Daily Feng Shui News for Oct. 25th – ‘Tourmaline’


The birthstone most associated with October is the tourmaline. An old Egyptian legend tells how this stone, when making the trip from the heart of the earth up to the sun, traveled along a rainbow, collecting all the colors along the way. No matter the color, all tourmaline are said to increase self-confidence while neutralizing negative energies as well. Tourmaline is also believed to dispel fear, relieve grief and aid in concentration and communications. I think that you’ll agree that this surely is one precious gem!


By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


Daily Feng Shui News for Oct. 17th – ‘Black Poetry Day’

On ‘Black Poetry Day’ I want to share an affirmation of sorts pulled from one of my favorite Langston Hughes poems. I kept this quote by my bed while growing up and even now I still refer to it, especially when I find myself getting a bit off kilter. Here is the poem ‘Motto’ in full: ‘I play it cool, I dig all jive, That’s the reason I stay alive. My motto, As I live and learn, Is dig and be dug in return.’ I dig this. I hope that you do too.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Oct. 7th – ‘Smiling’

Turn that frown upside down today because smiling comes with actually health benefits. Smiling is said to make you more attractive while also affecting an immediate lift to your spirits and mood. Smiling relieves stress while boosting your immune system and releasing natural pain-killers. And a smile is said to make you look younger, as it lifts the muscles in the face. Some studies suggest that smiling people appear more confident and successful while others say that a smile can actually help you to stay positive while relieving depression and stress. Like I said, turn that frown upside down today — you’ll be really happy you did.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Feng Shui News for August 14th – 'Harvest Moon'

According to the Native American calendar, September is the time of the ‘harvest moon,’ or the period described as the ‘Moon of the Black Cherries. In fact, this month has many floral associations with the blackberry. When taken according to directions, Blackberry Flower Essence is believed to alter patterns or obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your most dearly held dreams. In fact, it is said that imbibing Blackberry Flower Essence can greatly assist you in manifesting whatever you want. The remedy goes on to promise that the person who can’t seem to get out of their own head (or their own way) could benefit from the positive results associated with this blackberry remedy. This is what Native Americans call ‘Moon Magic’ at its best.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Motivator for Sept. 11 – Habit of achievement

Habit of achievement

Old, destructive habits can feel very comfortable, at least for the moment.  Over time, however, those negative habits can waste an enormous part of your  life, or worse.


The good news is that you can build positive, empowering habits that will  soon feel just as comfortable and familiar as the old negative ones. It takes  effort and commitment, and a little discomfort, yet it is well worth all  that.


Instead of habits that waste your time and burden your life, you can choose  habits that push you steadily forward. Instead of slowly creating heartache and  disappointment, you can be steadfastly creating success and achievement.


Time can be your enemy or your friend, depending on what you do with each  little moment. Make the choice, and put forth the effort, to make each moment  count for something positive and meaningful.

Choose a habit that brings you down and replace it with one that lifts you  up. Make it your goal to make achievement your default mode.

Some of the most powerful things you do are the things you do by habit. So  choose to direct all that power in a positive, life-enriching direction.

— Ralph Marston

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Old, destructive habits can feel very comfortable, at least for the moment.  Over time, however, those negative habits can waste an enormous part of your  life, or worse.

The good news is that you can build positive, empowering habits that will  soon feel just as comfortable and familiar as the old negative ones. It takes  effort and commitment, and a little discomfort, yet it is well worth all  that.

Instead of habits that waste your time and burden your life, you can choose  habits that push you steadily forward. Instead of slowly creating heartache and  disappointment, you can be steadfastly creating success and achievement.

Time can be your enemy or your friend, depending on what you do with each  little moment. Make the choice, and put forth the effort, to make each moment  count for something positive and meaningful.

Choose a habit that brings you down and replace it with one that lifts you  up. Make it your goal to make achievement your default mode.

