The Daily Motivator for Feb. 17th – Powerful intentions

Powerful intentions

Your intentions can be enormously powerful, yet they must be clear, specific  and meaningful. If you just have a vague idea of the results you intend, the  results you actually get will have little value.

Decide what you wish to do today, or this month, or this year, and make it  precise. In order to be fully committed, you must know exactly what you’re  committed to doing.

The more clearly you visualize your intentions, the more powerful you make  them. When you can see exactly where you’re going, you can also find realistic  and workable ways to get there.

The power of your intentions also comes from the strength of purpose behind  them. When they’re solidly connected to what’s meaningful in your life, then  you’ll put your best efforts into making those intentions happen.

Your intentions are powerful precisely because they enable you to focus and  harness your substantial energy. Your intentions bring results because they  compel you to create those results.

Make them clear and meaningful, and give your intentions the power they  deserve. They’ll push you forward in creating the great life you deserve.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

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Your Ancient Symbol Card for Feb. 17th is Mars

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


Mars represents those qualities we commonly associate with the male/yang persona. Mars traits include raw energy, ambition, aggression, confidence, passion, and a sense of adventure. The occurrence of Mars denotes the dominating presence or need of the qualities listed above. Martian influence may have a negative impact unless it is balanced with an influence that can blunt the brashness and impulsiveness of Mars.

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Daily Motivator for February 4th – No need for frustration

No need for frustration

Frustration is a painful, debilitating feeling that can often cause you to do  things you’ll regret. So choose to quickly let it go.

Frustration, as automatic and overpowering as it may seem, is a choice. And  you can always make a different choice.

The habit of reacting in frustration is just that, a habit. Like any other  habit you’ve developed, you can get rid of it when you choose.

Yes, life regularly presents you with difficult dilemmas for which  frustration is a perfectly understandable reaction. Other than grabbing your  attention, however, your frustration never does accomplish much.

So once you’re aware of the frustrating situation, make the choice to find a  more useful, effective response. Step back from the desire for instant drama,  and work on creating some long-term positive results.

Channel the high-powered energy of frustration into intentional, focused,  positive action. Give yourself the option to act effectively and appropriately,  and you’ll find you have no need for frustration.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Motivator

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Your Charm for Friday, January 24th is The Caduceus

Your Charm for Today

The Caduceus

Today’s Meaning:

You will find you have within you the ability to resolve all conflicts and disagreements with regard to this aspect. You will find an eloquence you did not realize before.

General Description:

The staff of Mercury was given to him by Apollo in exchange for the lyre. The rod was endowed with the remarkable power of deciding all quarrels and bestowing wonderful eloquence upon its possessor. Mercury proved this when he saw two serpents fighting. Placing the rod between them and using his eloquence he reconciled the serpents, who then embraced each other, and becoming attached to the rod formed the caduceus. The pine cone is credited with health giving power, and the wings symbolize speed and the flight of thoughts between friends. This ancient talisman was supposed to be a charm for prosperity, rendering its possessor healthy, wealthy and wise.

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by Van Ault

Every magician has occasions in which the magic he is directing does not seem to
work. The desired result, whether internal or external, does not come into
manifestation.  These occasions are opportunities for greater development in the
magical arts, and by working through the disappointment and discouragement, he can reach greater self-knowledge and technical expertise in the art.

I believe that magic always works. Magic is a tool, a reality shaper. Like any
tool, how-ever, its ability is limited to the operator’s knowledge and skill.
For an illustration, let’s use the bow and arrow.  Your intention is the arrow
and your magical technique for directing that intention is the bow. You use the
bow/technique to poise, balance and guide the intention/arrow with the strength
of your arms and hands/ determination and will.

What happens when this all works together optimally? The will firmly grasps the
clear intention, balances it upon the technique, you gather your emotional and
mental force, and then fire the intention into the invisible world to be made
manifest. In its own time and way, your wish materializes.

Conversely, if you haven’t got the skill to bring all of these efforts together,
things can go askew. Your arrow can veer and stray, or it may travel a few feet
before losing power.  Your bow can break, or not be strong enough to propel the
arrow.  Or, you may find that you’ve got your bow and arrow ready to use, but
you haven’t got sufficient strength to manipulate it.

I offer the following meditation process for those times when it seems that your
magic doesn’t work.  When you’ve tried all the techniques, when you’ve gotten no
results, when you’re wondering if any of this matters at all, the process in
this meditation can produce miracles and create a sense of completion.  You can
read the script into a tape, or have a friend lead you through it.

