Good Saturday Afternoon! It's been a bit, hasn't it?

I must apologize for being off the net so long. It is totally my fault and I apologize. Forgive me? The last day we were even on the internet I can’t remember (which is terrible). I know that day we left very abruptly. Again I apologize.

It started out a very peaceful morning. I had my favorite two familiars with me, Kiki and Razzy. I know most people have one but what the heck! One (Kiki) senses the spirits that aren’t suppose to be here. Razzy will climb up on my shoulders and wrap herself around my neck (it is like having a thirty pound weigh hanging around your neck) when the spirit is a harmful one. I had watched poor Kiki till I was about ready to put her out of my misery. But Razzy made no attempt to protect me. So I decided everything had to stop immediately. So we went off the net, at the drop of my pointy hat, lol!

Since I already knew there was a spirit here. The next logically thing to do was to find out who it was. Was it a lost soul looking for help crossing over or a family member that had come back to pester me? I gathered up all my stuff and went to a very quiet and isolated part of the building. Along with me came Kiki and Razzy. Both of them took their places, which really amazed me about Razzy. She had never been around when I used the Ouija Board. But she knew exactly where she belonged. With one on one side and the other on the other side, I started my ritual for using the Board. I always make sure I am very well protected. I have the incense, the candles and most of all I call upon the Goddess for Her Divine protection.

When I first started the session, nothing would come forward. In a more firmer tone, I called to the spirit to come forth. This time it did. I ask the spirit if I knew it, the answer was yes. I had caught a faint smell of perfume. So I asked the spirit, if it was my sister. The answer again, yes. I will explain this part later. I asked the spirit if at the time of her death was she angry with me, the answer was yes. This hurt me very deeply. I asked the spirit if it would tell me why it was angry with me. The answer was no.  I told the spirit she was no longer welcomed in my home.  Never, ever return to my presence again. Then I closed the gateway.

When I emerged from the room, everyone must have known I was upset. I wouldn’t talk to any of them. I told them there was one last thing I had to do, cleanse the house. Which I did, every nook and cranny I could find, I cleansed. While I was cleansing, I was also thinking about the spirit being angry with me. I never did anything to my sister while she was alive. You have to keep in mind my sister was 22 years older than myself. So we weren’t that close.

I promised I would explain something to you and now I will. No one knows this except close, very close family. My family, the one I created. I don’t remember what day of the week it was but I do remember it was in the afternoon. I got a phone call from my sister’s mother-in-law. She called to tell me that if I wanted to see my sister alive then I might want to get over there. Hospice had been called in. I got in my car and rushed to my sister’s side. At the time, I didn’t know it but she had been sick for six months. No phone call or nothing telling me she was dying. At the end the cancer went to her brain and she didn’t even recognize me. I remember the night she passed very well. I was in here on the computer. The windows were open. A sudden gust of wind came from out of no where. It blew all my papers off the desk. Then it engulfed me. I can still remember being lifted out of my chair and my hair lifting up. I knew my sister had passed. I guess from the time I found out she was dying. I spent almost every moment of those two weeks I could with her. But the real kick in the gut and what I have walked around feeling so numb about came at the funeral. Her ex-husband wanted to know if my sister and I were in an argument or something. I said no and asked him why. He told me, my sister had known for the past six months she was dying. He tried every way in the world to get her to call me but she wouldn’t. He wanted to know why. I told him I honestly didn’t know.

I have walked around with that guilt of not knowing since her death which has been almost six years now. I will be honest. I had always hoped for a very joyous and cheerful reunion with my sister. I had always wanted to contact her on the Board. But my heart was broken all over again.  Then apparently my mother must have entered the pictured or someone did. All of a sudden all the good things I had done for my sister. She had no right to be mad at me. I hadn’t been the perfect sister but nor was I the evil one. I believe she deliberately did what she did. By not calling, by not letting me know she was dying on purpose. My father always told me she hated me. I use to think what a horrible thing to say. You see I wasn’t suppose to have happened but I did. My mother was pregnant with me the same time my sister was pregnant with her first child. My father told me, at the time they were both pregnant, my sister hated my mother and hated me even more. He told me comments she would make about the unborn child in her mother’s stomach. I couldn’t believe a blood relative could be that cruel but I see know I was wrong.

