Angel Messages + 3 Goddess Oracle Cards for the week of 19 April 2021

Peace & Protection from the Angels, so it’s a good time to do this!!

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Wishing You All A Very Happy & Blessed Wednesday!

I promise I will try to make this as quick as possible. But you know me when I get started talking, I don’t have sense enough to quit, lol! Anybody else had said that I would have been pissed! I am in a good mood believe it or not. I just wanted to take a moment tell everyone of you who purchased Raffle tickets, Thank you! I can never say it enough and I know I should, Thank you all and I truly do love you with all my heart. Maybe it’s that time of the year, when a witch stops to think about all the good things in her life. That she normally takes for granted. I know I am truly thankful for everyone of you and I consider you all my family. Don’t ever forget that, my luvs!

I know you are wondering what put me in this mood. Thanks to everyone of you, our domain payment to WordPress went through without a hitch. The domain is paid in full for another year. Thank you so much for saving our home. When I say ours, I mean yours too. No matter where the WOTC has called home, whether it was just starting out on MSN till now, the WOTC is your home. I am just the simple caretaker. I want you to always feel that way about this spot on the net. Without you, the WOTC would not exist. But back to business, I wasn’t too happy with WordPress at all yesterday. The domain bill was due December 2nd. If they had held up to that, we would have had no problem paying it. I was going to pay it myself. But they didn’t and I will tell you it made me very angry. Especially when they threw up that block, that galled my rump to no end. The only thing I knew to do was pay it through our PayPal account (at the time I didn’t know everything in my purse had been stolen, that another tale though). But they say hindsight is 20 – 20, if I knew WordPress was going to do that, I would have been looking for us a new home. I have bragged on them and bragged on them. And to be treated like that, I don’t know how to describe it. So I think between now and next year’s payment comes due, we might be finding a new home. Just a maybe, I wouldn’t want to lose any of you. That has always been my experience, every time we have moved in the pass, we have loss hundreds of friends and family.

I told you I was going to make this brief. But it’s not entirely my fault for taking so long, I have been on the phone.  I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that we are now safe for another year. Thanks to you!

Now down to business……

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Wishing You A Very Blessed Wednesday Morn, my dear family!

Good Morning Images
Sorry I am running late but I had a few items I had to take care of. I really started out this morning on the computer at 9:00, can you believe that? Now it is after 11:00 and I finally made it. My life’s story, I will be late to my own funeral, lol!

Well the government shut down has finally hit home. I said the other day I didn’t want to mix religion and the government. But the government has politely interfered with our happy little lives. I know we aren’t the only ones and I apologize for what I am getting ready to do. I really don’t have any other choice though. I have called all the resources we have for getting funds when we are running low. Everyone of them depends on the government (which some I didn’t know they did) and they have no money. Right now, I am sitting and staring at a light bill that has to be paid and we have no money either.

The raffle this month has been a flop. I figure that is because of the government. We have had two individuals sign up for it and I appreciate you both so much. But till I can get a store going, yes a store. WordPress has fixed it were we can actually have a store on here now. Yahoo, Way to Go, WordPress! But if the government don’t get it act together, we won’t sell anything. See I am in a lovely mood today. A real optimist, ha!

So my last hope is turning to my family on the net. I hate like heck to but I have too. If the power doesn’t stay on, there is no daily WOTC. So if you could please spare a dime or two, we would be most grateful. You have never let us down in the past and I am hoping that is true this time. Like I said I hate to ask but you all are my last resort. Please help us out, any amount will be great appreciate.

Thank you so much,

Lady A & The WOTC

It's Saturday Morning, Wakey, Wakey WOTC!