River Of Life Meditation

Find a comfortable place where you can relax and be completely
quiet…relax…allow your thought snow to just come and go…come and go…and
take a deep breath in and hold it…(pause)…now gather up the tension in your
body, and release it as you exhale …take another deep breath, and as you
exhale, let go of anybody else’s energy or thoughts you may be carrying….and
breathe in new energy…breathe in new possibilities …and allow your  body to
fill with lightness…feel it  becoming lighter and lighter as you relax more
and more…relaxing deeply…going  deeper…feeling very  light now…so light
you could almost float away……….

And as you relax, imagine a beautiful colored mist is swirling up around you,
billowing up around you into a cushiony, soft, cloud of energy…and you are
resting completely upon this cloud…and you are safe…as you breathe in and
out, let your thoughts just come and go…relaxing more and more…and the cloud
of energy now lifts you up into the air and carries your down into your own
inner world…down between the boundaries of time and space…to a place of
timeless beauty and infinite possibilities…floating down now, going deeper and
deeper, leaving the outer  world and  its concerns far behind, as  you drift and
float on this beautiful cloud….going further and further- ….down below you
is a rock, a giant rock…and the cloud  gently and effortlessly lands upon the
rock and  you step off it, as the cloud swirls back into a mist and disappears
for now…

Stand upon this rock now, and feel the strength of it under your feet…and as
you turn around, you look out upon a great river…flowing as far as you can
see…seeming to come from some infinite place…and disappearing into an
infinite place,,,a flowing, endless river of energy…this is  the river of all
life waters…all of life draws upon the life-force that moves through its
steaming currents…look closely at the water…what color is it? It may look
like liquid light to you…look deeply into it, and sense the power and depth of
the river…what sound does it make as it courses through its channels?…as you
stand  securely upon your rock, notice and fragrance…and  bend down and cup
your hands in the living water, and splash some of it on your face…feel the
life giving force on your skin…take a sip of the water…allow the river of
life to nourish you….

Now relax a moment upon the rock…and bring into your mind the magical
intention that never seemed to go anywhere…what were you trying to
accomplish?…what was the basic intention you had?…what was the emotion
behind the intention?…feel  the energy  of that emotion moving onto the palms
of your hands now…feel the energy glowing… pulsating…breathe and allow
your intention that you’re still clinging to externalize…the energy of it is
now shimmering, glowing…swirling into a sphere…allow all of your desire to
flow into this sphere…and allow this sphere to appear to you however it
appears…and  just observe what you see…you may see pictures or symbols
emerging within the sphere…whatever you see is fine…

When your sphere is completely filled with the last of your desire, emotion and
intention, hold it aloft…feel the power of it in you hands, a globe of power
that you can now release…and look out into the river of life…watch as its
currents of possibility flow for ever and ever, as far as you can see…and
whenever you’re ready, with as much and as little force as you need, throw the
pulsating sphere into the river…and give this intention to the life force of
this great river…watch as the sphere touches the water…and gradu-ally
disappears into the current…

Take a deep breath… as the sphere disappears the last of your intention and
emotion and desire merges with the source of all life, from which it originally
came…and leaves you…

Now complete any business here that you need to finish…take a few moments to
enjoy the flowing river of life, and know that the possibilities it nourishes
can bring miracles into you life too…

Take another deep breath, and notice the colored mist is once again swirling
around you…billowing up underneath you to form a beautiful cloud of cushiony
energy, which is lifted up into the air, with you upon it…relaxing into the
cloud you are returning the way you came…lifting up up through time and space,
coming back from the inner world… coming up… further and further…floating
and drifting back…coming back…bringing you all the way back into your body
now, into this room…brining your attention completely back into this time and
place…take a deep breath and begin to re-orient yourself to the          outer
world…and when you’re ready, count to three…, and on the count of three open
your eyes, and return feeling relaxed, alert and at peace.

* * *
As always, change any of the wording or images in this meditation if it suits
your purpose better.  The important part is just to finally and completely let
go of your intention, so that the energy can be recycled in whatever form the
creative force and your own consciousness will allow.  Out of this release, new
lives, new opportunities, and new magical opportunities are born!

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The Magickal Pyramid

The Magickal Pyramid

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Keep Silent

To Know:  Knowledge is the first key in any magickal working.  We must know what we want to do, and how to do it with skill.

To Will:  The focus of will provides the external energy necessary to do Work.

To Dare:  This is the “doing” of the magickal operation, sometimes not without
risk or effort.

