A Very Blessed & Relaxing Sunday Morning To All Our Family & Friends!

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Good morning, my dears! How are you doing? I hope the weather is much kinder to you than it is to us. I woke up this morning to rain, well I thought it was rain. When I looked out the window, all I saw was ice. I would much rather have snow any day than ice. You can’t walk on it, you can’t drive on it. All I have found it is good for is falling down making a fool out of yourself. And yes, I can proudly say that because I have done it. Embarrassing, I tell you!

I just can’t believe it is March and winter is still hanging on. Is it ever going to leave? When Summer gets here and it’s 110 in the shade, we will wishing for these nice cold days. Hmm, just to experience a little warmth, then trade it for the cold? I don’t know. I was born in the middle of March. I remember Momma telling me it was snowing a blizzard the day Daddy took her to the hospital to have me. If we have another month of this, I will go stir-crazy!

I don’t know how your weather has been but ours’ has been a tease. One or two days of 50’s & 60’s and the next day down to the teen’s. No wonder everyone around here is sick. I know gripe, gripe, bitch, bitch. But you see I have decided the weather is about the only thing I can bitch about and not get in trouble.

Anyway enough about the weather and bitchin’ time to get to work. I almost forgot to ask, do you like the new look of the WOTC? Tell me truthfully please? I ain’t for sure but it is something different for a change. Heck, next month I will doing something different. All righty then, I am off to work…..

Have a very lovely & blessed Sunday,

Love ya,

Lady A

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What’s Up, Dear Family & Friends? It’s A Funday-Sunday Here Today!!!

Gooo0d Afternoon, my dearies! How are you doing today? I hope super fantastic. I have had a busy morning around here. Started a little of my Spring cleaning today! I need a maid, someone please!!!! I moved furniture, then got the little step stool and climbed on top. I started washing the walls down. Here comes Razzy and decides she doesn’t want her Momma wearing socks today. She hates for me to wear socks anyway. She will catch me with them on and pull them off my feet and hide them. So here she comes (she is a big as the step stool), she slaps at my ankles. Next the little (ha!) fart throws her big paw over my foot and just starts nibbling on my ankles. Gee, I am glad she friendly. I sit my bucket down and she knew I was getting down. She took off and ran to hubby and hit him head on. She knocked the breathe out of him. When I got to the living room, he was panting for air and she was curled up like a little angel.

Then when I got throw playing with Razzy, I had to go and give the pitbull his medicine. I also took him for a walk this morning. His scars are healing up nicely and he is starting to put some weigh on his back leg. He is so loveable. And he just wants someone to love him in return. I sit down and he rolls all over me, loving and licking. I have to keep him under control because he gets so excited by someone wanting to care for him. I am afraid if he gets to wound up, he will hurt himself and he has done wonderfully. I don’t want that to happen.

You ever get tired of doing the same old thing, day after day??? I do. I try to think of new things on the site to do to keep it interesting. Today, we are having a Funday Sunday. What does that mean? WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!! We are going to play “WITCH.” I am going to take each letter of Witch and post some info that correspondences with it. Say for instance, W – Warding – then I would write a little bit about Warding. Then two or three more W’s. Then I would move on to the “I.” There is going to information, invocations, potions, spells, rituals and no telling what else. So let’s have some fun and hopefully you will enjoy playing Witch today!!!! Oh, if you have a suggestion for one of the letters, feel free to post it in the comment section. I will then copy and paste it on the site and give you proper credit. So let’s get those brooms a stirring and play witch!!!!


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6 Ways to Make Resolutions that Stick

6 Ways to Make Resolutions that Stick


January is a complicated month. At first blush, it’s like new love. There’s  that wonderful, wind-beneath-your-wings feeling, that promise of a fresh start,  a whole new you, an open door to the possibility that everything will be  different (perfect) this time. But faster than you can say, “I’m going to renew  my gym membership and go every single day!” along comes the other side of  January: the bully.

This is the part that shows you the failure, the anticipated crash, the thud,  the utter disappointment with yourself as all those good intentions that got  your engines started in the first place run out of steam in unglorious and  predictable ways. It’s the part that says, make a resolution; I dare you.

Fortunately, January is not the problem. It’s us. Well, our perfectionism, to  be specific. Our all-or-none thinking frames our life so that if we’re not  succeeding every second, we’re failing. Nobody wants that. But nobody can be  that “perfect” person either. Many of us decide that because we break most of  our resolutions, we will take the hall pass this year and skip any resolution  making at all.