Some of the most powerful things you do are the things you do by habit. So  choose to direct all that power in a positive, life-enriching direction.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Feng Shui For Sept. 4 – 'Mallow'

According to Feng Shui the plant most associated with the month of September is the mallow. Its medicinal properties have been extolled since ancient times and are still used today, most especially for relieving the mucous membrane lining the upper respiratory system during a cold. So the next time you feel the sniffles coming on, reach for the mallow and watch that cough and cold simply disappear.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Sept. 3rd – 'Skyscraper Day'

‘Skyscraper Day’ brings up a Feng Shui cure for your living space, especially if you’re sandwiched between two taller structures. The smaller space in the center is often seen as a place that isn’t able to attract healthy, happy and prosperous Chi since the taller buildings around it block that high vibe. One way to correct this conundrum is to position a mirror, reflective side up, on the roof of your building. The mirror will symbolically reflect the height of the surrounding structures, bringing your building up with the big boys. Now everyone will get their fair share of the high vibe and be healthy, happy and prosperous too.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Calendar of the Moon for August 28th

Calendar of the Moon

Coll Invocation

Colors: Blue and Brown
Element: Water and Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of blue place a goblet of spring water, the figure of a leaping salmon, and three blue candles; next to them on cloth of brown place a musical instrument, a pen, and fresh flowers.
Offerings: Poetry, songs, art, writing.
Daily Meal: Either fish (for the Salmon), poultry (for the Duck) or salads.

Coll Invocation:

Call: Hail the month of the Hazel Tree!
Response: Hail the month of the nuts that nourish us.
Call: First tree of the harvest, you give forth wisdom.
Response: Last tree of the summer, you chant our memories.
Call: The fading warmth follows you,
Response: And we feast on the fruits of your knowledge.
Call: This is the month of words and song.
Response: This is the month of the search for the mysteries.
Call: This is the month of the sacred pool,
Response: Wherein swims the Salmon of Knowledge.
Call: We fish for the gleams of divine light on the surface,
Response: We dive for the truths that lie deep in the Well.
Call: Our intuition is the hazel-twig held before us.
Response: We shall search out the underground streams.
Call: We shall find the hidden treasures.
Response: We shall spread them forth in words of power.
Call: We shall bring them forth with our hands in works of art,
Response: We shall gift the Gods and the people with our songs.
Call: Our voices will find their way across the land.
Response: Hear us, O Gods, as we sing your praises!
Call: This is the month of the bard’s silver tongue,
Response: This is the month of the golden door of autumn.
Call: As the Hazel Tree stands with words of peace,
Response: So shall we stand between the warring parties.
Call: So shall our Rule spread Justice and Peace,
Response: So shall our words spread beauty and harmony.

(As this is the month of the Bard, one or more shall stand forth and sing before the others, or read what words they would, to bring gladness and knowledge to the hearts of those who listen.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Spell of the Comb and Mirror


Purify area, cast circle, etc. Burn a white candle for yourself, and say:

O Lady of shimmering beauty,
        For whom the stars are shining jewels
        And the Universe Her creation and plaything,
        Weaver of destinies and Protectress of things wild and free
        Make me now, I do ask, to be thy daughter
        Make me one with thee and grant me thy far-flung power
        Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress
        Strength within and without.
As eternal as the boundless sea,
        The calm assurance of my powers
        To make any do my bidding,
        And the winds, waters, and fires,
        The hills themselves lend willingly themselves to me.
        Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft
        The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons,
        Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark.
        Grant me beauty ever more perfect
        That I may reflect thee better.
        Build magic within me, build power within me.
        Power be drawn and power come.
        And make me one with thee.
        Make me greater, make me better
        Grant me strength and grant me power.
        O Goddess who is my friend and mother,
        I give you love and thanks
        O Beautiful One, may the magic I have summoned
        Return the stronger when I have need of it
So mote it be!”

