TGIF! Thank The Goddess It Is Friday! May You Have A Very Blessed One, my friends!

Good Friday Morning, my loved ones! How are you doing today? I hope super-duper again, lol! I don’t know if some of you are lucky enough to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Or do you just have Friday off? Or do you just have Monday off? Or do you…….? You tell me, lol!

Question of the Day or even the Century for that matter…..

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE A WITCH? Or did something happen to make you suddenly realize “I’m A Witch?”

*You will see this question reappear throughout today’s postings. Just a little reminder that we have quite a few new ones are going to be looking for the answer to this question.*

Good Friday Morning dear brothers & sisters!

Good Friday morning, dear friends! How is everyone doing today? I hope your place is much quieter than around here. The tree crew came out yesterday and cut the tree in several huge sections. I was hoping that they would carry them off that way. They didn’t. They are out here today cutting them up. Does anyone have any earplugs I can use? Lady A said they were suppose to show up at 7:30 this morning. Instead she had to call them at 8:30 to see if they were still coming out. She said they finally showed up at 9:30 and just got to cutting right before I got here. I got here today at 10:00. They will be here a—–l—–l day! Help! Earplugs, Please!

By the time the day is done, I won’t have sense enough to know who I am. I hope wherever you are, you have a peaceful and quiet day.


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Good Friday Blessings To All!


Good Friday Blessings to everyone! I have been here for a week. It feels like a lifetime, lol! A very memorable lifetime. I enjoyed the experiences and I love spending time with my dear friend, Lady A.  This past week will be one that lives in my memory for a very long time, very long. All the animals I have seen. Some of the things I have seen Lady A do with them. I was holding my breathing knowing they were going to rip her to shreds at any minute. I have to admit Lady A is full of surprises. She mentioned she had a new cat Razzy. I told her to bring Razzy by I would love to see her. I just adore little kittens and cats.

This morning at 8:00 the door opened, it was Lady A. I asked her where Razzy was, she had promised to bring her. She told me to wait a minute, she had to get her off the back of the four-wheeler. Since I thought Razzy was a little cat, I figured she had to get her out of a carrier. About three minutes later, here comes Lady A and oh shit, that isn’t a housecat. That’s a damn bobcat. I asked her if she was totally crazy. Annie told me to get down off the desk and calm down. That Razzy was tame. Lady had adopted Razzy took her to the vet, had her fixed, declawed, the works. She had since been working on Razzy’s people skills. Annie told me to stay perfectly still or else the bobcat would pounce. Lady A told Annie to quit scaring me and then told me to get down off the desk. I sit down in the chair and Lady brought Razzy over to me. I was scared at first but then I touched her coat with my fingertip. How soft? What a pretty coat. She laid her head on my knee. Then Lady A being the witch she is, picked up Razzy and put her in my lap.  I stayed calm and petted the pretty kitty. Then kitty wanted down. She went back over to Lady A. Lady took the harness off and told Razzy to get in her spot. Her spot is on top of the filing cabinets, by the way.

Lady A took a shot of Razzy for me to put on the site. You can see how I am tortured around here, lmao, now!

Razzy 8 months old


We all went out back and turned Razzy loose (the back is fenced in). She ran and played. When she got tired. We snapped this pic real quick. Isn’t she beautiful.

Looking back on my past week here, there have been times when I wondered what the hell am I doing here? Then there were others that I wouldn’t trade the world for them. All in all, I think I have found home. Good friends, love, fellowship, nature, gorgeous scenery and the animals. Oh, the gorgeous animals. I am learning to love even baby skunks, lol!

I hate to tell you but you are stuck with me, lol!





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Good Friday Morning, my sweets! Isn’t It Grand, IT’S FRIDAY!

Or at least that is the way I feel, lol!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I have been trying to get some Yule graphics together and all the other good stuff for December. You know life is hectic! Just ain’t enough hours in the day. Then when you do take off a minute to enjoy yourself all hell breaks loose :s . Yesterday Annie didn’t finish all the postings on the blog, as you know. She is a super sweet person and she has learned quickly about blogging. But WordPress has changed the back part of our blogs (where we post) and that sort of messed her up. She got the blog messed up and the poor thing didn’t want to tell me, why, I don’t know. But she tried to fix it. Somehow she got the internet explorer browser messed up. She tried to fix that. Well she then ended up crashing the computer. When we finally came back from the animals, she was about to pull her hair out. I felt so sorry for her. I told her all she had to do was come and get me, goodness. As you can guess, I spent the rest of the day straightening out her computer. I got it fixed for her but she told me she was too embarrassed to do any posting today. I told her that was silly. No one thinks a thing about it, heck WordPress is changing stuff all the time. Just go with the flow. But I couldn’t convince her. She is out feeding the critters and I am doing the posting today. I am going to have to hit her butt with a confidence spell. She knows this stuff but she isn’t for sure of herself. What to do?

