A Very Blessed & Relaxing Sunday Morning To All Our Family & Friends!

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Good morning, my dears! How are you doing? I hope the weather is much kinder to you than it is to us. I woke up this morning to rain, well I thought it was rain. When I looked out the window, all I saw was ice. I would much rather have snow any day than ice. You can’t walk on it, you can’t drive on it. All I have found it is good for is falling down making a fool out of yourself. And yes, I can proudly say that because I have done it. Embarrassing, I tell you!

I just can’t believe it is March and winter is still hanging on. Is it ever going to leave? When Summer gets here and it’s 110 in the shade, we will wishing for these nice cold days. Hmm, just to experience a little warmth, then trade it for the cold? I don’t know. I was born in the middle of March. I remember Momma telling me it was snowing a blizzard the day Daddy took her to the hospital to have me. If we have another month of this, I will go stir-crazy!

I don’t know how your weather has been but ours’ has been a tease. One or two days of 50’s & 60’s and the next day down to the teen’s. No wonder everyone around here is sick. I know gripe, gripe, bitch, bitch. But you see I have decided the weather is about the only thing I can bitch about and not get in trouble.

Anyway enough about the weather and bitchin’ time to get to work. I almost forgot to ask, do you like the new look of the WOTC? Tell me truthfully please? I ain’t for sure but it is something different for a change. Heck, next month I will doing something different. All righty then, I am off to work…..

Have a very lovely & blessed Sunday,

Love ya,

Lady A

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Well, my sweets, I hate to cut it short today but………

Ah, it’s beautiful when it is in a picture, isn’t it? In real life, it is definitely a different story. We have a wintery mess coming at us. That is the reason I am cutting today’s posts short. I have a few things to pick up before we get snowed in. We are suppose to start out with a little freezing rain then snow. The freezing rain scares me to death. I remember back a few year ago when we were out of power for 11 days. That was a nightmare. I don’t want to have to go through that again. After the freezing rain moves in, we are suppose to have a foot of snow (did I mention I am really not crazy about winter, lol!). So I figure before all this mess hits, I might as well get up and run out in the 5 degree weather and go to the store. But tomorrow when I am snowed in and nobody can get to me, I will give you information overload, deal? Deal!

I will be back on tonight to up-date the site. Get rid of all the old stuff and bring in the new, or should I say “ring in the new.” Anyway, we are going to start something that will run for a month, it is our membership drive. This is the first time we have ever done anything like this. No telling how it will turn out but we are going to give it a shot anyway. We want to make 2014 a year that is on fire for the Goddess. We want to spread the true beauty of our Religion by leaps and bounds. I have become extremely ambitious, I would like to see our Religion back in the mainstream before I pass. What a glorious accomplishment! With the Goddess’ help we can do it. It is going to take as many people as we can muster to accomplish this. Thus the reason for the membership drive. The more we grow and grow, eventually we will be so large they can no longer ignore us. They will have to listen to us and finally understand us. Then qw will have to be recognized as a true Religion and given our place back in  mainstream Religion.

We don’t want you going out and dragging people to our site. If you have a Pagan friend, you can casually mention to them, “hey, why don’t you check out this group online?” If the join or if you join during our membership drive, we have some great incentives for you. For the 10, 25, 50 and 100th persons to join we have some excellent spell kits to offer. Like this one shown below…..

If you don’t want a spell kit of your choice, then you can search our store for something of equal value. How’s that for joining up?

I have said it over and over again, now is our time. This year let’s make it finally happen. Let’s finally cement our teachings, beliefs, and practices in concrete. Let guarantee our children will know our Religion by the writings we  leave behind. And most important to ensure our Religion has a place in the future for generations to come.

Ok, now I will get off the soapbox, I will be up-dating this site tonight. Then when I am through here, I am going to put some new merchandise in the store. If you haven’t been over there to check it out recently, then do so. If you have a hard to find item, email me. We have access to 3 wholesalers, if one doesn’t have it surely the next will.

Now that you know my plans, I must run. Oh, I almost forgot it only cost $4.00 to join as a member of the WOTC. That’s the cost of getting a PTA ticket. And I should mention the ones that already sponsor us, you are automatically sucked in, lol! I know you appreciate that terminology!

Seriously think about what I said. We can’t do it by ourselves but together we can move a mountain.

Have a very blessed Saturday,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A



Blessings & Warmth to You On This Thursday Morn!

Good Morning, dear family & friends! I hope everyone is having a very warm and safe day. They have changed our weather forecast. Our bad weather is suppose to hit this afternoon. We are suppose to have mostly ice here. I can tell you I would much rather have the snow than the ice any day. We can’t very well argue with Mother Nature though. Just accept what we are given and go on about it.

We did get all of our supplies yesterday and have battened down the hatches. So we are ready, I guess. I just don’t want to think about losing power. I remember last time. At first it was like an adventure but by day 8, the night was closing in and I was about ready to strangle someone. It is nice to spend time with people but when you are trapped with them for several day, get real! Enough is enough, lol! I am just kidding. I am not the only one that felt this way. Even the best of friends trapped for long periods of time will get on each other’s nerve. I know after so long the cat became a pain in the rump. I would catnap during the day because at night we would use kerosene heaters or a big LP camp stove to keep the place warm. Well the darn cat would catch which other was on and try to lay right on top of it. I stayed up making sure the cat didn’t catch on fire and burn us up and we didn’t run out of oxygen and kill ourselves. Oh, what fun is was!

So I beg you again, please keep us in your prayers that we don’t lose power and stay safe during the upcoming storm. And to remind you, in case you don’t hear from us within a day or two, send help! Lots of it, too! Out here, when the power goes out, we lose our telephones. Why? I don’t know. I guess that is one of the many problems you have to put up with when dealing with a Co-Op. But send in the Mounties, please!

Enough with the silliness, I know there are some already suffering from the winter storm. My heart goes out to you and yours. I pray that you stay in and stay safe. If you have power and the internet, spend the day with us. I am sure after reading all this, it will warm your hearts, lol!  I can’t help it, I am a big baby witch. I am use to all the modern conveniences, especially power and heat. Those happen to be two of my favorites in the Winter. I honestly don’t see how our ancestors and the cave people made it. But I guess they didn’t miss what they never had. Perhaps we are too spoiled these days. Truthfully, I don’t know too many people that ain’t spoiled these days. Even the hunters around here tickle me. They will brag and talk about how they are great outdoorsmen and they are rough and tough, yeah right! They want to come home to a nice warm house, a freshly brewed pot of coffee and the TV. Yeah, they are really tough and rough outdoorsmen, lol!

Well enough with the poop! I hope everyone has a great day. Please stay safe and warm. If you have to do any traveling, be extra careful because I expect to see all of you back here tomorrow. Have a very blessed day & may the Goddess watch over us all.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A