I found out a lot about myself the other day in just a few hours.  I learned I have been carrying around guilt (which was my sister’s intent to start with) for years. I learned that was her final knife she put in my back. If I had not did what I did, I would have walked around with that guilty and not knowing till the day I died. I know she had been here before but what made that day so special. What moved me to finally take action? I believe my Divine Mother got tired of me carrying around needless guilt and I was ready for the truth. I could handle the truth finally.

You see it is like I was telling you the other day. The Goddess reveals to us all things in time. But only She knows the time we can handle them.  Thank you, dear Mother, thank you!

Good Thursday Afternoon to all my dear friends! How Are You?

My Angel, Kiki

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far. It has been a glorious week due in part to it being a short work week, YEAH! Who couldn’t use more of them.I figured since I showed you a photo of Razzy yesterday. I might as well show you what my baby Kiki looks like. She is a small tea-cup Pomeranian. She weighs 5 pounds and is probably about that tall. She is tiny, I know that much. Kiki use to pick on Razzy something terrible when Razzy was little. I knew sure as shooting, it would come back to bite her and it has. Razzy gets in one of her stalking modes and that is all she does. Stalk Kiki. I swear I believe she thinks Kiki is a small rabbit or something. Razzy is so bull-headed it ain’t even funny.

This morning, Kiki started to give Razzy hell. Then all of a sudden (I don’t know what happened), Kiki took off like a bat out of heck. She ran to the bedroom and hopped on the bed. Razzy was right on her butt. I was right on Razzy’s butt too. I finally had to grab her by the tail to get her attention. I do believe there is going to be a lot of challenges ahead in raising Razzy. The first one, not letting her eat Kiki!

Tomorrow, I will post a pic of Stinker. He started out as a feral cat. Now he seems to be the only one that has good senses. He use to fight and fuss with Raz but she has started to out grow him, so he has quit that.

Enough about my critters, I know I bore you to death with them. They are my babies though and also my familiars. Doing a spell or ritual with them around is like a dream come true. They are on their best behavior. Kiki sits right beside me, Razzy behind and Stinky on the other side. That was definitely a surprise to me. I figured we would have a free for all but……I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Well got to run for now. Have a great day!

Good, What? Is It Wednesday Already? Time Flies…..

Good Wednesday morning, my dear friends! And Razzy says,”Good Morning too!” I thought I would show you why I run late some mornings (like today, lol!). It was peace and quiet this morning, I sit down to work on the blog. Guess who showed up? Razzy! She had heard a train whistle blow and she didn’t know what it was. She came running in here to let me know there was something strange in our yard. Yeah, right about a mile away. She hops up in my lap and it is automatically “make me feel secure and loved.” Of course, being the good mother I am, I couldn’t refuse. So we nuzzled and nuzzled the whole time, I worked on the Josephine Wall’s page. Razzy picked out the graphics so I (excuse me, we) hope you like them.

Anyway I wanted to wish you a “Good Morning and A Blessed Afternoon!” Also to show off my baby brat.

Now on with the show…….

It’s Friday, Friday! TGIF! In Case You Haven’t Heard, “IT’S FRIDAY!

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I just couldn’t resist this cutie! It reminded me too much of my Stinker. In fact, it looks like something the little goofy would do, if he could, lol! I would have been here sooner, but……Razzy decided she wanted to be super loveable this morning. Compared to yesterday morning, I will take this Razzy any day. Yesterday, I don’t know what was wrong with her. She was like hell on four paws, gee! We all got up at 3 a.m., and the more I cleaned and picked up, the more she tore up. Then when I sit down at the computer, here she would come with her string. She gets her string, in her mouth, and comes and wraps it around my ankle. That’s her way of telling me she wants to play.