I would say Good Morning but I would rather say, “Guess Who?” It’s me, Mystie.  I told you I would be back. I am worse than the Terminator, lol! I figured Lady A needed a day off. Of course, I would be nice enough to fill in for her.  You have to admit we have some pretty exciting things going on right now. The raffle, which I love and going to push, push, push. Those BOS’s are gorgeous. I just can’t make my mind up which one I would want. We have already been through that.  We had some concerned about how long the raffle lasted. It will run till August 25th, I believe. I know the raffles always run long enough for anyone interested to have a chance.

Another exciting thing, the online ritual. Ever been to one? I have. I can tell you I was in doubt about how the ritual would turn out. I just couldn’t imagine how you would get any effect for it by being on the computer. I was wrong. I am now a believer. You could feel the energy running up your fingers, arms and then into your body. The energy built and built. I felt so powerful when it was over with, I ran to do a spell that I had been meaning to do. Why waste good energy? If you are nervous or new to the Craft and having doubts about attending. Don’t. You are among friends and there are no set right or wrongs in “your” magick. We each have our own style. My tradition is probably nothing like yours. Don’t worry about anything, come and enjoy.

With that I will wish you a Blessed Weekend and leave you a link to the raffle, lol!

Have a moment, stop and look at the BOS’s!

Gooood Afternoon To The WOTC!

Good Afternoon WOTC,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. It is ashame how fast the weekends fly by. Well I know at least mine do. I wanted to apologize for the WOTC not being online this weekend. We had numerous things we had let go and let go and it just all piled up on us. We had to take a break and catch up with our lives offline. We had houses that had to be cleaned, lawns and herbs gardens that needed to be tend too, one big fish aquarium to clean out and a bunch of little stuff also. It just piles up on you till the once little thing is now a huge mountain you have to tackle.

I also have good news to report. Lady Abyss has been freed from her cast. I helped her around her house this weekend. She said her hand is still tender but the doctor told her to exercise it. What better way to exercise it than to start doing the blog again! She will be back tomorrow and our lives will resume as normal? It seems strange how one person being hurt or sick can throw everything out of sink. Of course, Lady A has been here but it still felt strange for me to do the blog. We have developed a system over the years that works very well for us. The person doing the blog is the one who is in charge. She does all the posting. At the same time she has her email account open and we are emailing her the info that she needs for the blog. You simply refresh and there is your next bit of info. I admit it didn’t feel right me telling Lady Abyss what I need and could you do this and that. She might have been in a cast but she was still a trooper and helped out a lot. I know all of you will be glad to see her back as well as I will be.

Again I would like to apologize for this weekend. I hope you understand why we took the weekend off. Tomorrow with Lady A back, we will resume our normal schedule. We will operate 7 days a week as usual but excluding our one day a month we take to update everything. And we always notify you of that.

It has been a pleasure doing the blog and meeting some of you. I am sure I will fill in from time to time. That is all I have to report for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and we will see you tomorrow.

Goddess Bless,


I Have Received A Wonderful Award, The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am now trying to straighten things out and get caught up on my duties here.



I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by a dear friend Shannon at Abstract Lucidity . This comes as a total surprise and I must say a very welcome one. I am honored to even be considered for such an Award. It is indeed a great honor and privilege to accept this Award and proudly display it on the site. Thank you so much, Shannon. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in considering me for the Award. Blessings to you, dear sister.

There are Rules to accepting this Award and they are as follows:

•Display the Award Certificate on your website

•Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

•Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

•Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post •Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


Seven Things About Myself. Hmm, my life is an open book, what don’t you know, lol!

1.  I am a Kentucky Hillbilly

2.  I am a Solitary Practitioner

3.  I am a Hereditary Witch. I was raised around a lot of Granny Magick in the Mountains of Kentucky.

4,  I long for the peaceful and quiet life of the Mountains again. It is just so peaceful and beautiful there. If you could see it, you would never want to leave it either.

5.  If I moved to the mountains, I would have to make sure they had the internet somewhere up there, lol! I could stand to part with my family and friends here.

