From the very start, I have been beside Lady of the Abyss. We grew up together, we have been close friends and I consider her a sister. I have been beside her for the last fifteen years as she has poured her heart into something she believed in. She not only believe it in, so did I. I watched as her and four other people took the WOTC from a handful of people to over thousands of followers on MSN. She fought her way to the top to keep our site number one in its category. Then MSN pulled the rug out from under her.


Lady Abyss took our site to Yuku. Again to rebuild something she truly believed in. She believed in our religion, our mission and most of all our Goddess. Nothing has changed she still believes in those things. I watched as she got disgusted and fed up and shut that site down. It was something she didn’t want to do and it nearly killed her to do it, but she did.


For four months, she stewed around the house. I know she wanted to give it another try and she did with the help of the Goddess. She came to WordPress and built us this wonderful home. I have watched her work tirelessly on this site late into the night. Right now, she has been working with one arm in a sling and three broken fingers just to deliver to you the daily posts you expect. She does it because she considers each of you her family. Not just mere acquaintances on the net, but her brothers and sisters. I see what she does for our religion, I see what she does for you, whether she is hurt or not, it is always for you. She is a good woman and a very fine leader amongst many.


Today, I am sad and I miss my sister. I want her home and I cannot even accomplish that for someone who gave us all so much. She has given and given, worked tirelessly, through pain and suffering, for us. Now when she needs us, we turn our backs on her.


You don’t know how much you mean to her and you probably won’t never. If you could meet her, get to know her like I do, you would see the person she truly is. But you probably won’t never get to meet her and you will just have to take my word for it. She is a great lady and today I have let her down tremendously. Due to that fact, I feel I am no longer fit to carry on in her absence. I am closing the WOTC till she gets back. When that will be, I don’t know. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize for asking you to assist me in helping bring her home.


You may now consider Witches Of The Craft closed until further notice,


Mistress of the Myst

Administrator of the WOTC

For any questions concerning this matter, please read:




I Need To Clarify Something Real Quick

Witchy Comments & Graphics 
I believe some have misread out ISP Drive posts. I have comments in the back that read, “We hate to see you leave the site, good luck in whatever you decide to do.” I would like to make it clear I am not going anywhere for the next five days. Within those five days if we do not raise the remaining balance of $135.00, then I will be leave and so will the WOTC. As I explained earlier, I will never leave this site on the internet without someone operating it. There are too many ghost sites on the internet. These sites are hacked, have filthy on them and everything else you can imagine. If we cannot raise the $135.00, the WOTC and I will be both leaving the net. We have till May 13th, which is five days away, to raise $135.00.  We started out hoping to raise $549.00 to pay our server bill. Now we are down to $135.00. Surely after we have come so far, we can raise the rest of the amount.  Please help us raise the rest of the ISP bill, so we can remain on the net.Thank you! 

WOTC Extra – Book Blessing

Celtic & British Isles Graphics

WOTC Extra – Book Blessing

Hearken as the Witch’s word
Calls the lady and the lord
Moon above and earth below
Sky’s cool blue and sun’s hot glow
In this right and ready hour
Fill these pages with thy power
May no unprepared eye to see
The secrets which trusted be
To I who walk the hidden road
To find the hearthstone’s calm abode
Guardians from the four directions
Hear me and lend thy protection
May these truths of Earth and skies
Shaded be from prying eyes
But to the witches whose map this be
May the way be plain to see
And through all the coming ages
May we find home in these pages
So mote it be!


WOTC Extra – Top Five Houseplants to Purify Your Living Space, Spirituality and Physically

WOTC Extra – Top Five Houseplants to Purify Your Living Space, Spirituality and Physically

The top five plants all remove chemical vapors that build up in the home from paints,
cleaners, solvents and other unhealthy things – and they have magickal abilities too as listed below:
5: GERBERA DAISY Great to encourage happiness.
4: PEACE LILY Encourages harmonious energies and good communication.
3: BOSTON FERN Encourages psychic ability and intuition.
2: ENGLISH IVY For protection and luck – especially good for newly weds.
1: ARECA PALM (or Butterfly or Yellow Palm) For peace and creativity.