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Aug. 18: 'Serendipity Day'

I don’t believe in serendipity. I thought it apropos to share this fact today, since it is ‘Serendipity Day.’ I believe that the things you put your complete attention and focus on are what create every situation and circumstance in your life. Surround yourself with images of the people, places and things that you would like to see integrated into your existence and then don’t be surprised when they ‘serendipitously’ show up.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for August 15th – 'Relaxation Day'

Now here’s a day after my own heart, mind and soul! It’s ‘Relaxation Day,’ which must also mean it’s time for a nice long soak to wash worry, tension and anxiety down the drain. Run a bath and add one tablespoon of sesame oil to the water. Place two tablespoons of uncooked rice and one chopped, unpeeled raw potato in a net and suspend this net in the water. Lie down in the bath and close your eyes while focusing your attention and concentration on the end of your coccyx. Massage the soles of your feet while doing this. According to ancient tradition, blending chi acupressure and bathing will enhance beauty, prevent aging and be good for your overall health. Now, relax, and go take this beautiful bath.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Aug. 9th – 'Book Lover's Day'

On this ‘Book Lover’s Day’ I thought I might share an ancient and intuitive technique for using a book to answer any of life’s concerning questions. A South American shaman once showed me how to employ these energies in my own life, so now I’d like to take a page out of that book and share this technique with you. Whenever you have a pressing personal or professional question that you just cannot seem to find a solution to, you should first grab the first book that you see. Then sit quietly in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your back straight. Keeping the book on your lap, place your left hand atop the cover and silently ask your question. Wait a few minutes and then open the book to any page. Write down the very first sentences that you see. Those sentences will have the answer to your question contained within them. This technique has always worked well for me, especially whenever I’m moving into new chapters of my life. I hope it offers a wonderful reading experience for you too.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Horoscopes for Monday, February 18th

We feel what connects us today, rather than what separates us from each other, as the Sun’s shift into the watery world of Pisces draws us further into the non-physical dimensions. Compassion is stirred and our souls respond to unseen magic that prepares us for the spring rebirth. Meanwhile, the eager Gemini Moon reflects our readiness for what’s ahead. However, stern Saturn turns retrograde, postponing changes until we’re fully prepared.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The Sun’s entry into your 12th House of Endings requires you to get ready for the upcoming action, and there’s no time to waste. If you have recently overextended yourself by taking on too many projects, make an effort to clean up after your energy binge, but don’t be too self-judgmental in the process. Just start now by paring back your commitments and doing whatever it takes over the next few weeks to prepare for what’s around the corner.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

It may feel as if your world is about to open up, so take this chance to think about your future. Unfortunately, the uncertainty makes you anxious, especially if your goals are out of sync with your current life circumstances. You might convince yourself that drastic action is needed to get back onto the proper path, but don’t push so hard for change today. Adopting a methodical approach to your long-term goals is better than trying to do everything all at once. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You may consider re-evaluating your career path and making big changes as the Sun journeys through your 10th House of Status during the next four weeks. You have an opportunity to become more aware of your place in the world now. However, you might quickly regret letting this chance slip by, so make up your mind to take action while there’s still time. Thankfully, you could see positive results sooner than you think if you can visualize your way to success.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

These next few weeks are likely to bring a much-needed emotional boost. It’s not that you’re jumping up and down with excitement; it’s just that you feel comfortable in your own skin and are willing to stand up for your beliefs in order to maintain your integrity. Don’t worry about the details now; concentrate on your highest ideals. Your current vision is comprehensive, so be serious about making positive change while you can still see the big picture.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You may attempt to gloss over criticism that you receive today from someone you consider to be family. However, acting in a cavalier manner could lead to more problems than you realize. Listen carefully to what others are saying and don’t try to dodge the truth. Take feedback as constructive guidance, even if it doesn’t feel as good as denial in the present moment. Your willingness to work on self-improvement now can fundamentally change the dynamics of a relationship for the better.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You have a lot to gain in the next month by taking time to look back before moving ahead as the Sun travels through your 7th House of Others. Review all that you have accomplished since your last birthday and acknowledge everyone who has helped you along the way. Creating new goals for the balance of your year is critical to your happiness. Luckily, you can make nearly anything happen if you focus your intentions and then work hard to reach your dreams.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