6.  The WOTC is my baby. But as it has grew and gotten bigger, I now say, “The WOTC is yours, I am just the caretaker.” I sincerely hope you think of the WOTC as your home on the net. Because that is how I want you to think of it.

7.  And on a very personal note, I am recently separated from my husband and plan on divorcing. Am I sad, a little but it is something I should have done a long time ago. When the divorce is final, we are going to have one hell of a party! You are all invited!


Fifteen blogs, this ought to be interesting because my linker with WordPress is not fixed yet. So I will do my best at this….

1.   Lady Imbrium’s Holocron

2.   LoreBook

3.   The Enchanted Solitaire

4.   Mari Wells

5.   Bohemimom42

6.   Whyteferret’s Blog

7.   Learn Everyday!

8.   Balladeer’s Blog

I will notify these and post the remaining 7 tonight. Sorry, I just noticed the time. If I want to get my head on straight again, I have go to get to work. Thank you again, Shannon!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!!

Morrighan at The Enchanted Solitaire has nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!! Boy, what a wonderful surprise! This is fantastic, Morrighan. Thank you so much. I have never asked for any recognition so I am very humbled by this Award. I deeply appreciate you nominating me for this Award, dear sister. Thank you!

There are some rules to this Award but first I would like to plug a wonderful site,  The Enchanted Solitaire. I am not doing this because Morrighan nominated me for the Award. I doing it because Morrighan’s site is a very beautiful and inspiring site. It is a site that is a must see. She has very informative articles and beautiful graphics that you will enjoy. The Enchanted Solitaire would be well worth you time to visit.

Morrighan, forgive me, I must copy the rules of the Award for your site. I hope you don’t mind, lol! The rules are to thank the person and link back to the blogger that has nominated you. Then post the award logo to your blog ,write a post on the nomination and nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers. notify them and then tell 7 things about yourself.

Hmm, something about me. Are you ready for this, lol!

1.  Most people wonder about my name, Lady of the Abyss (the Abyss, part). I know most people assume that the Abyss is associated with something dark. But for me, it’s not. I got the name during a time in my life were I was unsure of the Path I was suppose to take. So to me, the Abyss means the unknown.

2. I now know my Path but I am too well associated with the name to change it. More than likely if I was so associated with the name, I probably wouldn’t change it anyway, lol!

3. I am a Hereditary Witch as well as a Solitary.

4. I love practicing Witchcraft. Believe it or not, I find time almost every day to do so.

5. I don’t like mornings. I am a night person. Three o’clock in the morning I am up.

6. I have an unusual ability to communicate with wild animals. I think some might call it “charming” the animal. I just call it “unusual,” lol!

7. I consider myself very fortunate to have three familiars. They chose me, I didn’t chose them. But if I had to chose it would have been the three I have. They are very protective and can sense anything around that isn’t suppose to be.

Now I am to nominate 15 blogs. Please note, they are in no particular order. They are all fantastic blogs. So please take a moment to visit them:

1.  LoreBook

2.  Hedge Wife

3.  Lady Imbrium’s Holocron

4.  The London Flower Lover

5.  Ravencrow Designs

6.  Chiron! the business doctor.

7.  Magickal Moonies Sanctuary

8.  eevee lily  )0(  hippy witch

9.  Garden Witches Kitchen

10. James Ricklef’s Tarot Blog

11. Plantasmagorical

12. Balladeer’s Blog

13. The Bent Needle

14. Journeying to the Goddess

15. The Tale of My Heart


Thank you again Morrighan for the Award. I have already done this once and I am a nervous wreck that this post won’t go thru.So cross your fingers and here goes nothing……..

Please Remember We Need Your Help

Before I go, I would like to remind you that we need your help. As Lady A stated earlier WordPress has changed their policies in regards to domains. Last year at the time of purchase, if we did not renew our domain we would go back to our old addy on WordPress. This year at time of renewal the policy has changed. Now if we do not renew our domain, we will be off the internet. If you go to on Dec. 2nd, you will find nothing except a blank page. We will be gone forever.

