Fall Feng Shui Tips

Fall Feng Shui Tips

Find balance in your life with the changing seasons

Stephanie Dempsey

The fall season beckons us to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, prompting everyone to strike a better balance between their public and private lives. If you feel like one aspect of your life is consuming too much time and attention, this is an opportune time to make some Feng Shui adjustments to your home. Here are a few suggestions that can help you find time for friends and family while keeping busy with work.

Flower power

Nothing says autumn like the burnished colors of chrysanthemums, marigolds and nasturtiums. Display pots of these flowers wherever you tend to feel stressed or overburdened. Glimpsing their russet, gold and orange hues will be like rubbing soothing salve over sunburned skin.

Dim the lights

Change bright light bulbs for ones with lower wattage. It is easier to be active in summer because there is increased sunlight. Now that autumn is here, you need to bring things down a notch. Soft lighting will help you slow down and enjoy simpler pleasures, like a solitary cup of tea in the morning or soothing music in the evening.

Go with the flow

Adding a fountain to your favorite room in the house will help you make an easy transition from work to home. The sound of flowing water can quiet nagging doubts and fears that plague you during working hours.

Streamline your social life

If you feel like your social life is depleting your energy, update your address book. If it’s hopelessly cluttered, invest in an attractive new one. The act of entering people’s contact information into the new address book will make you more aware of the friends you truly treasure, versus the people you merely tolerate.

Get moving

If you’re having a hard time downshifting into autumn, reposition 27 items in your home. Why 27? Nine is considered the number of longevity in Feng Shui, and multiplying it by three, the number of growth, will invite a continuous string of auspicious changes into your life.

Stay focused

Do you have a hard time putting work aside, even after you come home? Hang a shelf bracket in the far left corner of your bedroom, and then place a beautiful vase or sculpture on it. This will help you lift your thoughts to a higher plane.

Picture this

Sometimes a desire to get ahead at work can cause you to neglect the people and things you love most. Displaying a recent photo of your loved ones on the far right corner of your desk can help you to strike a better balance between work and home.

Create boundaries

If you have no choice but to keep a desk in your bedroom, create a barrier between your sleep and work stations. Suspend a flowing curtain so that you can’t see your desk when you’re lying in bed. Alternately, you can shield the desk with some lush plants.

Soften up

Your bathroom represents your ability to nurture yourself. Make this space more inviting with soft lighting, fluffy towels and a tactile rug. Add soaps, candles and lotions that are pleasing to your sense of smell. A radio tuned to a relaxing music station can also transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space to a mini-spa.

Give thanks

The best way to enjoy the fruits of your labor is to pause and acknowledge them. Make a list of 27 things for which you are grateful, and then place this list in a red envelope. Put the envelope under your mattress and keep it there until the Winter Solstice. The energizing power of your list will suffuse you with peace and contentment, allowing you to enjoy autumn’s blessings to the very fullest.



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Daily Feng Shui News for May 19th – ‘It’s All About Birds’

Flights of fancy could conceivably preoccupy you today as great blessings take wing. According to Feng Shui, birds bring sometimes surprising but always excellent news. The unexpected appearance of birds can feather your nest with opportunities as well. And they bring joy! If you want to engineer some aviary attention, then simply scatter some birdseed on your front walkway to bring opportunities that will let your luck soar right to your own front door.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for May 16th – ‘Wear Purple for Peace Day’

Today is ‘Wear Purple for Peace Day’ and I’d like to look at other ways that wearing purple can help improve our lives. Feng Shui says that wearing purple will help you gain recognition and added prestige that will further your ambitions for fame. It is also considered an excellent enhancement to children’s rooms when used in furnishings or even painted on one wall. It is believed that this color can increase a child’s imagination while inspiring their creativity. Purple also enhances personal growth and wisdom. Lastly, all shades of purple are considered excellent for stimulating good luck. So whether you’re wearing it or simply see it around, purple attracts fortune and opportunities.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for May 15th – ‘May Flowers’

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do May flowers bring? According to Feng Shui, some May flowers might bring health, healing and happiness if that’s what you intend. This philosophy believes that positioning a bunch of blue-hued flowers in a white vase and then putting that anywhere close to the front door can cure what ails you, especially when involving your internal organs. This bouquet of Shui is said to be especially true regarding illnesses affecting the kidneys. This tradition also teaches that fresh flowers placed anywhere in the house also attract angels to your living space. So, thanks April showers for bringing us May flowers. We owe you — a bunch.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for May 14th – ‘Buddha Day’

Today’s ‘Buddha Day’ is a time for me to share what Feng Shui has to say about placing Buddha statues or images in your home. This tradition states that any holy object such as those just mentioned should always occupy a place of respect and should never be treated as decoration. One of the best places for displaying a Buddha statue or image is in the front entryway. The statue should be placed so that it is diagonally facing the front door so it can welcome fortune, luck, opportunity and blessings into your living space.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

My Mother’s Day Feng Shui Ritual

My Mother’s Day Feng Shui Ritual

Plants and flowers make this Taurus mama happy!

