There Was Misprint A Few Days Ago, THE WOTC IS NOT CLOSED!

Love Comments & GraphicsWe are home, we are give out and very, very thankful to all the wonderful people who donated to get us back to Kentucky. It has been a very long four day and it is such a relief to be here, I can’t begin to tell you. I do have to say Mystie was determined to get us home one way or the other. The ladies from the office, Mystie, her brother and all of you are responsible for us being back. Thank you so, so much.


I know Mystie posted the WOTC was closed. I don’t fault her for that, I told her to do it. I did, however, to tell her to put “temporarily” in the caption. I know she was upset and just forgot to do it. Mystie and I had plans to go out to eat that evening. She called and wanted to know what time I thought we would be back to Kentucky. At that time, we had just had the accident and I told her I couldn’t talk right now. She wanted to know what was wrong and I told we had an accident, I had things to do and I would call her later. Mystie and I might not be blood relatives but I consider her my actual sister. We grew up together. Her brother and her are my family. It is funny, they have always thought they had to protect me. Why? I don’t know. I guess it is because the deep love we have for each other. Mystie is not only my sister but a very extremely wonderful lady. You can tell she is very head strong. Once she see something that has to be done, she goes at it full force. She didn’t want me to go to start with. I haven’t mentioned it but I am in a back brace, have a sling on my left arm and a new cast on my right hand. So I wasn’t really in the shape to go but it was a good friend that called and needed my help. I felt we had no choice but to go.


We loaded up the truck we use to transport animals in. Got on the road and everything was fine. We met the man at the location we were suppose to meet him. He led the way to the cougar. We couldn’t get very close at that time because she was very aggressive and angry. Animals in this state of mind, I really don’t like dealing with. But I saw why she was so upset. There were 6 farmers in the bushes and over-growth with this rifles and shotguns pointed at her. I told them all to leave. Well, they just backed up a few feet, the reason being if she attacked me, they were going to kill her. I actually believe this is one of the hardest recovery and relocation we have ever done. She could still sense the farmers which wasn’t good for me. I calmed and centered myself, took a deep relaxing breath and move out of the brush. Immediately, she started toward me. I just stood still and prayed and prayed and prayed. As she got closer I held out my hand and told her I wasn’t there to harm her. She had to trust me, I was going to take her to a safe place. As she began to calm, I looked in the hole in the wall and she had babies there. That was why she was so aggressive and hostile, she was protecting them. I inched my way toward her. She growled off and on but she did let me sit down. I knew the minute she let me sit down, she wasn’t going to harm me or at least I hoped so. I always chant to the animals after I get close to them. It seems to calm them and also helps them to trust me. They are put into an enchanted state. After an hour, I told the men with me to bring the crater for her. They slowly approached and she got nervous and I chanted that much louder. I can tell you she didn’t like it when I went to pick up her babies. I picked one up and she growled and showed me her teeth. I continued to pick it up. I let her smell of it from a distance and held her baby out as I put it in the crate. The whole time she was following me. I went back, got the next one and did the same thing. When all the babies were loaded up, I told her it was her turn. Amazingly enough, she went in the crate willingly. The men loaded her and the babies in the truck. All the farmers were amazed and very thankful. She had been killing their livestock to feed her babies. I promised them she would be relocated to a new place were she wouldn’t be a danger to people. They did offer money for what I did, I didn’t want to take it but they insisted. I found it in the cupholder of the truck.


Now, we have the cougar loaded up and headed home. Everything seemed like it was going to be fine. We were traveling down the interstate and suddenly the truck just went crazy. The driver could not steer it or nothing. We were in a vehicle that was out of control. The truck started heading toward the emergency lane on the side of the road. We went to it but we didn’t stop. The man driving was doing everything he could to stop the truck. Thank goodness, we still had some brakes left on it. We ended up stopping about five foot from a drop-off (and I mean drop-off). And just my luck, it was on my side and I liked to have crapped when I saw how far down it was. We all crawled out the driver’s side door and the cougar was wild. I was scared she would rock the truck and it would go over the side with her in it. I went to the back of the truck and tried to calm her, nothing worked. It seemed like forever but a trooper did finally show up. And right about then was when the phone rang, it was Mystie. I told her we had an accident, I couldn’t talk and I would call her back. It took two tow trucks for us. One for the truck and another flatbed for the cougar’s crate. We were towed to an out of the way place but it was the only garage around for 150 miles so what do you do.


