TGIF! Thank The Goddess It Is Friday! May You Have A Very Blessed One, my friends!

Good Friday Morning, my loved ones! How are you doing today? I hope super-duper again, lol! I don’t know if some of you are lucky enough to have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Or do you just have Friday off? Or do you just have Monday off? Or do you…….? You tell me, lol!

Question of the Day or even the Century for that matter…..

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE A WITCH? Or did something happen to make you suddenly realize “I’m A Witch?”

*You will see this question reappear throughout today’s postings. Just a little reminder that we have quite a few new ones are going to be looking for the answer to this question.*

I Have Never In My Been So Glad to Say “TGIF”! THANK YOU GODDESS IT IS FRIDAY!



Perhaps some of you thought I had went off the deep end yesterday. Especially since I called for a boycott on a “simple” movie. A simple movie, huh! Do you have any idea how witches are portrayed in the movie. Do you? Do you know it is something as this “simple” movie that will start the hatred against us up again?

My husband watched me as I was the trailer for this movie. He told me, my eyes glowed red and were full of tears. He is a Druid and he was appalled at the movie as much as I was. I don’t know if this is just something society has come to accept as being “OK.” It’s just another movie, no this one isn’t another movie. IT IS ABOUT US, US!

I know personally I have faced a lot of fights in regards to my Religion, Witchcraft. I have never backed down, never, not even in this day and time. We have fought a long hard battle to bring The Craft so close to mainstream Religion. Are we going to idly stand by and watch our destruction begin with one movie. Think of our Ancestors, think of your great-great-grandmother, mother, anyone you know who has been a witch, now or in the past. We have all fought the good fight. I know I have my scars and they are scars I proudly bear. Because I know with each one of them, the Craft took another step forward.

Don’t let such a trashy movie as this destroy what we have worked so hard for, for what our Ancestors died for. We are witches. We should have learned from our past. If not, will our history repeat itself. Because I will be the first one to go to the stake. I will go in the name of my Religion and my Goddess.


Time To Party! It’s Friday! Let’s Celebrate! TGIF!

Mother Cougar


Isn’t she beautiful? She looks nice in the picture doesn’t she. Don’t let looks fool you. That is a picture of the Momma Cougar we have right now. Lady A finally got the camera and waited till momma settled down. Then snapped the photo above. That is where Lady A is at today. She is trying to find a place to release momma. She told me she had several conservation places she had to call. I know some is public and others are private. I believe Lady A wants to find a private area to release her in. If it is private, there will be no danger of the cougar ever being harmed. Then when the kits are big enough, we could release them in the same area.

Lady A is conducting business and you get stuck with me.  Lady made me make one promise to her, “don’t crash the computer, lol.” I promised I wouldn’t. If I had any problem I would scream and let her know. That was embarrassing. I don’t know how I crashed it. When I was thru with the computer that day, all I saw was a blank screen. Lady wasn’t mad or anything. She was very calm and just told me I should have called her. I know she doesn’t want to see the momma cougar go. I figured I would give Lady all the time she wanted to spend with the cougar. I figured wrong. I could have run the computer down there to her. But the cougar doesn’t take kindly to strangers. I have seen that cat’s teeth once to often.

I think I should get busy now. I hope everything will be normal today. I am going to try my best to keep it that way.

Have a very nice day,


TGIF! It’s Friday! The Weekend Is Finally Here! Yahoo!

Gooooood Friday Morning, dear friends! How are you doing this fine morning? I hope fine. I want to apologize real quick then I will get busy. I don’t know if you noticed or not but we sort of went POOF! off the internet yesterday. I believe about a month ago, I told you about the construction people that were installing fiber optic around here. They weren’t a construction company, they were a destruction company. When they came through here, they cut all the lines to everyone’s houses and our office. Well, dummy me thought that they did both sides of the road the first time. Then we would be through with them. HA! Yesterday the construction company came back only this time on the other side of the road. And I be darned they haven’t learned a darn thing. They cut all the lines again. I was never so mad in my life. This time was a little funny though, they cut through the main water line running through here. The men were all running for their lives. They had the water gushing up in the air. I never seen anything like it. But they had to get the water company out here, the cable company and the light company. It took all day and half the night to get everything fixed. I don’t know where the telephone company got this bunch but they need to fire them. They have destroyed half the county. Anyway that is what happened to us. I looked out all around today to make sure these idoits were no where to be seen. I guess they are off to destroy some other neighborhood.

Now I am sorry about yesterday but it wasn’t our fault. Now that you know what happened, I am off to get busy.

Have a fantastic Friday and a super weekend,

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A




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Thank The Gods & Goddesses It’s Friday! What A Week!