I know what to do, get busy and get your daily horoscopes and stuff on the net. It is gorgeous here today. I believe when I get done, I am going to run home and get Kiki. Then go for a walk down by the pond just for some peace and quiet. Ah, that sounds good.


I’m off!

Have a great Friday and a very Happy & Blessed Weekend!

Love ya,

Lady A



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Good Friday Morning, dear friends! What A Fantastic Day!

Good Friday morning, my lovelies! I hope you are having a super day! One quick note before I get this show on the road, lol! We are planning on our store being open in two weeks. So please don’t forget to sign up to the blog to get those super discounted prices. I don’t know if you read the post yesterday but as a member of the blog, you are already guaranteed a discounted price. Then we will offer public coupons and specials that you can apply to your already discounted price. I guarantee you the merchandise we will be selling is top notch and you will love it. That is why it took me a month of negotiating with wholesalers, to get the best merchandise at the most reasonable prices. I can guarantee you I drive a hard bargain and you will be well pleased with our store.

So that business out of the way, how about we get down to business. I hope you have a super fantastic Friday and a great weekend.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A

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Good Friday Morning, my dear & precious friends!

Good Friday Morning, dear, precious friends! This is a very somber and sobering Friday Morning. I am sure if you have access to the News, you have heard about the tragic shootings in Colorado. On a morning like this, there are many questions and many thoughts. What baffles me is why, why would someone do such a horrible act? Do people have that little regard for human life? Do they not understand life is a very fragile and delicate gift from the Divine? I just can’t imagine any of it. The victims, there really isn’t any words that I can say right now that will express my true feelings. My heart breaks for those that have lost loved ones and the wounded. Their precious lives snuffed out in a heart beat. They looked forward to going out and having a wonderful time, only to be cut down in the prime of life. A terrible, terrible loss and my heart felt sympathy to all who lost loved ones.

No matter what Faith, Path or Religion you are, stop today and take time to light a candle and offer a prayer for all involved.

Oh mighty and compassion Goddess, we

Humbly pray for all those who have passed

On but this day we especially pray for those

Who have needless lost their lives in Aurora.

Hold them near to you until they are ready to

Be reborn again from your womb.

Oh mighty and gracious God, grant all the

Victims an easy rebirth, and that we never

Forget all that they was to us in this world.

Bring them to everlasting joy of the


So Mote It Be.

Book & Candle Comments

Crone Mother, wise woman, you have

Given us all sorts of herbs, barks, flowers,

And roots that can heal us. Please grant

The doctors in Colorado the knowledge,

Wisdom and skill to best use your energies

To heal the shooting victims of this day.

Dear Father, Healing physicians, please

Send forth your healing energies and put

And end to all this senseless killing, heal

The innocent victims of such violent acts,

Especially those in Colorado this day.

Thank you for your endless compassion.

So Mote It Be

~Magickal Graphics~

Good Friday To All My Dear Friends!

Good Friday Morning/Afternoon to all of you! I hope you are having a very blessed day.  I am sorry I am running late but there is no rest for the wicked, lol! Every time I say that my husband looks at me and asks, “what have you been up too?” That just happens to be one of my favorite sayings. I am not a wicked or evil person. But when you work your butt off and people come along leave crap on the floor or make a mess. It seems these people are trying to push you to the edge, turn you wicked. Does that make any sense? I am sure it does to those who have picked up a living room. Then have two grown men come in and mess it. I blew a gasket last night with both of their butts. I told them if they do it again, I was going to beat them with a wet noodle.

Anyway, you might be wondering what the little farm girl has to do with witchcraft. Nothing, lol! It has to do with me. I am running late because I had some chores to do. Hmm, that reminds me of a song that will tell my story, and oh, woe is me, it is ……………

Green acres is the place for me.

Farm livin’ is the life for me.

Land spreadin’ out so far and wide

Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

New York is where I’d rather stay.

I get allergic smelling hay.

I just adore a penthouse view.

Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

…The chores.

…The stores.

…Fresh air.

…Times Square

You are my wife.

Good bye, city life.

Green Acres we are there.

Green Acres Lyrics by Vic Mizzy


Hey Ya’ll, It’s A Happy, Happy Day! Why? It’s FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!!

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Good Friday morning, my friends! How is everyone doing this morning? I hope super. It is a get-away day and plus it also Father’s Day Weekend! Have you got all the special men in your life their presents yet? My husband told me something a long time ago that I now use on him, lol!

When Mother’s Day rolled around one year, I asked him why he hadn’t bought me a Mother’s Day present. He turned around and told me, I wasn’t his mother that’s why he hadn’t bought me a present. I have a memory worse than an elephant. Every year, I turn the tables on him and tell him, “he’s not my daddy, hmm!” He ought to have remembered the old saying what goes around comes around, lol!

Well let’s see what we can get into real quick…..

Ah, an Irish Blessing For You, My Friends!

When the first light of sun-

Bless you.

When the long day is done-

Bless you.

In your smiles and tears-

Bless you.

Through each day of your years-

Bless you.

Have a super day, dearies!