WOTC Extra – Blue Water

WOTC Extra – Blue Water

Blue Water Blue water is used for peace and protection, but also to dispel evil and negativity from a house.

Blue is the colour believed to be best at warding off evil and providing protection.

To make blue water use a glass and fill it with spring water or tap water with a teaspoon of salt added to it. To make it blue you can either use blue food colouring or laundry bluing (laundry bluing isn’t so easily found in the UK). You can also add a drop or two of Florida water to it for added power. Charge the water with your intent, or draw a cross three times over the top of the glass to empower it, then leave the glass in a prominent place in your home. Change the water regularly.


Pagan Portals – Hoodoo: Folk Magic
Patterson, Rachel

A Friendly Service Announcement

A Little Public Service Announcement for all our family & friends of the WOTC! I mentioned a few weeks ago about receiving two offers to do TV shows and several radio interviews. I promised that I would let you know when any of these events were going to take place. The first event is a radio interview on February 6th. The station is KCSB FM 91.9 in Santa Barbara. The interview will aired at 12 am I understand. So if any of our friends out in the California area would like to listen in, please do so. It would be nice to know I had friendly ears listening. Also say a prayer or two for me, I am sure I will be a nervous wreck.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Wishing You A Very Blessed Monday & A Happy 3rd Anniversary, WOTC!

Happy Anniversary Images

Well believe it or not, I was ready to run till about 20 minutes ago. Twenty minutes ago, WordPress threw me for a loop! When I came to the site there was this small golden bowl (loving cup) in our comment section. I hadn’t ever seen anything like it before. I had to check it out. We have always got strange symbols in that spot when we get so many “likes.” So I was thinking what the heck? Did we get a thousand likes or something? Nothing like that but much better. WordPress had dropped the bowl or loving cup off to tell us “HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY” with them.

I thought that was super nice of them. WordPress keeps up with us better than I do. But three years ago, on this very day, the WOTC was born again. Oh, maybe I should have used reincarnated, lol! But over the years, we have had to reinvent ourselves over and over again. Moving from site to site, group to group, now we are home. I love working with WP. They have helped us everyway possible.I believe they are the best and most professional site providers, I have ever been involved with. And brother, I have been involved with quite a few.

It is not only WordPress’ help that has got us where we are today. But you as our followers, friends, family and loved ones. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be what we are. You are the heart and soul of the WOTC. We love everyone of you and thank you for standing with us during the past three years.

Now, we have accomplished so much in the past three years. I am looking forward to a bright and very prosperous three more years. With the Goddess’ help and a few cosmic slaps, we should have a very exciting time ahead of us.


Lady Of The Abyss, Mystie & The Whole WOTC bunch

Thank You, Goddess!
The Goddess deserves more credit
and thanks than I can ever give Her.
When I was down and out,
My Divine Mother picked me up,
Dusted me off and gave me the
courage and will to do it one more time.
Without Her help, support and love,
I would be nothing.
Thank you, My Most Divine Mother!

Can You Believe It, It’s SATURDAY! Have a Very Blessed Day, Dear Family!

Good Morning, my luvs! I hope everyone is having a very enjoyable Saturday. At least today, I didn’t get drug out of bed like last weekend, lol! Take my word for it, you never want to wake up to a panicked Mystie :s, NEVER!

It has been a long week for me but a fun week. I enjoy doing our daily publications. I am going to start doing The WOTC seven days a week now. On Saturdays and Sundays, I will have peace and quiet to do what I want to. Which I do anyway, but…..Just the solitude and time to be alone and think. When I am alone it gives me more time to communicate with the Goddess. Even driving in the truck alone, I have a talk with Her. Spiritual connection with our Divine Mother is very important. Every moment I get, I now talk to Her.

