Daily Feng Shui News for May 16th – ‘Wear Purple for Peace Day’

Today is ‘Wear Purple for Peace Day’ and I’d like to look at other ways that wearing purple can help improve our lives. Feng Shui says that wearing purple will help you gain recognition and added prestige that will further your ambitions for fame. It is also considered an excellent enhancement to children’s rooms when used in furnishings or even painted on one wall. It is believed that this color can increase a child’s imagination while inspiring their creativity. Purple also enhances personal growth and wisdom. Lastly, all shades of purple are considered excellent for stimulating good luck. So whether you’re wearing it or simply see it around, purple attracts fortune and opportunities.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

January 21 – Daily Feast

January 21 – Daily Feast

In the darkest day in winter color is everywhere. They are colors we do not expect to see, so we do not see them. They float on early morning clouds that lie aloft in the southern sky and hover in the crevices of hills at midday. In the evening, the western horizon is purple – all shades of purple, which the Cherokee calls gi ge s di. The last rays of sunlight color the scuddling clouds with purple, rose, and lilac. The Indian loves color and is tuned in to its joy. If we are caught in moods that are drab, our eyes have little chance of seeing color. A drab view can be changed. Even now a, as go in ge (jay) and a brilliant, gi ga ge (cardinal) can stir us with their blues and reds if we have the heart to see them.

~ This is the most valuable thing I have ever possessed. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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