Like I mentioned aboved, “TGIF, TGIF TGIF!” I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!!!! I am so sorry for being rude.  I started hollering before I ever asked you, my dear friends, how you were doing? Well not hollering, more like bitchin’, lol! It has been a hell of a week. I won’t go into it now because I am late. But I am not late by my own doing for a change. Our wonderful cable company has had our internet down all morning. Remember those nit-wit of contractors that I told you about. The ones laying the fiber optic cable, yeah that bunch. Anyway, the contractors had cut up all the cables and lines so bad, that the companies are going to have to lay new ones. So we were without cable today. Next week sometime, we will be without lights, then water and finally the phone. I just don’t understand this bunch of contractors. I don’t know if this was their first job or they were just playing at being contractors. Whatever the case, they screw the Western end of Kentucky UP!

Well I thought I would give you the low down. I am off to get busy. I hope you have a super fantastic day. There is just a few more hours and the weekend will be here. So hang in there, lol!

Have a great one,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Hey Ya’ll, It’s A Happy, Happy Day! Why? It’s FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!!

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Good Friday morning, my friends! How is everyone doing this morning? I hope super. It is a get-away day and plus it also Father’s Day Weekend! Have you got all the special men in your life their presents yet? My husband told me something a long time ago that I now use on him, lol!

When Mother’s Day rolled around one year, I asked him why he hadn’t bought me a Mother’s Day present. He turned around and told me, I wasn’t his mother that’s why he hadn’t bought me a present. I have a memory worse than an elephant. Every year, I turn the tables on him and tell him, “he’s not my daddy, hmm!” He ought to have remembered the old saying what goes around comes around, lol!

Well let’s see what we can get into real quick…..

Ah, an Irish Blessing For You, My Friends!

When the first light of sun-

Bless you.

When the long day is done-

Bless you.

In your smiles and tears-

Bless you.

Through each day of your years-

Bless you.

Have a super day, dearies!

TGIF! It’s Finally Friday and that means a super long weekend ahead!

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Thank the Goddess It is Finally Friday! Of course, I have been thinking it is Friday all week, lol! I am beginning to think I live for the weekends, YES! I am a weekend type of witch. Sure ain’t a morning time witch, lol! Or have you noticed that, yet? I am sorry I have been playing with a page and it is starting to piss me off. There I go again being negative. Sorry about that but it is the truth. Anyway I won’t go into details about it. I am running late again, as usual 😦 . Bad me, bad me!

I hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend! I hope you are safe, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the heck out of Memorial Day. You in Kentucky swing by and see me. I would crap if I looked out the window and there was 500 cars in front of the house tomorrow. So would my neighbors, that would be a lmao situation. Oh, by the way, do y’all know my address????

Have a great weekend! Goddess Bless You!

Love ya’,

Lady A

Hooray for Friday! TGIF, May You Have a Good One, My Friends!

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Today’s Affirmation for March 23

I will not be hurt if my gift is undervalued, when I give, I expect nothing in return.


Thought of the Day for March 23

The door to the human heart can be opened only from the inside.

Spanish Proverb


Today Meditation for March 23

Dissolving Enmity

Whenever someone hurt or angers you, practice this meditation to bring compassion to the situation, in your mind conjure up the  other person. What was it about their actions that caused you distress?  Try to understand why they behaved the way they did. Can you think of times in your own life when you have done something similar? Recall how you felt at that time and why you believed in that way. From this perspective you may begin to see the other person not as fundamentally flawed, but as a fellow human being caught in a bad moment. As you soften to them, notice if our perception of the situation alters, becoming less black and white. With the other person no longer cast in the role of villain, you maybe able to appreciate more clearly your own part in the drama.

TGIF! It’s Finally Friday, Again! Yahoo!

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Good morning dear friends! I hope you are having a super fantastic day! Have you grabbed your WOTC Ribbon yet? If you haven’t, please do so. We need all the help we can get for this campaign to be a success. Also I talked to the lady that wanted to do a commercial about us. I will give you the details when I am not half asleep (sorry!). I slept so good last night, I am still in sleep mode I believe.

Well I am going to run and get busy before I fall asleep on the keyboard.

Have a great day!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

TGIF! Thank Goddess Is Friday! Yahoo! TGIF!

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Hey there, dearies! I hope you are having a great Friday. Pardon me for going a little crazy in the title. I went to bed at 3 a.m., and got woke up at 6 a.m., by a baby wildcat that wanted breakfast. The pens that the wild animals stay in isn’t that far from my end of the house. When they wake up and are hungry, I get to hear them loud and clear. There are four little wildcats, three of them are eating great. But the runt of the bunch is having a hard time getting the hang of eating. So I bring him in the house and bottle feed him and then give him some food on my finger. Well about 8 o’clock, I got so sleepy I couldn’t stand it. The rest of the house animals were piled up in my bed, so I said what the heck. I brought the little kit in the bedroom. The blinds  I had already pulled up and the sun was shining on the bed. So I decided to teach the kit how to sun himself. I laid him on the bed and rubbed his stomach and he went right off to sleep. He enjoyed the sun, he would purr, stretch and roll around. I think he is getting a little spoiled, lol! It is amazing though my house babies don’t think a thing about him. Of course, I already have a wildcat kitten tamed and living in the house. My husband asked me why I didn’t go tame a bear and bring him in the house, lol! I can’t help it I love animals. But back to the story, we woke up or I should say I woke, the kit is still asleep. The kit woke up for a little bit and my house cat went over and gave him a bath, which blew my mind. But Stinky (house cat) did! 


