Oh brothers and sisters, It Is Indeed A Very Happy Saturday!

It is a very happy, happy Saturday! Or should I say a very enjoyable and pleasurable one. I am getting to see my favorite man today and all weekend long, yeah! Who is this hunk, why no other than Vin Diesel. That man has it all. I love all his movies and I have just got through watching “The Fast and The Furious” for the hundredth time. USA network is showing “Fast and Furious” all weekend long, so I am in fan heaven. Yes, you heard right, your favorite witch is a Vin Diesel fan. I remember the first time my daughter mentioned one of his movies. I can’t remember the one right off the bat but she was totally surprised when I said, “Oh yeah, Vin Diesel, he is hot!” She turned around and liked to have fallen out in the floor. “Momma, you know who he is?” I think my reply was, “Hell yes, I ain’t dead yet!”  She told me I shouldn’t make comments about men being hot. I asked her what the harm was.  My daughter quickly informed me that her Father never commented about women like that. I told her, he knows better (besides when I made the comment he wasn’t even in the room).  But he now knows I love Vin. Last night, when the movie started to come on, he got up and went to play on the computer. 

I was sitting here thinking about it, my hubby and Vin. I believe that is what first attracted me to my husband. He was very muscular and worked out everyday. I loved his arms. I don’t think I have ever mentioned he is twelve years older than me. I believe at times, he thinks he is getting old and I don’t look at him the same way I use too. But in my eyes, I still see the man I fell in love with so many years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit to me. We were talking the other day and I was curious. I know in my mind I still think and sometimes act like I am still a kid. But the important point I was trying to make and ask him, does his brain still feel like it is young? I know that might sound crazy but really have you ever stopped to think about it. Our bodies grow old but our young brains are trapped in them? It is not only my brain but also my eyes, I can look in the mirror and I don’t look like I have changed a bit. The same way with my husband. So what is it, our brain and eyes are playing tricks on us? Or our we seeing what we want or wish we could see? Given you anything to think about?