Daily Feng Shui News for April 17 – ‘High Five Day’

On ‘High Five Day’ I’d like to share a powerful Feng Shui healing ritual that uses all five elements and their related colors to balance the Chi in your living space and to promote good health. First, you must clear your mind of all negative or unpleasant thoughts. Next you will acquire five objects — one black (water), one white (metal), one red (fire), one green (wood) and one yellow (earth). Place the yellow object in the center of your living area. Walk to the west of your space and place the white object there. Leave the black object in the north and place the green in the east. Finally, put the red object in the southern part of your space. By representing all of the Feng Shui elements you bring balance and harmony to all of your endeavors.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com