But between the animals and my late night hours, I am just a little goofy. I decided I wanted to change the look of the blog, if you haven’t noticed, lol! I was going for a wintery look and I couldn’t find any graphics I liked. So I gave up at 3 o’clock and went to bed. But I like the new look. The photo of the lady is another one of my favorites. I hope you like the look too. I try to keep the blog fresh and never boring. I do it for you to enjoy and also were you will come back and enjoy your visits here. I want this blog to be your first stop whenever you need anything regarding the Craft or if you are just curious and want to know more about us. All are welcome here and it will always be that way. Now……. 




Friday Is Ruled By Venus

 Archangel:  Anael 

Candle Colors:  Green or pink 

Incense:  Rose or geranium 

Crystals:  Jade or rose quartz 

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing, for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment. 


Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for example an herbal garden, a field, park or your own garden–or even in a circle of plants indoors.  

Magickal Graphics

Happy, Happy Thursday! TGIF and a loooong weekend ahead!

Hello world, how are you today? You can definitely tell Summer is here. The temperatures here are almost in the middle 90’s and you can tell it. I have a wonderful case of sun poisoning on my arms. My fault, I am a red-head and we don’t tan. I wouldn’t tan if someone paid me too.  Besides it’s my own darn fault, I was outside for hours playing with the wildcat kittens and no sunscreen nothing on me.  And now I am paying for it. In case, some of you don’t know what sun poisoning is, like my doctor (neurologist). I couldn’t believe it, I had got up and got some of their cool packs and had one on my arm when he came in. He didn’t care but he wanted to know what was wrong with my arm. I told him sun poisoning and he said, “what’s that?” (Hmmm, I thought doctors would know this stuff :s ).  Back to what it is, sorry, sun poisoning doesn’t hurt. It is where you have had excessive amounts of sun in the past and your skin just can’t take anymore rays. Small, prickly bumps pop out on you and it itches like the devil. If you scratch too much, you will have some awful scars left on you when it clears up. I have one down by were my watch will be, that is absolutely horrible. There was three bumps there together and I scratched and scratched and I am going to be left with a bad scar. Enough about sun-poisoning……..

We went yesterday afternoon to release the wildcat kittens. They are finally big enough to care for theirselves and I don’t want to keep them too long. If I do that, they will come to think all humans are friendly and kind and that could be very dangerous for them. Hubby and I loaded the cages on the back of our four-wheelers. We rode to the creek bed. I went to the back to both cages and opened the doors. I walked away and called the cats. One jumped out and followed me a little bit. The other two decided to join their brother. They got to looking around and playing. My hubby told me they would be fine and it was time to go. My eyes swelled with tears and I got on my four-wheeler and started back up the creek. Too my delight and my hubby’s dismay, I felt the back of my wheeler go down and then a thump! I turned around and it was one of the little cats we were trying to release. Hubby stopped and here came the other two just a running. I was so happy, I got down laughing and crying. Hubby walked over to me about half pissed and asked me, “what now?”  I told him that I guessed we would have to bring them out more and more to reintroduce them to the wild. So we shut the cage doors and off we traveled. I cried all the way back but I didn’t let hubby see me. They were tears of joy, I have become so attached to these three little guys it ain’t even funny. To a person who has never worked with wild animals, you might not understand how you can fall in love with some of the most vicious animals on the planet. It just happens. The more you are around the animal, the more you start to become attached even while they are showing their teeth at you, lol! Then the animal starts to trust you, cuddle up beside you and then you know, in that animal’s own special way they love you too. It is a wonderful experience that I wish everyone would have at least once. Maybe then, there wouldn’t so much cruelty and killing of these precious creatures.

*Personal Note*

I have never mentioned it but I foster animals for two local clinics. I have fostered about everything under the sun except snakes. No snakes, never!

TGIF! It’s Friday People, Wake Up!

First of all please let me apologize for yesterday. The No Posting Thing, you know! Well it had been eating at me for a while to redo the graphics. So I said what the heck, go for it. I didn’t honestly expect it to take that long but the graphics didn’t want to cooperate and I still have some left to do.

I don’t seldom make request from you, reader. But now I need to ask for your help. My hubby is going to retire. He is not old enough to draw his full pension and also I can’t get him to a damn thing around. This is broke and it needs fixing or something else is tore up and it needs fixing. I can’t get the man to do anything. I would deeply appreciate it, if you could say a prayer and light a candle for us. It would be deeply appreciate.

Thank you so much,

Lady A