To Keep Silent:  Do not “diffuse” the energies of ANY working by “talking it to
death”, PARTICULARLY with those not directly involved or concerned  with the

These four elements form a dynamic interaction with each other and the work or
object of the work represented by the  “Point” of the pyramid if you visualize
this diagram in three dimensions, rather than the two of the computer screen.
These seem to be fundamental principles for group ritual as well as solitary

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Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – St. Vincent’s Day/Festival of Apollo

Witchy Comments & Graphics

Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year

St. Vincent’s Day/Festival of Apollo

St. Vincent, deacon and first Spanish martyr, was widely venerated during the Middle Ages. This day has long served to watch the weather and the legs, which are ruled by Aquarius.

Remember on St. Vincent’s day,

If that the Sun his beams display.

For ‘tis a token, bright and clear,

Of prosperous weather all the year.

In ancient Greece this day was dedicated to Apollo, the Sun God of light, poetry, and oracles. It was believed that if one carried his emblem good luck, light and truth would follow. Hesperides wrote “To Apollo: A Short Hymne” (1648) to honor Apollo on this day:

Thou mighty Lord, and master of the lyre,

Unshorn Apollo, come and re-inspire,

My fingers so, the Lyrick-strings to move

That I may play, and sing a Hymne of Love.

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Daily OM for January 16th – An Invitation to Comfort

An Invitation to Comfort

Creating a Happy, Serene, and Healthy Home

by Madisyn Taylor

Include all 5 senses while making a home, doing so provides safe haven for your evolving body and soul.
Your home is your oasis. Through your efforts, your house or apartment can become both a private sanctuary and a welcoming, serene, and healthy place to live in and visit. An organized and comfortable home can have a calming effect on you, your family, and guests, as well as be your personal escape from the rest of the world.  Creating this nurturing space isn’t difficult. Even a household that includes young children or multiple animals can be a serene and peaceful place. In just a few minutes, you can make a number of changes that can turn your home into a safe and comfortable haven that you can be proud to share with your loved ones and friends.

One way to fill your house or apartment with calming energy is to imbue it with a peaceful ambiance that nurtures all five senses. Soft lighting and soothing colors like blue, purple, and green can make a space feel warm and inviting, while pleasant and calming aromas such as lavender and vanilla can positively affect moods. Peaceful sounds, such as running water in a fountain or gentle chimes can uplift and clear the space, while clearing clutter and making the most of open space can ease internal turmoil and dispel negative feelings. The physical objects in your home as well as your home itself can retain the energy of previous owners and the object’s creator. You can give your household’s energy a lift by visualizing white light surrounding our home, symbolically sweeping out residual energy, or smudging your home with cleansing sage. 

The changes you make to your home can be as unique as you are and may involve utilization of space, lighting, new furniture, decorating, feng shui, or ritual. But what you do is not as important as being clear in your intention to set up your household as a soothing and refreshing place to be. Make your home a place of comfort, and you will feel nurtured and cared for whenever you are there. 

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Daily Feng Shui News for Jan 15 – ‘Humanitarian Day’

On ‘Humanitarian Day’ do something totally swell for someone without letting them know. Pay the toll for the car behind you or sneak a latte onto a coworker’s desk without telling them who put it there. Then do something in your own space that will affect a shift towards peace and harmony. Bring home a healthy green plant, or hang a round and faceted crystal somewhere in your space. The plant will facilitate healing on every level while the crystal will lift the soul and the psyche. When you do anything to improve the place where you reside, you will also improve the neighborhood you live in. And why stop there? This ripple effect can improve the whole world. Just one special something placed with intent inside your space can have a huge impact on the entire universe. That makes you a real and true humanitarian and global citizen in good standing.

By Ellen Whitehurst for

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Today’s Tarot Card for Dec. 19th is The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Thursday, Dec 19th, 2013









Traditionally, the card known as the Hanged Man usually indicates a lack of ability to help oneself through independent action. This energy is arrested and awaiting judgment. With this card, there is no avenue for the will to regain control until the situation has passed.

This represents a good time to be philosophical, to study and meditate upon the position you find yourself in, and form resolutions for the moment you become free again. Only those who possess wisdom, patience and optimism will be able to see through limitations, including possible humiliation, to grasp the inspiring lesson one can gain from such an experience

The Witches Correspondences for Tuesday, December 17th

The Witches Correspondences for Tuesday, December 17th

Magickal Intentions: Courage, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness
Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants: Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Mars rules Tuesday. The energies of this day best harmonize with efforts of masculine vibration, such as conflict, physical endurance and strength, lust, hunting, sports, and all types of competition. Use them, too, for rituals involving surgical procedures or political ventures

Blessings & Warmth to You On This Thursday Morn!

Good Morning, dear family & friends! I hope everyone is having a very warm and safe day. They have changed our weather forecast. Our bad weather is suppose to hit this afternoon. We are suppose to have mostly ice here. I can tell you I would much rather have the snow than the ice any day. We can’t very well argue with Mother Nature though. Just accept what we are given and go on about it.