If your thoughts have been aimed at creative endeavors, you may feel as if something is beginning to shift today. Instead of fostering an artistic approach to your work, seek ways to apply what you already started in a more practical manner. But be careful not to overdo it; it’s not healthy to take all the fun out of your life. To counteract the possibility of boredom now, initiate a new activity that has regularity to it, like taking a class or joining a club. Balancing work and play will put a smile back on your face.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You may feel revitalized as the Sun occupies your 5th House of Fun and Games for the next several weeks. However, your surge of energy might not be apparent to others. Inspiration is returning to your imagination; you are beginning to feel more emotionally in touch with others around you. But don’t worry if you still feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Making time to express what’s in your heart will help to lighten your load.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Not only are you maintaining your busy pace today, you’re also having fun doing it. Although the party doesn’t need to come crashing to an end, you realize that you have some serious thinking to do, and this pressure tempts you to withdraw from social activity. But don’t just hit the escape button yet; you’ll be happier in the long run if you deal with what’s making you feel uncomfortable rather than avoiding it. Taking care of business promptly gives you a sense of satisfaction and a valid reason to reward yourself.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Confusing times may be upon you as logical analysis fails to explain why your day seems to be running out of control. Even if you have spent considerable time making certain that you’re ready for what happens next, there are still variables that you just cannot manage. Don’t be too surprised by the twists and turns on the path of life now. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You might actually breathe a sigh of relief as the willful Sun leaves your sign today and heads for the open seas of irrational Pisces. However, it still could take time to see where your new route will take you. Happily, the uncertainty will begin to settle down as you travel along. Problems won’t likely be solved overnight, yet it’s reassuring to know that there is plenty of time to plot your new course once you’re already on your way.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The warm rays of the Sun shine on you now, illuminating your imagination as it visits your sign for the next month. Your fantasies are especially active now, but you might be unable to effectively communicate your visions to anyone else. Powerful emotions can muddy the waters or even block your self-expression. But don’t waste energy trying to overcome your inertia, for it won’t last long. In the meantime, write down your dreams, but wait a few days before revealing them to others.

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and Centering

Grounding and centering is the absolutely essential first step for any energy working. It’s the thing that makes sure you are pulling the energy from the Earth, instead of depleting your own resources.  Without it, you will find yourself exhausted (or highly exhilarated) immediately after doing work, and then sick, headachy, dizzy, or faint afterwards. Sometimes the headache can persist for days afterwards.

All of these are signs that something is wrong.

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix! Grounding and centering is a simple thing that is a natural ability in all of us. For some reason (probably that it smacks of the occult) it’s rarely taught in the schools now, though. So this is your chance to learn it here.

Sit comfortably, without any part of your body resting on any other part (no crossed legs, etc.) and smile. (It relaxes you wonderfully to smile.) Begin by looking at the diagram to the left. These are your Chakras. We aren’t going to go into what they are, or how they work right now. For now, just look at them. Notice that they go up in spectral order, starting from red and going through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (actually a lovely, bright blue-violet, but it’s called indigo anyway) and violet. The first one is red and is at the base of your torso, near your anus. The second, orange one is about the width of both hands (with fingers held together, and including your thumbs) above that. In fact, in my experience, they tend to be pretty evenly spaced, and all about two hand-spans apart. The third is at the Solar Plexus (yellow), the fourth at your heart (green), the fifth at your throat (blue), the sixth at your “third eye” (indigo) and the seventh at the crown of your head (violet.)