You can imagine we are upset at this change in policy. We have had a very bad year as well as everyone else, thanks to the economy. Lady A had a severe illness, we have the animal refuge, utilities, insurance and various other expenses. This renewal business comes at a very bad time. None of us at the WOTC has the money to renew our domain. We need your help. We need your donations to keep us on the internet and pay our domain bill.

As you scroll through the pages, remember if our domain is not renewed. Those pages you are viewing will not be there Dec. 2nd. Please any amount you can afford to give, we would be appreciate it.

Thank you so much,


Good Sunday Morning, my beloved friends and family!


I hope everyone is having a super fantastic Sunday. I wish I could say I was. I have just received very bad news from WordPress and the WOTC needs help. The WOTC has always had our own domain name no matter where we went. The reason behind that is were no other group or site can try to past themselves off as us. We have worked very hard to have the reputation we have. I don’t want anyone else to ride in on our coattails and pretend to be us. So that is the reason behind us always purchasing our own domain. But WordPress is different from any other site we have ever dealt with. On the other sites, if we did not renew our domain, we would still be on the net (but not as We would just be witchesofthecraft/ for example. But at WordPress, if we do not renew by December 2, we will no longer be on the net. Poof! we are gone. I know WordPress has changed quite a few things and this is one of them. When we purchased the domain here, we were told if we decided not to renew we would go back to our old addy with them. Now if we do not renew, we will disappear from the net totally. All the hard work and information, we have put on this site will be gone, forever. If I had not just received this notice, I would be looking for a new home. But in the length of time we have, I don’t have time to do it.

So I am about to become a nervous wreck. We are about to lose everything. I am about to lose my baby. Oh, it breaks my heart. I call the WOTC my baby because I have poured blood, sweat and tears into this site as always. I have endured a lot and most of it you don’t know anything about. But we have made it through all the rough times up until now.

I personally don’t have the money and I hate like heck to ask for donations but I am desperate. I have had an extensive illness as you know. The other people that work here all volunteer their time because most of them are laid off. We love what we do. Doing this for you, is the reason we get up every morning. How many other Pagan sites do you see putting out a daily publication? None, except us. We love doing this. As far as I am concerned I am doing what the Goddess intended for me to do. Spreading Her message and teachings to you. So I am now forced to humbly ask for your help.

Please, please help save the WOTC!

It doesn’t matter how much you can give, every penny helps. All I ask is that you please help save the WOTC.

Please, I am asking from the bottom of heart for your help. I have never been so humble in my life as I am right now. This is my passion, you are my family and the reason we do this every day. Please don’t let our mission and message fall by the wayside. We have to Dec. 2nd. If we don’t have enough to renew our domain with WordPress, I will let you know Dec. 1st. Then we will say goodbye forever. Oh, Goddess this can’t happen, I pray.

Thank you for reading this and also any donation you can give us to help us renew our domain.

Lady Of The Abyss & Witches Of The Craft

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The Witches Magick For Monday, November 12th

The Witches Magick For Monday, November 12th



When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
“Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand.”

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Good Wednesday Morning, dear friends! It’s Still Morning, Isn’t It?

Good Wednesday, dear friends! I hope you are having a fantastic day! For a change, I am having a super fantastic day myself. So I am ready to get at it. Only one thing left to do…..

I Wish You A Very Blessed & Fantastic Wednesday!
Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Checking To See If WordPress Is Normal

I don’t know what has been wrong with WordPress today. I checked the forums and apparently it is not only this site but everybody else. Posts taking 5 minutes to post, just disappearing or half of the post showing up. Nobody has an explanation but the bloggers are just a little niffed! I know I am in the niffed bunch. A whole day wasted and I have accomplished nothing. When I don’t put info on here, I am afraid I am going to lose you. I don’t want to lose any of my dear friends. I hope you understand today was not my fault. I am sorry it has been such an inconvenience for you. And I am sorry it has been such a pain in the butt for me.