Maria DeSimoneMaria DeSimone on the topics of taurus, mothers day, feng shui, blogs, astrology

Each year, when my kids ask me what I want for Mother’s Day, I offer the same immediate response: “I want to play in the dirt.”

My son, Vincent, who has both Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus and Venus in Virgo, understands. He remembers being a small child and gardening with me in our once gorgeous back yard. He can recall digging in the dirt and helping me plant seeds or pick fresh salad. He would help me water the garden, and he actually took pride in it. I do believe that boy has green-thumb potential.

My daughter Anna-Maria, on the other hand, who has no Earth in her chart, doesn’t get it. This Leo with Libra Rising wishes her mom would want to go shopping. You know. Like a normal girl.

Regardless of the excitement level (or lack thereof), my kids recognize that Mother’s Day is “mother’s” day, and for years they’ve patiently indulged my traditional dirt fest.

My Mother’s Day plant shopping ritual

We pile into my car early in the morning and take the hour-long drive to the affluent North Shore of Long Island. Here, there happens to be an absolute gem of a nursery. In fact, I think it is world famous. When I tell you this place is completely breathtaking I’m making an understatement. Rare, exotic plants, trees, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees are everywhere, along with your everyday greenery.

There’s an entire section devoted to ornate sculptures, waterfalls and any other type of outdoor accessory you could dream up. There’s outdoor furniture, gardening tools and other essentials. Everything is displayed in the most elegant, picturesque way possible.

For a few hours each Mother’s Day, I truly feel like I’ve walked across the gates of heaven.

Mother’s Day is typically Taurus

Isn’t it interesting that Mother’s Day falls each year when the Sun is in Taurus — the sign most connected to Mother Earth? My Sun is in Taurus and I have always felt most at peace when outdoors. Mothers everywhere are gifted with plants or flowers — symbols of life and beauty — on this day.

Like many Taureans, I’m a big fan of gardening. Unfortunately, since 2007 I haven’t been able to enjoy my back yard. The ugly residue of my divorce leaves me in a situation where I can no longer stand to be in it. That’s because my next door neighbors happen to be my ex-in-laws. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking right now. What a dumb newlywed move that was! Good point, well made.

Anyway …

When I was happily married my back yard was a haven. There was a gorgeous pond-less waterfall with climbing ivy, the most amazing peony bushes, a pear tree and my once-famous vegetable patch. I spent hours in my yard writing, reading, gardening and entertaining. Even sleeping.

Living in Queens, N.Y., however, the homes are close together. Neighbors are separated only by a fence, and you can always hear and see what your neighbor is doing in their yard. Not a problem when you’re on happy terms with your neighbors, but when you’re not it can get nasty.

Suffice it to say that I no longer have any capacity to experience peace or joy in my back yard. Until I’m able to afford to purchase my own home and leave this area, I’m left to reminisce about my outdoor gardening days.

My Feng Shui consultant to the rescue

But all is not lost, thanks to indoor plants! In fact, my Feng Shui consultant (yes, I have one of those, too!) taught me how to maximize the potential of strategically placed plants, flowers and even trees in my home to take full advantage of Chi (energy flow) and gain a feeling of serenity.

I have to say that my Feng Shui consultant was instrumental in helping me learn how to feel as much “at home” as I possibly can while I’m living in this energetically sticky situation.

I learned how to protect my home from anyone’s negative energy using various “cures” from the art of Feng Shui. I also learned how to attract more money, success, honors and even peace with and for my children by strategically placing plants (part of the element of Wood in Feng Shui), Fire, Metal, and Water in specific areas of my home.

The Bagua (energy map of your home) is a fascinating tool to become better acquainted with. Once mine was presented to me by my Feng Shui consultant, I was taught that one of the easiest ways to promote good Chi in your home is through plants and flowers. Thanks to Feng Shui, I once again found a way to enjoy playing in the dirt. Before this, I had largely ignored indoor gardening.

You can still garden indoors!

Thanks to my first Feng Shui consultation, however, my Mother’s Day tradition never had to miss a beat. Since then, my visits to the luxurious nursery each year have yielded a collection of the most gorgeous and rare house plants. I get to stare at them every day. They adorn my living room, office, bedrooms — even my kitchen.

Now that’s how you make a Taurus mama happy on Mother’s Day! Even though I don’t yet have my own piece of “peaceful” land outdoors, thanks to Feng Shui I’ve learned how to make indoor gardening almost as satisfying.

Eventually, when I am an official home owner, you can bet the first thing I plan on doing is maxing-out the positive Chi of my new crib with the help of my Feng Shui consultant. Well, that might be the second thing on my list.