I know I said I was going to start doing the WOTC seven days a week. But if it is alright with you, I need to take today off. Well, not really off, I will be working on the site. I decided yesterday afternoon to go ahead with the Sponsorship Wall. It is going to take a little bit of time to do, especially gathering up everyone’s name. I will have to go back through our account and start from the beginning. I want everyone who has ever contributed to us to be on that Wall. I believe with all my heart that you deserve the recognition. There has never been a time I haven’t called upon you for help in an emergency and you have always answered. That to me is special. Giving of yourselves were we can survive and continue our mission. I know you believe in the work we are doing and also believe it must continue. We have to get the truth about our Religion out. We have to destroy the ignorance about Witches and Witchcraft. We have to knock down barriers, stomp out all the old myths and stereotypes associated with us. And most of all, bring Witchcraft into the mainstream Religions. We have to continue our work for there is no one else to do it. We have to make sure our children know of their heritage, history and Religion. I know you stand with us in this calling. We have to stand together and we have to unite. There are some that say it is impossible for the Pagan community to unite. I say they are wrong. To be heard loud and clear, we have to come together and unite in this one cause.

This is not my cause, it is the Goddess’ cause. It is the Goddess’ Religion. We are Her children, who better to spread the word. 

For those of you who have supported us from the very beginning, I say thank you. I have said it a million times without you there would be no WOTC. You are the heart of this group. Your strength gives me courage. Your support shows me your love. I know you stand beside us in our efforts. I know we are not alone in this struggle. We have come along way but we still have along way to go. For everything you have done for us, I believe you deserve the recognition. 

I am going to work on the Wall today. Hopefully I will have it finished this afternoon. You are very special individuals to us. I want to show you our appreciation and gratitude for all you have done for us. This is our way of saying thank you and we love you.


I love you all from the bottom of my heart,

Lady A  

“GOOD MORNING, WOTC!” Welcome to all our visitors & love to all of our friends & family!

Good Morning to all my friends, family and visitors this wonderful Wednesday morning! I want to set the record straight and get something straight with all of you. I believe when I do this I will feel much better and I won’t be in this pickle by myself or feel all alone. If you remember when I gave the women who working here the week off, I stayed in the office. I did our daily publications then I nosed around. I got into our books that Annie was suppose to be keeping. I gave her this job because she was a trusted friend that I had known for a long time. I also thought it would take a burden off of me and I could tend to the animals.

I had my reasons for going for the books and I should have done so sooner. I had been noticing the last couple of weeks, that she was hitting me up for money because we were out of this or that. I kept a money box in the office, which at the first of the week, I would put money in. Money out of my own pocket. I always kept a certain amount in it. I got to noticing I would have to add more and more money to the box to get it back to the amount that was suppose to be in there. Well I checked the money box and it was empty. So I drug out the books and I was floored. In the books, there was bills that were suppose to have been paid but weren’t. It wasn’t the donation money you gave to the animals, I always took that and applied it to the animals. But I have had to negotiate with the utilities, the mortgage company, the feed company and everybody else we owe for payment arrangements. All this has been coming out of my own pocket, now I am flat ass broke and I have found a Whopper of a bill. This bill kills my soul. It is the property taxes on the refuge. I found where she had paid the land taxes but did not pay the buildings’ taxes. She knew how I loved this place. If I could get my hands on her I would strangle her. I have notified the proper authorities of this matter and  they are looking for her. But she can’t be found, no one knows where she is.

I have let all this build up on me till I thought I would go insane. The buildings’ taxes are driving me crazy and being out of my medicine don’t help either.  But if I don’t come up with the money by the middle of April, the sheriff will auction the buildings off at the courthouse. So I have to rack and scrap to get the money up to prevent this from happening. If there was ever a time I need my friends, it is now. I feel so bad that I trusted her but I had known her for years. She even worked as a bookkeeper for a government plant out here. I don’t understand it at all. Why would she do me this way? I don’t get it. I have thought and thought about it and I don’t understand it at all. I know if I lose the refuge, I will go crazy. The animals, I love and we have some I don’t know where they would go if we lost this place. I do know one thing, if I ever get out of this mess. I will never trust anyone again. NEVER, EVER!