When we got to the garage, the mechanic informed us, he couldn’t look at the truck then. He was booked up for the day. He could look at it tomorrow. Well what choice did we have? He pointed the way to the closest motel and we started walking. I don’t know if it was because we were strangers in this little town or not, but the price of the rooms was sky high. Thankfully though, it was a one level motel. I had them put the cougar under the shade tree outside our rooms. I made a call to the person who was going to pick the cougar up in Kentucky and take it to a safe spot out west. I asked him if there was anyway possible he could come and pick her up where we were at. I told him the whole story and he agreed.He was there the next day to get her. So one worry off my mind, next the mechanic called. I like to have fell out when he told me the cost of fixing the truck. The steering column was demolished. He didn’t have one, he would have to order it but to order it, he needed half the money up front. We counted pennies, dimes, nickels and every cent we could find, we got the money. But we still had a problem, it took every cent we had just to get the part ordered and pay up front. Next, Mystie called. I told her what had happened. All I heard was, “I told you not to go, I told you not to go.” Yes, I know but right now I am worried about spending three days in a town without a dollar to my name. She immediately panicked, she was complaining about WordPress not cooperate, she was having to do html code, this, and that. I just had to much on my mind and I told her to temporary shut the site down. I was 500 miles away from home and there wasn’t a thing I could do about the site. I also had other things more pressing on mind at the time. I told her just to take a breathe and close the site temporarily.I told her we were going to be stuck in the town for about three days. We had pooled all our money together just to get the mechanic to start work on the truck. Not to mention, we still had to pay him when he was finished, we had to have a place to stay, and we had to eat. I guess that is when Mystie when on her mission to get me home. All of you did a hell of a job, I can never begin to thank you enough. Mystie’s little drive provided us with the money to pay the mechanic what we owed him, a place to stay and most of all food. Funny, I have grown very fond of eating, lol!


Next to the last night we were there, the mechanic told us he had a small trailer at his house. If we wanted to save us some money for the trip back home, we could stay there. We all agreed, we did need gas money to get back home, so we took him up on his offer. When he closed for the day, we all rode out to his house. He had a very lovely family. We met his wife and five children, yes, five. I found out he had his own reason for bringing us out to his house. He had saw how I handle the cougar and one of the men let it slip that I was a witch. I found that out, I figured there would be a mob coming with pitchforks and flaming torches. But he assured me, he told no one what I was. He brought us to his home to see if I could help one of his children. He told me due to his daughter’s condition, the town considered them outcasts. Something, I am all to familar with, up in the hills where I come from they do the same thing. Then a healer comes along, heals the afflicted person and they are invited back into the community. I believe if I was ever outcast, then told I could come back, I would tell them where they could go and leave. My heart went out to the man and his family. I told him to let his daughter and me spend some time alone. I guaranteed him nothing but I told him I would try. The girl and I went for a walk down to this beautiful pond they had on their property. We sit down and begin to talk. Immediately, her problem appeared. She had a bad stutter and also had the shakes, some of them were very violent at times. The town’s people believed she was possessed. I casted the circle around us. I made her a healing charm and also casted a spell to ask the Powers of the Universe to heal this child. Remove the suffer she had endured and torment from others. Make her whole once again. She was a very beautiful little girl and to be treated the way she had been was ashame. She told me that she felt a warm energy come over her. When she told me that, she didn’t stutter. We stayed in the circle for a bit and talked. No more stuttering and no more shakes. When it got dark, I pulled up the circle and we walked back to the house. I told her to keep the charm with her at all times. I even gave her father my cellphone number in case, they needed me again. I cannot tell you how overjoyed the family was with their daughter. It made me cry. All week, I had nothing on my mind but our troubles. But now to see this beautiful young girl embraced in her family’s arms, overjoyed and so happy, it made our journey very fulfilling. Perhaps everything happened for a reason. Maybe we were meant to end up at this man’s house. I know one thing for sure now, everything does happen for a reason. I should add the man cut out repair bill in half. He only charged us for the steering column but I also paid him for his labor and time he worked on the truck. He has to eat just like the rest of us.


We left down there early this morning. It seemed like the longest drive of my llfe. I have never wanted to get home so bad. I had to pick up Kiki and Razzy. You ought to have saw them, Razzy came running, jumped on me and knocked me down. Kiki came running too, she gave me kisses all over my face. Then after I settle in, I just had to look at the site. WOW! All the wonderful things you had to say about me, teared me up again. Thank you so much for thinking so highly of me and caring so much. Thank you for getting me home. I can never thank you enough for everything that you have done. It is wonderful to be home and thanks to all of you, we are finally here. Oh, Mystie was standing in the driveway when we pulled up. I got out of the truck and she liked to have bear hugged me to death. We got hugs and kisses from the whole bunch, you would have thought we had been away for a 100 years. I know it seemed like it, anyway.


Now on a serious note, I read several comments on people being worried about the WOTC closing. Like I mentioned earlier, it should have stated temporarily closed. Mystie was upset and I can understand her doing what she done. I have no fault with her at all. But let me guarantee you one thing right now, as long as I am here, the WOTC will never permanently close. I made a commitment and we have a mission to fulfill, I plan on us accomplishing our mission. Now, kick back, relax and rest assured as long as I am breathing and have a spell left in me, the WOTC WILL NEVER CLOSE!


I am going to take a long, well-deserved nap and we will see you tomorrow. Thank goodness we made it back in time to celebrate the Summer Solstice with all our dear family and friends!


Again, thank you so very much for everything you have done. I love each and everyone of you very much. I hope you know that by now. You are my family and don’t ever forget it.


From the bottom of my heart and soul, much love to all,
Lady A