A Change In October’s Raffle

We have made a change in the Raffle this month (this is one of the ideas they threw at me yesterday). Since we are offering more items for raffle this month, we decided we will have more winners. We have some super supporters and it is ashame that more of you don’t have a chance to win, that is changing, NOW!

Instead of one winner, we will have two winners drawn this month. How’s this going to work? The first winner will be given the first pickings of the items. Then the second winner will have the choice between the other two that are left. We think it is a good idea and we are proud we can offer our wonderful family such great merchandise at super, super savings.

So grab your raffle ticket today!

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Lady A & The WOTC

Congratulations To Our September Raffle Winner!

I have been aiming to do this and do this. I am so sorry I am running so late. So without further ado………..

Congratulation Chrystal George!

You are our winner for the September Raffle!

Remember you have the choice of the beautiful oak Wand or the Tarot Card. Please contact us and let us know. Also we need to verify your mailing address at that time.

Again, Congratulations sweetie!

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s raffle. We deeply appreciate all your love and support of the WOTC. Thanks to you, we met all our obligations! Thank You Again!


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There are Two Days to Go on our Raffle Items……

and I just checked on the number of participants we have. Guess how many there are? Bet you can’t! There is a great total of ………


Don’t get me wrong! We love you to pieces and to show you that love, if you remain the only bidder we are going to send you both items.

This is our way of saying “Thank you and we appreciate your effort to stand by us!” You know how you are and you will be receiving some terrific items for one price.

But we still have two more days, let’s wait and see what happens between now and then. Good Luck !