Let me tell you this and then I will hush for the day, maybe, lol! I had a phone call the other day from a contractor that was supposed to be from our phone company. He wanted to know if anyone was going to be home. He was going house to house drawing up plans for the phone company to lay fiber optic line for people who had DSL. Well I told this man, we no longer had DSL with the phone company. He told me, he couldn’t help that, they had me down as having DSL. Since they had me down as having DSL, he had to come out and draw up the plans. I finally said, “Hell, come on!” After I hung up with him, I got to thinking about all the home invasions that have been happening around here. Great, what if this old boy is with a bunch that is doing these home invasions? I just gave him an open invitation to come on over and invade me! I got to thinking what would be a great way to meet him at the door. We have guns, rifles, shotguns and all that mess but I really don’t like to messing with them. So it hit me, get Razzy! I tracked her little butt down just as the man was knocking on the door. He came in and acted like he wasn’t  in a hurry to get to work. He kept talking and talking. I brought up about all the wildlife we have out here in the boonies. He was telling me about a cougar a few miles down the road that had practically killed a horse. Then I told him about the momma wildcat and her kittens that had come up to our house. He said you mean, “a bobcat?” I said, “Oh, yes, I call her a wildcat but she is really a bobcat.” Then he got nervous. He wanted to know if she was “in the house?” I told him, yes she was, most of the time she stays in the bedroom with me. But when I get up she generally goes with me wherever I go. He started looking around the kitchen real nervously. I told him it was ok she was right here. Then I moved and Razzy was sitting right on the edge of the cabinet. I thought this man was going to crap his pants. It was funny, all of a sudden he didn’t want to talk anymore. He had to get to work, NOW! He went out and drew up some plans. He had said he needed me to approve them before he left. He came back up to the porch and wanted to know if I could come outside and approve them. I told him, no, he would have to come in. He stepped about a foot inside the door. He kept his hand on the knob all the time. I approved the plans and he left. After he left I got to feeling bad about what I had done. Then again, I didn’t know him. He could be a contractor that cased out houses for the home invaders. These days you never know. But I did find out one thing, I have the greatest deterrent ever, Razzy! Word gets around that the crazy lady that lives here has a bobcat in the house, we will be avoided like the plague, lol! Instead of ADT, I have BDT!!! Can I sign you up?

Enough with my BS, I hope everyone has a great Friday! Also Monday is President’s Day, I hope you have a long weekend. We all could use an extra day of rest and relaxation!

Have a great one!

It Is Finally Thursday! Yahoo, Happy Thursday, dear friends!

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Good morning, my lovelies! I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday today! This is the second time, I have sat down to do this. I figured I would have peace and quiet. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone (hubby and critters) are asleep except for Razzy (wildcat). She is wound up like a tornado. Hopefully now, she is calm down and I can get something done.

I have been getting up at 3 a.m., for I don’t know how long now. I know some of you are probably wondering how I ever get anything done. I am blogging all the time. When I get up at 3, I clean or pick up the house (whatever needs to be done). Then I watch the morning news and take my medication for my back. It generally knocks me out for a few hours. Then I am blogging away. Right now, this blog is about the only thing I actually enjoy doing. I enjoy doing it because I love the Goddess and I am doing Her work. Also we are totally broke and I have no money to do anything. So I stay at home the biggest part of the time. And why sit and twiddle my thumbs, when I love this!

At one time in my life, I had my future planned out. It was going to be a beautiful future too. My husband worked at a local plant and he made good money. He had went out and surprised me with a new truck. The reason being, I had an Explorer that we had decked out. It was a sharp Explorer but my husband hated it. He had his mind made up I was going to get killed in it. So he bought me the new truck.  One morning, his work truck needed the exhaust system fixed. This is when I was working at the family’s auto repair garage. I was going to take it to the garage that day and get it fixed. I never made it to the garage that day. I got a phone call from the hospital at 7 in the morning. My husband had been involved in a serious wreck and he was driving my Explorer. I didn’t care about the car but I was crazy worrying about hubby. I flew to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, I had the radio on and they announced the wreck on radio. Used my husband’s name and everything, even included he was seriously injured. I liked to have died.  When I got to the hospital, he was laying on a stretcher with his head busted all to pieces. He had a huge hole in his head from the front of his head all the way to the crown. All around his head was this goop, I thought it was his brains. This stuff looked like chicken liver. I never seen anything like it. He thought he was dying. He started telling me where this was and what I needed to do. I told him to shut up, he wasn’t fixing to die. About six doctors came into exam him and I had to step out. Outside was a sheriff’s deputy and he wanted to talk to me about the wreck. He told me that my Explorer was hit so hard that the door hinges broke and my husband was throwed from it. He bounced about 150 feet down a concrete road on his head. They found hubby laying out in the middle of the road. The idiot driving the other truck was going so fast, he had hit our truck twice. So the Explorer was totalled to say the least. When the doctors called me back in, they had decided to airlift my husband to a major hospital in Nashville. This scared me to death, I felt my strong will crumble. I thought he might die. The attendants in the copter kept telling me, he was going to make it. Don’t worry. So he stayed at the hospital in Nashville for a day or two. My husband got pissed because he was in the ICU unit and we couldn’t stay with him. So I think he raised so much hell that he got threw out. So he came home and it took him 8 months to recover from the wreck. The savings I had saved up went. We had to eat and keep place to live. I also had my new truck repossessed. I tried to kill those SOB’s. We weren’t even 90 days behind in the payments but they took it anyway.