But let’s be clear about what we are missing when we don’t set goals. We  aren’t preventing ourselves from failing. We’re keeping ourselves from  growing.

Setting goals raises us up from our ground level vantage point and gives us  access to a privileged view of ourselves. Rather than being a passive  participant reacting to life on autopilot, by setting goals we can imagine  different paths, question if where we are headed is where we want to go, and in  general take charge of our lives. This may be big questions about the direction  we’re taking or, on a smaller scale, fine-tuning the details, or looking for  more balance, fulfillment and health in daily life.

So, set some goals, take the opportunity to run your life instead of having  your life run you. But to stay in the game and on your feet, don’t let  perfectionism be your referee. You call the shots. Aim for sustainable change,  not perfection. Lasting change takes time, and you are worth the investment.  Your goals and aspirations are worth your persistence. Perfectionism doesn’t  understand this, but you can.

Here are six ideas to give your resolutions more staying power.

1. No job is too small.

Lofty are we when making New Years’ resolutions — the bigger, the better. We  want the big-splash resolutions, but those life-altering plans are often  impossibly impractical, at least in one go. Think smaller. Do you want to have  one more meal each week with your family? Do you want to have a  gratitude-sharing with your family each week? Do you want to apologize faster,  be more kind to strangers — or people you know? We don’t need the goals that  would make our lives discontinuous or unrecognizable to our current selves — we  want the actions that will make our lives better.

2. Work with your natural laziness: Set up your supplies in  advance.

Failure and procrastination happen most often when the supplies we need to  get the job done require us to actually stand up and do something (think about  how we’ll suffer through a bad movie because the remote is across the room).  Improve your chances of success by making things easier on yourself: Get your  supplies ready in advance (e.g., grab the remote before you sit down). Prevent  that last-minute avoidance/apathy phenomenon from getting in your way. Want to  start going to the gym in the next couple of weeks? Get your bag together and  put it in your car. Want to start bringing lunch to work? Make it the night  before. Want to save money each month? Set up auto-withdrawal.

3. Think short-term.

Why don’t you plan your menus for the next 12 months? Or your outfits? So why  are we planning our other goals for such a big chunk of time and then get upset  when we can’t sustain it? Try to make a goal for each month, rather than for the  year. This way you can make modifications in response to how you’re actually  performing on the goal.

4. Give it time.

It takes a good three weeks to establish a new habit or  pattern. That’s what researchers tell us. So, especially in the early weeks of a  goal, expect that your adherence will experience some ups and downs. Hang in.  Habit strength awaits you on the other side of that first launching phase. Build  in room for slips, hiccups, and setbacks. If you expect that this is part of the  process, you won’t misinterpret your slip ups and invent reasons to give up.  You’ll think instead: Right, Momma said there’d be days like this; and try again  tomorrow.

5. Think community.

Me, me, me, me. We all get sick of the focus on ourselves —  our appearance, our eating habits, our weight. All good things, but expanding  the focus beyond ourselves is likely to garner a much more appreciative audience  than we can be for ourselves. Community may mean volunteering your time, but it  also may be something that requires no planning — being patient and kind in your  interactions at work, challenging yourself to see the best in others, doing  something each week “just because.” Imagine if we all resolved to do this at the  same time.

6. Raise the barn, together.

We are isolated in our desire to change ourselves. And when we fail,  resolutions tend to be a source of private humiliation. Hey if we’re all in the  same boat, let’s support each other in staying afloat. You can find a gym buddy  or a job-hunting buddy if someone is going through similar challenges, but you  don’t have to be working toward the same goal. Find a buddy who you’ll write to  each week to update on your progress, and they’ll do the same. This will also be  the person who will give you the pep talk when you slip up and say no big deal,  keep going. (We all need that person).

One last thought. This year, as you approach the question of resolutions,  rather than feeling like you’re starting from scratch and that you’re nothing  without those changes, see that the better you that you’re looking for is  already there. Make the bold move to see resolutions not so much as ways to  overhaul your life, but rather as opportunities to free yourself up to locate  the best version of who you already are. Cheers to overcoming the obstacles that  get in the way of seeing and being that best self. Happy New Year, all!

©Tamar Chansky, Ph.D. 2012 A version of this was previously published on  Huffington Post