Daily Feng Shui News for Oct. 7th – ‘Smiling’

Turn that frown upside down today because smiling comes with actually health benefits. Smiling is said to make you more attractive while also affecting an immediate lift to your spirits and mood. Smiling relieves stress while boosting your immune system and releasing natural pain-killers. And a smile is said to make you look younger, as it lifts the muscles in the face. Some studies suggest that smiling people appear more confident and successful while others say that a smile can actually help you to stay positive while relieving depression and stress. Like I said, turn that frown upside down today — you’ll be really happy you did.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


Today's Tarot Card for August 18 is The Hermit

The Hermit

Sunday, Aug 18th, 2013

The challenge of what has traditionally been known as the Hermit card is to be able to recognize a teacher in a humble disguise. This font of mysterious knowledge will not make it easy for the student to acquire his wisdom, as it takes time and long contemplation to fathom what he knows. He often speaks wordlessly, or in ancient and barbaric tongues, communicating with the elements, animals and Nature herself.

While the hourglass was an identifying feature on the earliest Hermit cards, more modern ones have shifted the metaphor, showing more or less light released from his lantern. In either case, the Hermit card reminds us of the value of time away from the hubbub of civic life, to relax the ego in communion with Nature.