So after I regained my senses from that, my husband went back to work for about a year. I tried to start my savings again but that was a laugh. I had to catch everything up that was behind. But hubby was saving money for his retirement were we could go and travel. Well he got laid off last January. He reassured me everything would be fine. He would draw the highest amount of unemployment you could draw. Well that turned out to be true for about 6 months. We went from $489 a week to $116 a week. Talking about a culture shock, I had a bad one. I just threw my arms up in the air and asked the Universe why me? What little money I had saved up, went in a heart beat.  We almost ran through all the money he had saved up too. So he decided since there wasn’t any work, he would retire. We drew his first pension check this January. But we are back at square one, trying to catch up on everything that was behind. I have lived like this the whole time I have been married to him. He has always worked construction. In construction, the money is good but the work is never steady. You get money saved up and just as you think everything is going to be fine, he is laid off. You have to start living off of what you have saved up. A never-ending vicious cycle. So we are broke again.

I am not telling you this because I want your pity. I am telling you this because I want you to understand why I am blogging all the time. Hell, I would like to live the dream I had when hubby retired. I had thought we could travel and go places and see things. He has started saving money again but we probably won’t never be back to where we were. But perhaps, we might be able to go to Nashville or Louisville for the weekend, some day. I got a laptop so I am ready to go. See you would never even miss me.

I have just put my faith in the Goddess. I keep telling Her, I would just love to go and do something before I die. Perhaps one day, I can tell you I am sitting on the beach in Florida, catching some rays! Yeah right, I am a red-head. You know what happens to red-heads in the sun. We cook!

Anyway I have to run for now and get to work. I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

Goddess Bless You,

Lady A

Let it snow, let it snow! Happy, Snowy Tuesday to you, dear friends!

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The witch is now in! Sorry I am running late but I woke up this morning to about a foot of snow.  It was very unexpected and very beautiful. The weather forecast called for snow, sleet and all that good stuff all around us. But we were suppose to get nothing. Needless to say, our weather people don’t know the weather no more than my fish does. Anyway, I had to get out in it for a bit. I took Kiki out on the porch and that was hilarious. She took about four steps, sniffed and ran back to me. Jumping up and down for me to pick her up, she isn’t much of a snow dog. I could take Mocha (my hybrid wolf dog) outside in the snow and we would play and play. She loved the snow and I enjoyed having her out there with me. Next, after I picked up Kiki I opened the door and there stood nosey Stinker. I put Kiki down and picked up some snow and dumped it on his head. He jumped like he had been shot. Razzy was back in the kitchen. She saw what had happened to Stinker so she didn’t bother moving. After I came in she came over to the snow to sniff it and see what that funny, white stuff was. But I have been walking in the snow, kicking it around and just breathing in the clean crisp air. It is a beautiful site. Another wonder of Mother Nature bestowing her beauty on us.  


Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars


Tuesday is named after the God Tiw, this day is perfect for works relating to justice, strength and physical well-being. Other correspondences for Tuesday are: 

Ruling Planet: Mars 

Rituals: Overcoming enmity, developing courage and protection. 