You probably already know this; but you have more than one body. The ones we are going to be concerned with here are your physical body, and your etheric body. Just assume for now that you have the body you are used to thinking of as “you,” and you also have another one, larger and subtler, that has all the same parts and is around your physical body like two layers of an onion. Think of it as the blue outline in the picture. The point of the first part of the exercise, centering, is to line the two bodies up so that the energy can flow freely. You do this sort of like zipping a zipper. Hold the picture firmly in your mind, and line up the two red dots, physical and etheric, front to back and side to side. As you visualize (imagine) them coming together, hear the note C in your head. The first note of the scale.  Then carefully visualize all the others coming together as well, one by one, front to back and side to side until there is only one colored light. As you do, go on up the scale; doe, ray, me, fa, so, la, tea, doe.  (Yes, I know I’m spelling them wrong; but many people are used to hearing them, not seeing them written out, and this way they will sound like they should.) When you get to the final doe, visualize your whole body wrapped in white light. If this is really hard for you, visualize it going the other way, starting with your crown chakra, the violet light on the top of your head, and going down your body and down the scale. But try to learn to do it the other way, because it makes grounding easier. For the second part of the exercise, Grounding, it is absolutely essential that you be centered. If you aren’t, please go back and read that part now.  Starting with your crown chakra, the purple spot at the top of your head, visualize (imagine) a cord of light going all through your body, connecting your chakras as it goes. See it coming down from the root chakra, and becoming a root itself. Feel it going through your chair, through the floor, through the foundation of the building, and into the ground. Feel the warm, fertile ground below you. And feel your root going deeper and deeper, down through the ground, down below the deepest well. There is a whole core of energy down there. The core of the planet is full of pure, clean, loving energy; and the Earth means her children to use it. So draw that energy up your root now, up through the ground, through the soil, through the foundation, and the floor, and the chair, and into your body. Feel that pure clean energy coming into your body.  And pull it on up through your body, up through all your chakras, up through your crown chakra, up through the top of your head. And as it comes, it washes away all the tired, old, nasty energy, and fills you with clean, pure, fresh energy, energy from the Earth.  And let it come out of the top of your head, and flow out like a fountain, like the branches of a tree, up and arching gracefully down, and flowing back into the Earth. You are sitting in the center of a circuit now; a circuit of energy flowing up from the center of the Earth, through your body, through the top of your head, and back down into the Earth again. See how that feels? If you are doing it right, you will be able to feel it. If not, try it again some other time. It’s really not hard.  Now, the important thing to remember at this point is not to get greedy and try to keep too much of the energy. When you are finished with the exercise, you should have exactly as much energy as is normal for you. No more, and no less. Just think of yourself as taking no more and no less, and your own body will even it out for you. It’s nice and clean and fresh, but it’s the same amount. If it isn’t, you will wind up with one of the headaches again. And you don’t want that!  Keep doing this for a few minutes every day, and soon it will be as easy as taking a deep breath. And it will make you feel so much better!  Not just when working with energy, but when facing any kind of stress, or tension, or fear, or exertion, or anything. Being grounded and centered just makes life a bit easier to take!

10 Tips for Using Essential Oils in the Home

10 Tips for Using Essential Oils in the Home

By J. Black

When guests enter your home the first thing that greets them is the
aroma. Essential oils are often used to create a homey atmosphere
within the home.
Add 6-8 drops of your favourite scent to water in a diffuser or place
the drops directly into a bowl of boiling water.

Sweet orange, lemon and your favourite spice oil are especially good
when diffused during the winter months for a refreshing, warming
aroma and atmosphere.

Candles fragranced with  can also be used to give the
home a pleasant ambience and aroma.

Other ways essential oils can be used around the home include…

1. Add a few drops of essential oil to water in a spray bottle to
freshen linen or spray on garments before .

2. As an air-freshener put 6-8 drops in 600 ml of water in a fine
spray bottle and spray into the air and towards carpets and curtains.
Do not spray onto velvet or silk and avoid spraying directly onto

3. Place cotton wool balls fragranced with lavender in drawers and
linen closet to deter moths.

4. Put 4 drops of oil onto a cotton wool ball and place behind the
heater or radiator in winter. Drops can also be used with the

5. Clean your fridge with a one drop of orange, mandarin, mint,
lavender or lemon oil added to the final rinse water.

6. When washing down surfaces in the kitchen 1 drop of lemon, thyme,
cypress, lavender or palma rosa placed directly on a cloth or
alternatively 7 drops in water.

7. Put a drop or two of oil onto a cold light bulb in a lamp so the
fragrance fills the room as it heats up.

8. Essential oils are used to clean the air rather than mask smells
in the home. To rid a room of stale tobacco or cooking smells use
cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, tea tree, rosemary or
lime for their ability to freshen and cleanse the air of stagnant
smells throughout the house.

Saturate cotton wool balls and place in the corners of a room, in
cupboards or out-of-the-way places to fragrance kitchens and living
areas throughout the house.

9. Hallways are the place where we greet our guests. Use lemon, lime,
bergamont or grapefruit. Lavender or geranium can be mixed with any
of these. Lavender is uplifting in the morning and geranium has a
calming effect and good for afternoons when you may need to wind down
at the end of the day

10. Keep tea tree oil in your first aid kit for cuts, burns and head lice.