So now dear friends and family, you know what has been wrong with me. I feel so bad about this happening, I can never tell you how much I do. But I need your help, I have took all my personal funds and applied to what I could to keep the place going. I am totally broke plus I have left my husband. I will go into that later but now the refuge is in dire straights. I need your help to come up with the tax money to prevent the sale of the buildings. I hate like heck to ask but I promise the WOTC will never, ever get in this situation again. If I have to I will take the books with me and do them while I attend to an animal. I promise. No one will ever have access to the money here. Thankfully, I was handling the animals’ donations. But that money has run out also, so that has been another worry on my mind. The remaining money I had I took and applied that to the care of the animals. So right, now I am totally broke and on the mercy of the world. And Annie wherever she is, she is a witch with her ass on fire. I can guarantee you, she will be wishing the Law finds her soon. But in the meantime, I have to prevent the Law from selling us. We need your donations again and I am so sorry to ask. But this is a must. We can’t loose the refuge. Please help us save the refuge and the work we do here. Please any amount you can give will help, believe me it will.

Please help us save the refuge. Donate today, please. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I will eternally be to you. Thank you so much for listening and being my friends and family.


May the Goddess Bless You & Keep You,


Lady Of The  Abyss



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Wake Up, Sleepy Heads! GOOD MORNING WOTC! Good Sunday Morning To All!

Good Morning, WOTC! How’s my dearest friends on the planet doing this morning! I hope excellent. It is Sunday morning and guess what? I am waiting on the painters. Yes, they are still here. This was only suppose to last two day and it has turned into three. The place looks fantastic but I feel like the world is passing us by while we are away. And besides, I am stuck watching the painters while they paint. I don’t “watch” “watch” them. I find stuff to tinker with. I go play with some of the animals. Then come back in. I also walk around the yard picking up the mess left from the roofers. Every time I think I have it all picked up, another piece shows up. It is like where is this stuff coming from? I am not complaining even though it sounds like I am. I just thought workers cleaned up after theirselves. And the painters, oh, Goddess! We have got to vacuum and clean the floor. There is little white chips everywhere. One of them, I screamed at the other day. He looked like he had been playing in the mud. I told him to go outside and wipe himself off. Yeah right, I believe when I turned my back he smeared his feet on the rugs. I guess that is just some of the stuff you have to put up with these days. But like I said I am not complaining, just venting, lol! I am thankful everything is almost finished. Two rooms today, my office and the bathroom off the side of it. Surely the painters will be done! I hope! Anyway on to other things……

I was reading in the back, the comments that were left for us. You know I can’t say it enough, I love you! The comments of all the well wishes and, you are the best. You are why I love this place so much. You make the WOTC what it is. And it is the best site on the net because of you all. Thank you so much for your support all these years. Thank you for your friendship and most of all love. You don’t know how much it means to us. You are simply the best! We love you, I love you!





One more quick thing I want you to check out. A college in Missouri is now recognizing Wiccan Holidays! I do believe the movement is alive and well. Spreading like wildfire. Perhaps in our time, we will see our Religion restored to its rightful place. My husband told me about this yesterday. I have been disconnected from the world, lol! But it didn’t sink in at first. Then I asked him if he told me a college in Missouri was now recognizing Wiccan Holidays? And he said, “Yes!” Well you can imagine what I did. I screamed “YES” at the top of my lungs! We are making progress. Even though we can’t take credit for this, it sure doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with these Wiccans! Can I get an “Amen?” LMAO! I have always wanted to do that, LOL! But I have provided the link below, check it out if you have a minute……


New Mizzou Student Guide Condemns Exams on Wiccan Holidays


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