I might need to sit in the yard and make a few mud pies first. Yep, I definitely have my priorities straight.

Feng Shui News for May 11th – ‘Happy Mother’s Day’

This day honors all those wonderful women who nurture and nourish their babes, the women we call ‘mother.’ Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who shares her maternal energies with the world’s future generations. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to honor your own mom, consider an ages-old Feng Shui cure that will gift her with health, long life, virtue and happiness. Feng Shui says that any jewelry made with jade is more miraculous than the gift of life itself. This precious gem is thought to be imbued with incredible powers, and what mom couldn’t use more of those? This year give mom a bauble made of miracles. I wish all of my fellow moms a simply sensational Mother’s Day!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for May 2nd – ‘Robert’s Rule of Order Day’

Some may be celebrating ‘Robert’s Rule of Order Day’ today, but I think that we should take a look at the first rule of order according to Feng Shui. Before undertaking any Feng Shui adjustment you must first clear the clutter in your living or work space. And don’t forget cyber clutter, as that can also have a big negative affect on your mental psyche. Clean out and throw or give away anything you no longer use and delete old texts and voicemails. You’ll feel loads lighter and your life will start to get in, well, order.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 28th – ‘Biological Clock Day’

If you’re hearing the tick tock of ‘Biological Clock Day’ and you’re trying to get pregnant, then you might want to consider this powerful Feng Shui fertility cure. According to this tradition, sleeping on green sheets will heal any malady or remove any energy blockages that might be preventing pregnancy from occurring. Take it from personal experience — this tip really does work!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 24th – ‘Pig in a Blanket Day’

Today is ‘Pig in a Blanket Day,’ but whether wrapped in a blanket or not, the pig is considered a prized possession in traditional Eastern cultures. According to Feng Shui, good fortune comes to households that display symbols or images of a pig. They signify prosperity, wealth, fertility and success in all affairs. In China, it’s the pig and not the dog that’s man’s best friend and considering all of the excellent attributes ascribed to it, now you can see why.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 23rd – ‘Lovers Day’

Oh la la, it’s ‘Lovers Day!’ But what if you don’t have a lover? Never fear, Feng Shui is here. If you are single and still searching for the perfect partner, then try this following Feng Shui cure. You must have two lamps on either side of your bed for this cure to work its magic. Each night at approximately the same time, turn the lamps on one immediately after the other. Then, after leaving them on for at least three consecutive hours, turn them off in unison. Do this every night for 27 nights and soon every day will be Lover’s Day for you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 17 – ‘High Five Day’

On ‘High Five Day’ I’d like to share a powerful Feng Shui healing ritual that uses all five elements and their related colors to balance the Chi in your living space and to promote good health. First, you must clear your mind of all negative or unpleasant thoughts. Next you will acquire five objects — one black (water), one white (metal), one red (fire), one green (wood) and one yellow (earth). Place the yellow object in the center of your living area. Walk to the west of your space and place the white object there. Leave the black object in the north and place the green in the east. Finally, put the red object in the southern part of your space. By representing all of the Feng Shui elements you bring balance and harmony to all of your endeavors.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Apr. 15 – ‘Income Tax Pay Day,” & “That Sucks Day.”

It’s probably no coincidence that ‘Income Tax Pay Day’ falls on the same day as ‘That Sucks Day.’ In any case, if you feel that paying income tax sucks because there might not be enough money to do so, then try this Feng Shui tip to increase prosperity. Every morning for nine days straight draw a green dollar symbol on the palm of your left hand. If the symbol washes off during the day go ahead and draw it again. Wash it off at night and repeat the next day. Each time you spy this symbol on your palm, visualize more money and abundance coming to you. Feel grateful for this increase in your income and next year’s tax pay day might not sting quite so much.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 10th – ‘National Sibling Day’

I’m thinking of my two wonderful brothers and my sweet sister on this ‘National Sibling Day.’ According to Feng Shui, there is a place inside your living space that can be activated to awaken great energies to and for your siblings. Simply locate the center or middle of the left-hand wall of your living space, known in this tradition as the ‘Family/Friends/Ancestors’ area, and place three green, healthy plants there. Nurture those plants like you would your own loved ones and then watch as your relationship with your siblings grows to new and more loving heights.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for April 9 – ‘National Cherish An Antique Day’

You may want to follow today’s ‘National Cherish An Antique Day’ advice but be sure to follow mine as well. Feng Shui teaches that anything old that has had a prior owner also carries something called ‘predecessor’ energies, or the energy of the prior owners. Therefore, this philosophy strongly advises that you cleanse those energies before putting an antique into your home. You can use dried sage or even sandalwood or frankincense incense for this. Simply light the incense and let the smoke surround and infuse the antique in order to make its energy brand new again.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com