Lady A


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Hardly any of us are without some jealousy. We like to think of ourselves above that painful emotion, because such a monstrous feeling is a destructive thing. But if we have not yet felt a normal amount of it, it is because we have yet to doubt something we love very much.

Margaret, Queen of Navarre, and sister of Francis 1, King of France in the fifteenth century, wrote the following words:

“Love may exist without jealously, although this is rare; but jealousy may exist without love, and that is common; for jealousy can feed on that which is bitter, not less than on that which is sweet, and is sustained by pride as often as by affection.”

Jealousy can rear its head when logic is giving you the facts, and throw the whole thing into chaos. But confidence is the enemy of jealousy. Confidence, trust, and faith are all strong parts of a nature where jealousy does not rule.

And jealousy, even in moderation, can introduce us to a serious problem with ourselves, if we let it grow out of proportion. It breeds rejection while maturity and understanding keep us safely within the bounds of permissiveness rather than possessiveness.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

Visit her web site to purchase the wonderful books by Joyce as gifts for yourself or for loved ones……and also for those who don’t have access to the Internet:
Click Here to Buy her books at

Elder’s Meditation of the Day
By White Bison, Inc., an American Indian-owned nonprofit organization. Order their many products from their web site:

Good Saturday Afternoon, my luvs! Today Is Shot To….

Good Saturday Afternoon, my luvs! I hope you are having a fantastic day. Me? Ha! Since the day is shot to hell, I will tell you about it (lucky dog, you, lol!). We have had a prowler around the house for some time now. It has just been getting worse and worse. The past week the prowler has been coming right up to the bedroom window. Thursday night, I was asleep and Kiki was standing on my side, snarling, growling and foaming at the mouth. Now imagine a Pomeranian foaming at the mouth 😦 . Hubby got the gun and went outside. He saw someone running out in the field. So last night, I said the hell with it. I closed the glass window and the storm also. Well about 2:30 a.m., this morning all hell broke loose. Kiki went crazy, barking, growling and all over me. Then a huge rock came through one of our bedroom windows. Instead of screaming, I waded through the glass and pointed a shotgun out the window. The prowler wasn’t too quick or else he expected me to be screaming my lungs out. Anyway, he was were I could get good aim on him and I told him to hit the ground or else I was going to put him there. By this time hubby was out the door and had a rifle on him. He had also called 911. Sheriff and a couple of deputies came out. They said they had been having a problem with a prowler out in this area. Bet they don’t no more, lol! After they left, I stayed up picking the glass out of my feet. I really didn’t have that much to pick out. Thank goodness. Because of the animals, I shut the door and we all went and slept in a different bedroom.

Well being in a different bedroom, the sun sure did come up early this morning. I had Kiki curled up on a pillow beside me. Stinker was keeping my feet warm. Razzy was bringing me sheets of paper. Yeah, paper! She caught me cleaning out my purse and putting receipts in a pile to throw away. Razzy got to playing in the receipts and I made her a paper ball. Well ever since then, she wants paper balls made out of every piece of paper she sees. After going to bed at 5:00 a.m., I was up at 6:30 a.m., making paper balls.

I got up made about 4 paper balls, put some coffee on and cleaned the house up. Then when I sit down to do the blog, Kiki got sick. She stays on the bed most of the time. I felt this little paw tap me on my elbow. Before I could catch her, she was in my lap. She was shaking like the devil. I just dropped everything it scared me to death. Come to find out after about an hour, I found out it was her anal glands. We went to the bathroom and I cleaned out her anal glands and her rump. What a lovely job, NOT! After that everything was fine. I gave her some doggy treats and she laid down in her bed and went to sleep. I am pissed off. We went to the vet about a week ago. They supposedly checked her anal glands and they were “so” empty! Right, her poor little old glands were full. I am going to call the vet Monday and tell him exactly why I am changing vets!