Element: Fire 

Colour: Red 

Number: 5 


 ~Magickal Graphics~

I hope you are having a very enjoyable & relaxing weekend!

Days of the Week Comments Sorry for running late, another late night for me, lol!  And just as I started this here comes my baby wildcat, Razzy for loving. Considering what she is I do take a minute or two to love her. Her few minutes turn into about 30 or 45 minutes. When we are through loving, she stretching out on the bed behind me and goes right off to sleep. Domesticating a wildcat is not for the faint of heart, lol! She is getting use to us or I should say me. She still looks at the hubby like “who the heck are you?” He is starting to stick his hand out and let her smell him, so she is slowly but surely getting use to him.  But Razzy is getting use to living in the house. It has been a long process and she still has a little way to go but she is and will get there with a lot of love. I wouldn’t advise anyone to try to domesticate a wild animal.  There are times I think I must have been totally nuts when I just up and grabbed her and brought her in the house. But at the time I wasn’t thinking with my head, I was thinking with my heart. I loved her and I knew deep down she loved me. If I had to do it all over again, I would. She is my baby and I know it is going to be a long process but she will eventually become a true member of the family. If you could see my arms, hands and legs, you would probably shake your heads at me. When she was younger, I had her fixed and I know some think it is cruel but I had her front claws removed (because of the kind of cat she was). The vet also agreed to fix her a little younger than most cats. The hope was that fixing her it would tame her a little bit and it did. But she has adapted rather quickly and can use her back claws like razors. We play under the covers of the bed and my hand comes out a bloody mess. When I am in the kitchen washing dishes, if I don’t pay attention to her, she will jump up on the calf of my leg, sink her claws into me and bite me on the butt. She hates for me to put on socks and she especially hates long johns. She pulls the socks off of me and climbs my long johns till I take them off. So you see taming a wild animal is not a piece of cake. It takes a deep love for the animal and a lot of patience.  

Now on to other matters…….I have had a few comments from my dear readers wanting to know if it would be ok to share this blog on Facebook with their friends. It would perfectly find to share this blog with anyone you would like. I am very honored that anyone would want to share the blog and the information on it. I consider these requests the best compliments I could ever receive. You are telling me I am doing a good job getting the truth out about Witchcraft and doing the Goddess’ work. So yes, dear readers, share the blog with anyone you would like. The more the blog is shared, the more the truth about our Religion spreads. And the truth and beauty about our Religion needs to spread like wildfire. Witchcraft has been casted in a negative light for way to long and now is the time for the truth to come to light. It is time that Witchcraft takes it rightful place in history and today’s Religions. With your help, we can accomplish this. So please share and spread this blog with anyone you would like. And thank you for your help and your kind words.

I love all my readers and friends. I appreciate your support and love. Because without you and the Goddess none of this would be possible. 

Much love to all,

 Lady A

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Happy, Happy, Happy Tuesday, dear friends!

Days Of The Week Comments Well my dearies, I have a horrible confession to make…..I have turned into a gamer, lol! When I worked, I had my own office. I would get bored and I ran across this great site with every kind of game on it you could imagine. Well I quit work and I figured I would play it at home. The site went down to make improvements and basically give it a complete overhaul. So it is back up and I have been playing like a wild woman, lol! My husband has never wanted to look at my blog. He was involved in my old MSN group. When MSN closed them down, I don’t know what happened to him but he said he didn’t want anything else to do with anything I did online. So last night, he came in here and he thought I was working on the blog. He said, “Oh, is that your blog, I would love to see it!” Well you can guess what the wild woman was really doing. I was playing mah jong on this gaming site. He got interested and wanted the addy for it. I told him and apparently he went and signed up. I had this person that kept showing up playing against me every time. I mean every time this person was there. His ID was “neighbor,” and that just struck me funny. Well after about 5 games of me whipping his butt. He came in here and was bitching about this girl who kept beating the crap out of him. He even asked me if I had ever played her. I liked to have died laughing but I kept a straight face and said, “No! never!” He left the room still mouthing to himself about this girl who he couldn’t beat. The girl he couldn’t beat wasn’t a girl at all, in fact she was a “WILD WOMAN!” LMAO! Of course, I won’t never tell him!


Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Named after the God Tiw, this day is perfect for works relating to justice, strength and physical well-being. Other correspondences for Tuesday are:

Planet: Mars

Rituals: Overcoming enmity, developing courage and protection.

Element: Fire

Colour: Red

Number: 5

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Happy Sunday, dear friends!

Days Of The Week CommentsI hope everyone is having a terrific day. I hoped you remembered to turn your clocks back today. Thankfully, the TV was turned off on NBC. If it wasn’t for the Today Show, I would have been running around an hour late today. I remember now why I don’t like this time. It seems like the days drag by. But with the other time, it seems like the days fly by. So I guess there is really no happy medium, hmm!

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Happy Monday, dear friends of mine!

Days Of The Week Comments 
Hello all you lovely people out there! I was sitting here thinking about the title I use everyday on these starter posts. “Happy,” I use that all the time. I was wondering what other greeting would be appropriate, “Joyous Monday,” “Blissful Monday,” “Funny Monday?” It just hit me, “It’s A Killer Monday, Tuesday, etc., you get the idea, lol! The word “Killer” hit me because I am about ready to kill my husband (not really). He is in the next room watching Battle: Los Angeles. We have surround sound and I swear he has the volume set at 100. The damn walls are rumbling. And you can’t talk to him because he can’t hear you. So I went in there and yelled for him to turn it down. Amazingly enough, he did and the walls still rumble. He is in the process of retiring and I honestly don’t know if I am going to survive his retirement or not. Kiki, Razzy, Stinker and I are going to get us a tent and pitch it in the backyard. My Monday was going great till he got up. Enough with the bitchin’! 


I had several comments in regards to this blog having a “Donate Button.” There was some confusion as if it did have one and it does. On the right hand side of the blog, scroll all the way down to the bottom. There it is. It is linked to our non-profit account and I just checked it. It is working properly. If you have found material that is beneficial, you just like the blog or would just like to donate, your donations and generosity would be greatly appreciated. I know you probably wonder why a blog like this would have a donate button. In this case, it is actually to keep the internet going were we can operate the blog. The internet service is provided through a local Co-Op. The Co-Op owns the lines and therefore we are very limited to what we can get. So the funds you donate goes strictly to paying the internet service (which keeps getting higher and higher each month). So if you find it in your heart to donate, thank you very much. It is deeply appreciated. Well you ain’t paying me to goof off, so I am off to do the dailys. I hope you have a great Monday. Till tomorrow….

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A
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HAPPY Saturday, dear, dear friends!

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 Good afternoon/morning to all! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. I actually feel like a human today, strange!!! I found the pic as I was browsing through the graphics at Magickal Graphics. And being a cat lover, well I just had to post it. I thought at first it looked like Razzy (the little kitten). But we have all decided she is half Lynx. She has the hair coming out of the top of her ears and is also spotted. My husband had said that Razzy had some type of wildcat in her but he kept saying bobcat. I told him I had never seen a spotted bobcat in my life. Then this morning, I was watching a wildlife show and there was a lynx on there. It was identical to Razzy. I do know her daddy was huge and gorgeous. There was times, I was tempted to have him fixed and bring him into the house. But Stinker and him hated each other. But how a lynx got mixed in with a cat, I don’t know. Truthfully, I don’t even want to imagine it. Razzy also has an unusual way of nuzzling me. I have finally got the hang of it and I do it with her. If I don’t she gently nibbles on my nose. Good thing I did, if she get teeth like a lynx, crap she would bite my nose off. But I consider myself lucky, she has already took me as her mother and witch. There are rituals and spells to draw your animals to you and make them your familiars. I don’t know or if you have even heard of this way or not. But in the hills, there is a custom (which some might shy away from) and it is very simple for making an animal your familiar. The animal has to scratch you or accidentally draw your blood. Then the animal has to lick your blood. You can’t force the animal to do this, they have to do this of their own freewill. For example, Razzy and I where playing. She got to playing to rough and scratched me on my arm. It was the first time she had ever seen blood and she was curious. Being the witch I am, I just sat still and put my arm down were she could see it. Well the little toot, put her paw in it and found out that blood is wet. While she was laying on me, she licked the blood off her paw. Then she looked at me, “like what just happened?” I think the connection must have happened at that point because she stood up on my chest and started nuzzling my face. But that is the simple way of taking a familiar or them taking you. At least that is the way we do it around here. Kiki (my little Pomeranian) did the same thing. Now I believe she is a vampire. I get a cut or scrape and she is chasing me down to lick it. I have to run like hell to get away from her, lol! I know some of you might think that mixing of the blood with an animal is gross. Then that is not for you, really it wasn’t for me either. It was just something that happened. But I don’t believe there is any ceremony or spell, that can create the bond you have with them after the mixing of the blood. I don’t want people reading this and then running around cutting themself trying to get Rover to get a lick. It has to be the animal that causes the blood to be spilled and then, of their own freewill, take a taste. I should add, that while the animal is taking a taste, you will have a very unusual sensation that comes over you. I know I did. That is your bond being established with them.


