What’s Up, Dear Family & Friends? It’s A Funday-Sunday Here Today!!!

Gooo0d Afternoon, my dearies! How are you doing today? I hope super fantastic. I have had a busy morning around here. Started a little of my Spring cleaning today! I need a maid, someone please!!!! I moved furniture, then got the little step stool and climbed on top. I started washing the walls down. Here comes Razzy and decides she doesn’t want her Momma wearing socks today. She hates for me to wear socks anyway. She will catch me with them on and pull them off my feet and hide them. So here she comes (she is a big as the step stool), she slaps at my ankles. Next the little (ha!) fart throws her big paw over my foot and just starts nibbling on my ankles. Gee, I am glad she friendly. I sit my bucket down and she knew I was getting down. She took off and ran to hubby and hit him head on. She knocked the breathe out of him. When I got to the living room, he was panting for air and she was curled up like a little angel.

Then when I got throw playing with Razzy, I had to go and give the pitbull his medicine. I also took him for a walk this morning. His scars are healing up nicely and he is starting to put some weigh on his back leg. He is so loveable. And he just wants someone to love him in return. I sit down and he rolls all over me, loving and licking. I have to keep him under control because he gets so excited by someone wanting to care for him. I am afraid if he gets to wound up, he will hurt himself and he has done wonderfully. I don’t want that to happen.

You ever get tired of doing the same old thing, day after day??? I do. I try to think of new things on the site to do to keep it interesting. Today, we are having a Funday Sunday. What does that mean? WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!! We are going to play “WITCH.” I am going to take each letter of Witch and post some info that correspondences with it. Say for instance, W – Warding – then I would write a little bit about Warding. Then two or three more W’s. Then I would move on to the “I.” There is going to information, invocations, potions, spells, rituals and no telling what else. So let’s have some fun and hopefully you will enjoy playing Witch today!!!! Oh, if you have a suggestion for one of the letters, feel free to post it in the comment section. I will then copy and paste it on the site and give you proper credit. So let’s get those brooms a stirring and play witch!!!!


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    1. Hey sweets, sorry it took so long to respond! How’s your morning going? Been up long? You know on the weekend’s you are suppose to sleep late, lounge around, relax, done any of that yet, huh?


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