We did get all of our supplies yesterday and have battened down the hatches. So we are ready, I guess. I just don’t want to think about losing power. I remember last time. At first it was like an adventure but by day 8, the night was closing in and I was about ready to strangle someone. It is nice to spend time with people but when you are trapped with them for several day, get real! Enough is enough, lol! I am just kidding. I am not the only one that felt this way. Even the best of friends trapped for long periods of time will get on each other’s nerve. I know after so long the cat became a pain in the rump. I would catnap during the day because at night we would use kerosene heaters or a big LP camp stove to keep the place warm. Well the darn cat would catch which other was on and try to lay right on top of it. I stayed up making sure the cat didn’t catch on fire and burn us up and we didn’t run out of oxygen and kill ourselves. Oh, what fun is was!

So I beg you again, please keep us in your prayers that we don’t lose power and stay safe during the upcoming storm. And to remind you, in case you don’t hear from us within a day or two, send help! Lots of it, too! Out here, when the power goes out, we lose our telephones. Why? I don’t know. I guess that is one of the many problems you have to put up with when dealing with a Co-Op. But send in the Mounties, please!

Enough with the silliness, I know there are some already suffering from the winter storm. My heart goes out to you and yours. I pray that you stay in and stay safe. If you have power and the internet, spend the day with us. I am sure after reading all this, it will warm your hearts, lol!  I can’t help it, I am a big baby witch. I am use to all the modern conveniences, especially power and heat. Those happen to be two of my favorites in the Winter. I honestly don’t see how our ancestors and the cave people made it. But I guess they didn’t miss what they never had. Perhaps we are too spoiled these days. Truthfully, I don’t know too many people that ain’t spoiled these days. Even the hunters around here tickle me. They will brag and talk about how they are great outdoorsmen and they are rough and tough, yeah right! They want to come home to a nice warm house, a freshly brewed pot of coffee and the TV. Yeah, they are really tough and rough outdoorsmen, lol!

Well enough with the poop! I hope everyone has a great day. Please stay safe and warm. If you have to do any traveling, be extra careful because I expect to see all of you back here tomorrow. Have a very blessed day & may the Goddess watch over us all.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

December 4 – Daily Feast

December 4 – Daily Feast

Early December has rich earthy color that stands for strength and durability. Hundred-year-old oaks stand guard over a multitude of younger growth and bear the brunt of cold winds and heavy snows. The little creeks hollow out from rushing waters and refill with sand and stones washed down from the hills. Everywhere are signs of longevity and power. Huge boulders tilted on end or covered by moss and lichen harbor the fox and possum. Regardless of how cultivated the land may be in one season, it returns to nature in another. No time shows nature’s raw strength like winter – and few things have to be hardier than people.

~ The Great Spirit and giver of light…..has made the earth and everything in it…. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

The Daily Motivator for Nov. 21st – Positive approach

Positive approach

Conflict can be interesting and enticing, but is not particularly useful.  Rather than giving in to the drama of conflict, choose to be genuinely helpful  and cheerful, and make yourself much more effective.

Sure, you can get attention by being negative. But you can get much more done  by taking a positive approach.

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, offer some workable options for setting  things right. When you feel like giving criticism, find a way to give it in the  form of encouragement.

You don’t have to be nice just to be nice. Be nice, helpful, positive, upbeat  and encouraging because that’s how you, and everyone else, will make the most  progress.

You’ll never be able to get back the time and energy you waste on conflict.  Yet when you invest your time and energy in being a positive influence, the  rewards for doing so will expand exponentially as time goes on.

Your most effective, productive, profitable, compassionate and intelligent  choice is to be positive in your interactions with others. It’s a choice that  lifts the lives of everyone involved.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for November 16th – Worth every moment

Worth every moment

Some days will be joyful and other days will be painful. Through it all, life  is worth every moment.

Some experiences will be frustrating and others will be exhilarating. Choose  to see the positive value in all those experiences, and to grow stronger with  each one.

On some days the sunshine will feel delightfully warm and on other days the  wind will be bitterly cold. Yet every day, each feeling can make you feel more  richly alive.

The future may at times appear bright and at other times seem to be deeply  troubling. Whatever the case, you can always make the very best of the time you  have, as it comes.

Life will always have its ups and downs. Instead of making a judgment about  every experience, make the choice to embrace it all.

See each day as an opportunity to grow stronger, more capable and more  thankful for life’s limitless possibilities. Use each day to bring the best of  those possibilities into being in new, unique and meaningful ways.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator