your soothing blue light.

Carry your turquoise with you or wear it as often as you can.
Handle it frequently to keep the spell active.

Gemstone of the Day for November 24th is Tourmaline

Gemstone of the Day




Causes the wearer to be more flexible, more understanding and more objective in purpose and reason. Calming. Each person has a different response to this stone. Causes a reaction in the intestinal tract. Black and Crystal- removes negativity and cleanses. Some say it should not be worn as jewelry. Electric and magnetic properties

The Witches Magick for November 24th – Black Opal Charm

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The black opal is widely known as the “Witches Stone” and is prized for its magic
enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone with the
following chant and place it on your altar.


“Opal black, of burning fire
Add the power that’s required
To make my magic hit its mark,
By light of day, or night so dark.”

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Pagan Craftiness of the Day for Nov. 5th – Make Your Own Silver Cleaner

Pagan Craftiness of the Day




For silver cutlery, lay a sheet of aluminum foil in a pan, cover with a few
inches of water, and add a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of
soda. Bring to the boil, drop in the cutlery, simmer for five minutes, then
remove and rinse.

For silver jewelry, shred aluminum foil until you have enough to half-fill a
jar. Add a teaspoon of salt and fill with water. Drop in Jewelry, cover the jar
and leave for five minutes, then remove and rinse the jewelry.