I Pledge This Day


I pledge this day to do my best
To put the past behind me
Walking straight with head held high
So fortune’ favor finds me.
Yesterday is gone and done
Tomorrow lies before me
I will not let myself be bound
By history’s faded story.
No longer looking toward the past
Except for lessons learned
I’m moving toward the future now
And all that I have earned.

So Mote It Be.

Low John the Conqueror, Galangal (Uses in Gris Gris Bags)

Low John the Conqueror, Galangal

Power: Justice, success in all official matters

Protects against injustice. Good in a bag to resolve legal matters, to help with examinations and to increase passion, good fortune and family happiness. Carry in your pocket separately to a court case, tribunal or enquiry for a speedy and satisfactory resolution. You can substitute ginger root.

Celebrations Around The World for Jan. 8th

World Literacy Day
Redistribution of Wealth Day
Man Watcher’s Day
Justitia (Roman Goddess of Justice)
Kassada (Indonesia
Midwife’s Day (aka Women’s Day; Greece)
National Joygerm Day
Old Hickory Day
Feast of St. Gudula (patron of Brussels; against toothaches)
St. Severinus’ Day
Rock ‘n’ Roll Day
Postal Day
Jackson Day (Louisiana)
St. Amalburga’s Day (patron against bruises)
National English Toffee Day
St. Atticus’ Day
Pennsylvania Farm Show