 Now that you think I am totally crazy, lol! I stopped to think about all the bonds we make in our life times. Honestly there is no telling how many we do. We reincarnate and reincarnate, think of all the bonds we have made in those past lives. The husbands, the wives, the kids and perhaps a pet or familiar, WOW! that enough to blow your mind right there. I haven’t even mentioned friends and even perhaps a lover or two! We certainly do have a long heritage, don’t we? I had a witch friend once that had such a strong bond with the past that she didn’t want to live in this life. She would do a past life regression and go back to that time and want to stay. She didn’t realize, she was only supposed to observe her past, to find out who she was and leave. She wanted to stay. She had a bond that was so strong it kept pulling her to that time. I don’t know if I am unfortunate or not, I don’t have any bond from my past that strong. I am happy in my current life. I guess that just goes to prove the fact, that life is what you make it. And the bonds we make here and now in this lifetime are precious and are never meant to be taken for granted (whether they be with human or animal). 


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Friday, Already? Darn time flies when you are having fun! NOT!!!

Razzy having a bad hair day, lol!

It has been a while since I had talked to ya’ll. So I figured I might need too, to let you know I stilled love ya’. If you remember the last time I talked to you, I had fell and did a number on myself. My knee is still screwed up and the hand, well let’s say if I could cut it off and get a new one I would. The knuckles don’t bend. It lies flat and glides across the keyboard. The fingers occasionally get stuck and something like this might happen ssssssssssd or arrrrrrr. If I had to do it over I would have stayed home that dday. If I type too long my hand hurts and it is starting to hurt now. I wanted to let you know that I have opened a Crystal and Gem site. Also I have had some want a blog you could inteeract with other Pagans. There is a template that lets you do this but I don’t believe you can do the daily posts on it. Or there is a chatbox that can be easily added to this one. I wanted to know what you thought about the two. Also you will find the other’s blog’s addy below. Have patience there is a little info there but much more to come.

Have a great weekend,

Lady A

Happy Wednesday, dear readers!

Even though neither one of these look like my cats, what can I say I love cats! My little baby, Razzy is turning into a Momma’s girl. She is so cute. I have been aiming to take a pic of her and put it on the blog. I just have to put the batteries in the camera, lol! We were playing in the floor last night. And Razzy is still not sure about my husband, she hopped up on the couch. When she did she ran right straight into hubby and she hissed at him. It was hilarious. She scared the crap out of him. He jumped ten feet off the couch, lol! But he didn’t appreciate it the way I did.  I told him, she had been trying to get to know him but he didn’t want anything to do with her. So what did he expect. He is really pissed because I brought another animal into the house. We had both agreed that when Kiki and Stinky passed on, we wouldn’t have anymore. But that night I brought Razzy in, we had an argument. He got mad because I brought her in. Then I asked him what did he want me to do put her back outside? He was very compassionate about that, “NO! NO! NO!” What’s wrong with you, you want her to get ate too? I am sure you know the answer to that. I just know how to work hubby, hee, hee, hee! Thank goodness after all these years he hasn’t figured that out yet. But anyway, I am going to put some pics on here one way or the other.

Well I guess I better run for now. I hope you have a fantastic day.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A