While I am at it, I had a talk with Anastasia about the post she made. I kindly explained to her that I did not appreciate it at all. She was not to talk to our followers and friends like that. Ya’ll deserve much more respect that. It was a person’s freewill to come and go as they wished. And it was none of her business why anyone left. I told her to stick to writing what she was suppose to and never make a post like that again. I got one comment that interested me. The comment suggested I go check out another community to see what they were doing. I loved the community but WordPress’ format is not set up like that. Someone has specially designed that format for them. There is no way, you could have ten different groups under this main one. First the storage would be a huge issue. Next, WordPress just wouldn’t allow it. So if I wanted to do something like that, I would have to change host’s and move everything again. I appreciate the comment and I love the site you recommended. But unfortunately, it just won’t work here. Anastasia doesn’t understand that the WOTC has always been a library for Witchcraft. We provide the most current, accurate information that we can find for the new comer to the Craft or the Seasoned Practitioner. We have always operated this way and it seems to have worked for us. I figure right now school is starting back and life is hectic for everyone. When Winter sits in, everything would be back to normal. Like the rest of us, she needs to learn patience, lol! Which ain’t easy at times!

Well, I hope you have a great weekend. I am going to put a little info on. Then tomorrow, I will get back to normal. What’s normal :s.

Have a good one,

Lady A

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Good Morning My Dearest Of Friends!

Good morning, dearies! Well it is still morning to me, lol! I have been on the blog off and on since 8:00 a.m., this morning. I have been drumming up some other Pagan blogs to link with and also be put in their search engines. See there is never a dull moment. I have decided one thing though, I hate like heck using my Microsoft Word Processor. I can get everything looking perfect then I bring it over here to the blog, it looks like crap! I think I spent an hour fixing the new “Astral Projection” section I put up. I finally got it right, finally! A tip for anyone using WordPress blogs, you have to use only the type you are allowed. I have found Arial works best, now that was the “tip of the day,” lol!

I do have good news though. We are starting to receive donations toward our server bill. For those of you, you don’t know how much it means to me. You are very caring, loving and supportive friends. I can never think you enough. When this drive is over, I plan to thank each one of you publicly. I feel you deserve to be recognized as special friends of the WOTC.

Even though that is fantastic news, we still need donations. You don’t know how much I hate to keep bringing this up, I really do. But you don’t know how much I want the WOTC to stay on the internet. The WOTC does the Goddess’ work. I have always believed the Goddess has had a hand in everything the WOTC does. I believe She has always instructed me on how to spread the truth about our Religion, Witchcraft. To some this might seem crazy, but you have to know the Goddess. She is a wonderful divine being, full of love and compassion. I have prayed to Her and asked Her to help the WOTC remain on the internet. All my means are exhausted and She knows it. I know the Goddess is answering my prayers by the donations we have already received. I have faith She will move even more hearts to make a donation. No matter how great or small, it all adds up believe me.

You know what I am about. You know what the WOTC is about. You know there is not that many Pagan blogs, websites or groups left anymore. This is a very sad thing, once the Pagan community thrived. Now it seems they have all disappeared. I have fought tooth and nail for years for the WOTC. I still have fight in me but I need your help, my friend. Just a little help to keep us on the net, were the WOTC won’t fall beside the wayside. The WOTC has an important mission in the Pagan community. You can help us achieve it. Just by giving us a helping hand.

I have been artistic this morning. I made up a small banner that says, “I (heart) the WOTC.”  I am going to post them throughout the daily posts. Not too many now I promise you. Just in case, you can’t find the button to donate the banner will be linked directly to the page.

 Perhaps you think I am harping on this and I might be. But this is not only important to you but also your children and their children. This is our Religion, our Traditions, our Beliefs, to be passed on and on. But if there is no one there to share our Religion with others, where does that leave our Religion?

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