From the very start, I have been beside Lady of the Abyss. We grew up together, we have been close friends and I consider her a sister. I have been beside her for the last fifteen years as she has poured her heart into something she believed in. She not only believe it in, so did I. I watched as her and four other people took the WOTC from a handful of people to over thousands of followers on MSN. She fought her way to the top to keep our site number one in its category. Then MSN pulled the rug out from under her.


Lady Abyss took our site to Yuku. Again to rebuild something she truly believed in. She believed in our religion, our mission and most of all our Goddess. Nothing has changed she still believes in those things. I watched as she got disgusted and fed up and shut that site down. It was something she didn’t want to do and it nearly killed her to do it, but she did.


For four months, she stewed around the house. I know she wanted to give it another try and she did with the help of the Goddess. She came to WordPress and built us this wonderful home. I have watched her work tirelessly on this site late into the night. Right now, she has been working with one arm in a sling and three broken fingers just to deliver to you the daily posts you expect. She does it because she considers each of you her family. Not just mere acquaintances on the net, but her brothers and sisters. I see what she does for our religion, I see what she does for you, whether she is hurt or not, it is always for you. She is a good woman and a very fine leader amongst many.


Today, I am sad and I miss my sister. I want her home and I cannot even accomplish that for someone who gave us all so much. She has given and given, worked tirelessly, through pain and suffering, for us. Now when she needs us, we turn our backs on her.


You don’t know how much you mean to her and you probably won’t never. If you could meet her, get to know her like I do, you would see the person she truly is. But you probably won’t never get to meet her and you will just have to take my word for it. She is a great lady and today I have let her down tremendously. Due to that fact, I feel I am no longer fit to carry on in her absence. I am closing the WOTC till she gets back. When that will be, I don’t know. I am ashamed of myself and I apologize for asking you to assist me in helping bring her home.


You may now consider Witches Of The Craft closed until further notice,


Mistress of the Myst

Administrator of the WOTC

For any questions concerning this matter, please read:



5 thoughts on “A Personal Word From Me, The WOTC IS CLOSED TILL FURTHER NOTICE

  1. Warm Blessing Lady Beltane. I am able to give a small amount. I do hope it helps. You have done a wonderful job. I will miss WOTC until all return safely. Blessing to the recover party 🙂 and to all at WOTC.


  2. I won’t be able to come up with any funds until my next paycheck clears- and that will be the last one until school starts up again. I’ll see what I can spare. I pray for her swift and safe return!


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    If not for Lady of the Abyss and WOTC this site would not exist. Even if you can only donate a dOlla or two, please do so as every little bit helps. Keep Lady A and her traveling companion in your prayers that they are safe for now and get home quickly. Thank you!


  4. I have not been here, what has happened? What can be done for Lady of the Abyss. Love the WOTC, Lady of the Abyss,,,Lady Beltane, Mistress of the Myst….


  5. What a sad news that i enjoyed the daily posts from a suffering finger, now is like when the kids looked around and couldn’t see their parents not even knowing when they would be back. Lady of the Abyss i love you but now i miss u most


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